Why Tomi Lahren Is Right On Abortion

Richard Spencer
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  • I’m writing on this topic these days, casinosite, but I have stopped writing because there is no reference material. Then I accidentally found your article. I can refer to a variety of materials, so I think the work I was preparing will work! Thank you for your efforts.

  • This proves that certain elements of the Alt Right are simply pure Socialist. Killing helpless children is wrong. That is a truth that the Christian West used to acknowledge. If we cannot protect our own children we have no civilisation worth defending.

  • Abortion is not murder and needs to be safe, redily avaliable, and legal for cases where it is needed and there is no other option.

  • Time to bring 4.5 million White South African refugees to the USA, especially relocate the majority of them to California to turn the La Raza tide.

  • It is a mistake to spend so much energy on such a divisive topic when it has no bearing on Alt-Right issues. Shall we also hash through gun rights and what role faith should play in the public school? When you embrace abortion on demand you embrace things our fore bearers never would and never did before the Warren Court pushed it on the country.

    • That video was not a compelling plea, at all, I know at least 5 women, just in my social circle alone, who consider themselves conservative and who have actually had abortions. Two of them still considered themselves pro-life afterwards (which makes no sense, of course) and 3 of them remained conservative yet pro-choice. American conservatives need to die off, which is happening – bu bye. Their arguments are too easily debunked and they elect dipshits into public office. They cucked us hard for the last 40 years over this stupid issue. Fiddling while Rome burns.

      • Rome is burning because of witless women like you. Make yourself useful, keep your childish thoughts to yourself and go wash some dishes.

  • What a missed opportunity for Tomi Lahren. Imagine if she said she supported abortion to cheers from the cat ladies in the audience of The View, and then proceeded to explain why using the logic from “The Pro-Life Temptation.” Tomi Lahren saying “most of these kids getting aborted would grow up to vote for Democrats so I’m glad they’re being murdered and tossed in medical waste bags.”

  • I think Tomi might actually be Alt-Right in Private……

    Just guessing…..

    But, it’s not out of the Question….

  • I am really surprised Richard’s saying that abortion is used more by minority women. I thought Hispanic women did not use abortion much because they were Catholics and that they did not care about how much children they had. I thought abortion hurt mostly our, White, demography. The answer is if the abortion is used mostly by White women, then I am pro-life. If, however, it is used more by minorities, them I am all pro-choice. I am, most and foremesot, an identitarian. And I do not believe in ANY mix-raced marriages.

  • I don’t like abortion. I wish these women would come up with a smarter form of birth control, BUT … by pushing for a right-wing government to get involved and force women to carry unwanted children to term, we are unlocking a door that swings both ways, i.e. making it possible for a left-wing government to get involved and force women to abort wanted children.

    And I am more afraid of the latter than I am of the former.

    We need to devise ways of making it easier for White women to carry White babies to term. An incentive that would give a certain percentage of student loan abatement to every woman who has a baby would help. So, if a woman with an unplanned pregnancy understands that her loan would be frozen without interest accumulation and furthermore for each child she has, twenty-five percent is knocked off the principle owed. The same with the young men. For each child they produce, twenty-five percent is knocked off the principle owed. You’d see young couples have four children in no time.

    • All we really need is a TV series for teenage girls called “Sally Clemens Has A Baby” about a beautiful 18 year old that meets a handsome 22 year old college senior, gets married, then has fun and crazy adventures at college while pregnant and nursing her baby. Her and her fabulous friends all have husbands and babies and are the envy of all the spinsters and singles who haven’t found Mr. Right yet.

      Two seasons of this hit TV show and every single teenage white girl in America would be eying their boyfriends and demanding a ring and to get knocked up lest she lose social status in the eyes of her peers.

      This isn’t an engineering problem, it’s a social issue.

      • Spew alert! I forgot that I should never try to read your posts while drinking anything. I end up laughing so hard, because while cynical as all get out, what you posted is so funny and so, so true. Now I need to clean up my keyboard. Damn you, Hipster Racist!

        • Well thanks for what I’m taking as a compliment but I wasn’t at all kidding or being cynical. Most teenage white girls want commitment from a slightly older white man, and most of them at least fantasize about a wedding and a baby. They would find their way to this arrangement quite naturally if they weren’t always being told that their life is over the second the wedding ends and they have a baby.

          Frankly they have to be peer pressured and shamed to prevent them from doing this. I recall not long ago a complaint at the Dalrock Christian site about a TV show where the 18 year old girl gets a proposal from her boyfriend but decides she has to break up with him so she can “find herself” at college. This was supposedly a kind of “conservative” “family-friendly” show – but even so they had to talk young women out of pursuing a normal, natural, and healthy family formation.

          Just stop pressuring young women to do “the wrong thing” and they will likely just sort of go with the flow and do what comes naturally.

  • I’m for getting out of the way and letting the ladies figure it out, until they fuck up or we find someone better.

  • I can’t believe how stupid some of the people on this thread are. You guys do realize that almost all women who have abortions, when they are young, end up having children later on in life, right? People get abortions because of economic issues and/or they have gotten pregnant by someone they don’t want to be in a partnership with, or at an inappropriate time and place to raise high quality children.

    Pro-choice people do not hate babies. They respect parenthood.

    They want be parents when they can handle it and do it right, as in not in high school and not with a poor quality partner.

    Please try to remember: almost all women want to have families and desire to be in solid relationships and having children with a good man. It is not women (usually) who abandon their families. Women do not “wander off” and ignore their offspring to chase a hot young thing at the office.

    You guys need to get out more. Richard Spencer is the bravest, smartest man I have ever seen, but it is his followers and minions that have me worried.

    Get a clue guys. Seriously.

    • …but it is his followers and minions that have me worried.

      There’s a troubling parallel between the perennial cucking of Republicans/Conservatives and many of those calling themselves pro-White Nationalists. Look at how Tomi is now attacked by the same Republicans and conservatives who only days ago considered her an ally and a valuable asset. She pretty much recited all of the platitudes and mantras of Republican Inc. verbatim. She’s an attractive young woman in her early 20s who was attacking BLM, feminists, Islam, and practically every other Leftist position. She was a vital “part of the team” on every single issue, except when it came to abortion. Her particular stance on abortion wasn’t even that controversial — much less controversial than Leftists celebrating abortion — considering she’s positioned herself as a Libertarian and a Constitutionalist.

