The Left wants to use Christianity to police the Alt-Right

Left-wing, Jewish journalist Peter Beinart has a telling piece up at The Atlantic, “Breaking Faith: The culture war over religious morality has faded; in its place is something much worse,” about how the decline of Christianity has lead to an increase in racial identity, especially among many younger whites affiliated with the alt-right.  He writes:

“Secularism is indeed correlated with greater tolerance of gay marriage and pot legalization. But it’s also making America’s partisan clashes more brutal. And it has contributed to the rise of both Donald Trump and the so-called alt-right movement, whose members see themselves as proponents of white nationalism. As Americans have left organized religion, they haven’t stopped viewing politics as a struggle between “us” and “them.” Many have come to define us and them in even more primal and irreconcilable ways.”

As if there is something wrong with whites supporting and promoting their own interests.  Beinart then discusses Richard Spencer, Milo, and how secularization has lead to an increase in racial identity among both younger blacks and whites.  He concludes:

“Maybe it’s the values of hierarchy, authority, and tradition that churches instill. Maybe religion builds habits and networks that help people better weather national traumas, and thus retain their faith that the system works. For whatever reason, secularization isn’t easing political conflict. It’s making American politics even more convulsive and zero-sum.

For years, political commentators dreamed that the culture war over religious morality that began in the 1960s and ’70s would fade. It has. And the more secular, more ferociously national and racial culture war that has followed is worse.”

Beinart is basically correct but there is more to this story.  The two most basic forms of identity are racial / ethnic identity and religious identity.  When the two intersect and form an ethno-religion, which is basically what Judaism is, the religion of Beinart’s co-ethnics, one probably has the strongest identity possible.  (Most early pagan religions were also racial ethno-religions, and arguably some forms of Christianity were too.)

The problem, however, is that Beinart can’t just wave his magic wand and resurrect Christianity to police white people — as much as he may wish it.  The irony is that mainstream Christianity today is on a universalist trajectory that would repel the very people that Beinart wants to police.  As I noted in a previous post, “Is Contemporary Christianity a Suicide Cult?,” contemporary Christianity is becoming more and more effeminate and seems to repulse more manly men.  For example, regarding the recent controversy to expel open-borders Russell Moore from his leadership of the ERLC, just take a look on Twitter at some of Moore’s most ardent defenders:  Nearly all of them literal cuckolds or Christian SJWs.

In short, Beinart fails to recognize that Christianity had a greater hold on young white men when it was in fact more like the alt-right, when it wasn’t as extremely universalistic as it is today and didn’t eschew racial identity for whites.

(Crossposted at Occam’s Razor.)

Alfred Clark
the authorAlfred Clark


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  • The Cultural/religious war that Pat Buchanan made his speech about in 1992 hasn’t faded. Jewish controlled media aren’t going to admit that Trump won in part by appealing to Christians and Catholics, using rhetoric that was far stronger than past GOP candidates. When the Jewish media announces that abortion and “gay marriage” are set in stone, what they really mean is that they’ve decided they’re not going to tolerate dissent on those issues, that they intend to make dissent on those issues economically suicidal. Hillary was openly talking about forcing Christian sects to change their teachings. Now it’s certainly true that Christianity has taken a terrible beating, but the idea that people on the internet talking about “white people” means that people are less motivated by cultural conflict based on religious values does not follow from that. “Pope” Francis was installed by people who somehow thought they could take a wrecking ball to moral teachings and at the same time impose religious scruples on whites.

    Don’t ever let anyone tell you that the racial conflict is separate from the religious conflict. The Jews are against white Christians because they know Christendom and Rome before it was the restraining power on their global ambitions.

  • We need a new, strong, family-oriented, masculine, white nationalist Christianity such as that advocated by Vox Day. People want to be a part of powerful growing movements and are sick of spending Sunday morning listening to a rock band full of nu-males singing ‘Praise Songs’ followed by an anti-white sermon delivered by a ‘hip’ lesbian pastor, without any actual worship.

