SPLC, ADL, and NAACP Have Been Buying Traffic From Google

HW: Here’s the second part in this series from Logan Crow.

In this example I typed “New Black Panther Party” into google, which is a phrase being sponsored by the SPLC. Notice how the paid placement link to pops up above the actual website for the real New Black Panther Party.

Search engines literally sell traffic to websites in a process known as “pay-per-click.” Websites sponsor keywords or phrases and a link to their site is shown when people use those keywords. The cost per click generally starts at five cents. If more than one person wants the same keyword, you bid for it.

Google does not show these paid placement links every time. Sometimes you see them, sometimes you don’t. Paid placement links have a green “Ad” logo next to them.

Alexa says that in the past six months: has sponsored 449 keywords has sponsored 1,041 keywords has sponsored 2,285 keywords

Alexa also ranks all websites. The Alexa scores represent the estimated position of a website compared to all over websites. A global score of 10k, means that Alexa estimates that a website is the 10,000th most popular in the world.

Alexa rankings provide circumstantial evidence that the ADL is heavily buying traffic and the SPLC could easily be buying over half of their traffic. However, there is no way for a third-party to conclusively know what percentage of their web traffic is paid for. currently has a US score of 29k and a global score of 141k. This is shockingly poor considering how much free press the group gets and how many online media articles link to them. There score is low enough that they probably aren’t buying a significant amount of their traffic.

We were not able to get any paid placement links to show up on Google. Their ad campaign might not even be turned on right now. They may only use it occasionally, or they may have discontinued using it sometime in the past six months. currently has an US score of 10k and global score of 49k. They are still getting beat by at least a thousand or so US-based one man blogs, but this is respectable score. Many US newspapers have similar scores. However, this is a huge improvement over the ADL’s historical scores. The ADL spent years with a global score of around 100k. Suddenly in September/October of 2016, their score rockets. Buying traffic from Google may be the reason.

During testing, it looked like only a small fraction of the ADL’s sponsored keyword and phrases are presently active. shows the most evidence of buying traffic. For years, had global scores of around 100k. Then, in November of 2016, their score exploded for no reason. Their global Alexa score rocketed from 75k to 8.3k in a two-week period. This is an extreme change. Currently their global score is 16k, and they have an US score of 2.6k. This is an extremely high US score. To put this into perspective, the SPLC website historically had US Alexa scores fluctuating between 20k and 40k.

On December 21st, the SPLC announced that their website would not be updated for the holidays. They did not start updating again until January 2nd. An eleven day lull would normally have killed any website. Their Alexa score should have dropped like a rock off of a cliff. Instead, Alexa shows their global score only dropping from 10.5k to 11.4k. This is extremely suspicious. This is strong circumstantial evidence that a huge percentage of traffic to the SPLC website, during this period, was paid for.

A large portion of the SPLC’s sponsored keyword and phrases I tested are presently active.

In 2017, paying for internet traffic is like paying for sex. SPLC, ADL, and the NAACP are like the beta males of the internet. They get colossal daily free publicity. The media treats them like saints. Yet, few people actually want to see their websites.

Normally retailers use pay-per-click advertising to sell a product. In this case, the SPLC and ADL are selling the illusion that they have real world support.

SPLC public spokesman Heidi Beirich


Both the ADL and the SPLC are sponsoring their own names. This was tested with multiple browsers on multiple computers. When you type either group’s name and the paid placement link comes up, the unpaid organic link always comes up underneath it.

Alexa says that variations of the ADL’s own name are it’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th most active paid search terms. All of these variations produce the link as the top organic link anyway. Variations of the SPLC’s own name is their 1st, and 2nd most active paid search terms. All of which produce the link as the top organic link anyway.

The SPLC is using pay-per-click to try to snipe Google users searching for the New Black Panther Party and the Family Research Council. But no one is trying to snipe the SPLC or ADL. No one else is sponsoring their names on Google!

ADL and SPLC are both paying for traffic that they would have otherwise gotten for free. You just can’t make this up. It’s hard to believe that they are this incompetent. 

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  • Any funding from government contracts and so forth, that the SPLC receives from the US Government, needs to be terminated stat.

    In the past SPLC has held training contracts with various executive branch agencies of the USG, an incredibly convenient mechanism for them to spread their hateful propaganda directly into the executive branch.

    Seems like a fairly simple action that President Trump could take to begin reducing he pernicious, subversive influence of the SPLC and its associated hate-groups.

    • The $PLC first started losing Federal contract when they started attacking mainstream conservative Christian groups over “gay marriage.” The Christian right still has some clout in the GOP Congressional delegation.

      So that is the thin end of the wedge against the $PLC – lobby conservative Christian groups to influence the GOP Congressional caucus to attack $PLC’s funding and federal/law enforcement contracts. After all, the $PLC *IS* an anti-Christian hate group and in the last decade or so they have been more and more open about it.

  • “There score is low enough that they probably aren’t buying a significant amount of their traffic.”


    You got it right in the next sentence, so I’m guessing it was just a slip of the fingers.

  • Frankly this just shows that the ADL/$PLC are professional propaganda outfits. That is a good thing, not a bad thing. should of course be paying for traffic – isn’t the goal to get these ideas out to the public? The way to do that is by advertising.

    • Have you ever actually done any advertising with/through Google? I’ve done a lot in the past(practically none nowadays)…. I mean A LOT! Your ads can be denied or removed rather easily when a few snowflakes begin to complain about the “hate speech” being indirectly promoted by Google. It’s not so much the promotion aspect as it is the profiting from aspect.

      Go look at Google’s stated policy and see how easy it is for an arbitrary definition to be used against a pro-White website:

      • And? The reasonable response then is to flood google with complaints about the $PLC/ADL promoting various hate groups like the New Black Panthers and whatever crazy Zionists they allow, and if they reject ads for AltRight, publicize that fact. Write letters to Google’s partners, various Fortune 500 companies, etc. could use a different ad network then. When you are faced with difficulties or opposition, the correct response isn’t to whine, it’s to find a way to win. No one said it would be easy.

        • Can you name a single instance where Google has removed paid advertising privileges from the SPLC, ADL or any group like that? They don’t, they won’t, and they probably never will. It won’t matter how many letters you write or how much complaining you do; Leftists will do what Leftists do. The system is designed to have the floor fall out beneath your feet the moment you think you have a solid footing and are gaining traction.

          Yes, pro-White groups and websites like need a better advertising network, because Google ain’t it. If we ever want to truly put ourselves in a position where we control our own destiny and aren’t reliant on top-toeing around Terms of Service bullshit, then we need to build and retain control of a viable communications network.

          • Why can’t we do both? Frankly getting them to refuse ads would be a publicity coup in and of itself, then, and we can publicize the double standards. We could get Christian groups on our side, we could possibly find something unrelated to use Google’s competitors against them. Preemptively deciding that we’ll lose isn’t a winning strategy certainly, as far as I know, has not been banned from Google’s ad network preemptively.

   lost the Kellogg’s account, and used it as a way to gain publicity, to “name and shame” various companies, and now they have their CEO as one of the administration’s top advisors.

            Circumstances change. The public is more and more sympathetic to “alt right” views.

  • “The cost per click generally starts at five cents.”

    I’m surprised the At-Right doesn’t have rooms filled with old computers, each one with a macro program that automatically clicks the paid add over and over again. I suppose if the proceeds went to a more worthy cause besides Google.

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