Jordan Peterson Shutdown At McMaster University

Jordan who?

Until this evening, I had never heard of professor Jordan Peterson. Thanks to these idiots bringing international attention to his ideas, I have now though. There’s a lot of fascinating stuff here. According to Wikipedia, his research interests include self-deception, mythology, religion, narrative, neuroscience, personality, deception, creativity, intelligence, and motivation.

Note: Jordan Peterson has made some new fans tonight. I subscribed to his YouTube channel.

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  • Watching those videos….

    ..Americans are mental. Don’t get me wrong, Europeans are cucks but Americans are just nuts.

    • Thanks to Jews and Cucks, America has become the dumping ground for the Turd World. Europe is just catching up. Soon Europe will be indistinguishable from America in this regard.

  • Watching a bit of this “debate”… The absolute effrontery of these mentally ill freaks, to sit there with a straight face and try to dictate their alternate reality to the other 99.7% of the population… And the fact that maybe 50% of the population is actually taking this garbage seriously… The signal to the world is loud and clear; The men of the West are so weak, they can’t even stand up to the most degenerate circus-freak, infinitesimally small minority among their nation. Ripe for the taking.

    I wonder, is the circus freak on display here a genuine “believer”, or a cynical communist agent, merely acting the part? A satan worshiper?

  • Free Speech is dead in Canada and has fallen far from when David Suzuki would openly debate J. Phillipe Rushton.

    • katebushfan66 “…it’s proclivity to degenerate into anti-Semitism.” The Alt-Right is the left! You were liberals going through school and your liberals out in the work force. Masquerading around like you’re going to usurp the conservatives with your ‘one sliver bullet’ on immigration isn’t fooling anybody. CPAC saw right through Richard Spencer and if you look close enough you can still see the boot imprint in his ars! Kike lovers!

      • Is that irony? It’s going right over my head. Who are the “kike lovers”? The Alt-Right? Surely you mean the non-conserving “conservatives”. And the Alt-Right isn’t just about immigration. It’s about a radical return to our roots, and using that rootedness to propel us forward into the future. Sham “conservatism” and “liberalism” have left us with no future.

    • He does not know what he is talking about. His obsession with mythology and his overuse of mythological concepts is pseudo-intellectual. He also operates in a binary mode, good or bad, right or left, theist or atheist. Life is not binary. In this regard the Integral Theory of Ken Wilbur and others are more accurate. Though Ken is an oddball as well, to say the least.

    • If you fight your enemies they win, basically. I am not exactly sure why people look up to this guy. When the rubber meets the road he falls apart in my opinion.

    • To sum up: the Alt-Right are racist ancaps, apparently. This is one subject where Peterson has no idea what he’s talking about (but he can get away with it, as no one else in academia understands us, either).

  • How could you not have heard of him? By the way.. he opposes PC but he has a history of working for the United Nations on that count alone he is suspect and at this point he is a distraction. The amount of media coverage and ‘followers’ going crazy for him and his cult of personality in Canada is insane to me … but I have a big problem with whackademia in general and I prefer to listen to people like Nonie Darwish ..

    • Oh, thank you, so much. Validation of our culture from one of the invaders. Just what we need. This will fix everything.

      • I grew up in London, every person I grew up with has left London, displaced. It was always a rats nest but now it is the city of lost souls.

  • I picked up on Peterson a couple months ago. On the whole, he is an excellent and fascinating thinker, and listening to his lectures is quite worthwhile. However, he seems to have a massive and unfortunate blind-spot with regard to “Nazis”, “fascists”, and race in general. He seems to be a man who values truth. Someone should have a discussion with him. He is valiantly trying to uphold Western traditions and values… So all the brown people of the world can enjoy and benefit from them.

    • He started out, from early teenhood (maybe younger), studying to find out how nazis could do what they did(*), so it’s no wonder he has a hard time letting it go. Interestingly though, his understanding of them is unsophisticated – someone had to tell him that the soap and lampshade reports were hoaxes! (He researched, and acceded – he’s an honest guy. This happened in some youtube comments.) Ironically I think he’ll be forced to come our way, because imo his thoughts on the alt-right are pretty poorly defined, yet he keeps getting asked about it. I think the logic of what we want (ethnic self-determination), little as he wants to give it to us, is pretty clear and even harmless. Of course, he surely doesn’t want to take on an even bigger burden than fighting mere ridiculous pronouns!

