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Marcus Follin
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Who I am is not important. What is important is that you adhere to my teachings. Train in the gym, get strong and get muscular. Train MMA or some other martial art. Read books and articles everyday. Get used and comfortable with weapons, military experience is great to have.


  • Golden One has evolved over time, becoming somewhat bolder in my opinion. Looking forward to what the year brings.

  • He’s playing at Conan the Barbarian yet he seems like a fairy. You need to get some grow men, some heterosexual men, to post on this site or its going down the tubes.

    • How does he give you the creeps? There is literally nothing creepy about the guy. He’s in excellent physical shape, well dressed, well spoken and usually clean shaven. He’s also considerate, wants others to succeed and answers questions in a polite manner. He also stands up for Europe and the European people.

      • Dumb article. I am a Traditonalist and respect the ways of my ancestors and that means I don’t accept homos. And particularly not as leaders. They are vain, selfish, sexual lunatics with a mental disease and anyone who has ever been around them knows this.

        Let’s see the alt-right is pro-gay, pro-abortion, pro-race mixing (that is what Lana and crew now say, if it is personal choice), pro-welfare gov. cheese, pro-Mud Iran….What’s next pro-Congoloid?

        Give me the old right any day. Give me Franco, Mussolini and Hitler. Real men leading real movements. And I have news for you the Old Right is being resurrected as I type in Eastern Europe and it is none of the things this site expouses.

        • Good points, and I agree to much of it. However, appreciating Michelangelo or Da Vinci is not being pro-gay, neither is having moderate homosexuals, who keep their inclinations private, being able to contribute their talents and efforts to our struggle. Hitler did not have a problem with Ernst Röhm being what he was, as long as he was doing important work for their common goal. Neither should we.

          But thats besides the point, which is: Marcus Frolin is not gay. He is not more gayish than was the national socialists with their männerbund, where men were doing sports and bonding in many other ways around masculin activities, sometimes even being butt-naked in the company of other men, without it trickering neither homo-eroticism nor gay-panic.

          But I´m also weary about the sneaking in of an iranian agenda here, and I find it puzzling. Its fine to find allies of color, but dont ever let them into our control room. This iranian nationalist said he had people working hard in the american administration to advance his politics on Iran. Well thats excactly what we white people needs stop doing, – letting all these other peoples lobby for their ethic interests inside our systems. Very strange, it seems Richard has activily broad him in. And he seems very self-assertive on his peoples behalf. It even seemed that he wanted to include Iran into the fellowship of european nations, maybe I got it wrong, but that would be even more far out than those eurocrats who want to merge Turkey with us. So I dont know what Richard is intending with that. Even less what Daniel wants with him.

          Then theres the race-mixing. I took it as a way of not wanting to denegrate a possible allie of color, from Henriks part. Hitler didn´t talk to his japanese allies about how disgusting a german and japanese halfbreed would be I´m sure, we can leave that for when they are out the door again. And I´m not in favour of making it illegal. But if a white person mate with a non-white, they should of course join this persons nation, rather than bring in this non-white to ours. And I´m sure that will make it much less attractive, certainly for the non-whites who sees it as a ticket in.

          Pro-abortion? Well, without abortions we would have a lot more downs symdrome and blacks, so maybe put that specific issue on a backburner until the great farewell party has been held, and cleaned up too.

          • Ok, but slight correction. Hitler had Rohm killed! And Rohm is the perfect example of what these sickos are up to, buggering young boys! In my opinion ALL of them desire and are after young boys. So, by letting them in the door we put our boys at risk and like vampires reproduce by biting a victim; they reproduce by buggering boys and turning them. What responsible man would want to put his child in that environment? Look up pictures of that one Alt-Right sicko, what is his name, the one with all the tatoos and shaved head? He and his squad of blood suckers are out in the woods torturing animals and buggering one another. Gross. We don’t need or want these people around. It is highly irresponsible. I am a father of two boys and like hell I want them going to some camp run by roided up, tattooed fags.

            You don’t even have to be of the Right to get this. Before the Cultural Revolution in the West near everyone of every strip understood this. Even under communism in many countries they considered it was it is, a mental illness. Today homosexuality is illegal in China.

            And this guy on here, the one playing Conan dress up, does seem very gayish. Just look at the posturing and the attention seeking vanity.

          • Again, I think it was good the pope Julius II let Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel, but I would hope he didn´t leave the altar boys with him alone. So I will let my two boys read “The Way of Men”, but I will not send them out to run with Donovan in the woods, just like I will teach them to shoot guns, but not let them play with them on their own. Many useful things has a sharp side that you need to keep your fingers off.

            Röhm was not killed because he was homo or because he was corupting the youth, but because he was becoming a potential threat to the unity of the partys trajectory, and other non-homos were killed in the same cleansing.

            Frolin might be attention seeking, but perhaps the same could be said of Spencer and most other spearhead figures. It might just be a very common thread among people who put themselves up in front of movements. As long as it works for us and not against us, we will have to work with humans and with their flaws, at least until perfect demi-gods without flaws decent to lead us.. He is self-assertive, pro european, strong, intelligent, a fighter et.c. If you prefere arm-chair warriors who are fat and ugly but just as narcisistic, like Matt Forney fx, there are plenty of those already. Lets not aim for the perfect just now. There are different ways of swaying different people, lets celebrate our diversity :-=)

          • Points taken except about that vile Donovan creature. You may be there to protect your boys but not every child has that. Go look at those sickos in the woods and you will see children in them.

            I’m not sure about Rohm. I read that the rumors about him molesting the boys in the SA are one of the reasons that led to his assassination. Granted I read that in a college history class so I’m not deeply read on the subject.

  • What happened to him? Rehab due to ‘roid abuse?

    To be honest, this prick is just a male attention whore.

    • Meh, he doesn’t say anything (about anything other than himself). I guess you have to watch his old videos to see what any fuss is about.

        • I like Golden One, been watching his stuff for a long time, but Pioneer American has a point; a lot of Marcus’s older stuff was egocentric and, depending on the video, occasionally boring. so, there’s no cuckery here, no counter-signaling. just an opinion.

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