Stop Operation Soros—Anti-Globalists Meet In Budapest

On Saturday, March 19th, The Identitarian Student Union (Identitárius Egyetemisták Szövetsége, Identitesz) organized a conference together with Knights Templar International, about the subversive globalist George Soros. was obviously there.

I was personally invited to deliver a speech at this conference a while back, given that I have written and commented extensively on Soros’ subversive activities in the past, as well as previously given a lecture for the Identitarian Student Union. Regretfully I was forced to decline the offer due to lack of time. I did however make sure to attend and to write a report about it for

When my friends and I arrived the first thing that struck us was how disciplined and well-organized the conference was. Everyone was impeccably dressed and, at the entrance, two Identitesz members were posted on each side of the door, holding up their organization’s flag with military-like discipline. Another thing that struck me was the beautiful historical building housing the event.

After entering the conference hall, I made three main observations. The first being the tight security provided by the Hungarian Self-Defense League (Magyar Önvédelmi Mozgalom) which came in the form of a bunch of well-built, uniformed men that you would not want to mess with. The second being the popularity of the conference, as the place was packed with at least 100-150 attendants. Thirdly, I also noticed the significant media presence, consisting of almost every leftist-liberal media outlet in Hungary, as well representatives from the German TV channel Deutsche Welle, the British ”anti-racist” fake news blog ”Hope not Hate”, as well as an independent German production company apparently working on a documentary about the alternative right.

The conference lasted four to five hours and was divided in three blocks of speakers, with breaks between each to allow for socializing and refreshments.

The roster of speakers was impressive, and although, for obvious reasons, the majority were Hungarians, there was also an international presence, with speakers from the UK, Italy and Macedonia.

First to take the podium was former BNP chairman and former MEP Nick Griffin, from The Alliance for Peace & Freedom, who delivered an excellent introductory speech and an overview of George Soros and his activities.

After that, the charismatic Identitesz chairman and founder, Balázs László, took the stage to deliver a passionate speech about the need to defend our civilization from hostile globalists such as Soros.

The third and final speaker of the first block was Béla Incze, the Budapest leader of The Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement (HVIM, Hatvannégy Vármegye Ifjúsági Mozgalom) which is an identitarian organization advocating the unification of all ethnic Hungarians who live outside of Hungary, and the revision of the Treaty of Trianon from 1920 which led to the redefining of the borders of the Hungarian state to their current form.

Ljupcho Zlatev from the Macedonian chapter of Stop Operation Soros talked about the pre-revolutionary stage Soros had created in Macedonia through his NGOs in order to undermine the Macedonian government and national identity. One striking example given was Soros’ success in persuading the previous government to even replace the Macedonian flag in exchange for financial contributions.

Szabolcs Nyiri from Identitesz was next up, and he talked about the future results of the goals of the world elites. Primarily, he detailed our current postmodern situation where multiculturalism, feminism, equality, gender studies etc. pose a problem and form part of the great displacement affecting Europe.

Imre Téglásy from the Hungarian pro-life organization Alfa Szövetség talked about Planned Parenthood and Soros’ funding of various ”pro-choice” initiatives in the US as well as in Europe. He made some solid points in his well-argued speech, and to illustrate them, he displayed tools used during late-term abortions, calling them ”the weapons of modern warfare against our civilization”, and pointed out Soros’ involvement in supporting late-term abortions. Imre is an obviously skilled orator and his speech was one of my favorites.

Angelo Baletta from Italian nationalist party Forza Nuova delivered an excellent, and one of the most popular speeches judging from reactions afterwards, about Soros’ destructive activities in his country, consisting of mainly three things: 1) funding the gay lobby, 2) funding ”refugees welcome” organizations and working to get Italy to take in the massive amount of migrants crossing the Mediterranean from North Africa, and 3) promoting abortion through funding various pro-choice organizations across Italy.

Barnabás Ábrahám from Identitesz delivered the final speech, which focused on the cultural aspects of Soros’ subversion, for example the resulting gender-confusion caused by the promotion of feminism and other subversive ideologies to the younger generations.

After this, the conference concluded, with the female presenter taking the stage to thank everyone for attending. Thereafter, everyone relocated to a nearby nationalist restaurant rented out for the occasion, where food and wine was served for the rest of the evening.

On a side-note, since I was not scheduled as a speaker I was hoping to maintain a low profile at the event and just relax. Obviously that was wishful thinking on my part, since I was approached by no less than four different journalists asking for interviews with me in the coming days. In the end, I was happy they made the requests, and I agreed to all of them since I can’t care less about what fake news media writes about me anyway, and I’m happy to put myself out there and use these opportunities to promote our various projects, especially and Arktos.

I therefore got one of the interviews out of the way immediately after the conference. In this case, I was faced with a thoroughly unintelligent reporter from the leftist ”very fake news” blog ”Hope not Hate” (hit piece incoming, I’m sure), which caused me to arrive a bit late to the dinner, together with my friends. The organizers were polite enough to wait for us before starting to serve the dinner, and the rest of the evening was filled with good food, drinks, and most importantly of all, interesting conversations and the opportunity to make new acquaintances.

To conclude, this was a well-organized conference on a timely and crucial topic, and I was impressed with the quality of the people attending, in particular the young student activists from Identitesz, an organization for which I see a bright future, and I was also pleased to see the collaboration taking place between them and my good friends in Knights Templar International. I am already looking forward to attending their next bigger event.

