Woman Issued A White Baby Challenge, Gets Nothing But Hate

Ayla, known as Wife With a Purpose on Twitter, issued a White baby challenge in response to Steve King’s statement, “We can’t restore civilization with other people’s babies.” She talks about her tweet, the hate she received from anti-White bigots and why Steve King is right.

This is an excerpt from the thirtieth episode of Weekend Warrior, a live show available to Red Ice Members.


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  • Listen lady just read up on any of Kevin MacDonald’s books and speeches on your people and you’ll get the picture.

    2%? You’ve always been a minority that doesn’t want Nationalism amongst the nations you reside in. The tribe wants to be one group among many imported groups and wishes to push two objectives.

    1. Social exclusion if they’re highly religious Jews

    and or

    2. To push a secular Judaic utopian version of Tikkun Olam to push for a mixed race rabble that’s easily controlled.

    Speaking for myself as a European ethnic, I don’t want any of these dictates from any side. I want my Culture as the ONLY one in my lands. I want Jews to go to their land and do as they please in Israel.

  • Does she have a sister? Where I live in NYC white girls don’t even look at White Men or maybe MEN in general. I am not sure. I need to get out if this Libtard city!

    • Go to Utah, Arizona or Nevada and join that quasi Mormon cult that allows liquor and multiple wives and get busy.

  • Well , if you want to ” Secure An Existence For White Children ” , then perhaps you need to stop overdosing in the parking lots , having sex with domesticated animals , killing your own kids , having sex with your underage children , debasing your own women , do something about the White heroin epidemic , etc. instead of blaming Blacks for your own BS . I swear … the farther ” Right ” you go , the dumber they get .

  • the real racists in this country won’t be happy until all white people are gone. White women are being brainwashed into thinking they should marry black men. they don’t even think about what that does to their white lineage. once you dilute the white race with anything other than white genetics there are no more white babies. Every person I’ve ever seen with mixed blood always says they are black. Hallie Berry, Rasheda Jones, Melissa Perry, Derek Jeter are as white as I am but they always say they’re black. Why are they ashamed of being white?

  • I think what she did is great. She is proud of her children and wants everyone to know it. why is it when white people are proud of being white it’s terrible but when blacks are proud of being black it’s ok. so much for mlk’s equality.

    • I don’t think she’s planning to work. I used to follow her on Twitter and she’s quite happy raising her large family. Ayla is also LDS, so she’s a bit of an outlier as a Pro White Mormon.

  • I’m going to dissent here. I certainly favor replacement levels of fertility, at least for now. But the planet’s carrying capacity is limited, even in Europe, North America, Australia, etc., and there’s no point trying to push it. We will never outbreed the sub-Saharan Africans and we shouldn’t try. There’s a great deal of evidence that the demand for labor is going to start declining as automation takes over morre and more functions, even cognitive ones. I understand Steve King’s remark to be a warning against importing replacements and expecting them to be just like our own children, not a suggestion to breed like rabbits. Do the math and six children per couple doubles the population very quickly. That’s neither necessary nor even desirable.

      • I’m in favor of replacement levels of fertility in the West, but six or more children per couple is Niger-level fertility and I don’ think that’s a good idea.

        • It should be up to each family. If a white couple want to have six children and can support them, there is nothing wrong with that. Remember, it was Whites who created Environmentalism and wise land use to preserve resources for the future (Interestingly, the same phenomenon occurred in Feudal Japan).

          • Yeah, six per family is fine. How long do you think the earth can support that, you innumerate wonder? Obviously steps would have to be taken in order to keep overall fertility within limits and to influence the right people to have/not have kids (rather than mawkish “up to each family” hogwash).

          • Obviously third world scum should not be popping out babies. But you are mistaken if you think its a problem that a smart woman such as Ayla chose to give birth and raise six children.

          • Obviously I don’t think it’s a problem that she had six kids. But a long-term average fertility rate of six kids would be disastrous. If that’s to be the ideal for now, then surely at some point restraints will have to be introduced or at least somehow voluntarily “sensed” (in response to perceived resource depletion, say).

          • Overpopulation is a myth. Anyone who has a stable family and is able to financially support six kids and has the emotional wherewithal to raise that many children should be free to do so. I would not have the energy or patience for six kids but she can, so God bless

          • It’s only a “myth” to the innumerate. In the long-term a total fertility rate of 6 children per woman (!!) is absolutely certain to overpopulate the earth, no two ways about it.

          • There is a 1:1 ratio of food to people. The issue is unequal distribution. Many elementary schools are shutting down due to not enough children. Most women in the first world will not have six kids but even 3 instead of 2 would make a difference .

          • All aid must be halted to let nature take its course and curb their numbers to a natural level.

            I saw a video of Black “youths” live streaming a fellow racial brother drowning in a lake of reservoir. They were laughing and mocking the helpless individual as if it were a joke.

            As soon as we cease and desist with contact with these people their numbers will plummet from wars and mass starvation. The planet will see great numbers of African wildlife disappear but if that takes place then so be it.

