AltRight Politics 19 March 2017

Ritter, Selite, and Soren cover this week in politics. Issue 1) Muslim Ban Redux [00:40]: Asiatic judges usurp will of the people. Can Trump circumvent the kritacratic cabal? 2) Best Korea Resurfaces [26:18]: Kim Jung-Un, independent despot or Chinese puppet? 3) Dutch Elections [51:34]: We hear from Bas, a member of Erkenbrand, Holland’s No. 1 mainstream political organization.

We close out with ‘Dispatches from the Meme Wars’ featuring the vocal stylings of our intern Wes Reidau [1:24:35].

Songs include 1) “Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode, official band of the alt-right 2) “Korea Does What it is Determined to Do” by some grorious peopre of Norfa Korea 3) “Holy Diver” by Dio.

Thanks to Idunna_B for the graphic—an icon to the rarest of pepes.

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