Why I Can’t Stand St. Patrick’s Day

Editor’s Note: This essay was originally published on Radix Journal in 2015.

I’ve always instinctively disliked St. Patrick’s Day. Growing up in the ‘80s and ‘90s, I was inured to the multicultural calendar of ethnic holidays I didn’t resonate with or understand. But no one ever expected me to actually celebrate Rosh Hashanah—or wear T-shirts that read “I’ve got a little Jewish in me” or pinch anyone not donning a yarmulke. At one point, I started wearing Orange on March 17 . . . though the message was seemingly lost on most everyone I encountered.

Much like Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day has emerged as an excuse to get dressed up, get drunk, and get laid. The same goes for the German festival of Oktoberfest, which is growing in popularity. But Ocktoberfest retains a connection to authenticity and tradition, which I find totally absent in the spring festival of idiots wearing Guinness novelty top hats and obnoxious women screaming while making group selfies.

We moderns, who are living out the End of History, think that cultural festivals are something for those other peoples. The Day of the Dead, the Thai Pongal, and Carnival are for those who haven’t quite entered modernity, who lack our self-consciousness, rootlessness, and irony. In this way, we don’t consider St. Patrick’s Day to be a real holiday at all. But truly, what we celebrate and how we celebrate it reveals who we are, and the shared assumptions amongst Americans of many races.

In The Good Shepard (2006), Robert De Niro’s flawed but fascinating drama about the origins of the CIA, there is a quotable exchange that might be a fitting epigraph for the tombstone of the Anglo-Saxon Protestant elite. It occurs when the blue-blooded Yalie Edward Wilson (Matt Damon) visits the home of an Italian mafia boss, Joseph Palmi, played memorably by Joe Pesci.

Joseph Palmi: Let me ask you something. . . We Italians, we got our families, and we got the church; the Irish, they have the homeland; Jews, their tradition; even the niggers, they got their music. What about you people, Mr. Wilson, what do you have?

Edward Wilson: The United States of America. The rest of you are just visiting.

It’s all too easy to read that last line as an expression of arrogant WASP supremacism—or as Hollywood’s smear of the now-defunct American elite—and overlook its tragic dimension.

Edward Wilson is equal parts “company man” (dutiful, anonymous upper-level manager) and patriotic samurai. He has dedicated himself totally to his agency and to the Cold War, which was imagined as a titanic, all-or-nothing battle for the world. At the end of his life, Wilson is so estranged from his wife and son, he barely seems to know them; his only passion appears to be building model boats in bottles.

Wilson here is an intense example of a general tendency among WASPs to dissolve their ethnic and racial identity into a corporate entity, the United States of America. Wilson is America . . . and isn’t at the same time. The USA is the vehicle for WASP power and identity, but its real essence is that of a mass, managerial bureaucracy and geopolitical administrator. Ultimately, Wilson and his class were also “just visiting”; they were just one more people to occupy the U.S.A.’s upper-levels management positions, and were easily replaced by Liebowitzs, Chens, and even O’Reillys.

St. Patrick’s Day is the celebration of the Underdog—not only the Irish themselves but the perennial, mythic Underdog that is always “just visiting” the United States. What is characteristic about the U.S. is that there is no celebration of the Overdog. There is no St. George’s Day festival, memorializing the people that defined America. In this way, America has no culture. And St. Patrick’s isn’t even about the Irish anymore.

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
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  • St. Patrick’s Day is a religious feast and a National Day for the Irish. It’s a fine day, except for people who aren’t Irish, I’m suspect they feel rather acutely their lack of Irish heritage. As for the vulgarization of the holiday, that is simply a consequence of living in shitlibistan. A state of affairs brought to us by the wasp.

  • The Roman touch never … NEVER … made it to the shores of Ireland. The culture, the adminstration, etc were virtually unknown to the inhabitants. The Romans were flatly scared to pieces by the stories they heard of the wild, vicious, often naked, savages roaming the isle. The Scots were scary enough… thus Hadrian’s Wall.
    The Legions were very, very far from home and it was decided at the imperial level not to waste the resources invading the barbarian wasteland.
    So, the evangelizing by St Patrick, et al was very organic and dynamic.
    It was its own germination in a vacuum.
    Thus, historical Irish Christianity and ties to the Mother Church were very specific and unique.
    Now, just another chance for fat broads to get drunk.

  • Listen to Richie Spence, he’s such a revolutionary rebel with his fashy haircut!

    Of course none of us like decadence and Jewish corruption of white ethnic traditions as just another opportunity for them to shit on whites and push their white genocidal agenda.

    Spence says he doesn’t like when people say white genocide. He likes to nitpick it. Mass Third World immigration and daily anti-white propaganda don’t quite fit his standards of slaughtering whites in the streets. Well, the Jew says there’s more than one way to cuck a white. From weaponized cat ladies with blue hair, to every comic book character with a nigger partner or turning into a tranny faggot, they’re using every underhanded trick in the Judaic book to destroy whites one way or another.

