Screaming Man On Mattress Mourns Plight Of Western Man

Here’s a funny story about some goofy postmodern art. Let’s gather round for our minute of hate.

What is it with mattresses and the left? Is it because they’re pissed off over the shitty bedding in their college dorms?

From Speisa:

“What is modern art? It can be many things. As a man lying on the floor and screaming incessantly – for two and a half hours. It happened at the Museum of Modern Art on Friday.”

And what else is there to say? Oh yeah, this happened in Stockholm, Sweden…

You might think that everyone at that performance is a lefty. Fair guess, but not so fast. I’ve been to some modern performance art shows, probably more than any average salt of the earth alt-righter should. But hey, you gotta know thine enemy, and sometimes you get some free artsy nudity out of it.

I am always struck by the somber faces of everyone around me as they watch the spectacle. They take it all so damn seriously and of course explain the symbolism to me afterwards. That busty chick rolling around in the dirt naked represents the love interest of the man hopping around in the potato sack with a giant baby’s head mask.

“Ahhh, now it makes sense…” I always try to crack a joke, but it never goes over well. To laugh along with me would be to admit that it was all a waste of time and that we were all stupid by osmosis. I mean we could have been at a club being degenerate, yet we chose to spend a “cultural” evening together instead. This means we are sophisticated and very deep people — our friends will be envious of us, wont they? No? Well then, we’ll make them feel bad for being so uncultured.

After the show, your fellow attendees are changed and enlightened. They will let you know this by how their voices dip in cadence with the necessary melancholie.

I’ve been to about four of these all-night performances. The first feeling that strikes you as you sit in the stands is one of disgust and discomfort. And that’s the point really — the “art” is intended to shock, and the “artists” make no qualms about it. To be honest, I didn’t really understand why I kept coming back to see more of the same degeneracy. Was it the nudity? Nah, that was so-so.

In hindsight, it was the shock factor that I kept returning for. I’d drink up and invite a normal buddy to come along. I’d promise him that he’d see “the craziest shit ever” as I poured him a shot. We’d laugh and head over. It was fun. You really did feel something — disgust mostly, but hey it was better than feeling nothing, right?

That’s what the modern life of the middle-class bourgeoisie is all about. Being comfortable. Being proper. Keeping up with the Jones. Always striving. Always discontent. Wearing a tie and sweater even at home.

And sometimes, in my less than sober state, I’d see the audience in a different light. They were a lot like me really. They were the Comfortable Ones. And just like me, they were so damn bored. This life seemed so banal and disgusting. They hated themselves for who they were. They were middle-class nobodies. Deep down they felt that this wasn’t what they wanted with their lives — to be born comfortable and to die comfortably with no greater meaning, just the reckless pursuit of more comfort.

The Prole doesn’t have that strange ennuie that the middle class bourgeois Boheme has. The Prole needs to work if he is to stay fed and avoid the hard edge of life. If he is ambitious, he works and hustles his butt off and has a chance at acquiring all the material stuff he craved and more.

what more could you want in life?

Meanwhile, the Aristocrat hates the middle-class wannabe because he sees in him the Striver. The guy who acts like he is an aristocrat and whose parents are rich, but not wealthy. The middle class Bobo desperately spends his life working hard to not become a Prole, and to prove he is not a Prole, he live-action roleplays as an Aristocrat. Meanwhile the Aristocrat is busy burning away his wealth and health by acting like a Prole, to counter-signal the middle-class upstart and because once you’ve already reached the top, there is only really one way to go…

So what are these people actually doing?

They’re acting out their ennuie in the only way they know how — through Cultural Marxist approved outlets. It doesn’t matter if its going to Lesbos to help refugees or going to Darfur to teach locals how to use Macbooks or just doing the half-assed thing and liking the photo of some basic bitch on Facebook who’s flashing her pearly-white teeth next to some half-starved African children. It feels authentic. It feels like making a difference. It gives you meaning. You feel something.

Going to these performances is part and parcel of this whole package we are sold. We see all that dirt and sweat and bizarre contortions of the body and feel something. It may be shock and disgust, but its a nice relief from the tired humdrum of modern living. The actors wallow in the filth, and you suddenly feel some emotional release. Better yet, they artfully destroy themselves on stage for your entertainment, which is better than doing it yourself. After all, you have so much to lose! So far to fall!

