Death By Replacement

Whites cheer on their own replacement by the diverse multitudes streaming into their countries. Whites are like the tortured identifying with the torture device that is slowly eviscerating them. They enjoy the pain of their entrails being pulled out of their stomachs. They watch in disinterested amusement as the torturer pulls out their fingernails and breaks their fingers one by one with a solid wooden mallet. Their screams of pain can easily be confused with hysterical fits of laughter. Who can tell the difference? In the West the mad mingles with satire and everybody accepts it as the new normalcy one has the duty to conform to.

It is important to remember that most whites do not want to be saved. Most of them do not want to see the survival of their race. This is more than evident in almost everything they say or do, the most obvious being their refusal to procreate. Whites value everything, from their career to the clothes they wear, more than having offspring.

Having and rearing children is hard work, and for most whites the only goals in life are instant self-gratification and the attainment of ultimate comfort in the knowledge that life is leisure for oneself and not responsibility for others. They do not see the value in ensuring the continuity of their genetic heritage. How can we expect whites to care about the concept of race when the notion of family is so utterly alien to them?

Whites cheer on their own replacement by the diverse multitudes streaming into their countries. Whites are like the tortured identifying with the torture device that is slowly eviscerating them. They enjoy the pain of their entrails being pulled out of their stomachs. They watch in disinterested amusement as the torturer pulls out their fingernails and breaks their fingers one by one with a solid wooden mallet. Their screams of pain can easily be confused with hysterical fits of laughter. Who can tell the difference? In the West the mad mingles with satire and everybody accepts it as the new normalcy one has the duty to conform to.

Liberal whites want to see an end to white rule because, in their deluded eyes, it was historically oppressive and the root of all evil perpetrated upon colored folks. To liberals, the eradication of the white race will usher in an Edenic utopia where the yellow, brown and black masses together will finally erect the Great Temple that will house happiness and brotherly joy, coupled with the knowledge that the Great White Devil has been banished back to the nefarious nether regions from which he originally clawed his way out of.

Conservative whites do not care if their own people slowly disappear as long as Western “values” live forever. For them, culture trumps race. They have more faith in abstract ideals than the biological reality in front of them. What they do not realize is that certain races create and maintain certain civilizations and cultures. Once the race disappears so does the civilization it built. Just as is the case with liberalism, civic nationalism will ultimately lead to death by replacement. Civic nationalism is cuck nationalism.

If the majority of Europeans secretly want Hungary and not Sweden, why do the majority of Europeans consistently vote for politicians that want to install Sweden rather than Hungary? After all, the whole voting process takes place in secrecy. If Europeans cannot even express their opinions in a secret voting booth, how can we expect them to voice their opposition to the EU’s suicidal policies in public?

Soon the demographic shift in Europe will have advanced to such a degree that anti-immigration parties will NEVER be able to win. If Europeans are unwilling to take a stand NOW, their countries and progeny will be doomed forever. When is the supposedly “silent majority” finally going to break its silence?

The West is a can of worms. Peopled mostly by worms, the West slithers along under the radar of historical responsibility. It steadfastly and dutifully ignores the call of the blood. The blood stopped boiling decades ago and now flows merely lukewarm in the veins of a penny-pinching merchant race. Looking up into the ceiling mirror, this merchant race does not see its own reflection. What benignly smiles back at it is merely the dull and distorted image of a once proud race that got lost in the woods, could not find its way back home and, for lack of wild beasts and better entertainment in this tranquil forest, started jerking off. And it is still jerking off today. Incessantly.

The white race is the new revolutionary subject. A pity it is not aware of it.


Constantin von Hoffmeister
Constantin von Hoffmeister is a writer, poet and pan-European visionary.


  • it doesn’t matter what caused this. we need to hang the traitor class and mount a war or were all going to die and become extinct. you don’t see another option BECAUSE THERE ISN’T ANY.

  • As always Constantine you are a true inspiration and provocateur and a fighter. The cultural and race battles are fought on cyberspace for now.

  • Genetic integrity, why do we care?

    Scientists and conservationists are all in a tizzy over saving a fish or plant, but fuck whites, they can all be mongrelized!

    So yes, as far as preserving white genetic integrity, there is a real threat of white genocide.

    Anti-whites go from delusional dismissal to sadistic hatred. “That doesn’t exist! Good, I’m glad whites will die off!”