      None of that mattered though. She was someone who dared to break free from their preprogrammed thinking. For that, she had to be punished. 100% total compliance and capitulation to Republican Inc. is what they expect. Do NOT think for yourself. Do NOT have a different opinion. Do NOT attempt to change course by even a fraction of a degree. You are part of a mechanism where all direction, thought and emotion has been decided for you. You are just a warm body along for the ride.

      Republicans have been doing this shit for decades. Many pro-Whites have been doing this for decades. Astonishing to think that pro-Whites would mimic the failed tactics of Republicans who’ve lost so much ground and helped to give away so much of Western society in such a short period of time, but they do.

      • “Anti-abortion” people are exactly like “anti-racist” people. If racism and abortion are not actually the awful evil moral sins they are made out to be – what have these anti-abortion and anti-racist people actually spent their time doing?

        Literally cucking the white race, all for the chance to status signal. The imagine themselves to be moral paragons when it reality they are moral cretins. Take away the “anti-racism” and “anti-abortion” and what do you have? Moral busybodies sticking their noses in other people’s business and trying to use the state to interfere in people’s freedom of association.

        “Anti-racists” don’t do anything to actually help non-whites, they simply attack whites. “Anti-abortions” don’t actually do anything to promote families, they just attack people who have had abortions for whatever reason.

        • Notice that they(Left and Right) all claim to have come to their conclusions based on compassion and a determination to protect something or someone from something or someone else. Yet, almost as if they are working from the exact same script, this compassion and fervent devotion to protect someone immediately disappears and is seen as evil when it comes to protecting White people as a race and defending White Western society as a distinct living organism.

          There’s a gigantic void of logic and reason where Liberal and Conservative ideologues are unable to exist. That void is where Racialists need to exist and where we should be sheltering people from the zealotry of the Left and Right. We shouldn’t be using their playbooks and methods to divide White people when we are trying desperately to unite White people.

    • “People get abortions because of economic issues”

      Well that is the problem isn’t it?

      “They want to be parents when they can handle it and do it right, read: not in high school and not with a poor quality partner.”

      If the society can’t promote biologically appropriate family formation (i.e., high school motherhood, the natural and moral state of humanity) then the problem is with society, not biology. Also let’s be frank, people pair with people who are of the same quality. If a high school girl has a “poor quality partner” chances are she is poor quality herself.

      Biology > society.

      • That’s what young people do. I would also say alcohol is usually involved. This movement will have a lot of issues to address but I am currently seeing an anti-promiscuous trend taking hold in the US and I see the Alt Right taking thought leadership in this regard and getting a seat at the table of “culture”. We’ll see, it’s all about how we phrase it and sell our ideas to the rest of the country.

    • If they are not ready for children they shouldn`t have sex. Killing children because they come at a bad time is evil.

  • I believe it was Steve Sailer in an essay several years ago who theorized about why the Chinese are so good at taking tests but not very creative. For at least 1000 years the Chinese Empire maintained a rather rigorous civil service exam for entry into the very lucrative imperial bureaucracy. China in most of this period effectively allowed polygamy. Now, since only wealthy men could afford to have multiple wives, and leave behind lots of kids, for 1000 years China was in effect practicing selective breeding of humans. But what the hell were they selecting. It seems to me they ended up with a billion people who are really good at scoring well on standardized test (even if that requires cheating).
    My message is that playing around with eugenics is probably a bad idea. We should just encourage White population growth but then let nature take its course. After all, Europe dominated the world for the lat 500 years without needing eugenics. We just need more Whites; as long as they are not race-traitors.

  • As a constitutionalist (yes, I’m an alt righter who likes “muh constitution”) I can see that the Constitution says nothing about abortion and does not give the federal government or the federal courts the right to ban it or to mandate its legality. Under the 9th and 10th amendments abortion law is to be left to the states. States can ban abortion, make it legal, or make it anything in between.

    • This is true. If we had left it up to states many of those states, would eventually have loosened their laws as young women were dying from botched abortions and state officials don’t want that on their dime. Roe v Wade ruined the country because it became a way for the right to lure evangelicals, with all their high IQ glory, into the voting booths. Now we have swaths of the U.S. electorate that are 1-issue voters and literally the stupidest people you could ever meet. They elect shitty politicians that know nothing of actual governance and sold our country out to the highest (and stupidest) bidders.

      • The whole “women dying from back alley abortions” things was mostly a myth made up precisely to get something like Roe v. Wade passed. You are right about the stupid evangelicals but the idiot feminists with their clothes hanger signs are just as bad.

  • Tomi Lahren, the person who said she was a millennial who doesn’t like labels then proceeds to call people cuckservatives…

  • Just in case anyone is interested but has lost my point below, it is this: Anything that increases the sheer amount of the White genome is good and anything that decreases it is bad. And, to increase the White genome means we need to make more White people and have White people live longer so there are always more of us in existence.

    • nah

      It’s not enough to just exist, you need sovereignty and a certain capacity to act, otherwise you’ll continue to be goyim or cattle.

      some whites are actually a net negative to the prospects of white survival

      a mid sized white population with high ethnocentrism, racial consciousness and political efficacy has far better prospect than a large population with none of the above. Especially in the current era of demographic warfare.

      Some people are going to jump ship… and we’ll be better off without them

      • I have faith in the White genome and it’s ability to take us in the right direction if we breed more and more Whites to supply the raw material for our survival, expansion and evolution along a purely White trajectory. The more Whites the better. This is how we will move forward and upward. Too many of our supposed great thinkers died with no children. Their genes are now lost and they are dead ends. The most important thing each of us both male and female Whites can do in life is to make more like ourself.

        • the white genome that you prize so highly is the product of evolution

          a process in which many people DON’T make it

          This process continues today, only instead of avoiding predators or whatever, you’re trying to avoid falling too hard for certain toxic memes

          not everyone is going to make it, some things you can’t come back from

          • Ah, yes, I know it is a product of evolution. And, of course many are not going to make it, and that’s why we need to make more like ourselves. And, it works when you have children. It is better to have as many as possible, because not all will make it and continue the line into the future.

          • They could be twice as dumb as me and still be three times smarter than you. They’re certainly perceptive enough to see through the bullshit people like you hide behind. You’re a very, very insecure person. That’s why you seem to spend a lot of time telling everyone else what decisions are best for them.

            Again, how many kids do you have? I answered. Are you afraid that you’ll get caught up in the tangled web of bullshit you’ve been spinning if you leak out details?

          • Nope. I try to share my thoughts about what I think is best for White survival, dominance and evolution. You simply come on here with a chip on your shoulder and offer very little insight on the White human condition.