    I dunno, I kinda like the Irish. I mean, not many white ethnic groups have dancing and traditions that aren’t considered hokey and embarassing. Irish dancing is very popular. Michael Flatley deserves credit for leaving the Jewish, integrated Riverdance and forming his own all-Irish dance group. The Jews said he couldn’t do it, he would fail just like they told Hitler he would fail as a leader. Flatley proved them all wrong. His groups are all white and when confronted about it by Larry King who asked him why half of his dancers aren’t niggers, Flatley said it’s IRISH dancing, Larry, you fucking Jew bastard.

    • Spencer released his 23 and me and he’s overwhelmingly British Isles/Northern European like most American whites.

  • Most festivals that are centered around Christianity and ethnicity have been hijacked as reasons to party, so why the need to nail St. Patrick’s Day? Cinco de Mayo is fast becoming then new St. Patty’s Day. What do you think the pagans of Europe did for Saturnalia? As for saying that the United States doesn’t have a culture? You are spot on, but that isn’t just because of immigration, that is because of the birth to grave consumerism spawned by crony capitalism. An article I read on the net about 10 years ago touched on this very subject Richard has touched on. It asked young teenage whites about culture and the answers mirrored Richard’s statement about the absence of culture in this nation.

    • Because the people behind this site are pagans and the editor is a mud from Iran. Why would they care about our traditions?

  • Congratulations to anyone getting drunk and laid .. wherever you may be … hail St. Patrick hail our people.

      • It’s more shitty, kitsch, and overdone “Irish” crap for drunk Americans, who don’t know shit about Irish culture or history, to consume on St. Patrick’s day. It’s pretty sad that the whole affair is the closest we’ll ever come to White pride in America. Makes me glad Americans hate Russia so much, they’ll never commercialize my heritage.

        That and punk rock is just really gay in general with very few exceptions.

  • Yesterday I was asked why I wasn’t wearing green for St. Patrick’s Day. I told them I wasn’t Irish, but mostly Swedish. Then an American black woman with a ridiculous amount of green ribbons and springy shamrocks coming out her hair said to me “their all the same thing.” I chuckled then dared her to say that to an ethnic Scott. I wondered as I walked away how they would reacted if I showed up in a dashiki on MLK day.

    • Next time you see that type of “cultural appropriation”, take a few photos. Then, don your dashiki on MLK day. When they start to chimp out, just throw the photos in their faces.

  • Hey Richard, why haven’t you guys had an app coded for Android yet? It would really draw in much of the base we see on Twitter and gab etc etc etc.

  • seems “st patrick” is now the patron saint of immigrants… left are using this day as justification for their mass invasion into white counties. because USA took irish immigrants back in the day. sorry folks there is a huge difference between european immigrants into USA vs. non-european.

    • The Irish Roman Catholics are the original immigrant whiners. Why did they come here in the first place, if they knew we were going to be soooo mean to them. Why didn’t they go to Italy, or Spain or some other Roman Catholic country?

      America has been so hard on them.

      • That was only in New England. America was/is British and Ireland was part if that. Irish have been in America since its founding. Just open a phone book in the South and look at the names.

        Again, we take back our institutions or we perish. You rebellious over grown children on here need to grow the f…. up. Get a big boy haircut, stop pretending you are Norse pagans, and act like and live like adults.

        I speculate that the Iranian mud running this website is behind all the subversive content that it now contains. Why would that mudblood give a hoot about our culture and traditions. You might as well have a jew running the show.

          • Are you actually Irish? I’m curious what separates the English and Irish these days. The Irish aren’t particularly Catholic anymore, very few speak Gaelic, and they love the queen. Sounds like they’re English to me. Sort of how nothing seperates us Americans from Canadians now that the latter have abandoned their British heritage in favor of trying to outdo us in multiculturalism.

          • Yes Im Irish. Who would have guessed with a surname like FitzGerald? The Irish are actually quite a mix of North Western Europen tribes with a slight Iberian influence in pockets of the country. Ireland fairs quite well in the blond blue eyed stakes against the Swedes or the Dutch. Genetically quite pure so that religious affiliation becomes irrevelent. The reason so called wasps from England are Protestant is because they had no option but to change their religion from Catholicism because their King wanted to divorce. He made his own church which by the way remains Catholic but not under Rome. Some of the present day members of British Royalty and aristocracy remain RC as they refused to convert and being noble families would not suffer the same fate as the English peasants. People get too hung up on this Protestant thing as a measure of their perceived whiteness just as R Spencer seems to have done. This is both ill informed and incorrect. Many of those on the political right that are classed as wasps are actually Roman Catholics and of Irish heritage…

          • As a nation the Irish are the most genetically pure in Europe, at least in part due to their geographic isolation.

          • probably because most of them are alcoholics and that might not be a good combo.

        • Majority of Irish Catholics voted Trump. Majority of Jews voted against Trump. Oy vey! Irish are not Jews, any more than 33% of white men and 36% of white women are who voted for Hillary.

