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Howmst To Be A REBEL.

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  • Ezra Levant is starting to seem less and less like Paul Gottfried and more and more like Susan Sontag.

  • Just curious, but as someone who empathizes with much of the alt-right
    perspective who happens to live in Canada, how does this work? First
    Nations people are the natives in North America, and yet the
    genocide of their people that continues to this day seems largely
    ignored by alt-right thinkers, at least from what I’ve seen. Nationalism
    in Europe makes a lot of sense. I just scratch my head, as Canada’s core identity seems to be based around multiculturalism. It’s a headache to say the least. Can nationalism work here or is it a doomed globalist puppet-nation?

    • I’m Canadian too, and I’m going to go against the grain here and say no. Ethno-Nationalism can not happen in North America without balkanizing the country. Which most whites do not want to do. Historically European countries were ethno-states and should continue to be. The same thing can not be immitated in Canada or the US. We’d be better off striving for multi-ethnic, monoculturalism, that is managed properly. Not all groups are compatible with each other (Muslims, Jews and the Chinese can fuck off) but there are certain groups like the Natives, Blacks and Hispanics that are part of the North American landscape whether we like it or not. Talking into the echo chamber and fantasizing about a RAHOWA that is never going to happen is all well and good, but eventually the Alt-Right has to be honest with itself as far as what is actually possible.

      • You may have a point about what is possible… Maybe it is time for balkanization then. I, for one, have absolutely had it with being parasitized by these other groups of people. I do not want another dime of my money going to them to subsidize their reproduction and well-being, while I can barely afford to support myself, let alone a family, on a job that would have allowed my father to support a wife and two kids.

        We must have freedom of association. We must end the cultural and spiritual contamination. We must be able to “be ourselves”. That cannot happen unless we either clear the invaders off this continent, or balkanize it into separate countries.

        • Agreed. It’s a black pill, I know, and I don’t want to be that guy, but I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I agree with everything you said in your reponse, but the question is where do we go from here? Our numbers aren’t anywhere near where they need to be realisitically take the country back by force. We might be able to consolidate our numbers in a specific geographic area, like New England/Maritimes, and push for seperation though.

          Who knows, maybe some day future generations can take back lost terriory, but if things go on as they are right now, we will become a marginalized shadow of what we once were, in the countries our forefathers built for us.

          • The Maritimes are attractive (culturally, demographically, and geographically) but most of those who would agree with our stance might be in the prairies and Calgary area. Then there is the notion of a Northwest Migration, a la Harold Covington. (Not entirely sure what to make of him. I would be skittish about getting involved with his group.)

            The situation is ugly. We can’t even speak to our own people to tell them to defend themselves, without fear that they will turn on us. Truth is stranger than fiction.

          • There are a lot of woke white people in Alberta, but Calgary has a gay brown mayor right now. Demographics are changing there. Plus they just elected the NDP 1.5 years ago. I was in Regina, Saskatchewan last summer and couldn’t believe how many recent immigrants from the middle east live there now. The maritimes vote liberal, but its for economic reasons more so than cultural reasons. Recent immigrants don’t go to regions that are economically depressed because there are no economic opportunities there. New industries could be built though, with waves of smart young white folks. Who knows.

          • New industries could be built, but the psychological, moral, and spiritual change among the White population must come first, so that when those new industries begin to flourish, Whites are ready and able to repel the parasites that will inevitably attempt to flock to the area.

            And A-Rabs in Regina??? Ugh. There is no “front”. The invasion is like a non-localized rot, or a bacteria spreading randomly. We will have to militarize the airports, and turn back any planes that try to land coming from non-White lands.

          • Then why not promote racialism-for-all (implying segregation) rather multiracialism? I have to believe that huge numbers of asians and latinos would sign up to a program that would allow them to live nigger-free. As a last roll of the dice strategy, this seems a better bet than promoting panmixia in the vain hope that something of European cultural values might be thereby preserved.

          • When I say multiracialism that is managed properly what I am getting at are ethnic zones that have autonomous rule (like city states) under a centralized authority. Not panmixia as nothing European would be preserved. America isn’t a European nation right now either btw, it’s a Jewish one.