  • Happy Saint Patrick’s Day (it’s already Friday here in East Asia). Today we celebrate the peaceful conversion of our people out of darkness when Roman civilization was brought to the darkness of Ireland. Drink some beer, be merry, and forget about the negative children on here who hate their own heritage. They will grow up one day or go away. Peace and Love.

  • Christianity is really horrid compared to ethno-nationalism. Christian missionaries were the tools of colonialism. And, more recently, they were the dupes of the neo-cons.

  • Christianity is so much worse than ethnonationalism. Christian missionaries were the tools of colonialism. The Church wanted everyone of every ethnicity bowing down before the cross.

  • There is not a congregation, priesthood, or church that wouldn’t dress you down for espousing the 14 words. I’m still Christian but I have to go it alone privately with my family without a church.

  • addendum;
    whenever I see a “rightwing” writing persona lambasting Christianity, it never fails the individual writing the piece himself holds some irredeemable trait that excludes him from Christianity (greg Johnson) therefore he proposes ideas to reshape society that’s inclusive to his depravities while excluding specific people or ideas that he is individually in opposition to. it’s somewhat humorous actually. I wonder what Alfred clark’s degeneracy is. are you a sodomite like greg Johnson? like your hard drugs? or is it that you refuse to let go of your Japanese cartoon porn like so many other alt right paladins?

    • While I agree with your sentiment, I think you may be unfairly characterizing this author. He writes that Christianity was far more popular when it was not in conflict with kin preference, and this is undeniably true. What I will say is that he misjudges this as correlation = causation, when in fact they aren’t really related. Most people who apostatize from Christianity, most young white men, are not “white nationalists” and do not quit because of churches cucking. They quit for the general reasons of secularization: other distractions, lack of family-endowed traditions, lack of state expectation, pop atheism, media opinion, hollywood perception, etc. For a tiny minority they may be motivated by what Clark is talking about, but it is wishful thinking on his part to think: “hehe, these white people are leaving Christianity because they are racially consciouss!”

      The simple fact is, Christianity today is chasing popular culture, which is for open borders, for degeneracy, for a litany of ridiculous and destructive policies. That is what frustrates me about some of the blinded coverage, especially in the American spheres. The culture was here already, before Christianity joined it, but acknowledging that would mean that we’d actually have to talk about white people themselves, rather than conveniently pinning their woes on some sinister external factor. White people can make Christianity beautiful and wholesome, but they can also make it harmful and ugly. Same with economics, politics, and art. These things are refracted through the lens of the people who adopt them. Until one is willing to look inward, he will be chasing shadows

      • thank you mark. I let some admission of what is likely an unconscious confirmation bias fluster me. I’ve ran across your writing before and know that you tend to be elucidating. as you alluded to, lack of introspection distracts from discovering actual solution. in my opinion, it’s also given way to rebuffing difficult to address issues by individuals shouting down rightful criticism with claims of said critics being cucks or anti-white. we simply have too many issues being debated using demotic language when it should remain solely in the intellectual realm. as oversimplifications have taken over and given rise to woeful victimhood mentalities, freelance alt right bloggers will feed ideas that are popularly embraced out of comfort rather than truth of the matter. this bothers me because it’s more often resembling the fatal errors of African nationalism in the united states instead of being so methodically disciplined that it sets the example. I’ve admittedly decided to leave the alt right before cults of personality feeding people siren songs became the norm.

        if i’m familiar with you as I believe I am, you’re part of the orthodox church. those that moderately knowledgeable of historic Christianity know that many of the dilemmas listed by clark would be negated in a devout culture. it’s tiresome to see the faith continually lambasted, especially when I suspect it most often comes from one’s first hand experience of Christianity being it’s most liberal or modern sect as it’s basically holds cultural hegemony in the north American sphere.