  • We hear about the rape/terror attacks in France, Germany, Norway, and Sweden. Here are a few articles about the UK.

    White British people have become the most common ethnic group to be targeted in racist incidents in Scotland, according to new figures.
    In fact, the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) found that most victims of racism in England and Wales were white as long ago as 1999, in a report titled “Racial Attacks and Harassment”.
    In fact, the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) found that most victims of racism in England and Wales were white as long ago as 1999, in a report titled “Racial Attacks and Harassment”.
    Scottish statistics published in 2015 show that “White Britons” are also the most common victims of race hate attacks north of the border. Scotland’s first ever racially-motivated murder victim was a white schoolboy named Kriss Donald, who was kidnapped, stabbed 13 times, and burned alive by a Pakistani gang in an unprovoked attack in 2004.
    Kriss Donald killer Imran Shahid wins human rights appeal
    Shahid, his brother Zeeshan Shahid and Faisal Mushtaq were all sentenced to life in November 2006 after being found guilty of murdering the 15-year-old.
    He was said to have led the gang which snatched Kriss because he was white.
    muslim extremist and racial attacks on Whites in Scotland
    What is less often reported is that, in an ethnic minority population estimated at 850,000, by far the largest minority – 417,000 – is officially classified as ‘White Other British’ and that the White Other Brits are overwhelmingly English. If we exclude them, Scotland’s multi-cultural society seems to amount to 433,000 people, only 8% of the total population.
    Within a few days, Nicola Sturgeon’s complacency about the nature of Scottish society was brutally exposed by a succession of disturbing events. A Glasgow Muslim, Asad Shah, who had posted an Easter message of love and reconcilation, died in hospital after being attacked outside his shop.
    Within the same few days, the imam of the Glasgow Central Mosque was criticised for apparently praising an extremist who had been executed in Pakistan for murdering a politician; the imam insisted that his remarks had been taken out of context. Next, anti-terrorism police were reported to be investigating alleged links between two other leading figures at Scottish mosques with a proscribed sectarian group which has carried out atrocities in Pakistan. Documents obtained by the BBC appeared to show that both men continued to have connections with this group after it was banned.
    And this discrimination extends far beyond the BEM community. Scotland’s chief statistician has issued a set of little-noticed figures which show that, in referendum year, ‘White British’ people were the most common ethnic group to be targeted in racist incidents in Scotland – 1,423 such incidents were recorded in 2014, an increase of 284 on the previous year, compared with 1,107 cases of racism directed at the Pakistani community.

  • “Peopled mostly by worms…”
    We’re ruled by worms, not peopled by worms. If we consider our own people to be “worms”, then what exactly is the point? The ADL recently declared that the phrase *Love your Folk* is “hate speech”. They push all this talk of gassing and ovens and helicopter rides and mooslims, the standard (((TRS))) clown show, but God forbid that we love our folk, that is too much.

    Let’s be realistic: Zionism caused the refugee problem. Sweden and Holland and the other liberal countries are in the cross-hairs because they oppose Zionism. America is totally controlled by dual citizen Zionists, now more than ever before, and they’ve ruined everything. They’re incompetent buffoons with the anti-Midas touch, destroying everything they grasp with their greasy little paws.

    One of the most basic Anglo-Saxon ideals is that, “The Captain goes down with his ship”. This means that power is tied to responsibility and, if something goes wrong, the man in charge is to be held to account. If the captain sails straight into a squall and wrecks his craft, he doesn’t get to blame the ship’s boy, no, he doesn’t even get a place in the lifeboat – he’s done. The Zionists have made a mess and we can only clean it up by addressing their gross malfeasance and foolishness head on. We can’t blame the negros, the Mexicans, the muslims, the “sjws” or any of these other altright bugbears. The only worms among us are those who won’t acknowledge the crime and disaster of Zionism.

    Love your folk: fight for freedom from our Zionist overlords.

  • The internet and social media is what has made the Alt-Right successful. Kids today love the troll culture, and they are FAR more woke than I was at their age. I think that the vast majority of white, brainwashed SJW types don’t or won’t be having children. That is good for us, and great for our children. SJW’s will eventually die out, and the woke youth will go on to get married and have semi-large families, as we are telling them that is what really matters in life.

    • As a child in school there was only one blacK kid and I never even heard of Jews until middle school. We were relatively innocent of the poz in the 80s. Kids now ha e to deal with all kinds of stuff.

      I am not surprised at all.

