Lil’ Bow Wow Insults First Lady Melania Trump

I wasn’t planning on writing about this.

Snoop Dogg recently made an anti-White, anti-police music video called “Lavender.” It features Snoop Dogg firing a toy gun at a clown impersonating President Trump:

President Trump saw the video and expressed his disgust on Twitter:

Lil’ Bow Wow in turn responded with this defense of Snoop Dogg:

It has ignited a firestorm on Twitter.

As I said on Twitter, more than anything else this incident illustrates how blacks are held to a far lower standard by our liberal elites. Tellingly, Lil Bow Wow’s comments about First Lady Melania Trump aren’t seen as outrageous solely because he is black. This is the kind of vulgarity we expect from a primitive culture. It wouldn’t be tolerated coming from a White musician.

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