The Dutch Political Parties (2017)

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  • Jesus…. This just makes me want to smack ppl in the head.

    These IDIOTS are talking to are laughing about how ridiculous all of these parties are – yet they themselves are voting for the splinter group ‘freedom for democracy’ ’cause, well you know, Geert asked if the Dutch want more or less immigrants & blah blah.

    Hey jackasses…. Do you really need to sacrifice the ENTIRE election, when you have a chance to win w/Geert? I mean how fucking ‘intellectual’ is it of you to run away from the party that’s representing you’re interests too forcefully?

    What a shit show. But now at least I can see a LOT more ppl are actually against this left wing partnership with muslims…. They need to unite & put these petty intellectual squabbles aside for now.

  • The guy on the top right corner of the Dutch political parties looks like Turdeau lol. I bet they also think alike.

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