The “Alt-Right” Thrashed in Australia

Apparently, yet another right-wing populist has failed to deliver.

From a gloating Washpo:

Here, though, is some news from Down Under. The Australian version of the international brand – Pauline Hanson – has just suffered a bad stumble.

This is the first mention I have heard of Pauline Hanson, and perhaps some of our readers haven’t heard of her either. With Hofer and Geert and Hanson- the MSM seem to be discovering new hitherto unknown leaders of the Alt-Right every other day. Thanks for the info!

The snark continues:

Polls had suggested Hanson might achieve 13 percent of the vote – rather than the 4.9 percent she ended up achieving. (The party didn’t contest all seats, averaging 8 percent in the seats in which it stood a candidate.)

So why was Hanson expected to do so well? Why did she come unstuck? And could there be lessons for other countries experiencing an emboldened alt-right movement?

Apparently Hanson was a bit of a maverick in Australian politics. She looks like an Australian Sarah Palin. And she seems to have failed like the American Sarah Palin.

She made her debut pulling out a Trump-esque line in her first speech at Parliament in 1996:

“I am fed up to the back teeth with the inequalities that are being promoted by the government and paid for by the taxpayer under the assumption that Aboriginals are the most disadvantaged people in Australia.”

But making fun of Abos seems to be a national past-time in Straya’. What she said next downright Shitlordy.

“I believe we are in danger of being swamped by Asians.”


“We are in danger of being swamped by Muslims who bear a culture and ideology that is incompatible to our own.”

That’s not bad. Apparently Mrs. Hanson has been around for awhile and made polite society reach for its smelling salts on numerous occasions. The effete SWPL class of Australia apparently enjoyed mocking her and labeling her as a country rube that ran a fish and chips shop and didn’t know what the word “xenophobe” meant. In all fairness, Mrs Hanson seems a little “basic.” Like an Australian soccer mom propped up by cuckservatives too afraid to run a White Male ™.

I admit however that this is just speculation on my part…

The whole point of this article is the following:

This may be the first time the body politic has defeated the alt-right virus – and done it without the loss of too many limbs. But why?

Basically, the Lying Press thinks they’ve figured out how to defeat Putin’s elusive far-right global conspiracy because of the defeat of this one maverick in Australia.

Which brings us to what actually made Hanson come unstuck in this week’s election.

This time, no one attacked her vocabulary. There was a widespread view that mocking Hanson was bad politics: “I respect her. I respect her election,” said the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, through delicately clenched teeth. The focus, it was said, should be on policy.

And, just maybe, it worked. Policy, it turned out, was the real peril of Pauline.

Interesting. So they want a debate on policy? Careful what you wish for.

I don’t know what Hanson stood for or if there was anymore substance to her than a few “xenophobic” quips. She seems more like an Alt-Lite generic conservative than anything resembling the Alt-Right. It’s easy to set up a generic conservative strawman, call it “Alt-Right”, knock it down and then claim victory over the Alt-Right.

But to use a cliche, ideas are bulletproof. And the strength of the Alt-Right lies in its forward thinking and taboo-breaking RealTalk. We can talk policy all day- if the Left wasn’t so keen on no-platforming everyone to the right of 2nd term Barack H. Obama. When you label everyone that disagrees with you as a “literal Nazi,” you may end up alienating a significant part of the voting electorate who will vote out of resentment just to spite you. It seems that the Left is starting to come to a dim understanding of what truly happened with Trump. He was the Molotov cocktail of White proletariat America’s rage, right Comrade Moore?

But back here in the USA, we on the Alt-Right have very little reason to worry. The Left has unstoppered the Genie’s Bottle of identity politics and racial resentment. There is no going back. Things will continue to escalate and the Democrats won’t be able to muzzle the radical Left within their party.  They will simply alienate more and more White Americans. And we will grow as a result.

So is it disappointing that Hanson performed poorly? Eh, maybe. But did we get upset when Sarah Palin crashed and burned? Not really. And if this really was Australia’s Sarah Palin moment, then it sure as shucks isn’t a sign of what’s to come.



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  • As much as we all can agree on what she stands for, Pauline was never going to win anything high stakes, she’s too easy to bait and manipulate to make her look bad, she’s not a politician, and thats a good and bad thing, to win she needs to have SOME politician in her to deliver better speeches and articulate what she wants to the people, that’s where she fails, maybe all she needs is a better spokesperson.

    • She was an absolute gift to the MSM, who were very happy to portray her as the voice of “xenophobia” and “racism,” the better to discredit those ideas as “dumb.” Although she resonates with a lot of Aussie “battlers,” it’s disappointing that a more articulate voice hasn’t supplanted her.

  • Really? Never heard of Hanson…She led the pro-gun efforts in the 90’s when govt. went about confiscating arms.