          • Small, succinct nugget of insight:

            Conservatives and Republicans failed to protect the White Western world precisely because they spent their time and energy dividing White people on non-racial issues like religion, abortion, sex, etc. Why are you being a Republican?

            Why are you avoiding answering a simple question about how many kids you have?

          • As others have stated: Whites need a spiritual rebirth and by this I mean Whites need to overcome the alienation they have for their essential selves and by this I mean Whites need to realize that we must focus our attention on what is truly important and this means that we must strip away layers of secondary issues and understand that we are our White genome and it is us and we need to start loving who and what we are. Then, we can start thinking about secondary issues.

          • “[T]angled web of bullshit”? Tell me what you are having trouble understanding and I’ll try to restate it for you, i.e. I’ll untangle it for you. You see, I’m not really here to trade insults. I’m simply trying to see if this type of format gets the message out about White survival better than some other ways or whether this is just a waste of my time.

          • I apologize for the above comment. I could remove it, but I want to leave it here as a reminder to myself that I need more self-improvement work to not respond that way to my fellow Whites even if they start down the insult road.

            My personal ethics hold that I should use kind words and not engage in insults and harshness with my fellow Whites. I can see that I need to work on that some more.

      • The number of white people who would choose to live in a majority black/brown society are infinitesimal. The surest way to red pill white people is to frighten them with the prospect of having to live in a mostly black/brown society.

        • on the other hand, quite a few white people will stand in the way of the measures that need to be taken to maintain a white (or even white majority) society

          Maybe they aren’t knowingly choosing a majority brown society, but they are actively helping to bring it about

    • This is obviously true. Premature eugenics is just as likely to give you a dysgenic outcome. You don’t really know what you are selecting for – even really obvious stuff can have unintended effects.

      A mass of lower IQ white trash would still be good on the whole because you get a massive diversity of white genes mixed in there and you have more of a chance of getting some great combination. Sure the mass won’t necessarily have a Utopian society, but so what, right wingers are supposed to know there is no such thing as a Utopia anyway.

      Of course this will screw up the conservatives economic fantasies because this sort of society won’t fit neatly into a math equation, thus usury won’t work. But who needs conservatives anyway, Austrianism is just another excuse to not be pro-white.

    • I don’t understand White People like this……

      I don’t associate with White People like this……

      But, I thank them for Voting for President Trump…..

      • Go to a Wrestling show or a NASCAR race and you will. Trump won appealing to those people. Colin Liddell dismissed Andrew Anglin as the “Pro Wrestling and Monster Truck Rallies” low brow side of the Alt Right. Well, we need our version of Pro Wrestling to convert the masses.

      • Those poor slobs don’t decide who becomes President. Guys like Charles Kushner, Reince Priebus and Sheldon Adelson decide who becomes President, and we can thank them for all that is to come.

    • Can we just come out and say we oppose Abortion for White people, but don’t give a fuck if Non-Whites practice birth control and abort their babies?

      Also, even though I disagree with this chick on “Abortion is Mean,” she’s cuter and more normal than Tomi Lahren.

      • We shouldn’t oppose Abortion for Poor White People……

        …..with Low IQ’s……

        …..Zero History of any Higher Eduction or Erudition in their Family Tree…..

        …..who are Missing Teeth and Smoke Meth……

        • “….with Low IQ’s……”

          For retards, yes. But why sterilize some 90 IQ construction worker?

          “…..Zero History of any Higher Eduction or Erudition in their Family Tree…..”

          I would actually trust a poorly educated tradesmen more than a college educated Hipster.

          “…..who are Missing Teeth and Smoke Meth……”

          Drug Addiction problems can easily be fixed with strong man tactics like what Duterte is doing in the Philippines.

          • All Good Points…..

            A Tradesman isn’t Poorly Educated in my View……

            A 90 IQ Construction Worker should Breed……

            The Future of White Europa needs Strong Robust Physical Phenotypes…..

            ….along with Genius Intellects……

            We need all kinds of Phenotypes…….

            But, some White People………are Fin Stupid and Trashy…….

            I like what Duterte is doing though……in the Phillipines……agreed…..

  • You have to wonder why nobodies like Tomi just show up and are effortlessly promoted into positions of media influence. It’s weird.

    From her Wiki entry:

    She has become known for ending her program with three-minute segments called “final thoughts” in which she speaks extremely quickly

    Speaks–extremely quickly! So cutting edge!

    • Dude…..

      Just because White Women like this ignore you and won’t sleep with you…..

      Don’t hate…..

      Not a good look……

      • These people are a joke.

        It’s good for us to get into the habit of calling out you-go-grrlz like her who attract beta-male fanbois on the Alt-Right.

        It’s embarrassing.

        • Thankfully, you are not a Leader of the Alt-Right…….

          To be a Leader…….

          You must go beyond your Pains inflicted by Other Whites throughout your Life…..

          ….to see the Larger Picture……

          I look to RamzPaul, Kevin McDonald, David Duke, Jared Taylor……

          Richard Spencer is in the Lieutenant Class……

          He’ll be a Commander one day, hopefully……

  • Richard Spencer sucking up to the thots, trying to get Tomi’s attention.

    “Hey Tomi look at me! Look at me!”

    Too funny! The supplicating is off-putting.

    Tomi Lahren is a typical pro-choice American femcunt bitch trying hard to join the establishment.

    She’s not on our side.

      • I couldn’t get through the video. I didn’t see the point. I had to turn it off. Richard deserves criticism like everyone else. I’ve been reading Spencer and following his various websites for the past 10 years. He’s not perfect, and healthy criticism will make Spencer a better leader.

        • He’s not perfect……

          Who is?

          I personally don’t like how he treats Handicap People…….

          That’s not cool with me……

          But, he’s on point with a lot of other things….

          “He’s not perfect, and healthy criticism will make Spencer a better leader.”

          I agree with you……

        • If you didn’t watch the entire video you missed the best parts. He made the point that contraceptives are far more impactful on the White birth rate than abortion ever was, and I completely agree with him. He pretty much said he was anti contraceptive.

    • War is hell, water is wet, and pretty girls get people’s attention. I don’t think people should automatically assume that thirst drives the issue when pragmatism works just as well.

    • She’s German and Norwegian, BTW. I see some stupid trolls, probably from Daily Stormer, calling her a Jew.

