The Alt-Right And The Hoteps Find Common Ground

One of the Hoteps, Hotep Jesus, joins Henrik for a conversation about potential overlapping interests between the Hoteps and the Alt-Right. Do we share some similar ideas? More importantly, do we have a common enemy trying to keep us at each other’s throats?

Hotep argues against forced multiculturalism, for nationalism, and his hope to one day see American Blacks going back home to Africa.

This is an excerpt from the thirtieth episode of Weekend Warrior, a live show available to Red Ice Members.

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  • There’s not much to be gained there. A few dozen “woke” negros vs tens of millions of rentseekers, who only care about the gibs. I’m not saying we need to attack them, but treating this as some serious opportunity is a waste of resources.

  • This is the comment I did in other site about this same subject:

    At the end they are fighting for their people and their race, and that’s OK as long their cause is not against our cause. Our cause is fighting for secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

  • Hotep and the Alt-Right do share Common Ground……

    Hotep Nation wants Black Americans to Wake Up, Unite, Solidify, Be Smart, Be Tribal, and Survive…..

    The Alt-Right wants the same for Whites…..

    Hotep prefers Black Men pro-creating and marrying Black Women…..

    The Alt-Right wants the same for Whites…..

    Hotep wants Blacks to take care of their Money and their Families…..

    The Alt-Right wants the same for Whites……

    Hotep wants to be free from Non-Black Influence, Power and Control over their Lives……

    The Alt-Right wants the same for Whites……

    Hotep wants Blacks to be free and empowered to chart their own Destiny…….

    The Alt-Right wants the same for Whites……

    Hotel wants Blacks to Wake Up from the Garbage Cultural Brainwashing of the Media/Hollywood….

    The Alt-Right wants the same for Whites……..

    • Clearly you have never lived around groids when you write such retarded drivel as “Hotep Nation wants Black Americans to Wake Up, Unite, Solidify, Be Smart, Be Tribal, and Survive…..”

      You do realize that groids are biologically incapable of the above? They need to live around us so that the white man’s magic can feed, cloth, house and give medical care (they are constantly sick).

      Wake up.

      • I’ve lived around Blacks my entire Life….

        I’ve seen the Worst of them……

        I fully understand their Urban Socio-pathology…….

        But, I’d rather live around Hard Working and Family Oriented Blacks than Ignorant Whites like you….


          • Yea we have all seen the good groids in our neighborhoods. I smell mudblood around you!

          • Asians aren’t fukin up our societies. blacks arabs and jews r. Hispanics are cool but bring down wages. stickin up for nigs is shooting urself in the foot

          • Depends where your at I guess. In Canada the Chinese are a much greater demographic and cultural threat than Black people. Black people can be made useful by managing their community better than it is being done now. They are a fundamentally different people from whites, and treating them as our equals has done them and us a disservice. I don’t really want to live next door to them, but its too late for repatriation back to Africa on a mass scale. Whether you like it or not, their part of the American landscape now and your going to have to learn to coexist. I favour segregation where they have autonomous control of their own region of the country personally.

          • 2 late lol. by who’s calculations? whether u like it or not I rather side with Chinese people than some cuck who thinks blacks r useful

          • First off, I’m no cuck. I don’t like these people anymore than you do. Second off Blacks will be easier to control than Chinks will be. The Chinese are high IQ, disciplined and focused. Don’t let their mild mannered nature fool you into thinking their not here to take over. Their the Jews of Asia and when their numbers increase they don’t bother with being mild mannered anymore. Canada is on its way to becoming a Chinese colony, do not make the same mistake.

            The time to repatriate blacks back to Africa was immediately after the Civil War ended. That never happened. Semi-autonomous city states where they have control of their own schools, police departments etc is preferable to Chinks who will not speak your language pushing you out of the work force and the city you grew up in.

            Blacks roots are deep in America, many of them have served in the military, many of them do contribute to the economy. I get that their low IQ, lack impulse control and don’t have the same type of values as whites and their generally a pain in the ass to deal with. That being said, it’s not their fault that kikes shipped off all of the jobs their actually suited for to third world countries. That plays a much bigger role in why Detroit is the way it is today, than blacks themselves. Their instincts, and the kike media and kiked schools, tell them whitey is to blame, and they act on that. Their easy to manipulate and when we start managing them better they can be manipulated to our advantage. Just give them work to do and bread and circuses to keep them distracted. It wasn’t always this way. Blacks were doing a lot better as a community during segregation times. They had stable family units, jobs and were the most Chrisitianized group in America (which gave them a moral compass.)

            Practical solutions to real problems is preferable to “just send em all back to Africa.”

