Dutch Election 2017 – Live Coverage

Red Ice TV is covering the Dutch Election live with Erkenbrand & Millennial Woes. We report on election results throughout the evening and do interviews with Erkenbrand attendees as votes are counted.

Don’t miss it, the future of the Netherlands and possibly even the future of the European Union is at stake.

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  • Sometimes, and in those dark moments (some people will understand what I’m talking about) I have asked myself: “is it worth fighting when the the people we are fighting for don’t give a flying fuck about the fight, the cause, and their very existence?”

    But I always answer the question in the same way: YES. Most of the white people today are brainwashed, don’t give a fuck about this cause and their very existence, but I must fight because a) it is my duty, and b) they are my race, my people, my extended family.

    We must fight until the last one in our side is dead or until we win the total victory, there is no middle point.

    • You are absolutely right my friend. Giving up is not an option, for it’s basically suicide. We can only fight and try to save what we can.

  • Looks like the Dutch have chosen suicide. “Whites: The Most Foolish People On The Planet©”

  • Geert Wilders is not actually Dutch: he’s some kind of mystery meat and partly Yiddish. Real Dutch people don’t look fugly like Wilders does – they have regular western features, normal features. A real Dutch nationalist would be great for Holland, but Wilders is a zionist, a jewish nationalist. Normal Dutch people don’t like the shitty little country and want absolutely nothing to do with it.

    The situation is similar to the Trump phenomenon here in America. Trump is not actually a real American as none of his grandparents were even born here. He’s a rabid zionist with Yiddish ancestry. The AltRight lost all legitimacy when they went full retard for Trump and his greasy in-laws.

    Lana Lokteff has a funny last name and she seems to lack feminine compassion. Recently, she hosted a certain zionist abomination calling himself ‘Reactionary Jew’ and asked him, shamefully enough, “Why don’t you genocide all the Arabs?” This is a disgusting and immoral attitude which ought to be condemned. The West is being flooded by refugees precisely because of these vile zionists and their pathetic toadies.

    • So what? Clinton may have a longer “American” lineage, but if she’d been elected, it would have been worse for Whites. Just as it will be worse for Whites now that Wilders has lost.

      • Look: you’ve been swindled and made a fool of – just admit it and move on. Our man was Rand Paul, but you dummies fumbled led on by Peinovich(sp?) and the rest of these clowns.

        • I never promoted Trump prior to his nomination, and I find him pretty cartoonish. But I work with what I have.

        • Rand Paul blew his shot when he became a “Detroit Republican” while Trump went to the border and talked about building the Wall.

        • Let’s see, your criticism of Trump, Kushner and to some degree Wilders is correct. It’s also good to see someone finally admitting that the Penovich-style LARPers were never anything more than Trump/neo-con astroturf just like his buddy Joshua Goldberg.

          On the other hand, Rand Paul was never “our guy” and your critique of Lokteff is petty – making the perfect the enemy of the good is always counter-productive and it often borders on concern trolling.

          On a purely symbolic level Trump has been pretty good so far, but unless he starts deportation sooner rather than later we should not be shy about going after him hard.

          • It’s gallant of you to defend Lokteff, but the reality is that we’re all Palestinians now. If we accept that Peinovich is an intelligence asset then any of these pro-Trump e-celebs become suspect, especially the ones who interacted with him at NPI and didn’t raise the alarm.

    • Wilders is not Jewish. He is Indo and Dutch, Mixed race Indo-Dutch are very common. Remember, the Dutch are liberal as fuck.

    • So you are cucking for Palestinians? The Netherlands is a small country, his personal opinions on Israel are largely irrelevant,whether he supports them or not. His opinions on Israel are not nearly as relevant as they would be as a leader of super power like the United States.

      The fact that matters is that he is the most nationalist candidate who wants to keep the Netherlands dutch and deport muslims which are a growing problem there. You saw the riots with the Turks, didn’t you? Solving that issue should be top priority no matter how strongly you disagree with him about Israel. Why the hell would you put Palestinians above your own self interest if you are Dutch?

      This is what annoys me about people who get too caught up in foreign disputes and think that Israel is the only issue that matters, especially when you are talking about a small country like the Netherlands that has a growing problem within its own borders that needs to be dealt with fast at all cost, even if you have to work with the devil himself to make it happen.

    • Your comments seems designed for creating infighting and purity spiralling, and your profile is private. Bad optics imho.

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