Globalism is a disease, and conferences like these are part of a much-needed remedy.

Daniel Friberg
the authorDaniel Friberg
Daniel Friberg is a co-founder and editor of He is furthermore an economist from the School of Business, Economics and Law at Gothenburg University who has conducted research into the Gothenburg Maritime Cluster, worked with mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, as a CFO, management consultant, business analyst and as a CEO within the Swedish mining industry. He is also co-founder and CEO of the British publishing house Arktos Media Ltd., which is one of the world-leading publishers of traditionalist and right-wing literature. He is also the author of The Real Right Returns: A Handbook for the True Opposition (Arktos, 2015). (Official Facebook page)


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  • How come no one from our side has ever “doxed” George Soros?

    Where does he live?
    Where does he hang out?
    Who are his friends?

    The anti White Left simply is much better at fighting than we are and doxing is a key to the Left’s success.

    Our side mostly complains and whines about the terrible people doing terrible things to us and our side stockpiles guns that are never used.

    We need to get and used weapons that are practical.

    We need to get way better at doxing.

  • This sounds like the model conference- no larpers, strong group cohesions, eillingness to engage those who disagree (which means they know their stuff and talking points well). How often do these groups get together outside of conferences like these? I’m envious of the group cohesion I see here.

  • There are some interesting videos about George Soros on YouTube.

    This one here seems to be Glenn Beck’s complete outline of Soros’ activities:

    This one here describes what happened after the first video aired on Fox News:

    The first fourteen minutes of this video appears to be an old interview where Soros also mentions his time during the second world war:

  • 100-150 attendants in a peaceful, architecturally beautiful conference on a vital subject. I’m pretty jealous. However it’s always heartwarming to hear of these large, well-organized conferences going around without violence. I wish it were possible anywhere near me.

  • That Soros is an interesting figure. I have been told that he helped to smuggle books into Eastern Europe back when it was communist. He probably had someone go to this conference.

    • He did indeed. One of the people among the journalist was an employee in one of Soros’ many Hungarian NGO’s. I asked him what it felt like working for the most evil man in the World. He dodged the question and started talking about “all the good” they were doing in various areas.

  • I don’t think any article on this site should be praising Nick Griffin after what he said recently about Richard Spencer. To hell with Griffin.

      • This site comes up on top when searching for “Nick Griffin + Richard Spencer” with Google:

        The embedded YouTube video of the conversation between Nick Griffin, Jack
        Sen and John de Nugent is set to “Private.” The point of contention is
        probably this opinion by John de Nugent, the writer of the article linked to above:

        “My concern, frankly, is that Spencer has a gay past himself, and that this is, or will be, used to blackmail him by the FBI, ADL or other organization and make him cooperative.”

        The “About” section offers this: “Conservative news for conservative men and women of all ethnicities and backgrounds.” There’s also something about “chemtrails” on that site.

  • Daniel Friberg you’re a deplorable fag who licks the clit of the Queen. These cuck liberals looking for admonition are helpless souls. Pretending liberals trying to usurp the conservatives with your single silver bullet. Alt-Right are kike supporters! Fooling nobody! Government support! Tic toc

    • I’m curious: what soured you on the Alt-Right? Looking at your comment history, you used to leave constructive, positive responses to articles on Radix. Ever since this site launched, however, you do nothing but rant and rave at nobody in particular about how the Alt-Right are a bunch of kike-loving lefties. Odd.

  • George Soros was Born in Hungary and from there he was send to the West to work as an Emmanuel Goldstein Charakter for the Communists. George Soros is an Agent of Russia and helps to channel Resources and Attention to fake Anti-Kremlin Groups and controlled Opposition in Eastern Europe. This Conference is a joke of gullible Idiots and Agent Provokateurs.

    • If there were some relationship between Soros and Russia, it would likely be the other way around, with Russia being the puppet of Soros and his tribe. That looks fairly unlikely, due to a lot of the moves Putin has made.

      • What moves? A month ago or so it was claimed Putin wanted to arrest George Soros what was complete bullshit and some people still believed it because they want to believe it. Soros is Goldstein. Russia tells their adversaries “oh we realy hate soros, wink, wink” when Soros wouldn’t be doing one thing different if he would work openly for russia.

        • Putin seems to be doing a lot of things that are not in line with the globalist agenda. But of course, all I have to go on are media reports and internet research. Maybe it is ALL FAKE NEWS????

          Doesn’t matter that much to me, as long as the West deals with its globalist problem. Russia is Putin’s business, not mine. If he’s doing what it looks like he’s doing, more power to him. But he, and Russians should for the most part stay out of Western affairs.

  • George Soros needs to be Hunted Down and Disposed of……

    He is one of the Greatest Enemies of White Europa on Earth……

    I’ve never hoped for a person to die…..

    But, I hope George Soros dies ASAP…….

    • That would be one down, several thousand or tens of thousands to go… (Billionaire globalists, that is. Never mind about the billions of racial enemies arrayed against us.)

    • He is old. I actually think he does more good than bad these days. The money he controls will be used to hurt us no matter what happens. Better then that it is controlled by someone who is old and inflexible and set in his ways.

  • Great. Glad to hear of healthy Europeans. I was in Budapest Christmas before last. A really impressive city and good people too.

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