A World Without Whites: 115 Dead in Ethiopia Rubbish Dump Landslide

This is some Wall-e tier story from the Dark Continent.

Emergency workers in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa searched through a mountain of garbage for the fifth consecutive day on Thursday as the death toll from a landslide at a rubbish landfill site rose to 115.

The Horn of Africa country has declared three days of national mourning for the victims of the disaster that occurred at the 50-year-old Reppi dump on Saturday evening.

Two bodies were uncovered on Thursday morning, rescue workers and residents taking part in the search said, a day after a government spokesperson raised the toll to 113, 75 of whom were women

This happened in the capital city of Ethiopia, not just a poor rural backwater. It was in one of the bad parts of town named Kosh- which translates to “stinky” or “dirty”.

It may as well be Wall-E planet from the future.

From what can be gleaned listening to local accounts, the city government decided to keep dumping trash in higher and higher piles, despite complaints from the locals.

Eventually one of the piles got too high and unstable. Some of the trash mountains are more than 40 meters deep. It started to slide down like a mudslide and buried the local scavengers ferreting around the waste piles looking for food or salvageable things to sell.

As the number of missing people is still high, we expect to pull more bodies out today and in the coming days,” an emergency worker told Reuters.

Residents of the area say at least 80 people remain unaccounted for. Dozens of victims have so far been buried at the Abune Aregawi Church nearby since Tuesday.

Trash avalanches are common when average IQ hovers around the 80 point mark

This is the Third World, folks. As far as being good stewards of the environment, White countries have their own fair share of problems… but there aren’t trash avalanches killing hundreds of slum dwellers in Belgrade or Berlin or Rome.

Ethiopia is one of the fastest growing African economies and what they are experiencing is in no way unique. Many Third World countries are industrializing and experiencing population booms despite living conditions getting worse and completely ineffective systems of governance being in place. The toll on the environment and the people should be enough to give any concerned conservationist, enviromentalist or lefty tree-hugger pause.

Do we want the planet to start resembling Wall-e world or Idiocracy? Why then do White countries keep subsidizing the growth of the Third World? Do liberals really think that 3rd Worlders are better stewards of the environment?

Cognitive dissonance is the only way to describe it, or just plain ignorance.

The West is populated by generations of naive SWPLs who have overdosed on films like Pocahontas, Dances With Wolves and Avatar.

Stories like this should be wake-up calls. Non-white cultures aren’t as magical and in tune with nature as you have been led to believe. In fact, its just the opposite. You can have your leafy suburbs, and your clean city boulevards, only because of the environmental consciousness of White society. Sure, there are still plenty of improvements that we can make to take better care of the environment, but look at what SWPLs and hippies want the future to look like:

Why is it that only white people care about “carbon-neutral,” and “eco-friendly” stuff. Who else would have dreamed up such a concept? Somehow I don’t think that the Chinese are that interested in “sustainable eco-communities.”

Do we want to live in some sort of Cyberpunk dystopia a la Kowloon city?

When left to their own devices, the Chinese prefer to live in concrete hives.

Or lets look at how other peoples live in the world.

Does Rio de Janeiro look very green and eco-friendly to you?

Do we want to one day wake up and see this ocean of poverty from our own windows? Something tells me that your typical bike-riding, kale-munching hipster would an hero at the very thought of having to live in that kind of environment.

One of the most powerful messages of the Alt-Right is our environmental one, and it is a message that hasn’t been hit on hard enough. Whether its Gen X or Millenials or Gen Z, everyone is pro-environment. All we have to do is associate ourselves with green policies. This shouldn’t be hard at all.

Everything we touch becomes beautiful. Our films constantly show an innate and reverent attitude towards the power of nature.

Take this scene from LOTR:

The Orcs and Uruk-Hai are associated with filth, industrializion, and hatred of all things that are good and green in Middle-Earth.

In other words…

hol’ up

*smacks lips*

so you be tellin’ me…

*eyes bug out*


Or this scene from Kingdom of Heaven.

Balian is a crusader who comes to the Middle-East and turns his little patch of dirt into a green oasis.

This idea has huge memetic potential, and the way has already been paved for us. All we have to do is show the truth of the Third World and strengthen the association of White culture with environmentally friendly culture. In other words, we frame it like this:

“Do you want your tax money going to humanitarian aid to Ethiopia or do you want solar panels installed on top of every single Starbucks within Portland city-limits?”

