“A Day Without A Woman” Strike Was A Massive Failure

Video blogger and AltRight contributing editor Melissa Mészáros comments on the failed International Women’s Day protests.

On International Women’s Day, the usual gang of feminist, Black Lives Matter, and Muslim activists, tried to recruit women across the United States to participate in a general strike where they were to abandon all forms of work, wear the color red, and join local protest groups and block traffic while demanding “rights”.

Thankfully, this plan failed due to catty infighting about who is the most oppressed, overall disinterest, and spirited online criticism by alt-righters and conservative men and women.

This is a sign that the liberal protests are weakening and that Donald Trump will have the chance to sail into a smooth presidency and establish his will and the will of the real majority who voted him into office.

  • Para State

    They try to pull off this stupid strike since almost a hundred years now and it always is a failure cause socialism is dumb and women object rather then subject.

  • katebushfan66 For Canadians reading this I’d like to suggest a Year to Celebrate “A Right to Arms” … watch and be proud of your nation and its freedoms and liberties.

  • Monarchism

    Nice to see Melissa join!

    • Melissa Mészáros

      I’m happy to be part of this great and worthy project. 🙂 It’s only getting started.

      • Monarchism

        Jo latni a sok magyart az Alt-Rightban. Ossze kell tartani. Varom a kovetkezo videot!

  • Abcdedcba

    Great to see the left infighting.

    As the less powerful group, we right-wingers need to avoid all infighting until the left is dethroned.

    • Gregarious Rex

      As the far more intellectually diverse and well-studied side of the American political dichotomy, it is often tempting to quibble over our differences (which are, admittedly, sometimes significant) but I agree wholeheartedly. As faulty as our electoral system may be, we need to focus on the tenets that do unite us (2nd amendment, strong borders, pro-nuclear family) in order to continue this trend.

  • Newfoundlander

    That we even celebrate International Women’s Day is terrible. It is a holiday established by Bolshevik murderers. It is a symbol of totalitarianism.

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    The Alt-Right Women are AMAZING!!

    They’re our Greatest Asset……

    Hopefully, Tomi Lahren joins us soon……

    • West coast and burnt toast

      All 5 of them

    • Billy Brown

      women with kids are awesome. we need a powerful patriarch to restore the republic

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    We already have International Woman’s Day in America….

    Mother’s Day…..

    • Gregarious Rex

      I love this. Humor and sincerity.

  • Pandora’s Paradise

    Nice Job! 🙂

  • West coast and burnt toast

    Pssshh there’s not even any grills on the internet, let alone the alt-right.

  • ThomasER916

    “I agree that these protests are for the privileged.”

    ^^This needs to be the sticking point. The only glue that’s holding them together is anti-Whiteness. Pushing normal White people out of the Left must be our goal. Let them inherit the losers. That is eugenic for our race. Push the meme that “protest is White privilege” and Whites within the movement will be marginalized.

    Remove the glamor of protest and the Gentile celebs will stop.

  • Gregarious Rex

    “We view the tiniest bit of responsibility as some form of oppression that we need to be freed from.”
    Sadly enough, this applies to modern men as well, which you have perhaps touched upon in other videos. Great analysis, by the way — it’s interesting that you note the powerhouse groups which always seem to collude in the creation of these faux-grassroots protests. Ironically, the alt-right is one of the only true (successful) grassroots movements that exists today. I am confident I will be watching more of your content now that I’ve discovered yet another articulate voice in this burgeoning political/cultural group.

  • WR_the_realist

    I find it impossible to believe that that woman who said she wanted sexual harassment to stop has been in the slightest danger of being sexual harassed for the past 30 years.

    • I thought she was protesting that the sexual harassment had “stopped?”

  • Anyone ever notice that all the Alt Right woman have the best hair?

    • Jusqu’au Bout

      In this video, the mirror behind her looks like a halo. Coincidence?

      • Ha, I didn’t notice, I was too busy looking at that halo of beautiful luscious red hair.

  • I love that you didn’t read the mic article. lol

  • Jarod

    Welcome aboard Melissa.

  • Jack Burton

    “Kittensinurface” just got a new sub! We must weaponize our own cat ladies as a counter offensive! LOL!

  • ReformedFeminist

    It’s so nice to hear another woman confirm my thoughts on this issue.

    The entire school district in my county shut down that day. Female teachers walking out to protest male oppression? Not only are they the highest paid teachers in my state, they also have the most public finding to make their jobs easier.

    I’ve seen first-hand how good Western women have it compared to those living under the sword. A woman living in an Islamic nation wouldn’t live to tell the tale if she pulled a stunt like this. I don’t sympathize with any follower of that death cult, but I do recognize the differences between my liberties and theirs. I’m very thankful to the creators of Western civilization for having passed onto me the long end of the stick.

    Another thing that concerned me was the message given to young men like my son: your father and other male role models are why I’m angry, and soon you will be the reason too. I made sure my son knew exactly how I felt about this. He’s a future leader, inventor, builder… not a future problem.