          • Okay. I guess we’re talking about much the same thing then.

          • Yeah I guess where balkanization and segregated city states differ to me is balkanized regions would be completely autonomous (and probably warring) with one another. In a segregated scenario with semi-autonomous city states federal government would still have to have representatives from all racial groups present. Things like the military would also have to be multi-racial. It would be a co-operation of races rather than total seperation.

        • Agreed.
          Balkanization is likely the only answer. There are too many non-Whites in N. America to ever eliminate without an unimaginably catastrophic war, but if we Whites do not want to eventually be gradually erased, we need an ethnostate. We will certainly have to surrender much of America, but in the end it will have been for the best.

          • I can’t say that “it will have been for the best”. It would be a catastrophic tragedy, set-back, and loss. And even with an exclusive ethno-state, the loss of control of territory and resources would greatly weaken our geopolitical position, strength, and leverage. Enemies would gain a tighter, likely irreversible foothold on our continent. Pushing Mexicans back across the border is one thing. Dealing with an entrenched colony of China or India right on our doorstep is another matter entirely. That just might be the harsh reality we have to accept at this point though. I don’t want to accept it. I would rather reclaim all that is rightfully ours.

      • Balkanization will happen and North America(including Canada) will split up along ethnic lines just like Austria-hungary and Yugoslavia did.

        • Yes. There can be little doubt about that. Likewise one day China will split up, Russia will split up, South Africa will split up. It’s how the cookie (or state in this case) crumbles.

      • Please explain why multiracial monoculturalism is superior to “balkanizing the country.”

        While sharing your acceptance that a white ethnostate across every square inch of America (or Canada or Australia) is a hopeless aspiration, I take the exact opposite view regarding balkanization.

        • I don’t think it’s “better.” I just don’t see balkanization as highly probable anytime soon and time is not on our side. All I hear is gas this, physically remove that, throw them out of helicopters etc. I don’t see any of those things happening. So effectively we’re daydreaming about a RAHOWA that isn’t going to happen, and not talking about practical solutions to real problems that are obtainable (balkanization is a pipe dream at this time too btw.)

          • What do you mean by balkanization? What I understand by it is the groups largely focusing in on themselves and doing their best to limit contact with the other groups. So you’d probably see an acceleration of trends towards residential segregation, maybe accompanied by more forthright rejection of diversitarian principles and practises in the work place and in schools. This would likely lead to an increase in political conflict, but it’s very far from assured that it would lead to widespread physical violence or anything like a (loopy) “rahowa” scenario. In the long run, I imagine such a balkanization process to provide about the best available set-up for more robust political solutions to the racial issue. If you understand something substantially different by the term balkanization, I’d be interested to hear just what that is.

        • Not at all. All new immigratin needs to be stopped. Illegals need to be deported. Incompatible/hostile groups should be kept out. 1st and 2nd generation immigrants with criminal records should be deported.

          The reality is many non-white groups have roots that go deep in America and getting rid of them will not be easy. I wrote this comment a few weeks ago when I was black pilled on WN, and I still am tbh. Balkanization would be good, but our numbers aren’t there yet, Segregation would also be good but isn’t really WN. The truth is what we want to create is going to take time, like 100+ years, and we don’t have time.

    • The majority population, and the group that created the civilization, the laws, the infrastructure, the technology, etc. is Whites. Whites have every right to be sovereign (nobody else ruling over them) in their own homeland. If Whites don’t assert their sovereignty NOW, before they are reduced to minority status, they will never have the chance again, and will go into slavery or be bred out and/or exterminated in one fashion or another.

      As for the Red man’s claim to this land, the short explanation is that they were conquered fair and square, during a time in human history when conquest was the universally accepted norm among ALL peoples of the Earth. (In fact, conquest was the universally accepted norm throughout ALL of human history, until maybe around WWI or WWII, when the gullible White nations were led to believe that conquest would be “against the rules” from now on. But we were the only ones who stopped playing the conquest game. Others continued, using clandestine methods such as cultural and political subversion, economic warfare, and finally demographic “competition”.)