        • It would be difficult to name a major Irish Roman Catholic politician on the Federal, State, or local level who isn’t anti-White. I’m sure there are 1 or 2, but, the exception doesn’t make the rule. I could name hundreds more than you named, but, why rub it in. The Catholics will only deny it.

      • and we had fewer than 100million people. it no longer befits us. more white people not the end of the world but still no needed anymore

  • “There is no St. George’s Day festival, memorializing the people that defined America.”

    Wouldn’t the Fourth of July be this day?

    This indian guy at my school had no idea what St.Patrick’s day was. He asked me why everyone was wearing green when I told him what it was he looked surprised and said “How many holidays do you guys have?”

    I guess in India they don’t celebrate much. Just wait until he discovers Easter in a few weeks.

    • Indians do have holidays, they just can’t stand watching white people celebrate holidays in America because it sucks to be a minority.

  • More defeatism. We must take back our institutions, holidays, culture not destroy them. Spencer comes off as a rebellious teenager here. Time to grow up. This site gets more ridiculous by the day. Smirking, rebelious, overgrown manchilds.

    • Identity Ireland are a viper about the neck of Irish Nationalism, I’be been on their membership list since the week they were launched and there’s never been a single meetup. The idiot who runs it did effectively no campaigning or canvassing when he ran for office, e it national, local or EU parliament, not that he needed to as they have basically no policies to speak of beyond retarded platitudes.

      That spergy fuck who runs it saw a gap in the political spectrum and decided to jump on it. Every interview he gives he runs away from any position that makes him look bad or that are in any way disagreeable. He’s clearly only in it to benefit himself/

      • Identity Ireland have had public meetings and held successful press conferences and endorsed by fellow European nationalists in the EU parliament such as the Northern league , Filip dewinter of Vlaams Belang. Yes the same guy that spoke on Red Ice.
        Just check these links out for proof.

        Identity Ireland were the only party in Ireland correct me if i’m wrong to talk about Islamic immigration way before Trump spoke about it. Their leader spoke at the Czech parliament and at a rally in Dresden with 12000 people at it. He was attacked on the train by left wing scum. He almost loss an eye!

        The national party only spoke about it after Trump said it. That’s opportunism if there ever was! The national party isn’t a official registered party but Identity Ireland is.

        The National party are late in the game and they seem very desperate. This can be seen in the videos they produce. They are trying a copy Identity Ireland policy on Islam and ride the Trump wave. It’s as clear as day

        Going by Identity Ireland videos their members don’t hide their faces. But when one looks at the national party videos the members blocked out their faces! Just look at the latest one in a hotel in Dublin.

        This is strongly misgiving and adds suspicion. They neither are too stared or have alternative motives

        It’s quite clear if someone does the home work that you are a troll of some sort!

        I am not a member of neither party but I’m on the mailing list of Identity Ireland. The party foiled an attempted infiltration from a AFA Ireland agent & expelled him. Rumours have it he now gravitates from forum to forum spreading mistrust among nationalists.

        The name escapes me for now.

        • So your metric of who’s a good leader is how willing they are to dox their audience, meanwhile you’re accusing me of being a red. fuck off

          • Dox an audience by holding a successful press conferences,going to a rally and registering a party? Ask yourself this! If the leader or Identity Ireland is so bad, how come he is the first and only nationalist leader do it it in Ireland by registering a party and having that party fully endorsed by MEPs in the European parliament! The audience of a party is the public not the people that want a social club like yourself that stay in a safe space surrounded by others that want the same.

            Your big rant does not stand up to scrutiny. Identity Ireland have done more than the national party or anyone else for that matter. Fact deal with it!

            Now to the opportunist safe space ”national party”, They hold a party meeting and film members and blocks the faces of those members? How do you think that looks to the public at large Answer: A party surrounded by cowards or hobbyist that will not lift a finger in the real world that expect others to do it for them or people that have motives to hide. In politics you have to show your face. If you don’t do that you are nothing!

            Now again to the audience my little snow flake, not you the public that is. Do you understand how that looks to the public; or are you so naive and stupid that you think they will over look that or even better see it as a positive?

          • Barrett was giving speeches to NPD rallies as far back as 1999. O’Loughlin announces a public conference, get raided by reds, and when the actual conference starts he’s such a fuckup that the journalists present had to explain to him how it’s supposed to be run. Besides, if you were constant about your self-doxing rhetoric I wouldn’t be arguing with a pseudonymous foreigner with so little agency they can’t even get an avatar.

            Tell me exactly: what have identity Ireland done beside host a press conference and get beaten up?

