Russia Trolls Eurovision With Non-Ableist Candidate

Russia is learning how to play the game. The victim game that is.

Here is who they rolled out as their representative for Eurovision.

This is genius, the Russians found an untouchable, uncriticizeable candidate. Julia is SJW catnip.

Now, Russia has been very late to the game. Even Ukraine beat them to the punch the year before with a performance by a White-presenting Crimean Tatar.

Now Eurovision (its a singing contest, Americans) is supposed to be apolitical in theory. However even a cursory glance at the competition reveals that this is far from the case. The performance by Jamala was politically charged, as was her nomination. Russia had annexed Crimea the year before and the choice of a Crimean Tatar was obviously deliberate (unless you still believe in coincidences).

It was only a matter of time before the Russians started participating in the SJW olympics, and what a stunning debut they made! The timing could not be more fitting. Because Ukraine won the previous year, it meant that Russia would have to compete on hostile territory this year in Kiev. So instead of going in guns blazing, they decided to play a little bit of 4d chess of their own.

By rolling her in there, Russia made a win-win move. They basically said, “Your move, Yurope. Are you going to boo down a lady in a wheelchair? Or how about you Ukraine? Are you going to show the world how tolerant and Yuropeeen you are by heckling a disabled contestant?”

Russia is not the only country that seems to have finally caught on to the name of the game in Europe. Erdogan has stepped up his game as well by calling Europeans racists and Nazis.

Now we will see where the rubber meets the road. Will SJW virtue-signaling finally be curbed somewhat as non-Western countries start exploiting it?

le skeptical man


As SJW talking points continue to become state policy, we will see other countries playing the victim game as well to keep up with and milk the West. But while the West might sincerely and autistically (in the case of Germany) believe in the talking points, expect other countries to pay lip service while advancing their interests. 2017 may mark the point where non-Western countries finally figured out how to turn Western virtue-signaling to their benefit. And really, this was inevitable.

To quote the words of the late Jonathon Bowden:

“Many other groups in this world wonder about what is happened to us, wonder what has happened to our energy. Don’t be surprised if you learn that many of the elites in foreign countries, in India and China and so on, view with bemused amazement the trajectory of the present West, the degree to which the West is so self-hating: about its own music, about its own art, about its own architecture, about its own military history—other groups in the world are amazed at this, but will seek to take advantage of it, because why wouldn’t they? In the circumstances of group competition which this globe entertains, all groups are partly in competition for scarce resources against all other groups.”

Well its happening now. And it will only continue to get worse. While Russia’s antics may cause us to chuckle (who else would show such sheer pluck in gaming a singing contest), other countries like Turkey will start exploiting SJW talking points for geopolitical goals.

Its a silly game, and one that only a country with too much wealth and security can allow itself to play. Virtue-signaling may have started as an amusing hobby of the insecure and bored European upper-middle class… but it is starting to turn deadly.


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