        • bear in mind, America has no experience of Traditional Christianity, or indeed ANY Tradition whatsoever. It was born from degeneracy at the start. The people “fleeing religious persecution in Europe” were the various zealots and misfits deemed non-conducive to European flourishing. This makes it even more amusing perhaps when Americans think they have a Pagan Tradition in their past, which is an even bigger stretch. Americans have never been allowed to express themselves in any Traditional manner because of the state ideology that comes with being a Revolutionary state. The only thing that comes close perhaps is the deep south prior to the Civil War, which had a lot of Traditional French influence.

      • Some were chased by shadows.

        Ever have dozens of blacks show up to your church? What about mestizos?

        The fact is you’re denying White Flight is happening in churches due to demographics.

    • “I wonder what your degeneracy is. are you a sodomite like greg Johnson? like your hard drugs?”

      I’m racist

  • this blog is another example in a long line of why “righton” is wrong about everything. religion is the defining factor of what is right or left. it was the root of culture from prehistoric man to the defining French revolution from where the rightwing-leftwing division originates. in short, you’re a roleplaying secularists that is also interested in ethnic composition, but still woefully liberal, and like much of the alt right, more illiterate on genetic study than they believe.

        • My loyalty is to the White race, not to institutions, ideologies or football clubs. I’m not some cuckfag like you who keeps rooting for a team when my race has been displaced.

  • Hello! Is anybody down this rabbit hole? Hello! My brothers on the level, turn and face the East, I have a little gem to share to put your minds at ease. We’ve been called many names down through history: the builders, the knights Templar, most of you know us today as freemasons. The Holy Books don’t belong to the people, though we permit you to take custody of them.

    We care not if you call yourselves Jews, Christians, Muslims, etc. it’s all religious dogma to us! We have shaped your minds and set governments in place to govern you as a civilization. One stone at a time! Legislative and Judicial branches can be found in the Old Testament (Torah/Septuagint/xXx Talmud) and most recently come 1776, the Executive branch can be found in the Gospels of Christ (written in Greek thanks to Alexander the Great!) The great experiment can be found in the hearts of each and every one of you who exercises your constitutional rights in the United States.

    Will you be on or off?

  • All the churches (without exception) are cucked. Period. There isn’t a single denomination, congregation, or priesthood in the entire Christian world that wouldn’t dress you down for professing the 14 words. This is less of a problem for a Protestant though. He can simply stop going to church and maintain whatever personal faith he has privately with his friends and family. Much more problematic for an Orthodox or Catholic though. He had better learn to sit in the pew and keep his mouth shut or he’ll end up getting publicly rebuked by his priest.

    • Go to church and tell them you want to “help the White community” and “help White people get married and have nice White families.”

  • I live in Grandrapids, the mecca of Reformed Christianity, and i’m Reformed Baptist. These denominations, Reformed, Reformed Baptist, Reformed Presbyterian, Orthodox Presbyterian, Puritan Reformed tend to be more biblical, that is everything we believe has to have its roots in the bible. Most Post Modern American churches, which are pretty much the majority of Christianity in the US, are not biblical. They have become social clubs, without any theological substance and devoid of meaning. These are the Churches you think of. My Reformed peers know I’m a nationalist. Though some of them would call me a heretic, Most of my reformed peers at least listen to what I have to say about Identity.
    If God is, then God is without human identity, and rather above all identity in the universe. What race Jesus choose to be born in doesn’t matter, because his mission was spiritual, and not racial or political. The New Testament focuses on spiritual things, and salvation, while the old testament focuses on physical, and yes national things. The New testament did not do away with the old testament, but was rather a fulfillment of the old testament.
    King David was not permitted to build God’s temple because, as king, he had blood on his hands, yet God did not declare King David to be wrong for this. Speaking of holiness, this is a much better explanation. To be holy is to set apart for God. God wanted his temple built by someone without blood on their hands, so that it would be set apart from politik. King David was easily a nationalist by todays standards, yet he was “A man after God’s own heart”. The point: The institutions of church and state are to be “set apart” from each other. What we do as christian individuals, are not the same things which the nation must do. There is no contradiction between biblical christianity and nationalism!

