Forget Wilders Losing, THIS is the Real Story from the Netherlands

For those who have been following the elections in Holland, the results are in.

From the Express

Denk, a party founded by Tunahan Kuzu and Selçuk Öztürk has become the first ever ethic minority party in the Dutch parliament.

The party, which has long been accused of being a mouthpiece for Turkish president Recep Erdogan, won three seats in an election focused on immigration.

Party leader Tunahan Kuzu said: “This is the beginning of a new chapter in our history. The new Netherlands has given a vote in the House.”

This is a historic development. It seems that we are moving quickly along the Houellebecqian timeline. The Muslims in Europe are starting to form their own parties and are making headway in the elections. They are now explicitly pro-migrant, that is pro-themselves. Before this, it was major European parties on the Left and the Cuck Right that encouraged immigration and pandered to immigrants for their votes.

But now they are starting to self-organize. (With a little help from Turkey of course.)

It is only a matter of time before the Qataris or the Saudis start ramping up their support of their proxies in places like France and Belgium. Radical mosques, parallel communities and terrorists cells already exist. Political parties will quickly follow.

Why do all this? Well, it’s all a matter of leverage, something that Erdogan understands very well. Imagine you’re the NSA and you’re listening in one of Mama Merkel’s calls with T*rkish President, Sultan Erdogan.

“Ahhh, Frau Merkel, you want to deny Turkey membership in the EU? It would be very unfortunate if I told all the Turks living in Germany to vote for the other cuck party or a terror attack happened on German soil…What, 3 billion Euros to not keep pushing the refugees north into Europe? A wise decision, Frau Merkel…”

Oh, and who did all the good White SWPLs and Bobos vote for?

Imagine the SWPLiest party in existence…

Well, the Greens of course. From the Independent:

Pro-environment parties that prioritise tackling climate change have greatly increased the number of seats they are expected to take in the Dutch election, with the Greens doing best of all by almost quadrupling their vote share.

Support for the two most pro-EU parties, the progressive D66 and GreenLeft, was way up on 2012, exit polls show.

The Greens jumped from four seats to 14 in parliament, in part thanks to the campaign led by charismatic leader Jesse Klaver, who has been likened to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

It is funny to observe the SWPL White mentality at work. They didn’t vote for Denk, thats what the actual immigrants did.

The new europeans

But they were more than willing to vote for the party that talks about wanting to be more “pro-refugee” or more multicultural or something similar. But, of course, the Greens are a very huwhyte party aren’t they?

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t Justin Trudeau giving a TED talk, its Jesse Klaver, the leader of the Greens.

Strange, when there actually is a party comprised of immigrants, they don’t seem to want to vote for them. Curious isn’t it? Almost like they are more interested in virtue-signaling than anything else…

More from the article:

Mr Klaver said before the first exit poll was announced that “left-wing friends in Europe” should “stand for your principles”. “Be straight (they must be referring to honesty not sexual orientation). Be pro-refugee. Be pro-European,” he said. “We’re gaining momentum in the polls. And I think that’s the message we have to send to Europe. You can stop populism.”

Yes, the populist wave can be stopped in Europe, and it is the 68’ers, the comfortable upper-middle class and their SWPL spawn that are doing everything they can to virtue-signal Europe into its grave.

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  • The real story is decades of effective, ubiquitous anti-white propaganda has put white people in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe (and the rest of the world) in a heavily brainwashed state called DEMORALIZATION.

    Demoralization explained by Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov: “What it basically means is to change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that despite the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interests of defending themselves, their families, their communities, and their country.”

    They’re just letting third world hordes pour in because they are afraid of being called racist, unable to defend themselves in their own minds. No amount of facts or information can undo this brainwashing. But effective counter-propaganda can. That means repeating a consistent message over and over which gradually chips away at the brainwashing.

    The anti-whites accomplish their demoralization mostly by calling people names like racist bigot xenophobe. Those words and the people who say them have to be delegitimized.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

      • We wouldn’t be wallowing in such degeneracy had we not been programmed by decades of propaganda that our morality was fundamentally unjust.

      • Then why do anti-whites spend billion on anti-white propaganda? Why do anti-whites take time off from their hedonistic pleasures to imprison people who speak out against white genocide? Why do anti-whites take the time to say “racist Nazi KKK!!” millions and millions of times?

          • So you’re admitting it’s not degeneracy, it’s propaganda. If anti-white propaganda works then pro-white propaganda will work, too. Are you interested in imposing pro-white propaganda on white people or are you just going to wallow in your superiority white white civilization crumbles?