          • they don’t even care about their kids how can they contribute? only one out of 100 Orientals don’t speak English from where im from in America. the Indians had deep roots as well. getting rid of people isn’t hard. especially when they are lame brain cowards. what did they contribute during segregation? j/w. Detroit and everywhere that blacks are a vast majority are dirty and produce nothing. I also don’t give a crap about military people that wanted to play hero, learn to kill or pay for college. military been corrupt for 100 years. the militia are the heroes. Christianity may help control their moralless impulses but they still don’t help us in anyway. maybe Kenyan mailmen might be worth keeping

          • Thing is Africa doesn’t want them. If we ship them there, they’ll probably pop up in Europe in under a month.

            They used to be useful when America had a wealth of decent paying, low-skilled jobs. Those are largely gone though. Trying to transition them into white collar jobs is never going to work. A few exceptions on the higher end of their IQ scale, but for the most part there isn’t much for them to do in modern America, except crime.

            I love the idea of getting rid of them all and having the country to ourselves, but they are a burden that won’t be easy to get rid of. Just being realistic.

          • mexico has been flooding us. tell em pack ur shit and go south or else. not today but it wont be hard if we take our courts/police and military back. also I don’t hate them. Africa abandoned them. I would arm them to the teeth and send them to south Africa in exchange for the white or to invade north Africa where they were most likely sold by “fellow Africans”
            the only reason whites have anything is cause we fought and killed for it. the reason we are losing everything is cause we aren’t fighting for it. there is nothing we cant do if we stand and fight. nice never got us anywhere

          • I’m pro, helping them secure a portion of Africa.

            And yeah illegal immigration from Mexico is an issue that needs to be dealt with. Generally, Hispanics are not bad people, but America has a right to have standards with who they let in. Citizenship is a privelage, not a right.

          • Hispanics are great. they have less of a history and breed too much is all. easy to sway their votes and feelings against us. was f’ed what we did to Indians but hey, the muslims or even the Chinese would have done worse. they weren’t rdy for the 3000 yrs of war experience any of the 3 groups would have brought with them here

          • sorry btw this hotep argument is in my face everyday. maybe a need to take a few days off. I live in NJ right in between nyc, jersey city, union city, Hackensack, Passaic, Paterson and Newark. most north jersey people suck in general but a yuge % of these people are absolutely irredeemable. culture and circumstance makes a big difference in a persons life but man the shit ive seen can only be conceived by people born without morals

          • How would you now if I am not White, Duuuude? Hipster Retard, I am White. I happen to work in Asia. I am not an Asian.

            You hanging out with your Hotep people getting all high and mighty? Beating yourself on the chest?

          • On tv blacks are doctors and scientists, probably he’s referring to those ones lol.

          • There is always the black scientist, doctor or such that all white women and children should trust as his motivations are pure and innocent.

          • No, there are some hard working blacks in real life. Just not as many as we’d like.

  • Blacks are nationalists until they have to actually move to a shithole like Liberia and live there. Blacks don’t want to live with their own people. Their people create open sewers where clean drinking water is a luxury.

  • The problem for US black nationalism is that blacks benefit from white society, whereas whites disbenefit from black society. It’s an asymmetrical relationship. Teaching black self reliance is hard when it’s so much easier to take white stuff.

    • Ancient Egypt was a Mediterranean civilization, not sub-Saharan. Niggers have a mental disorder where they can’t accept reality.

      If niggers did create ancient Egypt, then we would see other sub-Saharan civilizations. They don’t exist. Blacks never had a written language. They didn’t even have concepts such as love in their spoken language. Their mathematical ability was very rudimentary and inaccurate. To pre-colonial blacks, 2+2 didn’t equal 4, rather they thought of it as about 5.

      • Plenty of Black Americans are more intelligent and successful than you are…..


      • The who taught you those lies , African Languages belong to the oldest ever written Human Languages , Those groups of languages called the AFRO ASIATIC languages are born of NILO SAHARAN AND NIGER KONGO languages roots . The Ancient Egyptian language and The Ancient Hebrew contain very ancient form of the proto Negro African languages which are part of 3000 languages spoken in Africa Today.

        How many Languages from this 3000 do you speak? and what is Love any way? because in my Languages that i speak the word love has a deeper meaning ,it´s not an abstract idea LOVE but an internalized practical thing .

        This is the Kikuyu meaning of love
        EDA ( Love) means E= HE/SHE IT + DA ( THE WOMB) ( He/She /it Of my womb )
        EDANA ( Love each other) Be of each others womb. This is the African concept of love the ultimate selfless unconditional commitment to another person just like a mother to a child.

        The same Concept applies to the English word Love , Germanic LEBEN ( LIFE) and LIEBEN ( LOVE) have the same root ( To conceive life , nature it , serve it selflessly is the ultimate description of love.