  • The West is a culture of heroes. You can’t just spout a populist ideology and expect the masses to come running. Trump is a larger than life character… Pauline (and other pretenders) are at the other end of the spectrum. Heroes>Ideology

  • 1990’s Pauline was far more alt-right, though she was set up by a Liberal plant who eventually split her party. Now she preaches alt-lite has been since her return to politics. She knows… Abbott the ex-PM help put her in jail back in the day, on hopped up charges… people don’t forget that. Australia’s first pro-Australian/white political prisoner.

    Why she lost, yet still won third place above the cultural Marxist The Greens, I call that a win still, the MSM is trying to build something from nothing here IMO… homoecominicus boomertards who voted for PHON federally cause they hate the mass third world invasion, voted Labor in this state election for promises of keeping electricity prices low and not selling off the state assets. This will back fire eventually as the Eastern states have already played this trick, left, right major parties promise and cross their black hearts not to sell off state infrastructure to international company conglomerates. After the major parties get into power 12 – 18 months before the next state election, low and behold the electricity and ports get sold off to pay for the huge debts of the state govs… Coincidentally our electricity prices skyrocketed as the competition that was promised to bring prices down has gouged out profits…

    QLD, NSW, Vic have already done this over the last 10-15 years… so the ploys don’t work out well here. The PM is now sprucing anything but coal fried power to remedy the situation, Musk’s batteries that will power a town for 1 hour, Snowy hydro electric that costs power to run, and gas fracking that no one wants in there backyard. None of these so called solutions will ease the problems being encountered.

    If anything these progressive state governments will increase the needed pain to have West Australians voting for a Nationalist party in the future. Perth schools will now enjoy the “Safe Schools” program, literally a homo recruitment tool in the schools, which was originally co written by a pedo academic activist, it was that bad the education department had to take over to make it more acceptable.

    Australia has a real chance of having a worse is better government federally in the future due to all the micro right wing parties.

    All these little parties may unite if the right leader comes along to coalesce them all. Which is possible.

    • yeh the 90s u couldn’t go too far right but now u cant go far enough. people need to realize this isn’t 20 years ago. whites that grew up as minorities are now voting. bring it on

      • I think those of us born in the 80s and just before have an interesting view of history as we have literally seen the dramatic change happen before our very eyes. Do white kids in high school/college really view themselves as minorities now? (Honest question, no snark)

        • no but they are in most cases still half the class. the ones under 15% all learn the hard way that they r

  • Hanson’s results in WA are impressive for a micro party, 8% in electorates they stood for is a great start, plus they clinched seats in the Upper House. A ON Senator mentioned it’s a 300% increase. Plus Andrew Bolt pointed out the preference deal with the Liberals hurt HER, not vice versa. They’ve got a foothold. Queensland will be the real test of her popularity. Onya Pauline!!

    • Hanson’s “One Nation” party took 25% in Queensland in 1998.

        • Unfortunately, the electorate has likely grown substantially more cucked.

          • True but I just hope there are enough Aussies left who remember life pre-mass migration. I have family up north and even the young generations are talking about her. I get the feeling ON will go the distance.

  • Politics is the not the way forward… clearly…. being awake and aware only puts you in the crosshairs .. I must suggest discretion and anonymous artivism for anyone seriously wanting to work to alert whitey… its a very difficult message to swallow and whitey is far too dumbed down …. perhaps you need a pink drink rather than a red pill … an alt right cosmo .. a glass of pink lemonade and a quiet chat .. a wink .. a nod… Golden Dawn is active in Australia… I think they use a very clever approach; public outreach, generosity.

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  • Alt Right is as yet too nascent to play politics.

    It has to mentally liberate minds first by carrying out psycholocaust against the Jewish virus in the minds of whites.

  • I too was unfamiliar with her before reading this piece. Her statements quoted here do somewhat “soccer momish”. As tot he comparison with the rabid Zionist Sarah Palin, I am not sorry that Palin crashed and burned. The Alt-Right can do better than Palin, much better. Technically, as the Alt-Right is far right and inclined towards tradition, we really should not be running women for political office.
    The Australian Alt-Right types just need to remember the Three Principles.

  • “We defeated the Alt Right”

    Wow. It was only a state election. Pauline didn’t even contest this election (she’s a Senator at federal level). That and as far as the AR-AL spectrum goes, she is pretty close to the Alt-Lite end of the spectrum (they, among other things, spout the “Israel is our greatest ally” nonsense, & blasted New Zealand for “siding with Muslim dictators” when we (I’m a New Zealander) co-sponsored the recent UN resolution on Israel/Palestine). I did not think the Washington Post would be able to puff this up very much, but they have, & made it laughable.