  • Why is the alt right’s base unafraid of naming the jew but alt right leaders (except Enoch) are terrified of it?

    Saving White civilization is as easy as saving a human body with a tumor in: get rid of the tumor, i.e. Jews.

      • well then you missing the mark .. because you’re failing badly in identifying your friggin enemy aren’t you? its communitarianism… its not ‘jews’ its any and all useful idiots for the global communitarian agenda… its what they are teaching kids in university and its why whites are being villified because white settlers are evil… and its often white professors doing the professing… widen your scopes or you just end up like Arthur Topham.. sitting in jail for bashing jews like a bunch of degenerate ignoramuses

        • here you right. But there are very very much jew communists pushin the globalists agenda, you got to admit that.

      • I think he means why aren’t more people obnoxious and hateful towards Jews like Daily Stormer. Why isn’t everyone a raving anti-Semite who calls anyone a Jew they don’t like?

    • Some leaders like Spencer and Taylor have Jewish friends, contributors and donors. They have a vested interest in not being offensive to Jews.

    • Not so. Big business pushes for our replacement because it wants the cheap labor, whether it’s Mexican dry wall hangers or Indian programmers. Millions of cucked Christians think that Jesus requires them to welcome refugees and adopt black babies so they won’t be aborted. If it was only a tiny minority they would be out voted every time in the elections, but they almost never are.

  • Dude, you have the best name ever!

    Have you considered a place alongside the various leaders of the altright? You would get my support, as you have the qualities needed in the altright leadership (I saw you at a conference) and you have the coolest name, hands down.

    ‘The Hoffmeister’… very cool, indeed.

  • Constantin, think positive: Most people are gregarious animals who follow the crowd and the crowd follows who rules. Those who rule tell the story that best fits their legitimization. Do not expect the masses to stand up against those who rule as long there is no easy and save winning alternative person. Trump has not been elected because the voting took place in secrecy but because he was made strong by those who declared total war against him and many US citizens where ready for a total change. They trusted him because he was the leader of a very convinced pack.

    The majority of people do not vote for intellectual concepts, even if their validity is obvious. They vote for individuals who seem to have the respect of the (at least potential) secondary leaders or those who declare right or wrong.

    In Germany the herd has no strong alternative, because the AfD is not a one man show (like Le pen in France), but a group of diverse actors who can be easily separated and reduced to individuals even not strong enough to lead the party. The top representatives of the AfD follow the rules of the mainstream as they are very anxious not to verify the charges held against them. The Mainstream has an easy play to keep them out of public attention expect for derogative lies. AfD may reach the part of the voters who either feel the crisis or are able to draw their conclusions by own reason. But the majority is not able to feel the crisis because any murder can be considered as not related to the invasion and the idea ‘not to be evil’ is a very strong manipulation.

    So do not blame the whites as being too hedonistic and not proud enough, I am sure any time in history people were hedonistic if they had the chance to be so and they were proud and turned proud into action if there has been a strong individual giving this a winning perspective. There is no ‘public will of the people’, do not expect this to evolve. The ‘public will’ is a feedback function, and strong individuals are raised by history. Or not. You have to try to be that individual or not. But don’t blame the cowards to be passive.

    • In Sweden there’s not even a strictly secret voting process. The voters must pick up the ballot for their party outside the voting box, where any neighbour, friend, relative, workmate could potentially become aware. Dissimulation is possible by picking ballots from several parties, but that is in itself enough to cast doubt on whether one is choosing the party expected by one’s social circles.

      It is no coincidence, of course, that it is in Sweden one finds this semipublic voting process. The mass immigration policy became possible much thanks to a high degree of trust based in social control. This has been the case in all these quite recently homogeneous and well-functioning nations of northwestern Europe, regardless of their voting process being strictly secret or not. Their well-functioning was dependent on a high degree of communal trust and social control, and conformation to universalist principles based upon Christian ethics. This trust and conformity could quite easily be exploited by traitorous polticians and other activists.

  • Another “all hope is lost” article. Nothing can be done, so that let’s you off the hook, doesn’t it? The fact is, something can be done, but most of you pathetic cowards don’t have the moral courage to do it. What has to be done is win the propaganda war and take power. Impose pro-white talking points into white consciousness. Go nose to nose with anti-whites wherever there is an audience of white people watching and destroy the legitimacy of anti-whites and the anti-white system. But you’re afraid a clever anti-white might humiliate you. So all that talk of saving the white race “by whatever means necessary” just goes right out the window.