      The Red man was not the peaceful, spiritually enlightened, nature loving hippie that you have been taught. They were stone-age tribes of fairly savage hunter-gatherers, who warred among themselves. They had no concept of property ownership, no written language or codified legal system, no cartography (map-making) or defined “national” borders, no infrastructure, very limited or no agriculture… Some of the land on this continent was willingly “sold” by the Red man, some of them died from diseases brought by Europeans, and some were just rightfully conquered. And there were definitely NOT 200 million of them living here when Europeans arrived, as some “Native American genocide” propagandists claim. The continent was very sparsely populated compared to what it is now. How many hunter-gatherers do you think an acre of land can support without modern farming methods, high-density housing such as condo buildings, etc.?

      The notion that the White man should “go back to Europe” and leave this continent to its “rightful” owners is ludicrous. OK, do we get to take all our stuff with us, and leave North America how we found it? Are all the Blacks, Asians, Middle Easterners, and jews, going to leave too then? Clearly, if Whites don’t have a legitimate claim to this land, then these other groups have even less right to be here. And are all the other non-Whites going to leave Europe? While we’re at it, why don’t we restore all the lands that were once part of the Assyrian Empire to the remaining descendants of the Assyrians?

    • There was No Genocide of the American Indians by Europeans. Most of them died from disease. That is not intentional genocide.

      A remnant White Ethno state America should annex Canada, since Canada gave up their British identity for Multiculturalism, there is little separating English speaking Americans and Canadians. Quebec can become a Protectorate with Quebecois taxes paying for common American/Canadian/Quebec foreign policy and defense.

      As for the First Nations, they deserve their own homelands, and so do the American Indians. What form this would take is open for debate. An American Indian Ethno state in the Dakotas, or keeping the Reservation system are two possible answers.

  • Sven, It’s awesome how you have overcome the bullshit you got thrown your way and took your game to the next level. The laughing merchant is some funny shit. Nice production.

    • It was indeed an excellent production. It’s a pity he couldn’t work in a line or two about Jewish hypocrisy and double standards, which is far and away the single best “anti-semitic” line of attack, to which there is no effective rebuttal. But all in all, this production was a massive advance on the inane crap produced by WN outfits the last fifty years.

  • Wonderful Seventh Son! Glad to find out you have more where this came from. I didn’t know you were so handsome!

    • Yes, the humor/mockery was a vitally important element. Christ almighty it’s hard to believe it’s taken pro-whites this long to figure this out.

  • Ole’ Svenson has some other good videos on his youtube channel that are worth a look. He looks like a cousin of mine, it’s uncanny.

  • There are a number of ways in which the (((establishment))) pushes miscegenation. One that is downplayed (but not completely overlooked) in the video is the persecution of anyone who tries to speak out against it in public. The video does mention the flack Steve King is taking, but that is just one example. The threat of persecution (e.g., by job loss) is the most important obstacle we face. More whites are stepping forward and defying that threat now, which is good.

  • It’s so weird how white people want to exist and shit…
    I don’t get why they don’t want to just give us all their money and kill themselves.
    Bunch of fucking racists..

        • Why do you care if Ezra thinks Richard Spencer is ‘classy’ or not?

          Why do you look to Jews for Validation of your Beliefs?

          You’re not fully Based and Red-Pilled…..

      • I think one thing that allows the jews to help each other without question is that they don’t really have any true morality. Their only “morality” is what is good for the jews. Beyond that, they will engage in any debauchery or misdeed under the sun. They are all “moral equals” in that sense. There is no hierarchy in hell. There is no order. Whites however, do adhere to a moral hierarchy, which necessitates exclusion based on behavior. This allows us to reach the spiritual and cultural heights that others cannot, but it can also be exploited as a weakness, by creating enmity among the different strata of the hierarchy. And of course, we see how that moral in-group behavior has been completely hijacked and perverted, and directed toward a false “morality” of self-destruction.

        What Whites need is to return to a sense of “noblesse oblige”, where the upper classes promote the health, strength, and moral character of the lower classes, and the lower classes give loyalty to their benefactors. The upper classes are the brains and the spirit of the people, and the lower classes are the body. The nation as a whole is an organism, in which the parts must function harmoniously.