  • The problem is that multiculturalism is just one of the Sabbatean attack vectors against humanity. So, you’re getting head faked into focusing on just one problem (racial issues) when there are dozens of others (communism, homosexuality, etc). One of them is attacking humanity, and abortion is anti-human. It is intolerable in a sane society with the caveat that we are in the midst of another Sabbatean front: demographic war/dysgenic policies to destroy humanity.

    Essentially, abortion has become a Hobson’s choice: Tower of Babel dysgenic demographic oblivion or murder, choose one. Making abortion an impossible choice is of course the reason why the Left pushes it. They understand that abortion is a wedge on the Right. We’re under assault from a bewildering number of fronts from an implacable and brilliant adversary who plays 3-d chess. This requires an inordinate level of intellectual flexibility.

    Tomi Lahren is dead wrong on abortion, however. Her argument that the state can’t intercede on issues of murder is an invitation to barbarism and anarchy. The State must enforce conservative Judeo-Christian morality or else the only ones enforcing morality will be the Sabbateans: “Bake me a cake, or else!”.

    • judeo-christian


      Actually, screw Christian, just go full Judeo

      Abortion for the outgroup, but not for the in-group, except in cases of rape, incest or miscegenation

      • Whenever goyim start getting all Jew conspiratorial: US nonorthodox Jewish population is imploding. Virtually none of my cousins are married, let alone have kids. Too busy being snowflakes. Try convincing a JAP to have three kids instead of a Merc SUV. Oy vey! It’s like annudah Shoah!

        Then we’ve got Spence sucking up to this peroxide bimbo. What is the world coming to?

  • We are flesh and blood people. One White dishwasher with no education who has ten pure White kids, helps us survive many times more than a bunch of well educated Whites who do not have children. We live on in our biology, not in the books and art we produce–our genes are not in these things. Our genes are only in the children we produce.

  • “And the ethical system of these men of the New Republic, the ethical system which will dominate the world state, will be shaped primarily to favour the procreation of what is fine and efficient and beautiful in humanity—beautiful and strong bodies, clear and powerful minds, and a growing body of knowledge—and to check the procreation of base and servile types, of fear-driven and cowardly souls, of all that is mean and ugly and bestial in the souls, bodies, or habits of men.”

    H.G. Wells, Anticipations of the Reaction of Mechanical and Scientific Progress Upon Human Life and Thought, 1902.

    • Because the philosophical doctrines underpinning the pro-life movement are… anti-white.

      If all life is special and needs to preserved, and every little African child has an eternal soul made in the image of god, of inestimable value and worth…

      Then the higher reproductive rate of the Africans will drown the Whites, while the Whites use their resources to save those African souls.

    • The threat of persecution by (((anti-whites))) results in fissures between pro-white and race-neutral politics. White pro-lifers are going to take the path of least resistance on matters of race, since race doesn’t matter to them as much.

  • One must ask: Who owns the White genome that we carry in our sperm and in our eggs? Is it the White person that we can see in the mirror or is it the White genome itself of which Whites are all a part?

    Yes, we are all individuals, but aren’t we also part of the great White genome that has made us who and what we are? Don’t we have some responsibility to protect and advance the White genome itself or is our only responsibility to the person we see in the mirror? If the latter is our answer, then we fail to understand the very structure of existence which begins at the sub-atomic level of existence and which underpins who and what we are as we see ourselves in the mirror.

    We must think not only short term about what is good for Whites, but we must also think long term. We must ask of everything: Is this good for White people [not just now, but thousands of years from now]?

    • yes, but… it’s probably not a good idea to get too philosophical about it.

      Maybe in the long term, we’ll evolve beyond the need for people like me.

      But in the short term, we’re in a war for survival and MOAR people like me could be useful, if only as cannon fodder.

      If we win, there will be plenty of time for tinkering.

      If we lose, it’s over.

      • We win by making more like ourselves. We lose by not doing so. This dark planet needs every land full to the brim with White people.

        • that’s one component of it

          However, people with some traits can sabotage the collective

          For example those who insist on inviting in outsiders and/or sabotage the immune response against them

          So if we end up with less of them (because they choose to abort), then it may be addition by subtraction

          • We survive as Whites only if Whites survive. We must understand that some horrible Whites make very good Whites. Some dumb Whites make some very smart Whites. The final hand dealt in the shuffle of the 3 billion or so combinations of the four chemicals of DNA that each of us carries is not something easily ascertained.

            In thinking along these lines it is sometimes helpful to understand some of the basics of how nature works to keep life going.

            When we try to wipe out various viruses with new medicines, we find that the viruses mutate to work around those medicines.

            What does this mean? It means in viruses and in all other organisms, including humans, nature throws in constant “random” mutations and if those mutations give a survival advantage to the organism, the mutation will usually spread in a population.

            So, the mutations that give the viruses a way around the medicines become part of the genome and they carry on. It works that with us as well. Who can tell which mutations in the White genome will help us survive as Whites to overcome things that are thrown our way? The answer is no one. So, it is smart to make as many of us as possible and hopefully some of us will survive. Make fewer of us and we may not get those mutations we will need.

          • We do need to preserve a broad spectrum of the white population.

            But we’re not at the stage where we are in power, picking and choosing public policy.

            We’re at the stage where we are struggling for power.

            We’re not just struggling against non-whites, but against anti-white whites.

            We need to win.

            If anti-whites want to reduce their demographic power by aborting their babies, let them. Their numbers are probably too high anyway, relative to healthier whites.

            Eventually we may be in a position to try and exercise a sort of stewardship over these self destructive elements, and heal them, but we’re not in that position now.

            They’re harming us and we need to take power from them. Soon. Or it’s over.

  • Many say that abortion is good for eugenics, but then so would shooting everyone who doesn’t agree with us. Yet we all know that many white liberals can come over to our side because it is not their genes that are bad, but their brainwashed ideology. Same goes for abortion, it isn’t merely about killing “inferior” babies. It has a societal impact, and the impact is of free sex and high time preference. If women suffer no consequences for sleeping around and can kill their own babies at will, this degenerates culture as whole. Abortion will not help European populations to be fertile or culturally healthy.

    • there is a genetic component to liberalism

      all behavioral traits are heritable, including “right wing authoritarianism” and (presumably) ethno-centrism.

      • True, but many in the alt right were liberals and libertarians in the past. Hard to separate who is genetic and who is brainwashed.