          • Anyone advocating jeopardising nationalists is either a moron or a red-their MEP endorsement involved them stumbling about Brussels meeting confused Golden Dawn officials and somehow managing to hold Irish flag backwards with the resulting photo then being paraded about by leftists.Not to mention dirtying the cause of Irish nationalism with associations with Loyalist street rats like Tommy Robinson and neoconservative imports like Anne Marie Waters-I have my gripes with Barrett-too old timey Youth Defence tier-but Identity Ireland seem like a clown show-any prospective nationalist ought steer themselves towards the National Party he’ll manage to get more than 100 votes as did O’Loughlin in 2016.

    • Identity Ireland are a meme with a fag leader. They have accomplished nothing. The National party however looks promising.

      • Always fag this and fag that. For you muricans who have not been there the English are very faggy and in the new Ireland, even in a village which is what Ireland is anyway, there are out of the closet, sicko fags everywhere. Wish it were not so.

  • The Irish are the quintessential example race deniers and anti-whites love to point to. Supposedly every swarthy low-IQ group from the Third World is “the next Irish.” Supposedly the Irish weren’t considered white way back when. Supposedly the Irish were discriminated against (as if those who were being displaced by Irish immigrants should not have minded).

    As usual, all this nonsense can be traced back to Jewish puppet masters serving their agenda and group interests.

    • There was never any widespread view of the Irish as being non-White. In fact, I have never yet encountered an example – whether in law or correspondence – of the Irish being considered so.

  • WASP culture has been so thoroughly appropriated by the squatters that it has become less distinct and recognizable.

    • WASP culture has also been the one most directly bastardized, mutated, and watered down by “corporate culture” and consumerism.

      • See also my reply to the post by “West coast and burnt toast” elsewhere in this subthread.

        • It’s all related. Corporate greed is part of the problem, which speaks to the abandonment of our traditional morality. (Remember those Seven Deadly Sins?) Part of what encourages the corporate greed is the debt-based credit and monetary system, which necessitates “infinite growth”. Who is perched atop the monetary system, and many of the corporations? Oh yeah, a little group of people who have not only a financial interest, but also a spiritual and tribal interest in encouraging us to abandon our traditional morality. They profit only from our weakness, vice, and destruction. They do not produce anything of value themselves. They also have a vested interest in immigration. It is “killing two birds with one stone” for them. More slavish consumers willing to work for a pittance compared to what Westerners are used to, more socialist voters to grow the size of the totalitarian state, and more brown, black, and yellow bodies to murder and miscegenate their greatest rival into extinction.

      • I’ll point back to the article to address your question by quoting the Joe Pesci line from the movie:

        “Let me ask you something. . . We Italians, we got our families, and we got the church; the Irish, they have the homeland; Jews, their tradition; even the niggers, they got their music. What about you people, Mr. Wilson, what do you have?”

        Well let’s see, he lists families, church, homeland, tradition, and music.

        White Anglo-Saxon Protestants not only have all of those things, but the best of class in each. So what’s the problem?

        That would have been the only correct answer to the question posed, but of course the filmmakers didn’t provide it for their WASPy straw-man.

        • “White Anglo-Saxon Protestants not only have all of those things, but the best of class in each. So what’s the problem?”

          No they don’t. Have you been to a Congregational Church recently? The one in my town flies a rainbow flag. Your concept of WASP America is ridiculous and dated, you might have had a point in 1940.

          • I’ve never been to a Congregational church at all, but I’m at a loss for what the one in your neighborhood or the denomination as a whole has to do with any of this. It would appear that you’ve selectively chosen an aberration to stand in as a proxy for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. This is counter-logical. I moreover suspect that you’re doing it because you have some interest in spreading negative assessments of White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestants, who have the best in each class of family, church, homeland, tradition, and music.

          • “I moreover suspect that you’re doing it because you have some interest in spreading negative assessments of White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestants, who have the best in each class of family, church, homeland, tradition, and music.”

            I’m doing this because you are dead wrong. Yankee Protestants bear much of the blame for the rot that infects this country. The Congregationalists of today with their LGBT flags were the Puritans of the 1600s. One can trace a direct line from William Bradford to Jonathan Edwards to William Lloyd Garrison to Progressivism, all WASP figures and movements. So lets not act like Northern WASPs were a great force for American culture. On the whole, they were insidious and negative.

            Southern Anglo-Celts on the other hand represented the best of America.

          • Yes, but I take no issue with your position on NE’ers and their role in the present catastrophe, nor with about 90% of this post, but you’re making a Straw-man. You’re also heaping all blame on them, and none on your group. There is plenty of blame to go around, but you seem to be on some sort of crusade. Becoming over emotionally invested in imprecise and soothing narratives is unhelpful.

          • Anyone who has read my posts on here knows I am highly critical of Christianity in general. That applies to both Protestants and Catholics.

            “There is plenty of blame to go around, but you seem to be on some sort of crusade.”

            Sorry the only religious fervor in this thread belongs to you with posts about WASP culture representing the best of America. As I pointed out, it was largely WASPs who were responsible for the worst trends in White America. I don’t consider Southerners WASPs, because no Southron identifies as a WASP. So when you say WASP, myself and most readers will think of Yankee Prots with their Abolitionism and social crusades.

