“A Day Without A Woman” Strike Was A Massive Failure

Video blogger and AltRight contributing editor Melissa Mészáros comments on the failed International Women’s Day protests.

On International Women’s Day, the usual gang of feminist, Black Lives Matter, and Muslim activists, tried to recruit women across the United States to participate in a general strike where they were to abandon all forms of work, wear the color red, and join local protest groups and block traffic while demanding “rights”.

Thankfully, this plan failed due to catty infighting about who is the most oppressed, overall disinterest, and spirited online criticism by alt-righters and conservative men and women.

This is a sign that the liberal protests are weakening and that Donald Trump will have the chance to sail into a smooth presidency and establish his will and the will of the real majority who voted him into office.

Melissa Meszaros
Melissa is a Hungarian-American writer, editor, and translator who spent the first half of her life in Central New Jersey before relocating to Hungary. Today, from Hungary, she pursues a career in thought crime and Youtubing, and with her significant other is working towards building a loving home full of children and cats.