Jeffrey Tucker, Libertarianism, And The Alt-Right

HW: This podcast is a response to Jeffrey Tucker’s recent articles on the Alt-Right, his article on Taco Bell and never turning down money and the YouTube video below.


Harold Crews and Brad Griffin, Occidental Dissent &, discuss recent thoughts from the libertarian Jeffrey Tucker and his opposition to Nationalism and the Alt-Right in particular. Harold and Brad describe and critique Tucker’s understanding of the five principles making up the pre-history of the Alt-Right as he sees them. Those principles being Racialism, Nationalism, Protectionism, Historicism, and Statism. Harold and Brad go on to critique libertarianism in general as being a destructive force on nations, families, and society through it individualism.

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  • Also we need to drop Ayn Rand’s novels into the trash and completely forget about her. She promoted nearly the full agenda of feminism and sexual degeneracy, stopping short of advocating gay relationships and transgenderism.

    And she somehow managed to transmit her disgust and phobias about pregnancy, childbirth and family life to her weak-minded fangirls so that they, too, would turn into sterile Objectivist cat ladies. We have enough forces now pushing for white sterility without Rand’s help, thank you.

  • The guys on this podcast have it basically right: Our elites’ world view approximately equals Tucker’s sort of libertarianism minus the hard money nuttery. That explains why no one in the elites has sicced their proxies on Tucker to sucker-punch him, ban him from entering certain countries, disrupt his public appearances, cause him to lose jobs and so forth. You have to become a public figure in the Alt Right for that to happen to you, and the difference shows what our elites really care about and whom they consider their most dangerous adversaries.

  • I’m an alt-right libertarian who first became interested in politics during Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign. I believe that most (> 80%) of Ron Paul’s support has moved to the alt right. I hate to even use the term libertarian thanks to what people like Cucker, the Cato-Shekelstein foundation, etc have done to it.

    That being said, I put identity over polticis and am happy to put any differences aside with socialist alt-righters until we can establish a white majoritarian society. At that point we can argue taxes, welfare, central banking, etc., with our common identity always at the fore. I believe that ‘liberty’ is an exclusively white concept which has historically only existed in white societies. Only whites are capable of the self-sufficiency, high time-preferences, and individualism that allows for liberty to exist. Since liberty cannot exist when a society is under threat of foreign invasion, a state is necessary to protect liberty as understood by that culture.

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