          • Religious fervor?

            Please, you’re being delicate.

            I get that you hate Christianity, even though you don’t know what it is.

            And I get that you’re obsessed with “those damn Yankees.”

            The thing is, is that I don’t really give a shite what winds you up. How’s that?

          • “And I get that you’re obsessed with “those damn Yankees.””

            Not A Southron nor a Yankee, go ask Hunter Wallace, I criticize Southrons on his site just as much as I am critiquing your argument in this thread. If the argument is flawed, I am going to point it out. I’ve told many commenters on Hunter’s site that they should just cede the whole Black Belt to the blacks, and they get upset. Just like you are getting upset now that I’m pointing out the negative legacy of the WASP liberal aristocracy on America.

          • You’re not “critiquing” my posts so much as throwing up straw-men and other logical fallacies at them.

            Also, I don’t know what a “Southron” is. Never heard the term until now.

            And by the way, when someone doesn’t fold his hands neatly in his lap and declare, “You’re absolutely correct!”, it doesn’t mean that he’s upset. It may be time for you to grow up a little.

            Moreover, I clearly took no issue with you at all for mentioning the “negative legacy of the WASP liberal aristocracy on America.” In fact, I said, unmistakably, that I agreed with your post by about 90%. I took issue with other things you said. Mere disagreement. Shouldn’t be a big deal. Perhaps a bit more care is in order when you’re reading other people’s posts.

            Overall, stop being so sensitive. It’s unmanly.

          • “90 IQ” “Grow Up” “Unmanly”….Sure, you’re being completely rational and in control of your emotions here.

          • If you’re presuming to read my emotions — incorrectly in this case — from my assessments of your character and lack of same, that is your problem, not mine.

          • Again, what is “breed”? Is this some sort of hayseed parochialism?

            And your obsession with my made-up screen name tells me you likely have a sub-100 IQ.

          • Richie Spence having a cotton plantation is too damn funny. Oh man, that is rich. So Spencer really is a Southern racist!

            As a Southron myself, it is part of my job to criticize my own and keep them in line. Just like it is for every other group to manage their affairs.

            The problem with the “movement” is it usually ends it devolving into cults of personality where one man’s ego is out of control and squabbling groups attacking each other. No man is above rightful criticism.

          • Spencer owning cotton planations is hilarious. There’s some podcast interview he did with a black journo where the journo tries to make Spencer feel bad, it’s quite absurd.

        • Uuuh no, here in America only southerners have those things. The Yankees only have liberalism.

          • Only Southerners? That is incorrect. This “Southern pride” + “Those damn yankees” shtick is parochial and narrow.

          • Southerners never unleashed Abolitionism, Progressivism, or the Civil Rights movement on America like the WASPs did.

          • Which in your 90-IQ brain means that Southerners ain’t ever done nothin’ wrong I recon.

            Seriously, but can you say anything at all that is not infused with poor logic?

          • Name a weird social crusade that was started by Southerners that hurt America over the long term like Abolitionism or Progressivism. I don’t think Southern society is perfect. But I also think Southrons don’t seek to make society perfect through movements like Civil Rights, as Northeastern WASPs did.

          • “Weird social crusade” is your lone standard. Not mine.

            And I’ll mention in passing that, if you really want to know the enemy, you’d best not downplay the major role that the Jesuits, Masons, and Jews have had in the demise of these disunited States.

          • Jews played a huge part, I’m not going to touch the Other Conspiratard stufg you’re hitting on because no one bears more blame than Yankee WASPs and Jews.

          • “Conspiritard” tells me you’re not very well educated on the relevant subjects, and it makes you look like one of those godforsaken lowlifes who comment on Youtube. I expect you’ll never really be able to understand the full picture of what went so horribly wrong, as your emotional investment in a narrow, only partially correct narrative is short-circuiting your ability to think clearly on this particular subject.

          • Okay, I get it. You’re uneducated. Probably not even a real Southerner.

            And I don’t know where mudville is? You are weird.

          • It is the Germanic/Nordic blood. I swear. Great White people but they must be ruled over by non-suicidal Whites.

          • I don’t believe in nations? Says who and since when?

            And by the way, if people like you are going to running whatever “nation” you think you’re going to be carving out for yourself, then I definitely don’t want to be a part of it. My hope for a White nation is that it will be run by intelligent White men like me.

          • I don’t know what a “mud” is? When attempting to communicate with me, try and confine yourself to the English language.

            You’re a very one-note type personality, and this does not testify to much in the way of a robust intellect.

          • Yet it was a very real dividing line historically. It was as relevant as German nationalists vs British-Jewish values. The Confederacy was a white ethnostate, albeit one that included black slavery. It should be understood that not every Southern state wanted black slavery. The founding of Georgia for example was said to be a noble, agrarian state for white Brits of good character and initially rejected black slaves. British and American elites who wanted profit over principles had their way instead. We still live that way now.