  • Jesse Klaver his father is a Moroccan and he has a Dutch name for one reason. Because of his mothers father (his grandfather) who is ethnic Dutch and his mother’s mother is Indonisian.

    So no surprise were he stands! He is the same as those in DENK.

  • Self-Genocide……….from the White SWPL Vermin…….

    Is there any other Race or Gene Pool besides Whites which is infected with this Cancer?

    I think it’s Genetic and a Mental Illness……..together……

    They actually feel Empowered/Happy/Confident/Righteous as they commit Self-Genocide……

    …….and destroy what their Ancestors built and created over Multi-Millenia……

    Which is why……in America……if you vote for the Democrats……’re doing the same……

    And…..if you don’t vote……you’re doing the same……..

    Voting matters………and even though the GOP is horrible…….in many ways……

    … is the only path to Represent our Interests…….

  • Great analysis. I hate greens. They are the worst native european haters and the mudslime scum party is really a huge problem! Europe will be destroyed very soon. Today Cavosguluuuu from degenarate Turkey called out a religious war to europe. We must fight against those mentally retarded degenartes but we have no guns!

  • lol @ their feeble attempts worldwide to explain how they will integrate their two favorite groups, muzzies and homeauxs.

    • On the (((TEE-VEE))) recently, I saw a Moslem woman and a clearly heauxmeauxseksyouall female priest being interviewed together. CNN or MSNBC, I think. They must have been bashing Trump or something; I don’t really know as I usually just tune that BS out.

      A hell-bound dyke, posing as a “WOMAN of the cloth”, holding hands with a Moslem who’s husband will throw her heauxmeauxseksyouall ass off a tall building first chance he gets. Welcome to the gaping maw of madness.

  • Time to start thinking way outside the box. All of the points we need to control, in order to turn this around, or even to start to put people in the right places to turn this around, are controlled by our enemies. The name of the game is capture of control points. And there are no rules.

  • non-whites don’t give a shit about the environment. Are these “greens” too stupid to figure that out.

    • they all had white-guilt themed reality blocking NLP programming at University…it stops them from noticing the bloody obvious right in front of them….hmm I wonder how many “endangered species” got hacked with a machete & slung in the pot today?….all whitey’s fault of course for all that Colonial exploitation shit & our continued oppression of the beleaguered “minorities” so if we could all get out of our cars & start riding push-bikes that would really help to heal the World…(((climate change))) is a bigger threat than ISIS you know!

    • The Greens never really cared about the environment. Its always been nothing more than a communist front party under the guise of being pro-everything that feels or sounds good. Their policies aren’t even really good for the environment either and they’ll flip flop when called out to the point nothing would ever get done.

      Just another divide and conquer technique to keep people sidetracked from actually solving problems realistically and not with platitudes.

    • True. African Americans drinking toxic water in Flint, MI for many years and the green congressional candidate gets less than 1%. !

  • So the smart thing to do is drive a wedge between the uber-white Greens and these new non-White parties.

    Dutch shitlords should join the Greens and campaign against male genital mutilation and halal animal slaughter. The Greens are basically a white Identitarian party anyway, the tiny bit of diversity is just a way for the Dutch to pretend they are still in control.

    Really that is at the heart of anti-White Whites – they still want to believe that they are White leaders with a multi-cultural following. It’s basically imperialism. The blacks and the browns are absolutely correct about that. All these White “liberals” think they are Alexander the Great bringing civilization to the darkies, even when they interbreed it’s literally a form of biological imperialism, “whitening up” the lower races.

    • “…’whitening up’ the lower races.”

      Unfortunately for us, that’s not how reality works. You cannot purify the impure by mixing it with the pure. Only the reverse can happen. The pure must be maintained separate, to remain pure.

      Theoretically, if you have a very small number of White/Non-White hybrids, those individual bloodlines could be isolated and effectively “diluted” back to Whiteness. A mulatto mates with a White, the resulting quadroon mates with a White, the resulting octoroon mates with a White, and so on. You could get back to a seemingly pure White phenotype in several generations, but the genetic taint would linger longer. Bottom line is, we don’t want it.

  • A vote for the Greens is a vote for Denk though, isn’t it? They probably thought it would be cultural appropriation to vote for Denk. Otherwise many of them would have done so.

  • David Horowitz was a marxist intellectual whose parents were long-standing members of the American Communist Party and strong supports of Joseph Stalin. Horowitz was a large financial contributor to Wilders ‘Party for Freedom’. Sadly for some, Prime MinisterMark Rutte’s center-right party are raising their glasses of 1964 Cuvee Dom Perignon Vintage in a celebratory manner!

