Singh – A Sikh Perspective on the Alt-Right

Singh is an Indian Sikh who supports the Alt-Right.

To begin, Singh tells us a little about his ideological journey. He then recounts his experiences at the National Policy Institute conference, including the Roman salute controversy. Singh tells us his thoughts on the Alt-Right, explaining that Western civilization needs a revival of White racial consciousness to survive. We then switch gears to discuss India. Singh tells us about its caste system and racial dynamics, and how Brahmins are racially quite different from Dravidians. We also discuss the history of Sikhism, the Aryan invasions of India, Adolf Hitler, and much more.

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  1. Alex Harris 15 March, 2017 at 18:22 Reply

    This guy has to be wrong about “half of India” being Islamic in 50 years. That’s absolutely nuts. Isn’t it around 10% now? Over 1 billion people… Takes quite a bit of doing to convert or replace 40% of 1 billion.

  2. Dipankar 15 March, 2017 at 11:53 Reply

    There are too many wrong perceptions (or may be intentional). Too many to type in to be honest. I’ll try to cover some of the facts. Give me sometime. 1.) Generally speaking, non-Hindu religions are typically insular and like to live within their own cultures and beliefs. I’ve met a lot of Sikhs in my life, and none of them have an idea about hindu philosophies. They generally don’t come across to be that trained intellectually to move out of their religion and think neutrally. Easy to read one book basically. What I’m trying to say is hinduism coming from a Sikh living abroad should not be taking seriously. 2.) He’s right about poverty and the caste system that exists within the poorest strata of society; but, BUT, its not overtly at your face in all places. I repeat, poverty is the major problem that leads to defecation outside, cause they have no toilets. The current prime minister has initiated a scheme of building a lot of toilets in villages, but with the majority of people being villagers its a slow and long road 3.) He’s right about Muslim fertility rates, and yes they are a danger because of the Saudi brand of Islam percolating into India, but they constitute about 20+% of the population 4.) There is no Aryan invasion theory. Indians were present in India. No one invaded them. That theory has been debunked and a few people that tend to believe and push it are majorly due to their caucasian roots. 5.) About the Swastika – It’s a sanatana dharma symbol which predates a lot of civilizations (definitely before Hitler!). Hitler had an inverted swastika btw 6.) Trying to get into the vedas, forget it. Don’t even venture into that or have an opinion about it. A Sikh wouldn’t definitely know anything about it. (Clue – its more than orientalism). In our own shells and mindset we don’t have the ability to intelligently decode it. But, whatever translations are present, I can guarantee its not insular as other religions. 7.) British built the initial railway system primarily transport goods through to ports so that they export it. Of course, it had benefits; but the intent was to definitely loot and prosper.

    .. More to come. Lots to type.

    • Lawrence Gasman 15 March, 2017 at 20:59 Reply

      1 Rudyard Kipling went to India for a few months and hated it. Actually he was born in India, lived there for many years, and loved it

      2. He admires the prime minister of India but cannot remember his name

      Etc, etc

      Oh c’mon. This young man is clueless. Interviewing him was a form of affirmative action