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Richard Spencer, Andrew Joyce, and Charles Lyons discuss the attacks on Jez Turner and free speech in Britain before Richard launches into an impassioned plea for Soviet-style Berniecare for the masses.

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


  • I had to have my balls shaved in hospital and there was a really fit nurse on shift, she said do you want me to do it or you can do it yourself, I said better if you do it. She disappeared then a couple of hours later this gay nurse pops his head around the curtain and says “I’m here to shave your balls” I said ‘No thanks, I can handle that myself’

  • “We must free ourselves from Jewish control.” At which point Jews confirm that they are in fact in control and increase control further to make any criticism at all illegal.

  • I love listening to Spencer’s interviews, but they’d be so much better if he didn’t say “you know” in every sentence.

    • i love the occasional loud snertchy thingy he does.. so Dicky… little snotty brother .. dad.. son.. a guy you know is sweet and sensitive .. and well mannered with a sense of humour.

  • Muds are overunning the medical system in Sweden. It’s gotten so bad they have to have armed emergency rooms. Since muds have much worse health than Whites (some of which is from inbreeding) then this will only get worse.

    Go to a hospital somewhere like Mississippi. 400 pound groids all over the place “gettin dey medicines fo da aids and syfullises”. A sight to behold.

    Also near everyone in Sweden with aids is an African invader. How much do they cost?

  • Just what is “baseline care”? Does that include $100,000 a year treatments for AIDS or $500,000 a year treatments for obscure diseases that one pharma company has a monopoly on the treatment of? If we could restrict free health care to people who stick to a strict nutritarian diet and exercise regularly, I’d have no problem with that. But I see no way to enforce that. In practice, the left will be horrified at the thought that we would deny any treatment, no matter how expensive, to a 400 pound woman who chose to eat herself to death.

  • When a govt. socializes medicine they make the most productive, the most intelligent and the most health conscious among us indentured slaves to everyone else.

    Like other welfare programs you would be rewarding those who are of less intelligence and punishing the most productive among is. Like other welfare programs it will attract immigrants that come to get a handout rather than come to be American. These type of actions where the government is punishing productivity encourages those people to have less kids and the lazy or less intelligent to have more. Seems counter productive unless you want a country of idiots voting Democrat every election.

    • Punishing the productive and intelligent and rewarding the lazy and stupid is a feature, not a bug. Welcome to communism. (The political manifestation of Satanism.)

  • I like both the ideas of baseline care and elimination of EBT (and related fraud). Baseline care needs to be really baseline though, otherwise all resources will be used up by 400 pound dinduesses. Anybody who wants better care can buy supplemental insurance for enhanced services. This shuts up the left, disintermediates the jews, and high agency whites will do better overall.

  • Around the 45min mark is where Richard Spencer’s Liberal autism kicks in.

    Rich, non-Whites have no magical “right” to healthcare. Just like with welfare it will be non-Whites (blacks and mestizos) eating up the healthcare at the expense of White labor. Non-Whites want “socialized healthcare” because it’s #gibsmedats. Whites want it because they, like you, are being autistic when it comes to collective racial self-interests. It is NOT in the interests of Whites to pay for non-Whites. Ever. Period. End of discussion.

    • I agree with you in principle. But completely shutting out the non-whites and letting them die on the street is not politically feasible at this point. Probably isn’t in the near future either.

      A more pragmatic approach is offering (really, really) basic care to everybody, where people with agency can buy enhanced care, and priority treatment. This shuts up the left, shuts up the cucks, and disintermediates most jewing of the system.

      Short circuiting the healthcare debate would allow us to focus on the (long term) more important immigration fight. Once we have a white ethnostate the “400 pound dinduesses using up healthcare resources” problem will be solved by not having them around.

    • Spencer’s point is that Trump would be better off proposing some public option health care scheme rather than wasting all his political capital on some Obamacare 2.0 that everyone will hate.

      • The Left will hate, attack, blame, lie, and deny no matter what. If he’s going to suffer their lies he might as well turn off the spigot.

    • I don’t recall whether Richard made this argument, but we’re probably /already/ paying for POC care, via hospitals passing costs from unpaid POC emergency room visits to their paying customers. Otherwise they’d have to close.

    • We are already paying for them is the point. “Healthcare” can’t be market-based because in a market those who cannot pay do not get service. There is no prospect of this happening and it is not happening now so there is no prospect in moving to single-payer in transitioning to a system of transfer payments. This system of transfer payments is already present and probably exorbitantly more expensive than single-payer would be. There is no change in this metric

      The bigger problem with single-payer in the current socio-political climate is the triage situation which would be run according to the progressive stack.

  • Let’s see. You’re supposed to tithe 10% of your pre-tax income to your church. Churches and any non-profits they run, like hospitals, are tax free. If you and your church are members of a credit union, that means it’s all tax free from beginning to end – no need for Wall Street or the banks.

    Are we really supposed to believe that 10% of our earnings are not enough to pay for basic health care? In theory we don’t even need the government if we had functioning social institutions. So even the lolerbertarians would be happy. All the best hospitals are non-profits anyway and most of them are associated with a non-profit church or university.

  • “Basic care” is not the answer because all you do is give the doctors a license to right up pharmaceutical prescriptions to everybody and their dogs… and cats… and goldfish…. big pharma controls healthcare..

      • I don’t think conservatives or lolerbertarians should be allowed to say one word about the debt, the deficit, or “welfare” until they read this and understand the implications of it:

        Conservatives and lolerbertarians seem to be under the delusion that the US spends most of its budget on EBT cards for black baby mammas. It’s an awfully convenient scapegoat for the establishment. Republicans can tell Whitey, sorry, you can’t have any sort of health care because we spent all the money on Shaniqua, look, she’s rolling around the ghetto in a Cadillac while wearing diamond rings, just like in the rap videos we show you.