  • How do you replace a race of people without genociding them? By using “replacement,” you are deflecting from the crime of genocide, a crime which is already on the books, UN Resolution 260. You are letting the anti-whites off the hook.

      • Yes, really. Some people refuse to use the correct term “genocide.” The term that accuses the anti-whites of what they are actually doing. The term that immediately gives you the moral high ground. The term that is effective in discrediting anti-whites. The accusation of genocide gets you in power. Replacement does not.

        • Why don’t you start your own blog or website and then you can say the same thing over and over again. You can repeat “genocide” a million billion gazillion times then. I’m sure you’ll have a huge following.

          • Then the question becomes do you want a following or do you want to save the white race?

          • You argue and whine about simple semantics. You want people to repeat the same thing over and over and over again. So you seem to want a cult more than anything.

          • I want pro-whites to stop doing what doesn’t work and start doing what does work. Is that too complicated for you?

          • And repeating “genocide” over and over again has made your life so much better and fulfilling?

            Again, you argue and whine about simple semantics, just like a little girl.

          • Of course it’s genocide, but there’s nothing wrong with using other words to describe the same thing from time to time.

            Sometimes, just a one word difference may awaken some. The word “replacement” may have that effect on some as even the most unawake White might be able to more directly relate to “replacement” than to “genocide” until they awaken.

            The train of subconscious thought might be something like this: “I wouldn’t want to be replaced at my job.That wouldn’t be good for me.” Then: “Replacement [per se] is not good.” Next: “I’m White and I’m being replaced. This is not good.” Finally, “Replacment of Whites by non-Whites is genocide.”

          • “but there’s nothing wrong with using other words to describe the same thing from time to time.”

            Propaganda works by repetition. It’s called having a consistent message. Varying the terms reduces their impact. After genocide has completely saturated white consciousness, then you can vary, but not before.

            But it’s not a matter of using other terms “from time to time.” Most pro-whites NEVER talk about genocide. And the anti-whites are very, very grateful for that.

          • Well, you should keep using the term genocide, then. I use it all the time, but I usually consider my audience. So, if I say “Whites are facing our genocide,” and I get blank stares, I quickly add “Genocide is the replacement of a distinct people and it doesn’t require marching armies or gas chambers. It just requires having the people not reproduce themselves or to engage in miscegenation so they produce children unlike themselves. In time, that people is replaced by another kind of people. This is genocide.”

          • There is only one way to deal with parasites. We all know what it is. Talking to tapeworms won’t get them out.

      • There is no wiggle room if you simply state/quote/recited the UN legal definition of genocide, then point-by-point, explain how each item is very clearly and demonstrably taking place in White countries.

        If people say, “nobody is being murdered, nobody is being rounded up”, just quote the damn law, and explain to them that there are other more subtle methods for getting rid of a group of people.

        How hard is it to copy and paste one paragraph of text?

        Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

        Article II

        In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts
        committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national,
        ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

        (a) Killing members of the group;

        (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

        (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life
        calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

        (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

        (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

        Article III

        The following acts shall be punishable:

        (a) Genocide;

        (b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;

        (c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;

        (d) Attempt to commit genocide;

        (e) Complicity in genocide.

        Do we have “killing members of the group”? Yes. Low level violent crime and terrorist acts. Those in themselves could potentially be discounted as “genocide”, but when you factor in the fact that the media covers most of it up, then you can see the nefarious intent of the media and the state.

        Do we have “causing serious bodily OR MENTAL harm”? Yes. Whites are subject to constant denigration of their culture, religions, traditions and identity. Whites are subject to constant vilification. Whites are subject to “gaslighting” if they try to bring up these issues.

        Do we have “deliberately inflicting upon the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction”? Yes. Economic policies that impoverish Whites while enriching non-Whites, Whites directly subsidizing the reproduction of non-Whites, White family creation discouraged by telling women to do everything under the sun BUT reproduce, forced encroachment of non-White groups into White territory…

        Do we have “imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group”? Yes. This overlaps with the previous point a bit. Economic destruction, women being encouraged not to reproduce, contraceptives freely available, promotion of homosexuality…

        Do we have “forcibly transferring children of the group to another group”? Maybe clandestinely through adoption, child-trafficking, and sex-trafficking.