  • We have to do away with Christianity and Islam, and then just make sure we don’t drift too far to the left.

    Basically, what we need is the Republicans without the Christianity part. Christianity goes against individual responsibility.

    • Yes, Jews (as we all know) played no small role in pushing subversive, Leftist ideals onto the West. But in America, the Christian Socialist party of the late 19th Century also pushed our politics in that direction as well. And I can already hear the response to this comment: ” But, but, but those weren’t the REAL Christians!”

  • There is no getting around the obvious about Cuckstianity — it isn’t natively a white religion founded by white people. It was founded by a mythical Jew who was conceived via an act of divine cuckoldry.

    To be a white nationalist (especially one who opposes Jewish supremacy) while worshipping a Jew is more cognitively dissonant than the left’s mutual embrace of a welfare state and open borders or LGBT rights and Islam.

    The KKK is full of these racially cognitively dissonant, mythical Jew worshipper folks. At least 1990s white power skinheads worshipped Norse Pagan war gods like Odin and Thor and the Alt-Right has atheists.

    It doesn’t help that Cuckstianity is the driver behind broader cuckservativism. Nearly every major organized Cuckstian religion is for open borders and has charities funded in part by taxpayer dollars to enable it.

    • Yes, the alt-right / WN movement has adopted Greco-Roman imagery but somehow believe the Roman Empire was “Christian”? If the WN movement is made up of majority “Christians” I’m afraid we will lose again.

      • The Roman Empire wasn’t Christian until 325 AD at the earliest with the First Council of Nicaea and didn’t make it a century when Alaric sacked Rome in 410 AD.

        “Christian” Rome lasted 85 years or 11 years more than the Soviet Union compared to 1,078 years before Nicaea so I do agree with you about the cuckstians destroying the WN movement.

        I remember a skinhead band named Rahowa that also adapted Roman military imagery before cucking out so quite historically ironic.

        • Not exactly true. Don’t forget the Byzantines who lasted over 1000 more years under Christianity and some would argue still exists as Russia.

          • Byzantine and Rome were two separate empires even if they started out together. Most history sites, books, and classes tend to treat them as separate empires.

            The Orthodox Church is the only common thread between the Byzantine Empire and Russia which vikings didn’t begin to settle until after Byzantine was fatally wounded in 1204 and barely settled when it died in 1453.

            Other than that and perhaps a tiny few lands in Russia that were once a part of the Byzantine Empire, they have nothing in common so I don’t get this “Russia is the Continuity Byzantine Empire” postulate.

          • You are welcome.

            When men believe that Russia is somehow the Continuity Byzantine Empire, they badly need it from any source they can get it even from Turkish women if it came down to it. You can’t be picky when historical ignorance is that bad.

            Glad to be of service.

          • > Russian historians and philosophers of the past several hundred years, from Khomiakov to Ilyin, etc.

            > Random American woman clinging to the WN movement for attention

            You really closed this case

          • What Turkish philosophers and historians (far moe important) in Istanbul or Constantinople in the past agree? The point I am trying to make is Russians can fancy themselves to be anything they like; it doesn’t mean the rest of the world agrees. Oh, and philosophers aren’t historians.

            Transsexuals make a better case for being the gender they are than Russians do for being the Continuity Byzantine Empire. Go with the Viking heritage thing. At least there is some historical basis for that unlike the Continuity Byzantine Empire which is about as absurd as Sub-Saharan Africans having the most advanced civilization at one time that black supremacists keep peddling.

            Oh, an WN isn’t helped by folks like tourself trying to divide white people along gender lines either. Your anti-Americanism doesn’t help either but like Trump, at least I can say, “I tried”.