        The tragedy of the English language is that it´s full auf Abstract idea that can´t be internalized , contrary to German or Latin which just like African language have no Abstract thinking but are rather practical in thinking . The language that one speaks shapes and wires the mind and that is the danger that faces the Aglophone world today . English has been so simplified and filled up with abstract ideas that obstruct practicability of the mind to conceptualize the language , it´s damming people down.

    • The Majority of People on Welfare are White……

      Do try to afford some Sympathy to Black Americans looking to create an Ancestral History to Empower themselves…..

      They were Slaves taken from their Homeland…..

      ……with their History and Heritage ripped brutally away from them……

      It was Pure Evil……

      And just because other Africans sold them to Europeans doesn’t minimize the Evil…..

    • The only common ground would be racial separation and blacks helping to move other blacks out of white countries. Other blacks would call guys like this an Uncle Tom and kill him. They’ve done it before.

    • Yeah we do……

      Not common ground in a mixed melting gene pool ideology…….

      But, as Separate Human Races wanting to Rule over Ourselves……

      ….Survive as Distinct Genotypes…….

      ….Wake our People up from the Lies of the Mainstream……

      …..Red Pill our People regarding our True Enemies……

      …..Stop Wasting our Money………

      …..Take Care our Ourselves…….

      ……Take Care of Our Families…….

      …….Defend our People……

    • may have a few common goals but they as a people aren’t worth feeding when it comes down to it. they need to just leave if they want to help. huge % of bums, cowards and frontrunners. they will bail when things get tough

  • I always thought an alliance with non-white Nationalist movements would be the holy grail back when I woke up 15 years ago, but it didn’t take me long to get disillusioned with the idea. Didn’t help that I find a lot of black nationalist movements lacking in many areas and the Hotep guys seem to be one step up from the previous attempts. I thought it was futile having tried helping blacks to see whats really going on and gave up realizing I was wasting too much energy on the people of someone else rather than focusing it on our own.

    So long as the rhetoric doesn’t stand in the way (feelings tend to get hurt when we listen to each other) then I’m all for them doing their thing. At the end of the day what we want will benefit every other group, but it’ll be a hard reset before that becomes visible or appreciated. What’s making the system crumble is having all these niche elements from across the spectrum working in tandem without direction attacking the same beast.

    • The problem is that you can never trust a nig. They hate you, they hate us. Even this coon in the video, his main motivation is hatred. The smirking Swede is just plain dumb. He and his wife who salivates over human sacrifice.

      • You don’t know that he hates all White People……

        The Swede and his Wife are GREAT People……

        You’re an Idiot……

        • The smirking wife made a Christmas video salivating over human sacrifice. Disgraceful. One day you need to grow the f…. up.

          • I missed that one……

            I don’t support Deadly Ritual Human Sacrifice…..

            Everything else I’ve seen Lana talk about……I support…….

          • I’ll check it out…..

            Calm down a little bit……

            From what I’ve seen of Red Ice……

            They are all about promoting and defending White Interests……


          • I like that part about Red Ice but the smirking can go elsewhere. I btw speak Swedish and lived there off and on for over ten years so I know their mentality and it is really sad that they have no Tradition to fall back on and thus smirk at the world in a rebellious childish manner.

            The other thing, is that both Henrik and Lana seemed to confess to being drug addicts on one of their shows. They claimed not to drink (you know what they say, never trust a man who doesn’t drink) but to take this hippie drug, I can’t think of the name at the minute.

          • It’ll be OK, Buddy……

            Just stick with the Alt-Right…..


          • You fool. Mitragyna speciosa is an ancient medicinal plant. Where’d you get your info from about kratom, Chuck Rosenberg the head of the DEA or batshit crazy Sinead McCarthy who spend 2 years in a nut house? Rosenberg is the liar pushing propaganda against this plant working for Jewish big pharma pushing oxy and toxic pills. Do some research before making retarded comments. Red Ice has done two shows talking about Mitragyna speciosa in great detail.

            The Palmgrens run two businesses. Anyone who thinks they are drug addicts or that kratom is a drug is a stupid moron. Palmgrens don’t even drink and they are health nuts.

            Based on your spelling and language, you’re nuts!

          • Yea using the latin name makes it NOT a drug. All drug addicts claim their drug is harmless. Like all the tards and their weed. Anyway, you say they don’t drink as though that is a virtue. Spoken like a true Scandislavian Swedtard. Never trust a man who doesn’t drink.

            If they are not drug addicts then what is their excuse for their descent? Look at how Henrik had an overgrown child on his show calling himself a wolf who tortures animals and buttfucks his buddies in the woods.

      • The self chosen ones hate black ppl as much as you do, only difference is that they can put aside their hatred long enough to collaborate to defeat a common enemy, which is you. Maybe you should try and learn something.

    • And some Alt-Righters waving Nazi Flags and talking about Violent Ethnic Cleansing……

      Yeah, that’s really going to get the Alt-Right going and make us such a Powerful Movement….


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