Anke Van dermeersch – Women Against the Islamization of Europe

Anke Van dermeersch is vice president of the Belgian Senate and president of the organization “Women Against Islamization.” A member of Vlaams Belang, in the 1990s she was Miss Belgium and runner-up for Miss Universe. She is a lawyer and author of the bestselling book Neither Whore Nor Slave–Women Against Islam.

To begin, we discuss Anke’s background, including her transition from modeling to law, which eventually led to a career in politics. We then talk about the Flemish people, and Anke outlines the history of Belgium. Next, we discuss how mass immigration in recent years hasn’t resulted in a melting pot, but rather an increasing number of ethnic enclaves whose inhabitants are hostile to native Belgians. Switching gears, we discuss the ongoing Islamization of Belgium – in particular, how this process has affected women. Anke then tells us about the burka ban which she proposed as a member of Flemish parliament. Later, we talk about fertility rates in Europe, Vlaams Belang, and Anke’s book, Neither Whore Nor Slave–Women Against Islam.

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  • JaredTaylor invited her to American Renaissance… that’s a good video…. so few will speak honestly… I like her .. and I respect her .. but she’s a lawyer…. all lawyers are part of the ‘communitarian law’ club whether they admit it or not … do you follow the International Bar Association on Facebook? I like Anne Marie Waters, also a lawyer, with Sharia Watch UK … I noticed neither will denounce multiculturalism.. pointless to ignore it and call yourself a freedom fighter..

  • If you want to be a women in the movement but you don’t produce some 6+ kids like in 1900 but you just want attention and airtime, you bet not the muds will turn you into whore and slave but i will do it myself.

  • Wait, i don’t understand, she said that dutch don’t have too many kids because both parents have to work and complain that immigrants get more welfare because they have more kids. am i missing something ? is welfare only given to immgrants or maybe it’s white women who don’t want to have kids in the first place. This is the problem with the white race even without immigration we are still gonna die out because we are not having kids. The western culture is not a family friendly culture, this is why every westernized nation including japan and South Korea have extremely low birth rate.

      • Well, judging by the willingness to have babies and caring for them, that might seem to be how most “western” women view motherhood after a couple of generations of socialdemocratic and liberal rightwing genocidal brainwashing

          • Japanese Culture is hollow and soulless. They know they are alienated from human condition but can’t point the finger at the how and why. But at least they decided to die out on their own terms as japanese. Same goes for the South Koreans.

          • In certain respects influencing birth rate they were “westernized” after WWII. But the governments of Japan have at least tried to consciously implement more baby-friendly policies over the last decade or so. And to some extent they have succeded.

            “Catastrophe” is one of the words most frequently used to describe Japan’s demographic situation: an aging society full of sexless couples having fewer and fewer babies. Fertility is below replacement level, births are being delayed — but is the situation as desperate as the media paints it? No, the data suggest. In fact, the picture is improving.

            Japan has never made it into the “top 10” of countries with the lowest total fertility rates (TFR) — the average number of children a woman bears over her lifetime. And since 2005, when it bottomed out at 1.26 births per woman, the TFR has been slowly but steadily growing, although the government is predicting what it hopes is a slight blip — a 0.01-point dip — for 2015. According to the World DataBank, in 2013 (the latest year for which full data — not just estimates — are available) Japan, with its 1.43 TFR, was doing better than South Korea and Singapore (both 1.19), Hong Kong (1.12) and Germany (1.38).

            Media like to cite declining births in absolute numbers or birth rates (the number of children born per 1,000 population). The results inspire juicy headlines such as “Japan suffers lowest number of births on record” and “Alarm bells ring over falling birth rate.” However, drops in these figures do not necessarily mean that women are having fewer babies. If the pool of potential mothers is shrinking, the absolute number of children will also decrease compared to previous years. Japanese women of ages 35-39 outnumber those 30-34, 30-34 outnumbers 25-29, and so on. Add in the ever-increasing number of elderly living longer than almost anywhere else on the planet and birth rates drop as well.

      • Having four or five babies doesn’t make one a “factory” – it makes one a parent. I’m one of six, and my mother isn’t a whale. I can’t even imagine only having one or two siblings.

    • They don’t give a damn about the netherlands or flanders and the lion or any of this, they just want their comfort zone protected by someone else. They could pump out some babies but they rather want to get paraded infront of cameras and listen to when they talk talkingpoints about king and country. Literaly, fuck those women.

    • Western women actually want to work for their living…a completely alien concept to Islamists.

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