          • Why the hell would you use a source from the Turks who destroyed Byzantium? The fact is that Russia is linked to Byzantium inextricably, through both priesthood and Ivan III’s marriage. It has nothing to do with ethnicity, because we’re talking about a meta-historical concept of ‘Rome’, not the ethnic makeup of Rome, which holds little significance today.

            Pointing out that women (not to mention Americans) historically aren’t considered to be leading authorities on Russian meta-history is not dividing anything. I’m sorry the feminist narrative doesn’t play too well, but as I pointed out, people have been writing on this topic long before you decided to comment on Disqus.

            (Side note: nobody would want to big up Viking heritage, since they were backwater raiders incapable of building actual civilization).

          • Having a common religion means nothing otherwise Morocco and Indonesia would be part of the same empire since both are Muslim.

            Why ask the Turks? Well, for the same reasons you’d ask Arabs and whites if Sub-Saharan blacks had the most advanced civilization at one time rather than just take the blacks’ word for it. Spaniards destroyed the Aztec Empire but few people in Spain would fully disagree that Mexico is the Continuity Aztec Empire.

            The historical rather than the ethnic makeup of Rome? Didn’t know the WN movement considers whites to be an historical rather than a genetic racial concept. Jews share more history with whites than many different white ethnic groups do with each other like Lithuanians and Irish for example so I guess Jews should be included into the white “historical construct” that WN is fighting for.

            You are wrong about Viking being little more than backwater Raiders. They were seafaring traders that founded and conquered many civilizations and even made it to Canada hundreds of years before Columbus went west. The Rus vikings are what Russia gets it’s name from but that must just be one of those backwaters you are talking about rather than a real civilization. The British Royal Family also descended from Vikings that conquered in 1066.

            Feminist narrative??? Wtf? Is that a code term for anything you disagree with a woman on?

          • That’s sweet but I doubt I’ll like anything you make. PB&J with a beer just doesn’t do it for me.

          • Wrong site. We are Tradionalist here. Find somewhere else to espouse your desire to be a man.

          • You’re at the wrong site “craicher”. We’re PRO-WHITE here.

            Read the article you’re posting on you dipshit. You’re in the wrong place.

          • You are certainly not pro white as you constantly attack White people and their heritage. You are tool of the left and as you tacitly admitted a jew to boot. You can’t be White if you are a Jew. Now I know where you get your hatred of Christianity.

          • You need to realize that “craicher” is a Christcuck. He constantly attacks White people while pushing Jesus on everyone, but no actual church. He has nothing to offer but counter-signals.

          • Wrong. I respect my people and civilization. I don’t push Jesus on anyone and Christianity is way more complex than simply Jesus anyway but you would not know because you have proven yourself here to be a very ignorant, very angry person motivated by hatred. The one thing you need to get through your mind is that most White people are Christians. Therefore it is you who is attacking White people and pissing right in their face. Go back to your video games and leave the responsible adults here.

            Again no one is counter signaling unless YOU control the narrative. And exactly who made you king? Who are you that you control the narrative?

          • You counter-signal at every opportunity and you’re too fucking dumb to see it.

            The most important thing is the White race. Your Jewish religion can die and it won’t matter one bit. There are a billion Negroes praising Jesus so that old Jew doesn’t need me or any other White people.

          • Hey. Thanks for pointing that out. Christians are the hardest core cuckservatives and the driving force behind it. No wonder this Cuckstian was so hostile towards me.

            Why do Cuckstians come to these sites when members know that they are harder core cucks than even the left? The Pope is a bigger cuck than even Soros and his appointed officer of the Ecclesiastical Office of the Divine Global Cuckolding– Peter Sutherland — makes Paul Ryan look like David Duke.

          • >>Why do Cuckstians come to these sites when members know that they are harder core cucks than even the left?