        • Saying they were “liberals” and “libertarians” in the past doesn’t mean much because the pressures for survival and Red Pills were not nearly as great. Being a Liberal would be more rational if the entire world was exclusively White. Same with being a Conservative or Libertarian. Those ideologies grew in an environment of racially homogeneous Whites. The moment the environment is racially “diverse” all of these ideologies become pathologically individualistic at best and the chances of survival drop to zero.

          Today our world is crumbling and there are hard choices to make. Either Whites are pro-White, anti-White, or cucks. Choosing to be a Liberal today means you’re always siding against your biological and cultural ingroup.

          • No disagreement with you there. My only point here is that while abortion disproportionally controls minority populations in our favor, that doesn’t mean it is good for Europeans.

          • Part of the problem is you’re an idiot.

            “Many say that abortion is good for eugenics, but then so would shooting everyone who doesn’t agree with us.”

            ^^That’s the kind of argument an idiot makes.

  • Ann Coulter is Very Intelligent…….

    She can earn a living writing Best Selling Books……

    And so she can maintain her Intellectual Independence…….

    I worry for people who are dependent upon more Mainstream Conservative Media Companies……

    … earn a living……

    That will over the years condition you to becoming more PC and RINO CUCKED……

    I don’t know Tomi’s IQ Level…….

    And I’m not going to Disrespect her Intelligence Level…..

    I’ve never called her a Dumb Blonde…..

    She does seem like a Tenacious Fighter though……

    I guess we’ll see what happens……

    She is Unique, definitely…….

  • White women who are going to have fully White children should not abort.

    Non-White women should be allowed free abortions and all manner of birth control. In fact, it would be nice to have abortion mills on every corner in every mostly Black, Brown, Red or Yellow city or neighborhood on the planet.

    We must understand that we can’t have one rule for all peoples. Whites need to increase our numbers, other kinds should decrease their numbers.

  • The only reason I criticized Tomi Lahren…….

    ….is because she’s young……

    ….and I think it’s MUCH more likely that she becomes a PC Liberal RINO…..

    …..than goes Alt-Right……

    I hope Richard Spencer is Right……

    I hope I’m Wrong……

    I hope I’m 100% Wrong……..

    And if she becomes the Next Ann Coulter………


  • I’ve never believed Kevin MacDonald’s theory that whites are vulnerable to “pathological altruism” because of a lack of innate ethnocentrism. Support for abortion is definitely a form of “virtue signaling” that is a form of ethnic consciousness. The kind that makes a person trash St. Patrick’s Day. Trump was uniquely positioned to bridge the divides among whites, being a Protestant Scottish German New Yorker with four grandparents who grew up speaking foreign tongues.

    “The postwar hatred towards the offspring of German soldiers was so great
    that government psychologists commissioned to report on the children
    and their mothers concluded that women who had fraternised with Germans
    were ‘of limited talent and asocial psychopaths, some of them seriously

    • (((government psychologists)))

      Just imagine this is 1,000 years ago and the government supports foreigners (Jews and Christians) over their own biological and cultural ingroup. Imagine the government labeling you as a Pagan (Nazi) and branding you.

      Read Kevin MacDonald’s work on Medieval Europe, Christianity, and the White psyche.

  • There’s no question that abortion is the killing of children. — It’s a simple, scientific fact.

    Under normal circumstances, any rational, healthy Nation would outlaw abortion — except for special cases.

    But we’re not living in “normal circumstances”. — Nor in a rational, healthy Nation.

    We’re at war.

    The White race is under an ongoing, existential attack by foreign, hostile races within our borders.

    Extreme measures are used in times of war that would be unnecessary, and even detrimental, in times of peace and normality.

    In war-time we lie to, steal from, and kill our enemies. And yet we, rightfully, never consider these actions to be immoral, as they are done in defense of the continued existence our people and civilization. — However, these actions in peace-time would correctly be reviled and punished, as they’re obviously corrosive to a healthy society.

    Anyone who has been in the Alt-Right for any length of time has watched an overarching consensus of this “war-time” mindset arise in regards to abortion, and other issues. — Even if Alt-Righters never articulate it in those terms.

    There’s no question that the majority of the Alt-Right is anti-abortion. — But not under the current circumstances.

    Some Alt-Righters are still morally torn over the issue of abortion because they haven’t yet psychologically framed the issue in a war-time context.

    In the current year, abortion must be viewed as a war-tactic.

    Like other successful war-tactics, abortion reduces the ranks of our enemy’s armies more than it reduces our own. — It’s that simple.

    Anyone who finds this line of thinking harsh or barbaric need only be shown some photos of White, South Africans who were tortured, raped, and hacked to death with machetes in their homes by a hostile race that was allowed to outnumber and out-vote them.

    If you were to give a magic button to the surviving loved-ones of these slaughtered, White, South Africans, and told them that pushing the button would retroactively abort the Black savages who murdered their families — they would push the button without hesitation.

    We have the benefit of pushing that button now. — Before our families are slaughtered.

    And Christians, like myself, should understand this war-time/peace-time, abortion context more than others. — The Bible clearly makes a distinction between “murder” and “killing”. — Murder is the taking of innocent life. Killing is not. — This is made perfectly clear by the Biblical injunction that “murderers” are to be “killed”.

    Also, “killing” in war-time is universally understood by all Christians to be, not only moral, but honorable.

    And it would be ridiculous to make the argument that your existential enemy’s progeny is “innocent” simply because they haven’t directly attacked you yet. — Neither has an enemy tribe, massing on your border, attacked you yet. And yet we understand that we’re justified in attacking that tribe if the history of their behavior indicates that they will unquestionably be slaughtering our innocent people if they’re not dealt with before their ranks become insurmountable. — We would be justified in attacking that tribe even if there actually were “innocent” casualties among them.

    People in the Alt-Right need to start compartmentalizing two different sets of Alt-Right policies in their minds, and in print — on a host of issues.

    Because there are two different Alt-Rights. — A War-Time Alt-Right. And a Peace-Time Alt-Right.

    The post-victory, peace-time policies of the Alt-Right will unquestionably be vastly different than the war-time policies of the Alt-Right. — It’s also unavoidable that our war-time policies will, by necessity, shift dramatically, with a moments notice, depending on the tactical advantage it provides.

    Everyone in the Alt-Right should be ready to rapidly shift our war-time policies on issues like free-speech, liberty, citizenship, “rule of law”, military intervention, and abortion, if the shift steers us towards victory.

    For example, if the Alt-Right was in a position to force the implementation of dual-policies that would forbid abortion to Whites, while at the same time requiring the sterilization of any citizen receiving government assistance, then the Alt-Right would become the most anti-abortion movement on the planet, overnight.

