The Rebel Calls AltRight Stupid Cuz Race Has Nothing to Do With Culture

Rebel Media released a video featuring a black Canadian called “Altright White Nationalists Are Stupid.” Henrik & Lana break it apart.

This is an excerpt from the twenty ninth episode of Weekend Warrior, a live show available to Red Ice Members. Watch the entire episode here

  • June of 44

    He’s only saying that to protect his psudo-christian agenda or culture and they lost. Alt Right Rulz :#

  • Nothing_Much

    I’m absolutely loving RedIce.

    • ThomasER916

      Get a subscription.

      Yes, their free stuff is great but they need to expand. Support them.

      • katebushfan66

        I cannot donate unfortunately… lots of great work over the years .. led me to many great authors… I’d donate to Spencer first .. heard he has some tax issues with his nonprofit.

    • katebushfan66

      I’m not lovin CBC Canada though.. they roasted Marine Le Pen when she visited here too because they are complete leftards.. ..

  • Simon_in_London

    Round where I live, the majority of white women do race mix. There are 8 boys in my son’s school class – by his account they are: 1 black, 1 south Asian, 2 white, and 4 mixed race – all black father/white mother as far as I know. Without race mixing there would likely be 1 black, 1 south Asian and 6 white.

    • ThomasER916

      Those women are traitors and those children are invaders. They’re not us and never will be. Whites have cucked for miscegenation and the result is always the same:
      * Obama
      * Kaepernick
      * Elliot Rodgers

      The mixed kid hates Whites just like the traitor parent.

  • katebushfan66
  • Flack youe

    They’ve been saying kill whitey for too long with no push back. Not anymore.

  • Maktstrukturen

    To be fair, The Rebel has had Jared Taylor on as a guest.

    • Tyler Burden

      That doesn’t really excuse the tear they have been on recently and the obvious editorial position they hold on the alt right.

  • Man of White Skin


  • ThomasER916

    Whites are the only group that is not considered a “protected class” in the countries we built.

    Whites built America. Whites want the exact same rights as non-Whites in America. When Whites demand the same rights as non-Whites then Jews like Ezra Levant attack, malign, and slander. Jews like Ezra Levant and their POC golems will make this situation worse. And the worse the better. Total war for total peace.

    • casa JB

      Good lord you people are obsessed with Jews!

      • ThomasER916

        Noel Ignatiev – “we must abolish whiteness”
        Susan Sontag – “the white race is the cancer of human history”
        Joe Slovo – “Kill the white farmers! Kill the Boers!”

        Should I keep going?

        Tim Wise
        George Soros

        Francis Fox Piven
        Rahm Emmanuel
        Ezekiel Emmanuel
        Barbara Lerner Spectre
        Genhrik Yagoda

        The problem is you’re so indoctrinated you’re beyond stupid. You’re so far beyond stupid all of the evidence in the world couldn’t convince you.

        • casa JB

          Whoa, bro, triggered much? Also, you don’t know shit about me. Just cause i’m not up to snuff on your faggy anti-semite fanboy rhetoric doesn’t mean I’m stupid. So I guess it’s all Jews, huh? Also, suck my balls.

          • Billy Brown

            I smell a simple brown kid with no understanding of the well documented 3800 year history available for free right in front of him

          • casa JB

            I’m not brown, fag. Also not simple. Hang I can…not sure about you.

          • ThomasER916

            Whoa, bro, stupid much? Also, you’re a brainless, dickless, know-nothing indoctrinated faggot who sucks cut cock.

          • casa JB

            Wow, great argument, bro.

      • It is what it is.

        • casa JB

          Thanks for the link. It’s interesting, but I’d have to look WAY more into this stuff before I were close to convinced. In any case, I don’t like the demonization or generalization of such a large group of people. I tend to want to judge individuals as opposed to groups, unless groups are defined by a concrete ideology. Maybe it seems like splitting hairs, but would you agree that there must be a very significant number (or even percentage of Jews) that simply wouldn’t be on board with any of this?

          • No. Jewishness is an ethnic identity built on a victimology. The essence of being Jewish is believing that it’s your tribe against the world, and that catastrophe is always imminent. So, while all Jews might not be actively involved in the conspiracy, all Jews who can be properly called Jews will at the very least lie and cover for it, and will subtly or overtly support the policies and attitudes that keep it in place.

          • casa JB

            I see. My first question, perhaps not that important, is: could there be some truth to an identity built on victimology, i.e. could it be true that they have been victimized throughout history? (Of course you might say, even if it is true, their victimization has been justified…I don’t know enough at this point to know whether or not such victimization, if you were to concede it exists, was justified.)
            My second question is: what’s the solution? It’s sort of begging the question on the Jews here…real Jews are bad, and they’re sneaky so you might not be able to tell which ones, but trust me, they are…but that aside, what to do with the Jews that are actually Jews, i.e. the bad ones? And who decides which ones are which?

          • Their group survival strategy is parasitism. They evolved to function this way in order to survive without a homeland. They’re persecuted constantly because parasites damage hosts. They damage both by draining resources, and by destroying social cohesion to prevent viable opposition to their practices. They fetishize and advertise their persecution because it is a device to foster unity, and the necessary hostility, in their own kind, and also a way to confuse the host.

            As far as solutions, it’s a practical issue, not a moral issue. Like dealing with a tapeworm or a case of syphilis. Can’t worry about individuals. The problem has to be solved, or the host dies.

          • casa JB

            lol! I love how candid you are. Thank you.

  • katebushfan66

    Hoping that at some point soon Richard and Ricardo Duchesne make a video together… or host a conference … jointly…

  • Tyler Burden

    Good deconstruction of this rotten video guys. Keep up the good work!

  • John Taurus

    The Zionists have been selling feces sandwiches to the public for years. The White folks buy this product because they were told by the Jews news that feces sandwiches are “GOOD RECYCLED NUTRIENTS” and, since it is on the airwaves, it must be true. Now, our country is gone. Europe is gone. Canada is gone. All White countries are GONE! Truth is never welcome at liars conventions. Not racism, it is Realism.