        • Don’t hold your breath waiting for “noblesse oblige”.
          The White upper classes are the worst of the race traitors.
          The elites, whether in wealth, talent, intelligence or power are more likely to be liberal, pro-immigrant and in general cucked. And most importantly, the most likely to marry non-Whites.
          No, if Whites are going to be saved, it will need to be by us hoi polloi on our own.

          • “If there is hope, it will come from the proles.”

            Room 101, here we come.

            But getting back to optimism, yes, you’re right. The “elite” are likely a lost cause, and we will need to save our own hides. I would recommend looking for deeper types of salvation as well.

    • What a perfect illustration of where the lines are drawn. Ezra here is as open as he can be: Israel for Jews, America, Canada, and Europe for everyone. Jewish Nationalism = Good, White Nationalism = Bad. It’s ok to be against Muslims, but otherwise the non-white coalition led by Jews must not be questioned.

      And Gavin McInnes is the perfect Front Goy for this Jew, as he’s married to a non-white with non-white children. So Ezra co-opts all of the “alt right” issues but draws the line at White Nationalism. It’s ok to be anti-Muslim, anti-feminist, anti-“liberal” – just no White countries for White people.

      Compare to RamZPaul, whose last two videos explicitly call out this double standard and Names The Jews behind it. RamZPaul has been doing this since the very beginning, not a month goes by when he doesn’t call out the Jew double standards of Israel and White Nationalism.

      The fact that Ezra the Jew hires some Negro to call us “racist” is to be expected, that McInnes with his non-white children is against “racism” yet pro-Zionist is to be expected.

      This is the strategy, it isn’t new, we’ve seen it a million times in the past.

      Jews – and their Jew state of Israel – are the enemies of Whites, Europe, America, and Canada.

      • Its like when I called Brandon Martinez ‘Halal Media’ [non aligned media] a while back when i started raging about muslim migration into Canada via Trudeau’s lackeys… Brandon didn’t miss a beat and said ‘you’re an entryist’ .. and ‘not all muslims are bad’ .. he didn’t like me calling him halal media one effing bit and said ‘aren’t you a clever jew’ .. see how easily people get tripped up… I’m not Jewish btw .. I’m anti-communitarian .. and believe me .. I do GET IT folks..

        • “I’m not Jewish btw .. I’m anti-communitarian”

          Is that like, “I’m not jewish, I’m an atheist”?

    • I always laugh when I hear Jewish Morons like this…….

      …..declare certain Goys……..’Righteous Gentiles’…..

      All that is is Jewish Supremacy……..

      Listen to how many times he says ‘I work with people who ‘Love the Jews”…….

      Jewish Supremacy 101……

      Ezra stands for and defends the Jewish Ethno-Nationalist State of Israel because he’s a Normal Jew……

      I’m sure he believes that Anti-Israel Leftist Jews are Self-Hating……

      And it’s no different for the Alt-Right……..

      But, to Ezra the Alt-Right is ‘Nazi’……

      And that’s why we can’t ally with Duplicitous Morons like this……

      This Ezra guy is Shady……..

      To say the least……

      The opposite of Richard Spencer……

    • “They know we’re pro-Israel, unlike the leftist mainstream media.”

      What tiny sub-group of idiots does Levant think he’s talking to here? The (((leftist))) mainstream media is wall to wall jews, 24/7. Most people who have figured out that the MSM is bogus have either already come to terms with who is running the show, or they will find out in short order. (((Doishowitz))) Just gave a speech telling jews to be proud that they control the media. Even as the truth becomes completely undeniable, jews can’t stop themselves from lying.

      You know, once you understand how the jewish mind and jewish tactics work, they really become pathetic, pitiable creatures. The unfortunate thing is that they are extremely dangerous, because too many of our people fall for their garbage.

    • That is a ruthlessly effective poster. Imagine normies’ reaction to such a thing when merely claiming a right to exist is labeled hate speech and causes endless hand wringing.

      • Look for the video of the German politician who made that simple assertion in (the Bundestag?) “parliament”. He was completely ridiculed, mocked, and labeled a “Nazi” by the leftist politicians. White women among them!!