            I wondered that myself but I believe that’s really how Christianity was founded. Just look at the Cucktians today and imagine we are living a thousand or more years ago. You’d have these lunatic, energetic White people undermining the solidarity of their race and tribes for a Jewish cult. They make coordinated attacks, indoctrinate children, and Whites were not inoculated or aware of these SJWs and either get roped in or pushed out. As a matter of fact, “craicher” is crying for the mods to “ban this clown”, meaning ban me.

            I’m sure Hypatia was experiencing the same thing before they murdered her. She probably tried to reason with them. We really need to train White people in dealing with Cucks, Jews, and POCs. And we need to work fast!

          • Nice revisionist history. A historian you are not.

            Besides this entire thing was about pagans (or whatever you say you are) splitting our movement. Not about Christianity. I merely defended the faith and heritage of my White people. Maybe not yours as you admit you are not white but a jew.

          • Yes this is all Christianity is about? Please don’t answer as we all know by now you cannot give a resonable answer.

            So, do atheist adopt non-white babies? Yes. Do pagans adopt non-white babies? Yes.

            Just admit you have no argument and you are boy motivated by hatred. If not a paid troll and since you call my a goy what can you be other than a jew? I respect a zionist jew more than a self hating one like you.

            You come to the table with nothing. Nothing but hatred of Western Civilization. Typical Jew.

          • I love how Americans share pictures from their own disgusting culture to lambast Christianity. lol. Take it you’ve never been to Poland, or Slovakia, or Romania, or Russia. Maybe you should stop blaming Christianity for the simple fact that Americans are sick in the head in many cases?

          • Why are these cucks smiling? They are raising children who have no genetic link to them and now, in the event they can have children, they may intentionally decide to not have any [White] children because “they” already have two children. Very sick people. Humans are not fungible. You can’t swap a non-White for a White and have the same thing. And, in case they argue that the planet has too many humans, I would suggest to them that it does not have too many White humans. We are not the problem with too many humans. In fact, the Earth would be a far nicer place if the only humans were White humans.

          • True. The religion was founded to “spread the word” and invite potentially everyone in the world into their community. In other words, they were the original globalist cucks since Jews don’t proselytize. Even the Romans themselves showed some restraint as to who they invited into their empire.

            Good luck dealing with this cuckstian. The moderators show more tolerance not banning either you or him than any of his fellow cuckstians show WN folks IRL.

          • Yeah, at times I almost refrain from commenting on various Alt Right websites because once a Christian jumps in, the debate degenerates rather quickly.

            First, they invoke Torah-derived metaphysics which can’t be refuted or even debated with in any meaningful way. Then they move to on to cherry-picking any and all historical tidbits which fit their “Whites Are Christian!” meta-narrative.

            When any empirical evidence is put forth showing how Christianity has been destructive or detrimental to Whites, they resort to the all-purpose “them weren’t the REAL Christians” argument.

            Next they resort to the most vicious ad hominem attacks that I’ve personally encountered anywhere online. (On this website alone I’ve been told I was drowning in “Satan’s Feces”, have a reprobate mind, a low IQ, am a moron and most hilariously, am into “LARPing”, because I used the word “Pagan” to refer to a rich, intellectual, European history that predates Christianity. Incidentally I didn’t even know what LARPing even meant prior to being accused of doing it.) I’m not personally offended by any of this, I merely bring it up to point out that these kind of outbursts almost exclusively come from a group which professes to be beyond such base human emotions as anger or hatred.

            Lastly, when refuted, they will invoke their special victim status (which they basically learned from Jews) and retreat to their morally superior safe space. As a group, they are passive-aggressive, insecure motherfuckers and I flat out cannot stand a single one of them.

          • Then join the left who also hate out people. Fact is, must brn a hater like you up inside, most Whites are Christians. By heritage anyway. Hating your own people is no way to save them. Go join a Maoist cult.