    Together, these two policies would amount to a pro-White eugenics program. — And it’s not out of the realm of possibility to sell these two policies, individually, to conservatives and libertarians.

    The subtext of Richard Spencer’s abortion comments reveals that he understands this war-time context of the abortion issue. He’s simply required to articulate the issue in a much more delicate and palatable fashion to the normies than I have to do here to fellow Alt-Righters.

    Being anti-abortion is a rational and moral position to hold, in general.

    But, quietly supporting the current availability of abortion doesn’t mean that you’re pro-abortion.

    It means that you’re pro-victory.

  • I agree w/ Tomi even though I realize it’s amoral but here’s the kicker if u don’t want one don’t have one. Don’t infringe on the rights of others. This is a losing issue for conservatives we should want a fully funded PP free birth control & abortion cuz we want lobotomized leftist drones having abortions till their uteruses fall out. Less parasites on the dole, less future thugs & demoRATS. WIN-WIN!! Before u attack me remember the birth rate of whites is down under replacement levels. Do u really want to subsidize a demographic change where minorities utilize welfare to become the majority??

  • If you’re White and you are able to have White children but are not having White children then you are a dead end and a waste of a life. You are worthless for the White cause. Nature rules that you are unfit because when you die, you are gone forever. You have killed off all your ancestors and all the future Whites who might have been born from you had you had children. You disgust me.

    • From a pure survival and strategical standpoint, your rationale is a dead end. A man or woman choosing not to procreate but still be a productive member of society can accomplish many, many things to advance pro-White civilizations. Those choosing not to have kids will generally represent a small fraction in a healthy society.

      • It’s not about advancing “pro-White civilizations.” It is about filling the planet with the White genome. The pro-White civilizations will then naturally follow as surely as various species of birds build the kinds of nests they do because of their genes.

        Nature screams out to every type of organism: Make more like yourself. Next to the first command in our genetic codes that reads “survive,” comes “procreate.” Perhaps you aren’t listening to nature?

          • The problem with secondary things such as “civilizations,” rather than primary things such as genomes is that non-Whites could have “pro-White civilizations,” sans Whites.

            It is Whites–White people–that must be saved and which must be our focus, not the things we create. The things we create will naturally follow as our genome is programmed to do White things so long as it isn’t hijacked by propaganda, etc. to be anti-White and to do non-White things.

    • That’s not strictly true.

      But if you don’t have kids, then you need to rescue A LOT of your cousins from various natural disasters.

      Or “deport” A LOT of enemies, creating more living space for your cousins.

  • You cant have a strong race without eugenics. The right to live has to be earned, not granted freely. Natural selection.

    • That doesn’t really make sense. If you’re going to practise eugenics then you’re not engaging in “natural selection”; you’re actually circumventing it.

  • I don’t believe anyone on this issue.

    At best abortion is a State issue, one that the SCOTUS should never have ruled on in the 1st place, because you are always going to have some States where abortion is legal, and some where abortion is illegal. Both sides of this debate are kidding themselves.

    Jews believe that life starts at birth. Christians for the most part believe that life starts at conception. I have no idea what Muslims, Hindus, Mormons, and the other pagan cults think about abortion?

    Does ISIS have a position on abortion?

  • Awhile back Bret Stevens at his Amerika blog had a post, that now I can’t find, about how only 5% of people are true leaders, and 20% are doers and the rest just follow. The issue of abortion gets down to basic human nature. Incentivizing the growth of white families will work much better than anti abortion ever will.

  • Why is this a big thing … why interfere with the western women’s privilege of abortion….. We also have the privilege of having lots of children and keeping them and raising them or giving them up for adoption… So its a liberty issue… in a liberated society where women can have sex outside of marriage and live with their consequences this is just part of that culture of individual freedoms .. and its one of those issues you can choose not to have an opinion if you are a realistic thinker … because its just not your body.. period….. pro-choice is just being more realistic; Lana is pro-choice [wife of Henrik at Red Ice] … I have always been pro-choice .. I have never waivered .. I have friends who have aborted, miscarried, given their children up for adoption, been teen moms, adopted babies from China because they couldn’t conceive, and seen late in life accidental moms struggle… its just about being supportive of individuals and their life choices.. they live with those choices, not us.. I say move on… this one will be contentious/divisive, always.

    • You are definitely not a woman of the right. You don’t get it, we cannot survive if the women abort all their babies. In some countries there is around one child per couple. Meanwhile the Turks lip their chops getting ready for the invasions.

      Besides you forgot, where is the man’s choice in all that?

      • Men who want babies need to pair up with women who want babies. That’s the only fair method I can make out.

    • The problem with what you’re saying is that we are not just individuals. We’re extensions of our families and community. We don’t exist in a vacuum.

  • People always killed unwanted children in the womb or outside the womb for the majority of the existance of human society. Abortion and infanticide was outlawed in the early 16th century and punishable by death. Thats how you got 6+ children per women, by killing everyone who would interfer with that.

  • If we want smart people to have more children, how about offering them incentives? (Or offering dumb people incentives not to have them.) What could be a more obvious next step?

    • Whites should not focus on wanting “smart people” or even “smart White people” to have more children. We should focus on encouraging all White people to have more fully White children.

      History shows us that very smart people often have less smart children and less smart people often have very smart children. We must trust in the shuffle of genes within the White genome to do the right thing and they can only do this if we have many,many White children.

      Bottom line: Trust the White genome. Just have more White children.

      • Why risk it all on a reckless gamble (one almost certain to result in a diminished white populace) when eugenic incentives are within easy reach? Is it merely to avoid giving offense to those whose procreation would, in effect, be deemed ‘undesirable’? I have no desire to offend anyone. Fortunately, such offense can be fairly easily avoided. Eugenic incentives can be made to appear perfectly innocuous.

        • It’s not about offending or not offending anyone. It’s about filling the planet with White people. Trust the White genome to sort things out. We conquered the planet when we were making more of ourselves. Using eugenics to avoid passing on clearly destructive genes, if done correctly, can be useful. The problem is that once we start down that road there may be a tendency to put secondary characteristics first instead of Whiteness first. In other words, if we say that we want to breed for higher intelligence, we might see miscegenation by Whites who will want to mate with non-Whites with high I.Q. scores instead of mating with Whites.

          We must breed for Whiteness first and always.