          • Yeah, I don’t understand any defense of WASP culture. When this guy says WASP, I think of people like FDR or Nelson Rockefeller, Northern liberal Yankees.

            Southerners don’t claim to be WASPs. They are Southerners.

          • Same, to me WASP = rootless, cosmopolitan elite. No culture aside from whatever shit Hollywood and New York fill their heads with.

          • Saying white Anglo-Saxon is redundant anyway. WASP does sound better than ASP though.

            As an Americanism, WASP just means a traditional American of North Euro descent. You know, the old two kids and a white picket fence deal. So boring. We need niggers dancing in the streets says the Jew.

    • WASPs are Pussies who turned over the Ivy League, Wall Street, and Corporations to the Jews. Northeastern WASPs were also responsible for all the weird cults which swept America like the Great Awakening, Abolitionism, and Progressivism.

        • If anyone defends WASP Culture here, it needs to be restricted to Southern Protestants, from whom I’m descended on my father’s side.

          Northeastern WASPs have been worthless since the Puritans. You can make a direct line to the predicament America is now in all the way back to their ridiculous Puritan theology at Plymouth Rock.

          • It’s genetic. Like a white suicide gene in the Germanic peoples. Good thing Trump is half Gael .

          • You know what, on the one hand, that video was funny. On the other hand, that type of thing is pure mind-poison. It destroys your ability to take seriously what should be an incredibly serious issue (politics). We are in a life and death struggle. Mixing serious issues with flippant, frivolous, absurd, surreal, bizarre comedy destroys your mind’s ability to separate gold from dross.

            (((Somebody))) has used comedy as a very effective weapon against us in order to defame and weaken our morality, and to expose to mockery and ridicule all that we hold dear. Let’s not help them by picking up the baton they’ve handed us and running with it.

          • And the reason the South is different is the lack of Germanic blood. The South is mostly Celtic peoples. Good book, Cracker Culture, Celtic Ways in the Old South.

          • Also Born Fighting by Jim Webb, and Four Folkways by David Hackett Fischer.

            Fischer explains that Northeastern WASPs suck because they are Puritans from Bristol, England. Virginia cavaliers were descended from southern English Royalists, Appalachian settlers were Scots borderers and Ulster Scots.

          • You mean Albion’s Seed by Fisher. Good book. I am a Southerner but I lived in Sweden and I learned their language. They are a sick people. Everything is about black and white morality. I put my money on it, the Germanic/Nordic people have a suicide gene. They were ruled by an Aryan elite that has now been overthrown and thus they are highly destructive to the survival of all other White people. They must be dealt with and put in a box.

          • Please, let’s not engage in this finger-pointing nonsense. What are the majority of White southern youth doing these days? Aping nigger culture? Listening to that “redneck rap” / country hybrid garbage? Different White ethnic groups might have different strengths and weaknesses. But I can assure you, if we don’t put aside our petty differences, we are all toast.

          • But I can assure you, if we don’t put aside our petty differences, we are all toast.

            Better yet, we should just start policing the people in the alt-right who always try to create these problems.

      • I am aware of the history. The treasonous, liberal actions of the Yankee WASPs could be an interesting source for its own sociological study. I suspect that Jesuitic and Masonic elements as being the primary culprits.

        • I don’t think Catholics and secret societies are to blame for Yankee WASPs ceding their birthright to Jews. As Paul Gottfried said, the WASPs did it to themselves. WASPs with their strange religious beliefs were going to end up in their predicament no matter what.

          • At a certain point, Whites need to look in the mirror and Blame themselves. It was the WASPs who turned over their institutions to the Jews.

          • Keep bitching on your blog no one reads rather than learning from history, it was arrogant liberal WASPs like yourself who thought they could improve society by freeing Negroes, engaging in early Progressive politics, and opening the Ivy League to the Jews. Someone had to open the drawbridge for the Jews, good job.

          • The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel,
            parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat.
            But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured
            he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

          • Yes Jews suck. We know that. Jews alone don’t address the failures of American WASP society.

          • Whites need only blame themselves for their weakness. (Moral, spiritual, intellectual) That is the only guilt we bear in this situation. The rest is murder, not suicide. What I find the most perplexing is how the royalty and nobility of old Europe ever let the Rothschilds and other jews get a foothold in the banking system. Why in God’s name didn’t they nip that situation in the bud, while they were holding all the cards? That is the root of all this. The money power was used to buy off the elite strata of our society. Meanwhile, various psychological tricks, and the jews’ “high verbal IQ” was employed to bring the less intelligent masses under their influence. Then the brainwashed masses are used as a weapon against any who are too smart to fall for the con.

  • It was easier being diaspora Irish Catholic back in the 70s…March 17 was something we celebrated amongst ourselves.I cringe at the ‘kiss me I’m oirish’ shekel grab.

    • We should avoid yid like aggrieved language such as “diaspora” and though I have lived in Ireland and visit there often I will say any Irishman who moves to America should move there with the notion that they will become American.