  • Whilst I am very disappointed at the Wilders vote we must remember that the movement is upward.
    Two very right wing seats were also garnered.A little realism will hit Holland very shortly in my opinion.Erdogan has promised!

    • That’s a good point. People may not feel as ‘endangered’ in the Netherlands as they are in France and Germany. Unfortunately, many more innocent Whites will have to be victimized by Muslim and African thugs before more of Hollands wakes up.

      • Innocent whites are always paying the price of the Zionist plans.However,I am getting increasingly sick of my own telling me that I am racist for daring to point out the evils of mass savage immigration.It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.

        • Anything and everything wrong and weird in this world takes me back to the good’ol Protocols. Regardless of whether it’s authentic or forgery (which makes Nilus a complete genius), whether it’s about Jews or Deep States or Illuminati, the Protocols have answers for everything that is wrong with Europe, America and “Goyim” states, in general.

          Back in a good’ol days, every prominent KGB operative had “Prince” by Machiavelli at his disposal. Well, have them Protocols as a good night sleep book and the ongoing world’s degeneracy and destruction will not look that strange and unfamiliar.

          • Spot on Fred!I am currently reading ‘Tell the truth and shame the Devil’
            Excellent read too!I just got my copy of Protocols but have started.Also 2 little leaflets that are very educative,’Zionism Rules the World’ (Henry Klein)
            and ‘The Menace of Money Power’ (AK Chesterton.

          • The Jews brought these nonwhites into Europe and in America and other white lands to use as an army against us. Jews want whites ‘out of the picture’ as whites have been the only race to stand up to them throughout history, and Jews think a majority nonwhite/coffee-colored race of people will be easier to rule over.

          • Paradoxically, nowadays, Jews can only survive and thrive in White-majority countries. It beats me why the majority of them is taking such an anti-White stand. The Russians call it “cutting a tree branch on which you sit.”

          • Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil is no longer available on Amazon – but can be downloaded as a pdf in either English or German on Twitter. look for tttastd on Twitter. I guess it will also be available at – but no more at Amazon.

          • ‘Tis true all books of truth have been removed by Amazon.Amazon will suffer methinks.People do not like being told what they can and can’t read and will go to great lengths to find these books.

      • Just a thing to point out from an acquittance living in the Netherlands, for the time being, the Dutch are simply put stupid and after-sighted. As long as the problem does not become apparent on their every-day lives they will do nothing. Also we are speaking about the nation that was the first in Europe to legalise cannabis and make it into a tourist attraction…

        • I don’t think this applies to the Dutch only.I speak with my neighbours friends etc and their response is that the encroaching darkness will not happen here.When I point out that ‘diversity’ isn’t diverse the penny seems to drop,but very, very slowly.

          • It is true to many cultures but i take the idea that many Europeans do understand the problem but cannot speak it. Well the cases of France (french Revolution, May 68′ ’nuff said), Greece (we lack cannabis legalization but we care only for our pockets) and the Netherlands are a bit different.

          • Isn’t it interesting the nations you mention,all European but different,diverse even?

          • Greece only starts to become diverse (most immigrants in Greece are from Eastern Europe), for the Netherlands I do not know but surely their situation is not that of France, which is diverce to the point that whites start to become minorities in ALL territories of France. In Greece hopefully Greeks only started THIS YEAR to consider immigration a problem by a 45%, only! In fact I believe that the more homogenous Western European nations do not see immigration a problem as they don’t know the problems it causes.

          • This is partly true.White flight is a result of experience with the primitive,but many in areas mainly white want their areas to stay that way.Perhaps we should question our message,delivery or our look?

          • We should always qustion all of these, if we drive away normies by our look we should accustom it to better suit them (although we already are well dressed enough, or at least normally dressed, the worst we can be is hipsters, as many simply employ the style), the message cannot really much change for now, we might postpone a bit the JQ stuff by hiding them with layers, but our anti third-worldism cannot be much watered down. the delivery is a difficult thing as the problem is that many people suffer from alithophobia, the fear of truth, but today I think that avoiding gaffes (heilgate) would be enough if we speak politely, avoiding some of the most extreme stuff (JQ and the full scope of our Anti-feminism and anti-homosexualism which in the end are just facets of traditionalism and heretophilia).

            I think though that our time is coming and the establishment will simply exhaust itself trying to cling to power at this moment.

      • They can ALL be victimized, and it won’t make one bit of difference if there are still a handful of White talking heads on the (((TEE-VEE))) telling them, “everything is fine, the economy is growing, diversity is our strength”.