Its so terrible what’s happening to those poor Syrians! Yet you shiver with delight when you imagine having to duck under gunfire, trek through the desert, and brave the waves to reach safety. It’s all rather frightening but exhilarating at the same time, n’est pas? Its a shame that you can’t ever experience something like that in your own life, but then you’re not sure you’d want to. Better to live vicariously through Abdul.

But back to that screaming Swedish man. What is he so worked up about? Perhaps he is deeply miserable — cut off from his past, cut off from a life of meaning, rootless and unable to decide where to direct his indignation and rage. So he directs the misery at himself.

Hah, try telling him that though. His misery makes him feel something. And that crass imitation of authenticity is enough.

Shall we place bets on whether this guy is a lefty open borders type?

I’d bet anything that these are upper middle-class college brats

And deep down he prays for the refugees to come and destroy his comfortable life. Noble savages that they are, they will make everything better. They will make life better and more real because they are authentic.

And in some way, the Alt-Right joins him in his silent prayer. Let them come. We too want to struggle and feel something authentic again. We’re living at the end of history, mang. All the way out there where the sidewalk ends. That man feels it, and so do we.

Only, we want that effeminate little shriek to become a battle cry.

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  • Great article. But back to that screaming Swedish man. What is he so worked up about? Perhaps he is deeply miserable — cut off from his past, cut off from a life of meaning, rootless and unable to decide where to direct his indignation and rage. So he directs the misery at himself. He is a frog in a saucepan and he cannot put his finger on why he is feeling increasing discomfort and anxiety, the Swedish media with their grubby little fingers on the thermostat say “don’t worry little frog, it is just your imagination, everything is perfectly fine”

    • This utterly vacuous Leftist faux-demonstration masquerading as ‘art’ craves meaning it largely acquires by proxy when hapless voyeurs ‘project’ emotions it elicits. It epitomises the odious mindlessness of Cultural Marxism. It inverts the deification of an expansive medium once utilised by the genius of da Vinci and Angelo to raise the spirit of humanity into a black hole of gracelessness and ignorance. Personally, I’d spurn it much as I do a rabid dog.

      • Bereft of identity, the rotting amorphous soup cling on to the chili oil of radical ideologues to inject a little spice into their bland existence and tasteless appeal. Hoping for a golden Soros spoon from above to grace them with recognition, they are rendered immobile in a suspended bowl of decay as time devours the last remnants of healthy flesh which are hidden by the stench of carrion erasing any possibility of redemption, plummeting into the depths of hell where the yapping skeletal corpses of Stalin and Castro await them.

        • A thoroughly enjoyable metaphor stretching reason like a super-elasticized tendril of glutinous nasal mucous, asymptotically destined to never reach a finite point of irrational detachment, the spineless observer all the while bathing in delayed gratification, instinctively feeling that reason grows closer to rupture by the moment, and thereby instilling a thrilling sense of illicit anticipation at the inevitable detonation of insanity that never quite materializes.

  • The ennui you feel is the grating sense that its all gone wrong. Decadence isn’t a side effect of comfort but discomfort. Idle time has bad effects all its own, but the fact is when you see no real way to improve your lot, you soon turn to drink and drugs to kill the sense of emptiness. Better to be forced to work a dull job then be left with nothing to do.
    Ultimately, consumerism is just junk. Cheap plastic substitutes for life. No spouse, no kids, no life Boyo. All those lamebrain media plays with fake futures are just mind worms sucking out your brain. Who cares what the latest episode of dumb fake future was dummy? Your future is what you should worry about.
    People taking Meth, College Kids getting drunk, grown men playing with plastic ponies marketed to little girls disappointed at not getting a pony for Christmas, and many other horrible facts you want to not see. Its hard to tolerate it. It eats out your souls, and kills your joi de vive.
    Apathy and Tolerance are the last virtues of a dying society. Forget ideology, pursue Interests. Your interests. Get together with like minded disaffected guys who see its all gone wrong. Kill the boob tube, and pursue what YOU want. Do what YOU like. Ignore a dying and decadent society and form a seed for YOUR FUTURE. Every society starts with a small group of like-minded individuals who get together and promote their own interests. The future belongs to those who show up. Let the decadence go. Its already DEAD.

  • This article read like a random page out of a random Houellebecq novel. Good stuff.

  • Someone in my Immediate Family is giving birth to a Baby Girl right now……

    At this very Second……

    Yes……both the Father and Mother are Caucasian…..

    I hope everyone out there sends Positive Vibes their Way……


    • My brother and his wife, both White, gave birth to twins the other week, and moved into their new house. I couldn’t be prouder 🙂

      I wish your family the best: a healthy child, long life, and many more healthy White children.

