Virtue Of The West – Vox Day

Brittany and Tara talk to Vox Day about the death of civic nationalism

Tara McCarthy
the authorTara McCarthy
Tara McCarthy is the host of Reality Calls, a podcast dedicated to making Western Civilization great again. Tara is also the co-host of the show, Virtue of the West.


  • I’m sure I read somewhere that Vox Day had a high IQ, so I listened to this pod cast. Near the end (49 minutes in) he mentions he can’t do calculus.

    Why does he think he has a high IQ?

  • Vox is one of Milo’s(Jewish faggot) biggest supporters and he routinely insults Richard Spencer. Why is he given any credibility on this website? He is not one of us at all.

  • Wow, is this guy part Indian? It’s the first one I hear from that’s actually smart and is not a drunk or a junky.

  • This was a great interview. Vox gets it; and Brittany and Tara do a great job.

    But some still refuse to see. Every time I tune into Jones he’s going on and on about how “we all bleed red (as do all mammals)”, and “it doesn’t matter what color you are (as if race is merely skin color)”, and “the Nazis hate me (because he says Saudis and China control the MSM)”, and “I’m not racist (I don’t want blacks to abort dey babies)” and “Hitler was bad (because he oppressed bolsheviks)”, and “blacks are waking up see look at this black guy in a Trump hat (even though 92% of blacks voted Hillary)”, and on and on and on. It’s really delusional.

    And it’s such a counterproductive worldview to be spreading at this point, given infocucks’ ability to influence millions of people. It’s going to be tough to convert these people; they’re committed to denying race. I mean, Alec Baldwin just insinuated Jones is racist, and Jones is ready to fight to prove how cucked he is. It’s really ridiculous.

    • Don’t expect Alex Jones to come around. He seems crazy, but he is more likely a shill working for some intelligence service.

      • A lot of people think like Jones, and much worse. Paul Joseph Watson pushes the same narratives and his videos are extremely popular.

        And Donald Trump tried and successfully appealed to this demographic because we live in a Democracy and he needed these people on his side, as do we, actually.

        Get your head out of your ass. It’s a problem.

        • A lot of people watch professional wrestling, that doesn’t mean they “believe” it.

          Jones is a shock jock – he is just like Howard Stern, except his gimmick is conspiracies, not sex. I’m sure there are a lot of people who listen to Jones and even believe in some conspiracy theories, that nevertheless don’t believe every word that comes out of Jones’ mouth.

          I read the “conspiracy” section of reddit all the time, some of those people believe all sorts of crazy conspiracies, but virtually none of them have anything good to say about Alex Jones, except that he is entertaining.

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