      (*) from his library of ottawa talk. Or, shoot, maybe his POGG 2016 talk.

      • He was an NDP politician as a teenager… and he has spoken about his United Nations connections on a video… go find it..

      • That was a bit over the top. I believe Peterson is a very reasonable man who values the truth. He could probably be brought to a deeper understanding of our problem if he was talked to in the right way. And his talks about philosophy, religion, and metaphysics are very valuable, as is the principled stand he is taking against the SJW’s. I agree with some of what was said in this video, but not the hostile tone.

      • LOL! When are they going to realize cucking out isn’t gong to help them unless they go all the way?

  • The coalition of cripples, sexual degenerates, and useful idiots. Who would have thought they would become so powerful?

    • They aren’t powerful. They are an unthinking mob. The power is with those who do their thinking for them, and who have weaponized them against all that is normal, noble, and just.

      • Toronto has always figured they were the centre of universe… this to me is the typical shitstorm in fluoridated big city craphole TO…. best ignored; best chuckled at… lemmings.

    • They’re doing God’s work. Remember, our enemy isn’t the coalition of weirdos, but rather the millions of white ‘normies’ who have generally conservative politics but no white identity. The cultural Marxists are unwittingly waking the sleeping giant.

    • They’re powerful because the government has made them the priority over normal, healthy, ethnocentric, racially conscious Whites.

  • So you were the 1/1000 who hadn’t heard of Jordan B. Peterson? This man was praised and defended by the “sceptic” community. He was featured on rebel and InfoWars. He has also appeared on Stefan Molyneux’s radio show. And /pol/ can’t seem to find a reason not to respect his opinion.
    Truly a great thinker, he’s enlightening people on his Youtube channel and he couldn’t have hoped for such an audience before the Bill C-16 debate. (He also debated Sam Harris at one point, though that was messy) You guys should check out his most powerful video (IMO) –

    • The emotional breakdown was a bit unseemly. I guess it isn’t that surprising though, given the state of affairs. I had a moment myself, when I watched Electre’s “Testament d’un Européen”

      Yeah, it’s impossible to get through that video with your stoicism intact.

  • ‘They’ and ‘them’ is using a plural , but the trans gender people want these pronouns to refer to all singular people.
    these pronouns may have been around in Shakespeare’s time, but so was having men playing female roles on Stage. These trans people want us to become more atomised because they see all of us sexual consumer units that they might want to shag for no reason and not for procreation purposes.
    These trans people want the majority inconvenienced because they have a medical anomaly.

  • I think Nazi’s should be included as a special and unique group that requires special protection under the law.

    • please explain further your reasoning… because I’m interested to hear what ‘law’ you believe you are speaking about specifically… since the ‘community rights’ have precedence over individual rights under modern communitarian law … you’d have to know that the ‘community is a dictatorship’ and those individuals who do not submit to global communitarian law [communitarianism] are the ones that will be hammered…. I’d recommend a series of videos where Henrik Palmgren interviews Niki Raapana in 2008 which were buried in his archive but do appear on youtube if you look for them.

      • Lol, Honey I was being sarcastic at 7 something in the morning before I rushed off to work. However there is evidence out there that “conservatives” are born and not made therefore we are a unique group and should be allowed be and do and require everyone to make exception and accommodate us. BTW been a Red Ice member for a while now.

  • This is the modern university. Well, I simply recommend to anyone who plans to go – study a professional program in the hard sciences, engineering or business. Arts and sociology…. avoid avoid avoid.

  • Anybody who used to watch, or still periodically watches, rebel media knows him. He is a brave libertarian who tries to do what most college professors do not do: Stand up against spoilt big children, while doing that he manages to remain civil, something that needs to be applauded.

    In general Peterson’s persecution is one of the best exposition of the fact that multiculturism and multiracialism are cancer. In general though I ‘d say that anyone here might say that he missed something for not having a similar professor in his studying years.

    Lastly look at the faces of the people who speak against him, look at them, and then you will understand the benefits of having eugenics… by their absence!

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