          • That’s a reasonable concern, even if I don’t believe it outweighs considerations of genetic quality. Remember, intelligence isn’t the only desirable trait worth improving the quantity of. Beauty surely runs a close second. Imagine a world five hundred or a thousand years hence populated by white beauties as far as the eye can see. Surely that is a vision capable of inspiring the most intense racial idealism and activism.

          • Trust in the White genome. It is almost magical in what it can do if we just let it breed more of us.

          • “Magical”? I’ll leave that to you.

          • I wrote “almost magical,” as shorthand to saying it is to be trusted to put us on top if we just breed more pure Whites.

            Trust the White genome, but still do what you can to improve Whites by improving yourself.

          • its okay to not have an opinion on abortion .. its what anti-communitarian thinking is about .. the ungripping.. the opting out … and stop being offended by others who simply think they have some weird right to tell other people what to do … breeding white people is not the be all and end all .. preserving them is .. so it starts with a strict policy on immigration… doesn’t it? Because you cannot outbreed mass immigration.. you’re not supposed to.. its their plan but it should be ‘changed’.. policy matters.. and that brings us back to the name of Richard’s organization ‘ policy institute’ ..

        • Clearly some humans are better than others.

          But IQ is only one of many traits that would be need to be reflected in a measure of human quality. Human quality is probably too complex for us to come up with an authoritative measure, given current resources and knowledge.

          There is some truth to the stereotype of the nerd with high IQ and low levels of other traits. And even more functional high IQ people may not be particularly moral or ethnocentric.

          I’m not saying IQ is bad, I’m just acutely aware of its limitations. It is important, but not everything.

          Rather than gambling on the ASSUMPTION that we know what makes a good human, the better move is to discourage obvious defectives from reproducing, while encouraging any and all functional whites to reproduce (with other whites).

          After all, this is a war time situation, we’re on the way out, we need numbers and if we lose, nonna this matters. And if we win, we’ll have plenty of time to work on self improvement (and “debate” over what self improvement means).

          That said, I still DON’T care about abortion, since I class white women who get abortions in the “undesirable / obvious defective” category. Less like that in the future!

        • We need more white people and not just those with 110+ IQs. A law abiding, cooperative, racially loyal white man who is physically strong and of good character who might have a 93 IQ and a beautiful white daughter is a plus.

    • The difference between true Conservatism and more futuristic and positivistic ideologies, such as communism, fascism, social democracy and the like. Is that Conservatism is humble. We understand that we can not crack the infinite complexity of human interaction. Hence we seek answers in history, what has worked for people before.
      Consider, if evolution has been working on us for tens of thousands of years, why are not everyone as smart as smart people today? We fill different roles and not-so-smart people can do things and fill functions that “smart” people can not. And if “smart” people turn their backs on not so “smart” people, why would not so “smart” people even consider themselves part of the same people and show solidarity? Whats in it for them?
      Besides, “smart” people have a much stronger tendency to not embrace their people than not so “smart” people. They think they are so “smart” they dont even need a people.

      • Indeed. Even people who are committed to futurism need to be SIGNIFICANTLY more humble about understanding the limitations of their knowledge and ability to predict the consequences of their action.

        Thinking you can create the new white man in a lab is dangerous hubris

      • Conservatism only pretends to be humble. It’s actually dangerously hubristic, pretending to “know” things that it is not in any position to claim to know. Most laughable are its claims that its ideas have been battle-tested throughout the long eons of human existence and have proven themselves. What bullshit. Until the last couple hundred years humankind knew nothing but one form of conservatism or another. There was never any serious “testing” of a variety political concepts, not even in societies like Ancient Greece, which went farther than any other in this regard. Conservatism is little else besides an excuse for entrenched interests to maintain their privileged (and typically unearned) positions. If that makes me sound like a leftie I don’t care – it’s one thing they’re largely correct about.

        And Christ feller, that is not remotely how evolution works. Obviously intelligent people can be selfish pricks who turn their backs on their own kind, but so can dumb people. All things considered, I’d rather run my risks with a greater proportion of intelligent people in society than with a smaller proportion.

        • History offers a common ground to discuss human affairs. Which is a huge advantage. If you compare it to the current modus operandi, to do a “study” in a leftwing university, the conservative method is better. At least everyone can be well versed in history. Even if of course everyone draws different interpetations from it. But everyone can not be well versed in the myriads of studies churned out from the fiercly leftwing academia, one more deceitful than the next.

          Furthermore, making history the main metod for the study of man breeds nationalism in and of itself. Since history is what binds a nation together. History is at the very core of nationalism.

          Im actually a bit unsure what you wish to replace history with? Are you happy with todays state of affairs? A form of leftwing social darwinism or somesuch? It seems to me that whatever anyone does, academia will always be corrupted. Since its “studies” will be the main rethorical ammunition in the battle for a slice of the huge state pie?

    • Part of the Jewish strategy is to create a hostile and degenerate environment where whites don’t want to have children. They’ve succeeded to a large degree.

    • ‘we’ should probably learn not to speak as ‘we’ more often because you slide into group thinkie and that is just gross and unappealing.. liberty and freedom and respect of individualism, please.. muh … re-read Brave New World again .. until you figure out that ‘breeding’ is not a group practice nor should it be regarded with anything other than mild observation… or as dear old Dad used to say … dig a little hole and fuck the world… if you want to mass produce babies… go find a breeder cow… otherwise.. fuck off.

    • Immigration and abortion are separate issues. Although abortion is not inherently pro-white, it is nonetheless true that without abortion white Americans would be in far worse shape, because non-whites abort at a considerably higher rate. Only the most thoroughgoing cuck can fail (or pretend to fail) to understand this point. (And they do pretend, do they ever. Disastrously for his own credibility, faux christcuck Hunter Wallace – there’s not the slightest chance this “former” atheist believes his own pro-Christian bullshit – valiantly pretended to fail to grasp this point when the original pro-abortion essay appeared on Radix last year.)

      • No, it isn’t true. It’s liberal unmarried women who love abortion who are the bulwark of political correctness. They are the most important electoral support for mass immigration. We aren’t going to win by converting to their side. We win by getting men to see them as the enemy, because they are the #1 reason for European racial suicide. It’s not the number of blacks in the USA that is the problem. It is the desire of whites to please them. A higher black birth rate, and a commensurately higher white birth rate, would unify whites. Married women worried about their own offspring would oppose colored immigration.

        Common sense should tell use we got legal abortion and colored immigration initiated at the same time as part of the same plan. Those people who see the past 50 years as a disaster understand the value of our ancestors’ moral prohibitions.