  • Trump got a big laugh out of the line that he and Merkel might have something in common…regarding the former administration.

  • Anti RC diatribe from a person who aught to know better. The white population of the USA would be virtually non existent were it not for Irish, Italian, German, Dutch and Old English settlers who all belonged to that faith. This Wasp business is a myth; Catholisism is the European mother faith. Ask Mike Pence;Paul Ryan or Kellyanne Conway ! You may have insulted Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen into the bargain also. Happy St Patrick’s day; Green White and Orange !!

    • Typical ahistorical Catholic. The White WASP population would be purring along nicely had it not been far to naive and charitable towards the non-White, non-WASP peoples of the world, by letting them invade our sacred White Christian Homeland. This WASP “business” is certainly not a myth, except in the minds of anti-Christian, Judeo-Catholics.

      Christianity is the original, post-pagan faith of Europe. Catholicism was a usurping latecomer that took over the same as all other anti-Christian peoples take over – by force.

      • No, the Pozzed Northeastern WASPs would have turned over America to the Jews as they have done. It was also the Northeastern WASPs who plunged America into Civil War because they thought every Negro slave was as well spoken as Frederick Douglass.

        Southern Scots Irish Protestants are fine, but lets not defend Yankee WASPs.

        • The Yankees weren’t fighting to free the slaves – they were fighting to stop slavery – i.e. blacks – from spreading West. Lincoln wanted to send them back to Africa.

          You aren’t a Yankee and you aren’t a Southron, you want to turn Dixie over to the blacks, you attack Wallace and Spencer and you hate White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, i.e., the founding Americans.

          Well that is not surprise coming from “Yehuda Finkelstein.”

          When are you making aliyah?

          • You are correct that I live in a muddy nation, China that is. And that has just made me even more of a White Nationalist that I ever would have been if I would not have come here. You are dead wrong when you say I am anti-white though. I am not here to attack anyone but to promote our White, Western, Christian civilization.

  • Yeah, boy. Roman Catholics, and the Roman Catholic Church are anti-free speech, and anti-free press going back to when the killed people for translating the Bible into the common languages like English & German.

    I get a kick out of Roman Catholics, who tell you that the Pope is only infallible, when he speaks on faith & morals. Gee, is that all he’s infallible on, the dumb bastards, that pretty well covers most anything, because almost anything is an act of faith or morality.

    Then take a look at the votes of Roman Catholics in Congress and the US Senate, they vote with the Jews to pass almost all anti-White legislation. That’s a matter of fact.

    On another topic: Will Angela Merkel talk with Trump about the fact that Obama bugged her communications?

  • Modern America mangages to turn every traditional western rememberance into an insult.

    St. Patrick’s Day: It’s all about drinking and being a lout – because you irish are all a bunch of drunken louts. We’ll even force you to let flaming homosexuals and trannies join in your Saint’s day march.

    Thanksgiving: Your day of giving thanks to God we will befoul by capping it with “Black Friday” – a day dedicated to waiting in line in front of a big-box store and crawling over other people to get a discount on an flat-screen TV.

    Christmas: We’ll turn it into a purely meretricious sales campaign, accompanied by secular songs about now non existent social rituals. Hollywood will release their annual holocaust-themed movies just before the holiday. And on the holy day itself, they’ll release vile trash like “The Hateful Eight”. Just like AMC uses Sunday to air “The Walking Dead”

    Independence Day: Now used as a day for swearing-in new citizens (many of whom can barely even speak English) – because we are a “nation of immigrants”.

    • “We’ll even force you to let flaming homosexuals and trannies join in your Saint’s day march.”

      B…b…but they have their own parade. And this holiday is about St. Patrick, and Irishness, and the color green…

      SHUT UP, BIGOT!!!!

      I was going to drink a Guinness today to mark the occasion. Then I remembered, Guinness made a scene of pulling their sponsorship from that parade over their homomania. I was a loyal Guinness drinker for probably about 15 years. DONE!

      • A bit of a follow up on that… As I was recalling Guiness’ homomania, I decided to Wiki the owners of the company. It is now under some conglomerate called Diageo. The CEO is an Indian-born “American” named Ivan Menezes. An Indian, with American citizenship and a Russian name. Wow, just wow. Your fine Irish brewing tradition that stretches back several hundred years is now under the umbrella of some faceless, soulless conglomerate, overseen by a street-shi**ing Hindu. And Ivan Menezes has a brother, Victor. Victor is, or was, CEO or CFO of Citibank.

        As George Carlin said, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it”.

        • Same corporations and banks that own everything from beer to funeral homes. Only one thing will save us and that is hard core nationalism and a cleansing war.

          • The older I get(turned 47 on St. Patty’s Day) the more I am afraid you are right.

    • Why is that? Fiat money? Immigration? Central Banking? Election rigging? TV? What were the flaws that were exploited intentionally or otherwise, that led to all of this?

