Dutch Liberals Emerge Victorious In Netherlands Elections

This is a major disappointment:

“THE HAGUE, Netherlands — The far-right politician Geert Wilders fell short of expectations in Dutch elections on Wednesday, gaining seats but failing to persuade a decisive portion of voters to back his extreme positions on barring Muslim immigrants and jettisoning the European Union, according to early results and exit polls.

While the tallies were still preliminary early Thursday, it was becoming clear that Mr. Wilders did not enjoy the support that he and others had foreseen. If the results hold, they could help stall the momentum of the populist and anti-Muslim forces Mr. Wilders has come to symbolize, and which have threatened to fracture Europe.

Voters, who turned out in record numbers, nonetheless rewarded right and center-right parties that had co-opted parts of his hard-line message, including that of the incumbent prime minister, Mark Rutte. Some parties that challenged the establishment from the left made significant gains. …”

It has shades of the result in Austria.

On the one hand, Geert Wilders won’t be Prime Minister, which was never really realistic in the first place, and PVV didn’t come anywhere close to coming out on top. On the other hand, Mark Rutte’s VVD is projected to lose 9 seats while PVV picked up 4 seats. The Dutch Labor Party collapsed. It seems Rutte also merged victorious after grandstanding this past week in a showdown with Turkey. Now that the election is over though, it will be back to business as usual.

The Dutch had their chance to lead Europe into a new era. They blew it.

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  • ” You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” Ayn Rand

  • Only people who demand easy, effortless victories that can be summarized in one sentence or less could be unhappy with the result. Wilders’ party became the second largest in the Netherlands, whereas the Labour party (largely responsible for the Netherlands’ past disastrous immigration policies) collapsed from the 2nd to the 7th place. Wilders already has been able to exert real pressure on the right-wing liberals’ immigration policies in the past, and he will do even more so now. So what exactly went wrong here?

  • Debating didn’t work. Voting didn’t work.

    The only way out is assassinations to wipe out the anti-Whites.

  • The Netherlands are a small country, what matters more is how the French will vote soon. If they decide to stay commie/muzzie, then get ready for civil war in western Europe.

  • It’s all good until one of their own family is maimed by the infection, what a pathetic display from the Dutch, if we are to believe the result.

  • Wasn’t Wilders just one of those “Muslims are bad because they hate fags and bulldykes” kind of guys?

    Judaism, Islam, liberalism, communism, libertarianism, etc. are all part of the same spiritual rot which seeks to homogenize the world into a brown mass of consumers, regardless whether they consume religion or material goods.

    Racial nationalism is the only way forward.

    • No he’s more hardcore than that. He views Islam as the inherently evil cult that it is and has said as much many times.

  • There must be some way we can gather all the Westerners who have any will to survive and create our own homeland.
    How many ethnic White European non-Jews are there in the world?
    It is likely only 700-800 million. Only half of them at most are NOT idiot race-traitors.
    That leaves 300-400 million of us at most who are even worth saving.
    Perhaps Russia might accept all of us. We can settle in Siberia. It wouldsuck for a while but it would still be better then the shit-hole the rest of the world will eventually become.

    • Whites need to return to Europe and create an Altneuland in Europe. If the Jews could return to Israel, the White Diaspora can also return to Europe.

      • I’ve often consider this plan myself. While it would be a monumental undertaking, it would still be easier to accomplish than what the liberal nation wreckers are attempting to do right now with trying to integrate 3rd world shit birds.

  • Wilders is not exactly the greatest politician. He is strident and polarizing. While Wilders is correct that Islam is retarded, such strong rhetoric is like Trump on steroids and immediately turns off many people. Wilders also blew it when he called Moroccans “Scum.” Fire and brimstone speeches have to occur after we have red pilled most White people in the West, not before.

    • Absolutely. He went a little too hard. Also, I think there are many who agree with him on Islam in theory but are not prepared to leave the EU (as if those are separate issues)

  • It has to get worse, unfortunately. We will win, but we need to keep pressing. Frankly, the West is still too rich and comfortable to bother with making the changes needed to save their nations. But that mostly applies to the middle aged and elderly who are still extraordinarily wealthy by historical measures and generally removed from the consequences of the diversity invasion.

    The younger generations, however, have no future. They will not be as financially successful as their parents, and will not be living the same comfortable rich lives as their forefathers. Society will continue to get worse on every measure, most importantly economically, and the young (Millennials and Gen Z(yklon)) will be the ones who lead the fight to save the West. This is why Le Pen’s strongest support is among the youth.

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