    • When she first made a splash in the late 90s everyone understood her to represent the “racist vote.” It’s still largely the case today, even though she has decidedly moderated her message since then. Someone like that can present as “Alt Lite” all they want and it won’t change much.

    • Yes,I think you are correct.However,it occurs to me that for those who are courageous a script is needed.The Alt Right has such a script but not noted in a coherent form.I am sure there are many such as Hanson who would stand if they felt a confidence in their ideology.I don’t see that at present.The BNP in Britain failed on ideology.The Alt Right will not make the same mistakes.

      • The BNP failed when Nick Griffin went on BBC Question Time and cucked to black feminist Bonnie Greer. I agree the Alt Right is unlikely to do that. Griffin despite his McNazi origins wanted to be seen as respectable by people who want him dead. The Alt Right holds those people in contempt.

        Pauline Hanson is definitely pre-Alt-Right, but she has the advantage of being neither an ex- Nazi nor a Conservative. She has always been a Nationalist.

        • The QT in question was a planned bloodbath for the BNP.NG should never have taken part.I am still left wondering whether he was genuine or not?Lack of financial propriety certainly didn’t help.

  • Hanson made the typical mistake of demonizing foreigners while never actually standing up for Whites. A decade ago when she was complaining about the Abos, it didn’t sit well with a lot of Aussies because the Aussies were completely dominant in comparison to the Abos and pretending to care for Abos was a mark of high social status.

    It’s harder for the average Aussie to feel superior to violent Lebs or wealthy Chinese. Hanson somewhat went off the rails by going neo-con about “radical Islam” and silliness about halal food.

    What she should have done is emphasize the Anglo-Saxon Christian roots of Australia and discussed bringing back the White Australia policy. Sure the average Aussie may not be ready for that yet but you’re going to get called a “racist” either way so you may as well come out with it.

    • Actual Aborigines are not much of a problem for Oz, but the 1/16 pseudo-Abo class of SJWs definitely are. They are whites who get to pretend to be native & sit at the top of the oppression totem pole lecturing the rest. Anyone who complains gets treated like Andrew Bolt.

      • So it’s kinda like Native Americans in the US where you have white people like Elizabeth Warren claiming she’s Pocahontas or the SJWs who complain about the names of football teams while the vast majority of actual natives don’t give a shit.

    • Apparently he’s a Greek immigrant to Australia. Here’s another fact, it was a Greek immigrant to South Africa that miscegenated with a Negro and it’s mulatto spawn murdered the architect of Apartheid. Noticing a pattern?

      • There was another Greek in SA that was a very close associate of Mandela…

        Greece saw it’s modern rise after the Junta during the reign of Andreas Papandreou (a socialist) and tied Greece forever with the left globalist establishment. To top it all when Tsipras, an openly leftist candidate, yeah in Greek they used to hid it ’till very recently, won the elections he was sired as the hope of the leftist establishment in Europe the leftist governor who would save his country! For this reason he was even pushed by Bill Clinton at his start and he was such a buffoon that he managed to do damage to the country! Obama’s last visit as a president to a foreign country was in Greece and it was a last ditch attempt to push the country… Lastly (I say this with horror, of the situation) you can ask a white immigrant (from Eastern Europe, excluding Albania) if he is in favor of closing the borders and you will have a greater chance of the answer to positive by a substantial margin over a Greek! Honestly one cannot make any sense of it. To top it all all my peers (finishing my studies at 22 years old), well except one from 70 people that means 2 persons, are leftists…

      • Cast thy bread upon the waters…

        Greece now boasts the last White president of South Africa, the traitor FW de Klerk. After he gave away the farm, he divorced his wife and buggered off to Greece with the Greek wife of a friend… I expect she was part of his price. Her, and the European passport and residence. His ex-wife was murdered in mysterious circumstances shortly after. Maybe she was a bonus.

        Greece is welcome to him; although, true justice would require him to remain in the mess he created. Mind you, by now he would have joined the ANC, as the rest of his cabinet did. These bastards always seem to land on their feet. True justice is a rare bird, seldom seen.

    • Why, why? Why we Greeks have fell to be the Niggers of Europe, the palls of skypes in the New York and Abos worshipers in Austrial? We are a disgrace to our race (I mad a rhyme!) and our own history!!!

    • Goddam, that surname reminds me high school English class in Australia, when we had to read this anti-racist screed about an imagined MLK/Malcolm X debate which was held up as an exemplary piece of argumentative writing. (This English kid smirked, “Karapanagiotidis? Sounds like the name of a disease.” I think the English are congenitally given to smirking at foreign names.)

  • We lived in Australia when Ms Hanson first started to speak out.Then,many supported what she was saying.Parts of Sydney were full of Arabs with the accompanying problems.Hanson’s views now should have gained more traction with the recent influx of primates from Africa.

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