        Do we have “direct and public incitement to commit genocide”? Yes. See George Ciccariello-Maher, Kamau Kambon, Khalid Muhmmad, that New Black Panther dindu, Bill Kristol, Shaun Majumder’s “Mixy-mix beige-power” video, Noel Ignatiev, Gregor Gysi, Barbara Lerner-Specter…

  • I see this is in part a response to my article re Europeans wanting to be like Hungary in anonymous polls. I agree with what you say here. Nevertheless I take courage that a remnant shall preserve our people; most of our people are not so in spirit and will fade away as such in blood.

  • Kevin MacDonald has said that if race-conscious whites could get control of any mainstream media outlet then we could turn things around relatively quickly. It is true that the lack of racial solidarity among whites is a problem, but what causes this? In my opinion, it is not just a moral failure on the part of whites. It is also that the boundaries of mainstream political discourse are very closely monitored and enforced to keep explicit white solidarity out. Those who have woken up about the JQ realize that this would not be happening without Jews. The exclusion of explicit white identity politics from the mainstream serves Jewish interests. Those who would dispute this either haven’t thought deeply enough about the JQ or are not being honest with themselves and/or the rest of us.

    • It is always so in nature that organisms have to struggle against other organisms that are against them and those that win the struggle come out on top. We Whites are now struggling with other types of humans, and we must adapt and win. No one is going to give us anything. No one is going to give us control of media. We must do what is necessary to have control. It is up to us. It is a natural part of evolution playing out in human society. We must struggle harder and be more clever. Can we do it? I’m betting we can.

      • I agree. We must find a way to take back control of our destiny. Moreover, it is essential for us to realize that Jews are not us. Jews and non-Jewish whites have different group interests.

        I tend to think that secret societies have played a major role in the gradual transformation of our societies to the point where explicit white solidarity is excluded from the mainstream. It was done by degrees, but the people pulling the strings knew what they were doing. Jews were let back into England as a result of the English Civil War. Jews were made equal citizens as a result of the American Revolution. Jewish emancipation occurred in France as a result of the French Revolution and the takeover by Napoleon, who appears to have been a Freemason. It appears likely that this (i.e. the use of secret societies) is one of the main ways that Jews have exerted influence over the West, and it is probably still happening, although there are probably other mechanisms in place now, like the use of government-enforced secrecy.

    • No one has the work ethic to do it. Selling advertising is hard work. Distribution is hard work. Putting together a business plan is hard work. Getting financing is hard work. Scheduling is hard work.

      • You are completely overlooking the persecution that white advocates face when they go mainstream. This is the real problem, not the lack of a work ethic.

        • Ever read the National Enquirer, the Globe, or any tabloid? Think you can’t put a spin on a story?

          • You are missing the point. There is a catch-22. In order to get financing and distribution, you have to leave out the explicitly pro-white message, but once you have done that, it doesn’t help our cause.

      • In a way things have turned out according to natural law. Jews have worked hard to become media masters. No one gave it to them. Now the game is rigged. We’re a little late. Thankfully the internet and social media do give us a leg up that we otherwise wouldn’t have.

        Whites have a tendency to sell out and take the easy life. Jews are much more dedicated to political causes.

        Ted Turner sold out. Recently UFC, made a success by Italians, sold out to Jews for 4.2 billion. It’s all about money to whites.

    • It’s a problem because it never existed prior to the New World. White is a relatively new concept for Europeans who always identified by their ethnicity. When Romans were slaughtering and enslaving Germanics and Celts, they didn’t think of them as whites like them.

      To this day most Europeans refer to themselves by their ethnicity and many I’ve met don’t like the white idea.

  • I haven’t been able to articulate it yet, but I’ve been hung up on the idea that without blood relations there is no basis for morality.
    If all races and people are exactly the same and interchangeable, then why do we get hung up on things like murder, or illness, or social-class? If all people are identical and interchangeable, then what is the problem if some people die and others live? Nothing is lost except absolute numbers of humans, and some people believe there are already too many humans anyways.
    I haven’t properly worked this thinking out, but without the concepts of race, legacy, and family I’m not sure how one would justify ethics or morality.

    • People are not fungible. You can’t remove Whites and replace them with some other race and have the same societal results.

      But, even if this were the case, i.e. that you could replace one race with another race and get the same societal results, societal results should not be the most important thing to consider. If Whites no longer exist, what is gained by us? Nothing, no matter how nice society becomes.