        What’s that? The petro-dollar? Tarp and Maiden Lane I, II, and III? The B-2 bomber? No, look over there, Tyrone has an Obamaphone!

        I really understand why the PTB want a multi-racial society. If we had a 90% White country, their scam would be just too obvious.

        • the govt prints all the money they want to .. and they scrape all the taxes out of the public that they can .. but the two money piles are not to be equated… i always see people as either nannystatists or indies… just me .. just saying….

    • Minorities are why we can’t have single payer in the U.S.

      To an extent Conservatives are right about this, like many others things. Unfortunately they’re not capable of really getting to the root of these problems.

  • “It would never work in a country as large as the U.S., especially with its varying demographics” is my politically-correct way of saying that I have no interest whatsoever in subsidizing healthcare for Blacks or mestizos.

    I don’t care what “they” want. Some in the racialist Right really believe that when Whites fade out of the picture, the non-Whites will simply collapse from sheer ineptitude, and the world will be thrown back to the Dark Ages. This is false. No, Blacks would never have invented the microscope, vaccine, or the microwave. Neither would the mestizos. But because these concepts have been introduced to the world and those races have been provided with a step-stool allowing access to White standards, there’s a certain baseline past which the world will not fall. Most of the advancements Whites have innovated or invented will carry on more or less without harm.

    So, no – I don’t want to subsidize education, healthcare, etc. for non-Whites, as such support saps Whites even as it strengthens the futures of their racial competitors.

    • No, blacks would not be able to sustain current technology on their own even if their life depended on it.

        • one for white collar and other for blue now that we set it up so nicely. that’s the plan. its us or them

        • Look up the video on YouTube “You’ll never be Chinese”. A couple of Western expats living in China… There are other videos in that series, and in one of them, they discuss the Chinese medical system. They don’t give it very high marks. They say it is very common for “doctors” to cheat or bribe their way into their positions.

          The time is coming to be very proactive about your health, and pray a lot.

    • Whites will never exactly “fade out.” We will become more like Latin America, where “white” is merely relative to the darkies, and everyone will be mixed.

    • Take a look at South Africa, anywhere in Africa. Heck, look at how quickly Haiti went from a lovely Island of roads, French houses and shops and shipping ports to a festering potholed garbage strewn hell hole. So they would have a few microscopes… you you really think they could be bothered what the microscope does? The other thing that quickly resurrected inHaiti after the slaughter, rape and mutilation was completed was witchcraft ie voodoo.

      • First, the world is not divided into Whites and Blacks. There are a number of other racial/ethnic groups. Second, the Haitian massacre occurred in 1804. Honestly, there were also brutish parts of the White world back then. Humanity as a species has progressed since then – due almost entirely to Whites, to be sure, but Blacks have experienced civilizational evolution, as well. I’m not sure that if all the Whites were to disappear tomorrow, the human world would descend to jungle-level chaos.

        • Food production and distribution is pretty damn White, at least in the US they’d be eating each other in a month.

    • I disagree with you about humanity not being susceptible to following below some baseline. If sub-Sahara Africa were left only to the Blacks; no outside help af ANY kind, they would be back in the middle ages within 20 years.
      You may have just heard about the hundreds who were killed in a GARBAGE AVALANCHE in Ethiopia. Really??? a fucking GARBAGE AVALANCHE!
      Without exaggeration, if one could teach Chimps to walk upright and speak and give them a shave, they would be indistinguishable from Blacks.

  • Single payer seems like a good way to “heighten the contradictions” and force older affluent whites to come to grips with the third world future of the United States.

    But let’s not pretend that single payer health care in non-white countries (like the U.S.) is actually going to be good.

    Try not to get sick.

    • Exactly. Single payer health care is fine somewhere like Austria or Japan. In America it would be a disaster. I bet the Canadian single payer system starts to show serious stress in the next 10 years.

      • “Single Payer” implies that those relying on welfare medicine will have some sort of insurance that gives them access to the same clinics, hospitals, techniques and equipment as privately insured patients.

        Let’s go for two tracks! The lower tier “everyone gets it” should have no insurance component at all. It should consist entirely of “Public Clinics” and “Public Hospitals”. which will essentially operate like the old Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinics – you show up and get treated, absolute basic of forms needing to be filled out. This can be known as FreeCare or something, and will actuially suite most of the underclass very well.

        And private clinics and insurance for everyone else, but no government subsidies of it.

      • Canada has a shortage of doctors and hospital waits are long. Its a myth that our system is wonderful… its not… its sadly lacking and as the population is aging and so many people in society are on some sort of drug treatment because they do not take responsibility for themselves but prefer to have their “doc” write them up a prescription its only going to be more strain on the system … I knew a doctor who got out; he couldn’t take the pressure to hurry patients through AND write up prescriptions that he knew were unnecessary… the drug companies control medicine [I’d opt for naturopathic treatment if I had to look for help] .. on that note … a happy chair dance on the death of David Rockefeller today.

        • Don’t worry!! Millions of Pakistanis are on the way to fill those doctor shortages! I’ve heard it’s nigh impossible to find a White male doctor in the Toronto and Vancouver areas.

          …Rockefeller… Good riddance. We’ve had some good omens. Leonard Cohen died right after the election. I think there might have been one or two other prominent anti-Whites who died right around the rise of Trump.

          • ewwww…. paki doctors….. and freeloaders… Syrians.. we’re getting ‘syrians’ .. poor poor poor syrians… two immigrant doctors delivered my children.. one white man from New Zealand.. and one white man from South Africa .. God I was blessed.

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