Murdoch Murdoch: The Greatest Generation

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  • I have to quote Aaron Kasporov:

    Bottom line gentlemen, we have to be the greatest generation, or we’ll be the last.

  • My fantasy — We send that video back in time 75 years. Of course nobody will believe that all of its predictions will come true.

  • Spencer, Friberg, Palmgren, Jorjani, et. al. indicated from the beginning that a major focus of was to curate/aggregate our movement’s best content. Their inclusion of Murdoch Murdoch indicates that they are taking that commitment seriously.

  • The greatest generation destroyed the planet by being tricked into a war which destroyed Europe, and then they went home and raised a generation of hippies and commies.

    • and then they went home and raised a generation of hippies and commies.

      Who then went on to birth the gayest generation.

  • Very nice. I’ve often said the same thing, but the video makes the point very clear and easy to understand.

    I now go much further. Whites should not fight and die for a mixed nation where we are treated as second class citizens and where non-Whites are given a green light to wipe us out one by one and where miscegenation is actively promoted. Our allegiance should be to our internal nation–our Whiteness. Fight and die only for Whiteness. It is the only thing that matters.

    • HA! I got banned from the Atlantic within a day when I mocked their liberal Jew perspective in the comments section of a Rosie Gray article.

  • They had no idea why they even stepped onto that beach. They just did what they were told to do. Like the great little individuals that they are.

  • Murdoch Murdoch will undoubtedly own the entertainment industry in our reclaimed lands, and literally no one will oppose this holy monopoly.
    I lose a kidney every video.

  • Pretty much a home run. I have a few people I want to show this too, but it is such a sharp and witty needle, they may end up rage quitting our relationship.

  • Whoever runs this site, thank you for bringing Murdoch Murdoch on board. I just watched the latest two, The Last Stand of Implicit Whiteness (Cracker Barrel, lol) and The Real Red Pill Blues (“let that nigger baby go!” lulz) and I’m still laughing.

    As someone said in the youtube comments, they could easily compete with South Park and are better than anything on the Cartoon Network now. It’s extremely well written, uproariously funny, and has all sorts of clever pop culture and WN references.

    The fact that they are being censored by youtube for even using the word “Jew” is itself such an indication that we are basically winning now. Their fan base isn’t just White – it’s clearly international and multi-racial – and it is interesting to see the anti-whites put into the position of being the stodgy old fogeys who don’t get the joke. There were even comments from a few of (((THEM))) complaining that all the censorship is causing a backlash among “the youth.”

    I still think “Shills” is my favorite (“a shekel for the good goy!”) but TRRPB was such a good ending to the Meme Wars Saga I don’t know anymore … Jared Taylor, Steve Crowder as the skinhead gang leader. Good times, good times.

    Make sure you buy their t-shirts.

  • A simply epic de-motivator.

    A Pacific Theatre version of the same is needed next. Perhaps with a line like, “It is my dream to eject the Japanese Empire from the Northern Korean peninsula, so that Russians can install Kim Il-Sung as Eternal President, and his son can then starve the Korean people to death over a period of 70 years!”

    Or even, “It is my dream to remove the Japanese and the Germans from the Dutch East Indies, so that someday, a man named Ronald Reagan can support some guy named Suharto, who will kill 1.4 million peasants and enforce Sharia law upon them. This way, Dutch people of a particular Levantine tribe, can return to the re-subjugated area and profit from the rubber and tin production in that location!”

    • Or: It is my dream to remove the Japanese from Indochina, so that one day Pol Pot can kill millions in 3 years to create an Agrarian Utopia.

    • Along the same lines: It’s my dream to reinstall French colonialists instead of Japanese imperalists in Indochina, to reinstall Dutch colonialists instead of Japanese imperalists in the East Indies, and to reinstall British colonialists instead of Japanese imperalists in Hong Kong, Sinapore and Malaysia and to safeguard British India so that it can get its independence two years after the end of the war. And finally, I want to eject Japanese imperalists from China so the Chinese can get back to their civil war in which victory will go either to thoroughly corrupt Nationalists or to vicious Communists.

      I admit, it’s kind of a cheap shot but it’s actually not all that unrealistic in light of why the Japanese attacked the United States in response to the economic pressure that the U.S. was putting on Japan to stop its imperialism that was interfering with colonialism, and the Chinese internecine struggle. That may not be the fault of the “Greatest Generation,” but its political leadership has a lot to answer for.

      • You really decided to read about my views from none other than Ted Sallis, a guy who quite absurdly never cites me when he is responding to me?

        This is what he was responding to:

        I argued that rapidly signing free trade deals with Asian states will be necessary in order to actualise Brexit and secure Britain’s position outside the European Common Market. Sallis doesn’t like this because he dislikes free trade and he dislikes Asians, so he decided to commit to making up weird non-contextual blog posts.

        You can judge for yourself whether Sallis’ hyperventilating, bizarre response at his blog was in any way proportional to what I had actually written. The comments section in the thread also contains my responses to his blog posts, since Sallis is an old fixture and he generally needed to be responded to.

        • Don’t worry, he does it to everybody. He’s well known as a sourpuss. You’ve actually gotten off reasonably lightly.

          Your talents would be better employed elsewhere, btw. MR is a sewer. What a phenomenal doofus Guessedworker turned out to be.

          • Well, there are some misconceptions you have there. The person at Majorityrights who is most hated by the outside detractors is in fact me, and not Guessedworker.

            I’m accused by the outside detractors of ‘destroying’ Majorityrights, and by ‘destroy’ they mean ‘not getting onto the Russian bandwagon’.

            Also, Majorityrights is the only site in the ethno-nationalist sphere that would actually allow me to promote stances that are pro-Britain, pro-trade, anti-Zionist and anti-Russia.

            So even if I wanted to go elsewhere in ethno-nationalism, it is precisely the ‘elsewheres’ who would either want nothing to do with me, or they would accept contributions from me only under heavy editorial control and censorship.

            Majorityrights is actually the best possible place that I could’ve chosen to be a contributor for.

          • People usually love Guessedworker. I fault him for having exercised piss-poor judgement in allowing DanielS to take over the reins there. The quality of that site’s content in its early days far exceeds the freakshow that it became by the time DanielS’s disastrous reign put the final nails in the coffin. To remain there is to labor in obscurity.

          • I’ve heard that narrative a whole lot from people in the Alt-Right, but the complaints that people actually make are almost 90% of the time about how they disagree with me, and not necessarily anyone else.

            It’s not about Guessedworker, it’s not about DanielS. It’s about me.

            Furthermore, we have had an increase in traffic over the past 18 months, just that traffic is not coming from the same kind of people who frequent the rest of the Alt-Right sphere.

            By ‘obscurity’ you basically mean ‘disliked by Russophiles and Trump supporters specifically’ – and I actually hope that Russophiles and Trump supporters continue to despise and shun Majorityrights. Any day on which they start to like and support what we are doing is the day that I’d know we’re doing something wrong.

            So I maintain what I said in my previous response. There is nothing for me to change or solve.

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