          • Same cult that 90% of the people of Poland belong to, most of Portugal, Spain, Bavaria, Ireland, Russia, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, I don’t think I need to go on. And most of us are Christian by Tradition, that is we don’t go around yelling about Jesus (God is the focus anyway and if you knew anything about Trad Christianity you would know that), we dont watch television ministries, but we do drink, have active social lives, get married and have children and in many of our lands have nationalist leaders.

            So where are your pagan or atheist nationalist nations and leaders? You and your people are a silly joke who only exist in cyberspace. Whereas we have Traditions, nations, armies and leaders. Join the winning side! Do you role playing and fantasy shit for fun.

            Growing up is hard but if you put effort into it, you can do it.

          • It is best to just ignore women when they are speaking on these topics. I was being crass before by actually engaging with her. The Traditionalist authors (both Christian and non-Christian) make quite clear that a woman’s word on matters of religion and politics is a pale reflection of a man’s. By engaging, we are actually accepting Modern feminism by default.

          • The Romans were generally tolerant of most religions but banned some pagan religions out of immorality (human sacrifice) and Christianity for being subversive (attacking all other religions’ gods and Romans’ religious behavior that didn’t conform to Christianity).

            The point I am trying to make is Christianity has always been a predatory subversive religion that was designed to prey on whatever countries tolerate it. The only difference between Judaism and Christianity is Jews historically relied on predominantly economic means of subversion (at least up until the 19th century) whereas Christians rely predominantly on socio-political means of subversion.

            Never expect rational constructive thought from these subversives. As a matter of fact, Martin Luther was quoted as saying, “reason is the enemy of faith” in at least one of his writings.

            You are right about claiming victim status when their bullying subversion fails. Look at the whole LGBT thing. Regardless of what anyone thinks of LGBT people, it is obvious that most want nothing to do with Christians yet Christians just can’t help but center their sermons and politics around them.

            I am neither trying to attack nor defend LGBT people. I was just using them as an obvious example of Christian anti-social aggression is all since regardless of what they are or aren’t doesn’t change what Christians are or aren’t. To argue otherwise would be the logical fallacy known as a red herring (adding diversionary irrelevance to an argument) which Christians are chock full of logical fallacies including red herring and their apparent favorite — ad hominem (attacking your opponent rather than their argument).

          • So is the Christian Dr. David Duke a so-called cuck?

            Maybe you would like to write him a letter waxing poetic about your great insight and knowledge of this word cuck that you and that troll Thomas (that is a Christian name you know?) like to through about. Maybe you can explain to him how you have captured a movement that he was instrumental in creating and nurturing and that it is now a leftist, pagan, atheist or whatever you two are movement and Christian cucks like him are not welcome.

            Children you two for sure.

          • I guess your reading comprehension skills are no better than your social comprehension skills. I was making a relative comparison and actually complementing David Duke as a WN standard bearer.

            You really should just find yourself a good cucktian church to go rather than post here.

          • But wait he is an avowed Christian and us Christian are “hard core cuckservatives”.

            Please explain yourself?

          • Never said David Duke is perfect but he isn’t Paul Ryan or Peter Sutherland either. Not sure what actual church David Duke goes to. Even though it is cognitively dissonant to be WN and a Jew worshipper, not every Christian Church (especially some Evangelical churches are cucks).

          • Maybe you could explain to Dr. Duke that he is a “cuckstian”. I’m sure he would love to partake of you wisdom.

          • Please stop trolling. Don’t you have a.Jew somewhere to worship, serve and, obey? Christ might be a myth but Soros is real. His SJW cult will be happy to have you.

          • If you want to be of the Right it is important to learn your place as a woman. It is not here debating anything. You should be speaking to other women about cooking, cleaning, child rearing, nursing, sewing, and other female topics.

            You clearly don’t know what you are talking about and are way out of your league. And you set a bad example for other women. The West (White man) is patriarchy. If you don’t like it you are in the wrong place.