      • it’s the same sort of rhetorical trap as “black lives matter”. difference is theirs is based on lies like hands up don’t shoot, and dindu nuffin

  • “White genocide is all bullshit and not real,” and that’s why mass Third World immigration is forced on white countries, anti-white propaganda is the norm, and white people’s livelihoods are ruined and their lives threatened if they speak out against it. So not only are they anti-white scumbags, they’re also gas-lighting sociopaths who say we’re crazy for noticing their genocidal plans. Yes, despite what Spencer thinks, genocide is not limited to slaughtering whites in the streets. By international law genocide is the planned destruction of even a PART of an ethnic group. That is happening and it’s real.

    • It doesnt actually meet the international law definition of genicide though

      Article 6 of the Rome Statute provides that “genocide” means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such (a) Killing members of the group; (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

      You’re gonna try to weasel your way out of it by saying b) and c) are happening but thats bullshit and here’s why:

      “Causing serious bodily or mental harm” (b) is like central african blood baths where a militia goes into a village and doesn’t actually kill everyone (like [a] ) but cuts off every second person’s right arm with a machete, or rpropaganda)the women, or forces you to shoot your parents or something. ie even if you aren’t killed or seriously injured, you’re mentally fucked.

      Its not the same as “gas lighting” whites. You’re being sensational to push a narrative at that point. Maybe the hysterical liberals who all had to go into therapy after Trump won are victims of genocide too, then? Nigga plz.

      C) “Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part” is even more stupid to argue because its literally not happening anywhere in the western world. We’re talking siege of Kosovo & Sarajevo, burning crops, killing South Sudanese in Darfur trying to get water from the well outside town.. basically that definition is there so bad guys can’t cut off food/water/medicine to their enemy group and say “its not genocide … cause its starvation and disease that killed them, not us, LOL”

      So its dumb to call it genocide cause it sounds stupid.. even to normies, cause even if they dont know the textbook definition they’ve heard about actual genocides like Rwanda and Cambodia and the Holocaust (yeah, get mad). This makes WNs sound like they’ve developed liberal style victim culture..

      If your objective is to cleverly pander to victim culture and spin it your way as rhetoric (ie you don’t actually believe it, just use it for propaganda) that’s fine, but dont drink your own kool aid lol

      • (c) is undeniably occurring. Anti-whites openly celebrate it. They’re obviously aware that the conditions they’re creating are leading to white racial demise and they’re hugely excited about it.

        Whether it sounds “dumb” or not to normies to actually describe it as genocide is a separate issue.

        • Conditions for PHYSICAL DESTRUCTION. Not eventually becoming a minority in 50, 100, 150 years because they have less children vs mexicans or arabs [ and not because they’re being sterilized (d) or having their children taken away (e) ].

          It means starvation, disease, displacement of people from their homes during war and civil unrest, that kind of thing. Otherwise literally any demographic change, someone can make an argument that it’s genocide. In practice actual genocides don’t only have 1/5 happening and thats it. Theres always people being singled out and killed, imprisoned, or turned into refugees. You don’t wanna play this semantics game cause there’s a much stronger case for the US genociding all sorts of people through their military interventions around the world.. or blacks pre civil rights.

          • The condition required for perpetual racial existence is reproductive isolation – that is, a racially homogeneous territory in which breeding can only occur with members of one’s racial group. Whites have been deprived of this condition*, and unless this condition is restored to them, white extinction is effectively assured. Since this is occurring knowingly, to call it ‘genocide’ is not the stretch you make it out to be.

            *You could argue that this condition never existed in America, but the institution of racial segregation offered an effective simulated means of achieving it.

            Of course, racial existence/extinction is always a matter of relative degree and perspective, but in spite of this ambiguity, fair-minded observers’ estimates of it would, I believe, fall within a reasonably close range, making the distinction meaningful. I cite as one piece of evidence for this claim the reasonably close range of opinions on “who is white” that one finds on so-called “anthro” forums.

          • Ok, but we’ve already moved the goal posts so far here it’s outstripped the vast majority of peoples interpretation of the word, and also left you open to a shitload of “Well, in that case..” counter attacks. Whats the point?