Your choice, SWPLs.

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  • One thing you will notice in the darker races is that they are more superstitious and tribal, and have strong organized religion. It’s not terribly hard to pull up a video of non-Arayan people brutally abusing animals and doing bronze-age rituals involving bloodshed. Even the more technologically advanced yellow man have fur farms where house cats are crammed into a cage and skinned alive and dogs sold for restaurant meat. Many black people believe that they would be on Easy Street if they just happened to be born with white skin… Small problem, though. White people don’t hate your skin color, we’d hate you if you had an LongTailed Avatar Blue hue. The white man has the ability to use science to learn that it hurts when he eggs the police on to shoot him in the foot. As in “Doctor, it hurts whenever I brandish a gun and the cops shoot me in the foot..” The white man, being logical, rational, and scientific, learns not to repeat behaviors that cause him physical pain, mental anguish, or property damage. Let’s face it…white people are the SAVAGE, and not an animal. People starving in africa having sex with everything that has more than one leg is just an animal that prays to a stone phallus god that its owner refills his water dish soon. The savage is the glistening mud-covered black tribal dude in the jungle who makes his own poison frog darts and blow guns and kills and animal for its food, and controls fire to cook it, and—WAIT FOR IT–does something about his hunger, and STAYS OUT OF YOUR WALLET…yes, darkies are perfectly capable of controlling their environment and not just fornicating and conveniently refusing to grasp agriculture and hunter-gathering. The black man is a HUMAN, just like you or me. It’s just that there are bad apples that just want everything free and play the SJW victim and blame Whitey is oppressing them by being more motivated than they are. No, I’m not racist. I’m just more HUMAN and more able to use my ability that God/Darwin gave me to control my environment and do something about bad times. Just statistics is a jerk and there tend to be more black people not wanting to act like a HUMAN. If you wanted to be treated like a human and not used for target practice, it’s best to do behaviors that are in the skills given to all humans. Yes you can still love God know that being superstitious is complete mind-control horse crap. Godless savages, even when black, do something about their troubles and don’t cop out for the white man’s help. Monkey chimp animals don’t control their animal urges to use as little calories as possible and make as many babies as possible. In Sweden there is very little crime because people don’t fight each other over oil and fairytales.

    Extra Credit: Without spending more than 5 minutes, pull up a video of a Grand Wizard at a KKK lynch rally brutalizing an animal that is not a Homo Sapien… Listen for those crickets….

  • Ethiopia is held in high regard by many Afro-centrists, partly because they contend it is the only African never to be colonized by Whitey (w/the exception of Italy colonizing it for 6 troubled years; 1935-41). This is the real Ethiopia, were slavery was legally practiced up until the 1930s.

    |During Italian rule, the Italians definitely abolished slavery, issuing two laws in October 1935 and in April |1936 by which they allegedly freed 420 thousand people.

  • Am I the only one that would be ok with dumping free gibsmedat on the African continent as long as they stay the f*#k where they are?

  • a lot of whites think that want to go back to living like hobbits and they think that will be more gentle for the earth … maybe they are right … but I still love modern homes and conveniences and privacy .. not a fan of the communal living arrangements at all … I gave this book to a local farm / homestead that is looking to share their lands … 200 acres … if anyone is interested … Sunny Leith Farmstead facebook .. off grid homes, small farm, spring on the property, goats, chickens etc. Canada.

  • Before the white Christian’s went to Africa, many tribes killed twins upon birth by placing them in the jungle for the animals to find. They thought they were bad luck. You can take them and put western clothes on their backs, but you can’t change the way they think.

    • White should butt out of the business of Blacks. If Blacks want to put their twins in the jungle, let them do so. It is not White business. Be a responsible White and leave non-Whites alone. They don’t need Whites telling them how to act with their own.

  • I don’t care how many non-Whites die under piles of garbage. They are not my kind and are not my responsibility. I am not their parent. I practice indifference to and non-interference into the fates of non-Whites. Let nature sort it out. Do not butt in, Whitey. Mind your own White business. This is the moral thing to do.

      • Yup. Whites should start shunning the neurotic Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers among our kind who bound off to Africa or other third world places to save people who should be left on their own to either live or die. Non-Whites are not our business. We must not interfere in their fates. Feeding starving Blacks in Africa, for example, only means they will breed more Blacks who will starve next year or who will invade White lands and bring their crime and other problems with them. Leave them all alone, Whitey! Be White, it is the moral thing to do.