    • I’m not convinced with this ‘worse is better’ philosophy that other ‘right wing’ and nationalists have adopted over the years. Things are getting worse in America and Western Europe, yet many of our people are still self-hating whites, naive, trusting and would rather die than be seen as ‘racists’

      Poland, Russia, Hungary, and the rest of Eastern Europe will stay white and strong while Western Europe, America, Canada and Australia is drowned in a sea of nonwhites. It will be just like the situation for whites in South Africa today

      • There is an ancient prophecy by Seer van Rensburg, an old Boer who said that one of these days Europeans would flood into Southern Africa and take it over once again. He seems to have been right about Trump because he said that there would be a black leader in America but then there would be a man who had “hair like a wig.” !

        Nevertheless, at the moment there are about 3 million White people in South Africa to about 53 Blacks – and they breed at an incredible rate, perhaps partly because the “Government ” there pays the young girls to have babies! It is crazy because many are starving.

  • The website needs some “grammar-Nazis.”

    Additionally to a few common misspellings, there’s a “quote” in the article which mixes quotation and commentary, which is just unnecessary.

    • if you’re interested, you can capture the needed edits and send them in an email to the AltRight team. They producing a LOT of content for a small operation and don’t always catch the mistakes, so we can be their back-up editors. I send in edits almost daily. Let’s help out.

      • That’s an option; at least if the edits you or others send in are accepted and the original article edited accordingly. The search engine caches will still capture the rough versions though.
        What the option doesn’t address is the general lack of proper grammar and spelling throughout the whole internet, where some basic proofreading will elevate the resulting text above major news sites with ease.

        Showing up at conferences dressed well is done for a reason.
        There’s no reason not to try to display a good attitude via text. It’s basically the dress shirt of the internet.

      • Trump should have been made a campaign appearance with Geert. Or do Europeans hate Trump?

          • That Europeans hate President Trump is anyway what the controlled mass media claim.

          • That’s why I ask. I’m not too familiar with foreign ((( MSM ))) but it sounds like they skew things much the same.

          • Unfortunately, not only MSM but also most of the alternative media are infiltrated – if not controlled – by the ethnic group of (((genius))).

      • That’s not quite what I meant. I wasn’t asking how it came to happen that Wilders lost (because he didn’t), but rather how is becoming the second-largest party in the country and increasing your number of seats in Parliament by one third (15 to 20) losing?

        • Fair point Jarno. People’s expectations had been raised a lot by recent polls and the crazy Turk aggression. Everyone needs to accept that polls are not reliable and emotional energy (hope) should not be invested in their predictions.

  • Mark Steyn mapped this all out in “America Alone”. I’d never even given one thought about Muz-lims before I read that book (ten years ago, I think?). Now it’s undeniable that he was not only correct but underestimated how quickly things would domino once a certain percentage of the European populace became Islamified.

      • Hispanamerica= A shittier and more degenerate version of America as it exists now. Basically Brazil.

        Islamic Europe= The obliteration of current European society and its institutions in favor of Sharia theocracy.

        When I look at what’s going on in Europe, I am glad we only have Mexicans to deal with.

        • From a geo-strategic perspective, the loss of America (and Canada) is likely worse than the loss of Europe. However, from a cultural and spiritual perspective, the reverse is obviously true.

          This can’t be allowed to happen. It simply cannot be allowed.

          • I disagree. I’d rather Europe stay white and European even if it meant America and Canada failed. Europe is our homeland; where our ancestors hail from.

          • All of the West needs to come together for this. Except for Canada, they’re disinvited. JK JK… lol

        • Do you realize how violent the blacks/Mexicans are? And that’s just while you outnumber them at the moment. You have lots of whites that will actively sell out their own race just to appease nonwhites or for their career.

      • That’s why it’s called “America Alone”. The book primarily focuses on the transformation of Europe into a satellite of the Islamic Caliphate. America alone will push back, so to speak.

        • America push back? Doubt it. White Americans are as cucked as Western Europe is, for the most part. It’s something in Anglos, Germans, Scandinavian people. We are trusting and refuse to think that nonwhites would ever harm us in any way, and if they did, well we ‘whites are racist and deserve it’ That’s the average Western European mindset.

          Eastern Europe on the other hand will fight.

          • Didn’t the push-back already begin with the election of Trump?

    • Don’t worry about Europe. Our role as Americans is to build the movement here to the point where the US military won’t intervene once Poland, Hungary, and France fire up the cattle trains ten years from now.

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