            Of course we both know what the point is – “white demographic decline relative to some non-white ethnic groups” doesn’t have the same zing to it as “ITS ANNUDAH SHOAH!!!!11” , does it :p

            its bullshit agitprop, my point stands.

          • Okay then, give me your best “Well, in that case…” counterattack.

            I’ve never been sold on the PR value of ‘white genocide,’ but it’s not to say I’m adamant that the masses could never be educated about its purport. ‘White demise’ or ‘white extinction’ can both be reasonably described as occurring at present, and I think they carry plenty of zing without the complications of the ‘genocide’ charge.

          • As i said, native Americans. You dig around you’ll find instances of noncombatants being massacred, or displaced and run out resulting in deaths from starvation and exposure – without even counting smallpox (cause it probably wasn’t intentional). Part of the alt right narrative is that white colonists did nothing wrong – since allowing them to get vilified opens the door to arguments that they stole the land.

            What else? Any free movement of peoples, or annexation of territory where one ethnic group already lives, has often led to demographic decline of one or more ethnic groups. Take your pick of European historical examples

            It also excludes your beloved Third Reich from “did nuffin wrong” territory since they were guilty of all 5.. Killing, maiming, sterilizing, and stealing children.

            finally it can be used by leftists to argue that white Americans have constantly been engaged in genocide, by one definition or another (with often much less loose interpretations) of one ethnic group or another for over 200 years… Natives of course, then africans, then japanese, then everyone they bombed or overthrew, even blacks in the ghetto today. Thus you lose the moral high ground.

            As per “educating” ppl about the term… again, at the very basic level everyone knows what genocide actually looks like. Jews in gas chambers, Rwandans cut to pieces, East Timorese shot or sterilized, Chinese in Indonesia getting their brains bashed in killing rooms, etc. Even the very root word -cide , you don’t have to be a linguist to know it means “kill”.. Homicide, infanticide, insecticide. “White genocide” reeks of disingenuous newspeak.

          • Those are rather feeble counterattacks considering that pro-whites are generally (a handful of loons aside) not opposed to any other race securing its racial existence. Quite clearly, any reasonable resolution of racial issues along pro-white lines in America would require ample room (a form of “restitution”) to be made for native Indians; even more so in Latin America.

            You won’t find me claiming white colonists or nazis “did nuffin wrong.” (Regarding the latter, lol, yeah right.) I vehemently reject nazism, but am tired of demonizing them. Colonists did wrong from a 20th century moral standpoint, but didn’t do anything other groups weren’t also trying to do back in their own day – they were simply more successful at it. In both cases, amends can be and have been made. It’s now up to typical opponents of white racial rights like Jews and Chinese to do half as much to make up for their own wrongs before I care to listen to their whiny criticisms.

            I don’t claim that racialism has been the “one right way to live” since time immemorial, whose timeless wisdom is only just now being rediscovered. Frankly, securing racial existence does not appear to have been at terribly high priority for many societies at all in history. But knowing what we now know about race sociologically, psychologically, and morally, racialism seems to be most appropriate/rewarding social arrangement and it’s something within our power to effect.

            As for your last point, lol, I guess there’s no way the left could get away with claiming the existence of a “war on women,” right? That would require like bullets and dead bodies and shit, wouldn’t it? I mean everybody knows that’s what war means, don’t they!

      • The disproportionate black-on-white violent crime rates fit (b) everywhere, and also (c) in S. Africa. Importantly, based on statistical projection alone, the disproportionate rates will worsen as whites become a minority. Then factor anecdotals like non-white jurors practicing jury nullification, with arrests and prosecutions fading due to government paralysis-by-diversity.

  • GREAT Video…..

    The Faux-Rebel vs. the Real Rebel……

    Leftist White Genocidal Memetic Propaganda is REAL……..

    How The Faux-Rebel tries to deny this is astonishing…….

    • Lauren Southern is the only reason I even watched their videos. I stopped watching Gavin after he said you’re a politically correct pussy if you don’t like watching anti-white, interracial propaganda like Get Out.

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