    • It doesn’t matter, most white women aren’t going to have six kids, but it is important to promote white fertility and white motherhood anyway.

      No, we can’t and we won’t outbreed the non-whites. But we need young white women to have role models like Purposeful Wife to not only keep replacement level fertility, but also for social reasons. It promotes monogamy, family formation, patriarchy and pro-whiteness.

    • True. We need to focus on quality not quantity. Quantity over quality is materialistic communist and capitalist worldview. We want good quality families with good quality children. Not just lots of kids. But a childless couple is unnatural. It’s not a real family.

      • What’s “autistic” about it? What, precisely, is so godawful about the state attempting to influence which people have kids and which don’t? Success cannot perhaps be ensured, but I don’t see what is so bad about trying to fill the world with more smart, healthy and attractive people rather than just leaving it to chance (which at the present time means dumb, unhealthy and ugly people disproportionately producing future generations).

        • “Do the math and six children per couple doubles the population very quickly. That’s neither necessary nor even desirable.”

          ^^Did you miss this?

  • Until Whites start looking out for themselves, Whites will have no future. Whites MUST MOVE EN MASSE TO THE OLD SOUTHERN JEWNITED STATES. Once there we can take over the governments through sheer numbers and vote to secede from the Jewropean Union known as the Jewnited States and start our own all White country. We are being destroyed. It is time to make our move. Whites don’t need minorities, minorities, they needed and need us. Everything worthwhile was created by WHITE PEOPLE.

  • When a Jew says, “we must ensure the existence of our people and a future for Jewish children” everyone is fine.

    When a Black says, “we must ensure the existence of our people and a future for Black children” everyone cheers.

    When an Indian says, “we must ensure the existence of our people and a future for Indian children” everyone is ok.

    When an Korean says, “we must ensure the existence of our people and a future for Korean children” everyone is happy.

    When a White says, “”we must ensure the existence of our people and a future for White children” they scream RACIST!

    They say they are “anti-racist” but what they are is anti-white. “Anti-racist” is a code word for anti-white.

      • Why do you hate white children? Considering you anti-white leftists love terrorism when it comes from Communists, Jews, and Muslims, I think quoting David Lane is just fine. Your type is never shy quoting terrorists like Lenin, Trotsky, Che and Mao.

        And what do meth labs have to do with anything? Lane was basically a straight-edge, he didn’t even drink alcohol.

        Funny, if I were to make jokes about crack dealing thugs you’d call it “racist” and I bet you love it when Lou Reed singing about heroin.

        So you just hate white people.

        Why do you hate white people?

        • No, I’m Protestant white on both sides of my family, but my mother is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I was raised in a racially-integrated religious group and in the early-70s, I was going 3x/week to Kingdom Hall services with Shoah survivors that had tattoos on their forearms just as did Jewish survivors.

          Your pathetic racial politics are a joke.

          • ” I was going 3x/week to Kingdom Hall services with Shoah survivors that
            had tattoos on their forearms just as did Jewish survivors.”

            So you’re a convert, a cuck. Apparently you hate your parents so much you’re now an anti-religious activist. So your anti-white politics are the replacement for the JW cult you grew up in. You even use a religious term “Shoah.” You’ve just found a new religion, instead of Satan as the bad guy, now it’s regular working class white people, especially the poor. I mean just read you use of terms like “trailer trash.” You’d never talk about black “ghetto trash” or mestizo “barrio trash.”

            Whatever hurt you’ve felt growing up, you now think that coming to an alt-right site and posturing as superior is going to help you. But it’s clear you need a shrink, not politics, to fill that void inside.

          • Usually these nuts who attack Christianity because they wasted their lives in that cult of JWs.

            The JWs are not Protestants (Let alone Christian) to begin with and this fool has no sense or identity in being European and is following aligning with the other rejects.

    • Absolutely true and the sooner we start having the same mindset as the Turks do the better off we’ll be.

      If Jews are upset about it then we know it’s the right thing to do. Besides Blacks (which are the attack dogs of their handlers), making a fuss at scripted intervals we can overthrow all of this and get at the neocon/globalist who want this garbage.

  • White women in the Alt Right, learn from this. There is no higher place for a woman than being the mother of the Volk. In your wombs lay the future of our people and our entire world. Our battle is for our very existence, and your role as women is the most important of all, without you we can’t win.

  • She’s beautiful: a quintessential embodiment of a racially-aware White woman: feminine, proud, nurturing of her children, embracing of being a woman & bearing children.
    It’s strange how “feminists” are so disrespectful of traditionalist women like this, when she is the one who values & takes pride in being a WOMAN rather than a female competing with men.

  • I liked her until she said on Twitter that whites mixing with Asians is great because they’re compatible.

    • To be honest, I don’t care what she says. “Das Wesentliche ist die Tat” (the essential thing is the deed), Hans von Seeckt. She’s producing a lot of white babies, and that’s what I care.

    • Oh yeah I can purity spiral even harder: Irish and Italians aren’t really even white. Grow up. Your not going to agree with everyone on your side about everything. Big picture is more important when the situation is this dire

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