      It is Whiteness, itself, meaning our White genome as manifested in White people that should be important to us. Or to put it in different terms: We Whites could be the dumbest, ugliest, worst people in existence, but we still have a right to exist and we should struggle to make it so. Why is this the case? Because we do exist and existence is better than non-existence.

      Our White morality should be particularist not universalist (for most things) such that we approach this business of living by asking of everything: Is this good for White people? If it is good for White people both in the short and long term, then it is good. If it isn’t good for White people then it is not good.

      • More…My above comment about things being good for White people begs the question as to exactly what is good for White people, especially in the long term. The answer is that whatever increases the sheer amount of the White genome is good and whatever decrease it is bad. In practical terms this means the more White people now and into the future the better.

      • “This is an unsustainable mistake which leaves the ethnic groups of Europeans vulnerable to those aliens who are conscious of their ethnic loyalties and are willing to take advantage of the democratic system which pits all conceivable groups against each other in competition to wield political power.”

        “As a strongly libertarian lover of Western civilization, to which such individualism is unique, it is important to me that the natural, sociobiological order of the European civilizations be maintained. It is indeed in our self-interest to do so, but self-interest is the prime law of nature, and the individualism so loved by libertarians will be a distant memory as societies are increasinly dominated by groups that are not at all inclined to individualism.”

        These are my two favourite points of the article. I always thought this stuff was common sense until The Current Year.

        I think this libertarianism/individualism was a working concept for a while because the white race was not perceived to be under threat. My personality is naturally libertarian, and I’ve never had any problem with things like race-mixing or anything like that until now. I think that if one realizes their entire race is under threat, one’s constitution towards things will begin to change.

        All I want right now is to meet some aristocratic European men in real life (I am Mediterranean) that value their heritage more than Starbucks.

        • Israel is on the Mediterranean. And often Israeli restaurants and businesses will pose as “Mediterranean”. And many Israelis might be indistinguishable from other Mediterranean ethnic groups.

          Sorry for your “racial handicap”. Maybe you should meet up with other Mediterranean Euros, if you’re legit.

          • I’m just pointing out possible red-flags. Anyone on the internet who is overly eager for an IRL meet-up is somewhat suspect. A person who is very likely at the blurry edge of our racial phenotype is even more risky.

            Go have tea, if you like. Not my decision.

          • Red flags? You mean like the way some people pretending to be pro-White always look for ways to divide other White people? What is “racial handicap” supposed to mean?

            What is considered overly eager in the realm of pro-White preservation? I thought pro-White people wanting to meet other pro-White people outside of Internet circle-jerking was supposed to be a good thing.

          • “Racial handicap” was jut a bit of sarcasm. A joke. Maybe it didn’t come across.

            I don’t want to divide Whites. Meds are part of the European family. But, they are at the blurry edge of our racial phenotype. So people should be careful.

          • So you think mediteranneans arent white enough?
            I think we’ve got enough enemies dude. Let’s work out our intra-European differences at a later time.

          • I definitely don’t consider them enemies, nor would I want to make enemies of them. But I wouldn’t necessarily want my son or daughter marrying a Mediterranean. Maybe in some ideal future, the “Nordic” phenotype will be plentiful enough that some intermarriage with Southern Europeans won’t do any harm. For now I would suggest that Mediterraneans get very serious about not allowing their gene-pool to “brown” any further than it already is.

  • Too many Whites are like beaten down dogs and are afraid to assert their essential Whiteness. Meanwhile, many other Whites have accepted the false idea that all humans are essentially the same with some minor paint job differences as though humans are identical automobiles coming off the assembly line and are then given different cosmetic paint jobs. Such thinking is anti-scientific and anti-evolution.

    The fact is that race is to human as breed is to dog as variety is to rose and each of these divisions is an evolutionary step towards speciation which will occur if certain conditions are met and among these conditions is to prevent gene flow from one race, one breed, one variety to others; and another condition is usually to have the different divisions live in different areas with different conditions. Then, evolution works with mutations to eventually make them full species incapable of bearing viable offspring with the others.

  • I have a great idea! How about we tell Conservatives that they are promoting abortion when it comes to race. Maybe they’ll actually care about race and nation in that kind of context. They’re very primitive creatures when it comes to lateral thinking, so maybe this will spark some original thoughts in their atrophied and archaic brains.

    Conservatives Support Abortion of the White Race is my new meme weapon.

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