Richard discusses the IRS’s revocation of NPI’s tax-exempt status, our application for reinstatement, and how the act was and was not “political.”

  • Yehudah Finkelstein

    I don’t trust the IRS. Look what they did to David Duke.

  • Jason R.

    don’t worry about this, Richard – these emergencies come about because of the engineered tax environment we live in. Tax code and tax laws are so numerous, conflicting, and predatory that no one understands them. When we come into the land of our inheritance, let us learn that simple and very low taxation is the best road.

  • Billy Brown

    muh taxes! what a neocon jk gl. ill donate when u guys are going to back a radical right governor

  • Tex Wood

    Let’s put this into perspective to make things clear. IRS gives Satan Club tax exempt status in only 10 days!