    • Wonderful!
      I send heartfelt wishes of joy & prosperity to the parents and their new Daughter.

  • “Only, we want that effeminate little shriek to become a battle cry.”

    Speak for yourself. All traitors must die.

  • Working on My Car gives me Meaning……

    Fixing something Mechanically gives me Meaning…….

    Living in a Non-White Majority Urban Neighborhood…..

    ….and Walking the Streets with Physical Robustness……

    …..without Fear…

    …..knowing how to Fight to defend myself…..

    … me Meaning……

    Working my Working Class Job gives me Meaning……….

    Exerting my Body to the Threshold and Beyond and discovering new Capacities…..

    ….I’ve never known…..

    ….gives me Meaning…….

    Helping my Family gives me Meaning……

    Taking care of my Property gives me Meaning……

    Taking care of myself gives me Meaning……

    Being thankful for Beauty gives me Meaning…….

    Never giving up gives me Meaning……

    Overcoming gives me Meaning…….

    Laughing gives me Meaning……

    Loving gives me Meaning…….

    Crying gives me Meaning…..

    Living gives me Meaning…..

    Existence gives me Meaning…….

    Getting Old gives me Meaning……..

    Embracing the Alt-Right gives me Meaning………


  • I’m surprised that no one, with the possible exception of a ceramics guy, and an obscure maker of ginger bread Nazis, has discovered the power of modern performance art.

  • “I’ve been to some modern performance art shows, probably more than any average salt of the earth alt-righter should.”

    I’m a liberal hipster snob. I’ve attended more than my share of art shows. The “art scene” tends to be uber-white. Like, really really white. True, most Current Year art – and all Current Year “performance art” – is ridiculous garbage. But the art scene is just a modern version of a debutante ball. White men attend to meet artsy girls and have sex with them. White women attend to meet artsy guys and have sex with them.

    The actual art market itself is some kind of complicated money laundering scheme.

    “Interpreting” the art is an exercise in verbal intelligence. It’s like a sales competition, you are supposed to come up with some plausible sounding bullshit – the proves you have a high verbal IQ, thus are worthy as a potential mate.

    It’s really not any more complicated than that.

  • “To feel something”- that may indeed be why the liberal Swedish man screams. But it’s also a reason to be involved in far-right politics- to feel something……and TO DO SOMETHING about it. We may all live our dull, normal lives during the week- CPA, policeman or electrician by day…..but revolutionaries on the weekends!

    • “Fuck the Swedes. What the FUCK is wrong with them?”

      The Bonnier family is a Swedish family of Jewish origin,who since the beginning of the 19th century has been active in the book industry and later also in the mass media industry. They own the media group Bonnier Group, which has 175 companies in 18 countries.

      The Bonnier book publishing companies in Sweden that are part of book publishing house Bonnierförlagen now include Albert Bonniers förlag, Wahlström & Widstrand, Forum, and Bonnier Carlsen, as well as other book publishers and imprints in Sweden. Bonnier Tidskrifter publishes magazines, including Veckans Affärer, Damernas Värld, Amelia, Sköna Hem, Teknikens Värld, Resume, nearly a dozen crossword magazines,[6] and the tablet magazine C Mode. Other subsidiaries include Sweden’s commercial TV network TV4 and C More Entertainment; movie theater chain SF Bio (40 percent share) and film production companies Svensk Filmindustri and Sonet Film; daily newspapers Dagens Nyheter, Expressen, Sydsvenskan and Helsingborgs Dagblad;[7] business daily Dagens Industri; and medical journal Dagens Medicin.

      • I know about the Bonnier family. We have Jew run media here in America as well, and we just elected Donald Trump. There is some kind of existential crisis going on with the Swedish people.

        • We haven’t had the same level of dominance of media that Sweden has had even in the US. Media in the US has been in the process of consolidating. If you look back on Sweden’s history of media ownership you see BG being chipped away at from a starting position of near total hegemony with countervailing platforms only becoming available with the advent of new technological and economic realities.

          Sweden also has a small, homogeneous population so getting a majority on the same page is a lot easier than in the US where the question of ‘cui bono’ has been a part of our political culture for a long time. There is also the issue of Sweden having evolved out of a position of dominance rather than some kind of revolutionary or independence movement like the US, so there is less skepticism of authority which you see even in other homogeneous European countries. It’s probably the perfect storm of credulity.

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