    • We need more good things like this to happen. We need famine and disease to wipe out all of Africa. We need a modern plague. This is on top of ending all aid there. We can create viruses

  • Great article – we absolutely should be doing more to associate ourselves with ecological consciousness, while at the same time rejecting globalist Agenda-21 type climate change scams. The environment is among the most compelling topics for many people who lean Left, and there is huge potential to build some bridges there. Nature Herself is on our side.

    • Absolutely!…I’d factor in population growth projections for Africa,India & China too as a black pill chaser….billions of them set to dwarf our numbers evermore.

  • The Zionist devils want Whites exterminated from this planet. The Zionists import non-Whites to formerly White countries in their effort to exterminate Whites. Jewmerica, Europe, Canada, and all other White countries, except for Russia, are doomed as the savages now outnumber the Whites. The reason the Jew media hates Russia is because Russia awoke the the Jew danger after the Jews succeeded in taking Russia apart. Non-Whites are a tool used int he hands of the Jews to destroy everything not Jewish. How many refugees has Israel taken in???? Israel is the capital of the Jewnited States.

    • Shh… not to loud. The Alt-Right gets butt-hurt over this topic.. step gently. By the way, the Alt-Right is selling sun-glasses that can tell good Jews apart from bad Jews now.

      • I’m not sure when the alt-right got butthurt over the topic, we’re fully aware of the ZOG and jewry that’s single handedly destroyed pretty much every nation that existed because of their parasitism.

    • Yes. We need to be aware the Jew style is ” let’s you and him fight. “. They rarely get their hands dirty. Admittedly when they do it is the Commucaust. They agitate endlessly for the gentile to do their dirty work. Stop it Whitefolk!

  • It’s interesting to look at the Hamitic ethnic makeup of the ruling class of Ethiopia’s long-lived, relatively advanced kingdom before the whole thing was destroyed by communism.

  • Whites bring goodness, justice and righteousness as part of their genome wherever they are found. And, when Whites are the dominant human type or only human type in lands, those lands are heavens on Earth. It is who and what we are naturally.

    • Oh jesus christ. This childish LARPing is one of the alt-right’s biggest liabilities. A cursory study of history makes whites’ flaws very apparent. Just because leftists have nothing good to say about us doesn’t mean that we have to pretend we’re perfect. That’s WE WUZ KANGZ tier nonsense.

      • You sound like a cuck and a not very bright one at that. I didn’t write that Whites are perfect. I wrote that we bring goodness, justice and righteousness as part of our genome.

        And, to be clear–perfect? Nope. But we have it within us to keep trying to be perfect.

        • Sure, im just dumb cuck. You got me all figured out, champ. Now run along and get ready for bed so mommy can tuck you in.

      • Get out of here! Everyone has their faults but the good stuff……tell me about African good stuff.

        • Well, I don’t see many Africans deliberately working towards their own genocide. We can point fingers all day but if every Jew, Arab, nog and mestizo disappeared tomorrow, European populations would still be in danger.

  • This sounds about right. You have to wonder how exactly these psychotic maniac Leftists believe that all races think exactly like them. If whites do wind up going extinct, it’d be the worst thing to happen to the planet. I’d consider it to be their move to decide whether or not to be ethnocentric, because I’m pretty sure that 90% of us whites are very environmentally conscious.

    Although I’m very fiscal about how to go about fixing the environmental problems

    • Personally I don’t think the jews will be able to control the hordes once we are gone. As they are breeding like rats they will just swarm all over them. Maybe some of them are thinking about it but their hatred for everything white consumes them. So they are willing to take the risk. In all other words it will mean hell on earth once there are nomore whites.

      • Interesting prospect because the jews are a country based off of welfare from the United States and because jews play the (((fellow white man))) card, they’re pretty much setting themselves up for a very bleak future. It probably won’t take too many years to take down Israel’s wall IF there’s a bunch of Muslims that are willing to die for the cause.

        • One zombie movie I don’t like very much is World War Z. However there was a very good scene in it. When the zombie hordes storm their wall and swarms over it. I have a feeling that scene very well can become prophetic in many senses. Although I think the zombies will be of the living kind. It isn’t hard to picture such a scenario. Just take the endless wanderers on european roads since 2015. Or the Calais jungle or the spanish enclaves in North Africa.

    • That’s what I wonder. Do the Jews really want to lord it atop a stinking trash heap? Strange….

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