  • “At one point, I started wearing Orange on March 17 . . . though the message was seemingly lost on most everyone I encountered.”

    Even better – wear black and tan.

  • I hated St. Patrick’s Day in school, only kid with any Irish blood at a 98% brown/mestizo Mexican school – and they’d pinch me for not wearing green because I didn’t like to wear what I’d considered to be “boy colors”.

    • The real colors of St. Patrick are blue or more exactly St. Patrick’s blue.'s_blue
      The fact that most people do not know this, especially American’s of Irish origin only goes to show how superficial the ‘holiday’ truly has become. And good on you for not wearing green if you did not like it 🙂

  • You deleted my Comment AltRight.Com??? What the Hell! That was a fine comment. Excellent in fact. I will post it on Twitter, and let others decide. You can bet, I won’t be wasting my time posting replies here, just to have them deleted without any good reason. How insulting!

    • Was it a 9,000 word diatribe completely unrelated to the article you commented on? Because those are annoying.

        • I’m pretty sure that curse words get messages filtered out automatically. It didn’t used to be that way, but I think it’s a more recent change to their Disqus account.

          • Yeah, I’ve noticed that too recently.
            I attempted to post (at other sites that also use Disqus) several comments which wouldn’t post for some reason.
            I eventually realized that the thing they all had in common was the word “bullsh*t,” LOL!

        • Very good comment. But yeah, I think Jessica is correct: it’s bc of the word “bat sh*t crazy,” rather than anything to do with the actual thoughts expressed by your post.

    • Don’t worry, nothing here gets deleted. If they could be bothered to clean up the comments (and I mean other comments, not yours), the site would look a lot less trashy.

  • St Patrick’s Day is supposed to be a feast day to celebrate a holy man of God who brought the apostolic faith to Ireland. A man who overawed the pagan kings by his zeal and faith in Christ.

    When St Patrick was to meet with a pagan king, he spent the whole night before mortifying himself for the sake of that kings soul, freezing in an ice bath. When he spoke to the king he was exhausted and looked like a man listless and tired from battle. The king laughed and asked the saint with whom he had made war the night before, and the saint said “I have engaged in spiritual warfare against the devil for your soul” and related how he had froze in an icebath all the night before. The king was astonished and inspired to listen to the saint share the gospel and afterwards was converted and baptized with his tribe.

    The debauchery and fornication is damnable.

    • Ireland would probably have been better off to reject the foreign sham religion, and stuck to the one that evolved uniquely to their own genetic based characteristics.

      • Yeah, just forget about the nearly two millennia of stunning cultural, artistic, scientific, and economic success Europe experienced under Christendom. And the whole conquering the known world part. It was just a blip.

        I don’t mean to denigrate any form of European Paganism. We should be in touch with our roots. But if the Celts (or the Vikings for that matter) hadn’t been Christianized, they’d probably still be nothing but tiny squabbling clans.

      • And the death of the Irish people just so happens to coincide with a general mass apostasy from the Catholic faith. If the Irish remained true to the faith they would yet be vital, True Catholics don’t practice contraception and don’t tolerate fag-shit, especially pagan LARPERS

        • Yea like all the left wing, Norse pagan fakes who lurk here. Again we will reclaim our institutions or perish. And then you will get some retard on here touting the greatness of the corrupt nobility (all half breed Jews by the way) stealing a religion, plundering the church and making themselves god like. Called Anglicanism.

          If anyone deserves the wrath of the right it is the sick, twisted Anglo nobility.

          The one true Catholic faith needs to join with the Orthodox, then OUTLAW all other fake faiths. The fake Christian haters of Northern Ireland will be given a choice. Most will chose wisely and rejoin their people. The diehards and pagans like the clown that the mudbloods running this site promote that MacNallen creature will be given a choice, join your brothers in the true faith or face electro shock treatment.

      • Celts were basically conquered by Christians, so obviously they weren’t all that in terms of military prowess. The Romans didn’t have much of an opinion of them, as they were seen as being a bunch of drunks with the women actually doing all of the work minus the warrior stuff. Alex Harris is spot on, without Christianity, Europe would have never culturally blossomed and the beautiful cities you have today on that continent would not exist. The hammer blow to the Celts/Irish people was the inevitable corruption of the Catholic Church due to its marriage to the State, which in turn married international finance. The international left also infiltrated the Church, both Catholic and Protestant with clergy that believed in dependency theory and took on a Marxist bent. The current pope is a prime example of this, as South America has been the main area for this phenomena.

      • Celts are in there death throws because they shrugged off the very Christianity that sustained them through thick and thin for over a millennia. In fact, they returned to the debauchery that they practiced as pagans. Without Christianity and the Roman Law/Greek thought that came along with it, the Celts would have probably stayed in a rather primitive state, not evolving. They would have been like the native Americans.

      • It’s true that Christianity is essentially a foreign-imposed religion on the peoples of Europe, but while the exchange went both ways. Europeans shaped the Church as much as the Church shaped Europe.

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