Erdogan Urges Turks To Wage Demographic Warfare Against Europe

Unlike the West, the Turks haven’t lost their old imperialist ambitions:

“Calling Turks the “future of Europe,” Turkey’s president on Friday implored his compatriots living on the Continent to have multiple children as an act of revenge against the West’s “injustices.”

“Go live in better neighborhoods. Drive the best cars. Live in the best houses,” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Friday in the city of Eskisehir, while campaigning for a referendum that would solidify his power. “Make not three, but five children. Because you are the future of Europe. That will be the best response to the injustices against you.”

The remarks come at a time of increasingly fraught relations between Europe and Turkey in the wake of the migrant crisis, the concurrent rise of Islamic terrorism and right-wing nationalism in Europe, and a crackdown on civil liberties in Turkey. …”

Liberals thought it was a great idea to let millions of Turks into Europe.

Europe was threatened for centuries by the Saracens, the Mongols, and the Turks. How does our history with these people matter, though? What could possibly go wrong? It is 2017 and we are so beyond the divisions of the past. Anyone who would discriminate is an Islamophobic bigot.

Note: The Hungarians and Serbs certainly have fewer illusions about the Turks.

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  • The crazy Turk neo-Ottoman Islamists can say whatever-the-hell they like. Nobody from the EU’s political class will stand up to them, especially not the Germans who are still being pumped full of guilt. Erdoğan could probably invade Europe now and the globalists would go into the streets and cheer and wave “Immigrants Are Welcome!” flags. You’ve got to admit it’s got a funny side. How long before Rutte gets down on his knees and kisses Erdoğan’s boots?

  • “Liberals thought it was a great idea to let millions of Turks into Europe.”

    No they didn’t. They let in millions of Turks because “liberals” consciously want to eradicate Europe and its people.

  • This is not a Turkish problem. This is a white problem.

    Turkey does not have the ability to invade Europe by force of arms. White people have been demoralized by decades of anti-white propaganda to the point where they cannot defend themselves racially. The problem is the anti-whites in power who LET THESE PEOPLE IN. The answer is to reverse the propaganda with effective counter-propaganda. If white people stop hating themselves and become pro-white, all these symptoms can be dealt with quickly. Until the underlying demoralization is reversed, nothing will change.

    It’s not a matter of waking people up or waiting for circumstances on the ground to wake people up. If what has already happened in Europe hasn’t woken people up, nothing will. They have to be deprogrammed.

  • I LOL’ed at the part about ‘driving the best cars’…. just like American blacks!!! Is savings and thrift a whites-only virtue?

  • As a response, Trump should offer $1000 to any Kurdish woman that has more than 8 children.

  • In Turkey the birth rate has been declining for years, particualry amongst the ethnic Turkish population as the Kurds gain demographically.

    • Thats why turkish politicians now go to europe for support of their shity government, cause at home the whole thing is already collapsing.

  • The only “injustice” done against the Turks was by none other than God, himself, when he created them as such, and caused them to become conscious of their lowly state by putting them in close proximity to Europe.

    • Wait ’till April’s end If Erdogan pulls and April’s fool or if he becomes one, even if he wins marginally his referendum, FOR ANY REASON, Turkey will probably cease to exist in a few years!

    • I wish. We shouldn’t be fighting Assad in Syria. We should be getting rid of this turd. That’s what frustrates me. It seems the west always supports the worst of the middle east. When I watch Assad in interviews he always comes across as very likeable, intelligent and reasonable and I wonder why we are fighting him. Then I listen to this filthy mutt Erdog and I wonder why we aren’t trying to kill him.

  • At least Erdogan understands the concept of winning the war of the cradle.

    By contrast, American-style libertarianism like Ayn Rand’s and Jeffrey Tucker’s has gotten nowhere for decades because it emphasizes feminism and sterile sexual hedonism over patriarchal marriage and family formation. This movement has to keep trying to recruit teenagers and college students from normal people’s families to replenish their ranks as the older members die off, despite the creepiness of having to do that.

    • Egalitarianism of any kind is cancer.

      The libertarian belief that all people, if they try, can succeed and that women can do, if they want, whatever men do is disastrous. This is also the reason why libertarians also fail miserably at the political level: they believe they can win their enemies by outreasoning them! In truth their arguments are by far much better than those of Muslims and Socialists but next to no one care about arguments and reason. So they fail.

  • Only one thing will save us and that is a cleansing war. Europe must be purged of the Muslim menace. And the greatest vengeance ever will be when our own traitors are hung.

  • How much more can the shitlibs take? Perhaps they really do wish to be abused, overrun, and destroyed. Then let it be us, not the Turks, to do it for them.

    • Actually they are masochists! Their greatest fear is that the bad evil white racists will do them woe! One day I hope we will give them a double one: first deal with their barely non-animal pets and then with them!

    • Thats what i’am saying the whole time. I don’t have a prob with these dumb lefti bitches get beaten and raped, i wanna do it myself! Problem is i’am a coward and my friends are too and we lose our jobs and girlfriends if you get caught.

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