        “According to the Guttmacher Institute, the abortion breakdown by race
        in 2008 was as follows: 36.1 percent Non-Hispanic White, 29.6 percent
        Black, 9.4 percent Other, and 24.9 percent Hispanic. In other words,
        more White women than Black women are getting abortions.

        That’s not the most interesting thing though. In terms of
        education, the breakdown is as follows: 12.3 percent less than a high
        school education, 28.3 percent high school graduates, 39.5 percent some
        college, and 19.9 percent college graduate. Over half of women in the
        United States who get abortions either have a college education or have
        been to college.”

        • That reply was a great example of faux christcuck Hunter Wallace’s shameless dissembling. From a pro-white perspective, the fact that a larger absolute number of white women get abortions than black women is meaningless. It’s the fact that (a) the proportion of black and hispanic women is higher; and (b) that the majority of abortions are to non-white women that matters. Such facts are so obviously pro-white that weasel Wallace decided he had no recourse but to twist the truth.

          Also from the Guttmacher Institute

          Some 75% of abortion patients in 2014 were poor or low-income. Twenty-six percent of patients had incomes of 100–199% of the federal poverty level, and 49% had incomes of less than 100% of the federal poverty level ($15,730 for a family of two).

          Wow. 75% poor or low-income. Sure seems eugenic to me.

          • No, it’s not at all meaningless. Votes are determined by absolute numbers. The class of whites the elites target with abortion voted for Trump. Really, until the Bush / Planned Parenthood whites are forced to flee the country, there is almost no chance whatsoever for restoring a white nationhood. As I’ve suggested before the “alt-right” easily becomes just an “edgy” way of ceding ground. Trump won the election by using very strong pro-life, pro-Christian rhetoric. Racially aware whites, by keeping the proper outlook on American history, recognizing the importance of Christianity and the Christian moral outlook to the preservation of white nations, and the fact that collapse of European nations coincides with the steady demise of Christian Europe, will not be swayed by people who think they are sophisticated wasps who know better than the values of our ancestors.

          • The “Christian moral outlook” says it immoral for whites to refuse to mix with negroids or to refuse them entry into white countries. Apparently whites’ desire to racially exist is “against God” or something.

            If you’re going to defend Hunter’s inane argument, I can only assume math is not your strong point (or that it’s not your target audiences’).

          • He cucked hard on abortion. It was pretty painful to watch. I doubt many people even believed him but who knows. Politics is weird.

          • Yes, he did. I don’t recall it being an enduring election theme, though. It was like once he got it out of the way he was never seriously required to deal with it again.

          • Richard had a great response to DT’s un-PC abortion comments.

            If we are going to ban elective abortion, then either we should punish women who choose to abort healthy fetuses conceived through consensusl sex, or we remove every. single. fucking. political. right that women currently have. Cuckservatives want women to have their cake and eat it to: not be punished for illegal choices while retaining all political rights. No cuckservative is man enough to call for punishing mothers who abort, nor is any cuckservative man enough to support explicit patriarchy.

          • Your pro-abortion position is the default position of the Left in the USA. If anyone is “cucking” on abortion, it’s “Right-wingers” who despise the pro-life Right in the USA. In fact, it’s fair to say, given the circumstances in the world today, there is no such thing as a pro-abortionist on the Right. It really is the defining distinction between Left and Right, it’s no distraction, it is the way the Left defines itself, first and foremost. Anyone anxious to be on that side is a textbook example of a cuck.

          • Lol.

            As I have stated, our policies cannot simply be whatever is the opposite of what our foes believe. Leftists tend to treat abortion like a sacrament, but that doesn’t mean it’s a cardinal sin. Abortion is a very complex topic and people who look for simple positions on it are generally not worth listening to about much else.

          • The values of our ancestors developed as a response to the material conditions they lived in. Their values are only valuable to us insofar as our conditions are similar. I certainly think it’s valuable to learn what our ancestors had to say but obviously the world is very different now in many ways.

            And your assertion that “Christianity and the Christian moral outlook” are important is beyond laughable. 21st century Protestantism and Catholicism are in a race to the bottom of cancer. Religious values reflect societal conditions and not really the other way around. As our society degenerates, so necessarily must religion. Getting more people to start listening to überpozzed popes and pastors will do far more harm than good.

        • Past prohibitions on abortion were largely if not entirely for two reasons:

          1. Abortion was much more dangerous before recent times

          2. The general mortality rate was much higher so higher birthrates were needed in order to avoid societal collapse.

          Neither of those currently obtain.

          To be perfectly frank, the type of woman who has elective abortions is generally the type of woman who would not make a good mother. We need incentives for feminine, healthy, sane, responsible women to have lots of kids. We don’t need every single fertile woman as a baby factory. In fact that would clearly be a disaster. Let’s allow the best mothers to produce all the babies and make sure the gutter women stay childless.

          • Well said. I forgot to respond to his claim that “liberal unmarried women who love abortion are the bulwark of political correctness.” By and large, it’s only the highly educated, intellectual subset of these women (who actually use contraception rather than abortion) who constitute enforcers of PC. The working class liberal white women just want to be left alone to enjoy their slutty lifestyles and only reluctantly or half-heartedly go along with PC.

          • Many women from well to do families have abortions. “Pro-choice” women aren’t committed to it because they don’t do it or don’t think it’s necessary for their “friends.” They do it and they believe in it. You people align yourselves with the “bitch manifesto” type feminists, practically identify with them as being women who “wouldn’t have abortions.” It’s clear to me, no one with such an attitude is in any meaningful way on the Right.

          • I don’t give a fuck about some capitalized abstraction called the “Right,” nor its assortment of pet political projects that have nothing to do with the issues I do care about, such as race.

          • You’ve had your way for nearly 50 years, and the results are catastrophic low birth rates and a deluge of immigration. Prohibitions on abortion exist for the same reason you say a woman who has an abortion is a bad mother. Because it’s a moral evil. Either you believe it’s an objective evil or you don’t. You say you think Christianity is laughable. Very Jewish way of speaking and thinking. You want to make the “alt-right” “pro-choice” and hold up bimbos like Tomi Lahren as rational people, a woman who says “abortion should be legal because of the Constitution.”

            The people who say Richard Spencer’s words and deeds seem calculated to hurt the Right in the USA are hard to disagree with.

          • You’re putting words in my mouth. And spreading division, frankly. If you think you can do better than Richard, then do so. Sitting here crying about him is a bitch move. He’s done more for this movement than anyone under 65.

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