            Otherwise you can always join the left with Thomas the Jew here and you two can ride off into the sunset together all the while shitting on the hundreds of millions of White Christians who do care about their people and race. You could even start your own cult. You already have a jew in Thomas to replace Christ.

            For the record I never went on about Christ, Jesus and bla, bla, bla… I merely defended the faith and heritage of my White people.

          • The WN movement respects intelligent white women. Please stop conflating them with Cucktianity.

          • – Byazntines called themselves Romans. They thought of themselves as the Roman Empire. It was the continuation of the Roman Empire.

            – Regarding Russia. Sure it is arguable. Check out their coat of arms and compare to Byzantium though.

          • Further – Edward Gibbon, probably the most well known historian on this topic writes extensively on the Eastern Roman Empire (“Byzantium”) in his Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. Most of the work is about the Eastern half with the final fall coming with the Arab conquest of Constantinople.

          • I’ll agree as would most historians that the Byzantine Empire was the Continuity Roman Empire. It makes every bit of sense to think of themselves as Romans since Rome did found the Empire and they were one of the same since before Diocletian partitioned the Empire and over a century afterwards.

            It still does make sense to treat them as separate empires since they only mildly overlap in time and geographic location despite actually being one of the same at times. As long as that is acknowledged, treating them as separate empires is usually but not always the better way to study them.

            As far as Russia? Well, nearby cultures do borrow and influence each other. The Moors probably had more cultural influence on Spain than the Byzantines did on Russia yet it would be absurd to consider Spain some kind of continuity Moorish caliphate even if a neo-caliphate might be in the works discourtesy of the EU and other globalists.

  • Theory of Relativity : Culture war over religious morality culminates with Watergate, and the release of Alice Cooper’s ‘School’s out’ resulting in the abolishment of govt and corruption in the form of technology. The National and Racial culture war is in direct correlation with this, as an attempt to free ourselves from persecution at the hands of liberalist feminists and multi-culturalism. Technology however, is all that survived the seventies. iBooth at the start of this decade enabled us to continue to believe that society exists. This is not true.

  • Say something to the right of Michael Moore and these out of touch leftists assume you don’t believe in dinosaurs. When you explain that your desires for cleansing and eugenics is rooted in kill dry logic and biology they always give some entertaining reactions.

  • Is anyone familiar enough with the Eastern Orthodox Church to offer any insight into how it stands on the universalism of Christianity? My impression is that it is more nationalistic, there are Greek and Russian Orthodox Churches, for example. But I’ve also read that certain Orthodox Churches and Patriarchs are as cucked as the Roman Catholic and mainstream Protestant churches are now. Is there any hope in the Orthodox Church?

    • The Orthodox Church does not want a bunch of American WNs pretending to convert and using their name in vain to LARP about mid 20th century fascism in Eastern Europe.

      They already excommunicated one WN asshole for doing that. Leave Orthodoxy alone!

      If you need a new church, join mine, the First European Christian Church of America. We believe in the True Christianity, and none of the cucked Christianity, and Jesus Christ himself told us he wants us to be pro-white and to to ensure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

      Send your love offerings to

      • For the record, Heimbach was not excommunicated (lol, this power doesn’t really exist in Orthodoxy). He was denied the Mysteries by a local parish run by an American. He then went to a Romanian priest and… low and behold… no problems.

    • People here seem to be confused. The church is about the afterlife not politics. Or that is how it should be. In the proper Traditional world, the church is subservient to state power and the state, that is politcs, is where we fight the battles for our survival not in freaking church!

      • “The church is about the afterlife not politics.”

        Translation: the church is useless to the White race and will sell you out to rent space in Jewish heaven with all of black and brown Christians.

        • Incredible ignorance. You obviously don’t get out much and have very little real life experience. You seem to be a sociopath by your lack of empathy and understanding even for your own people and ancestors.

          • You really are retarded. I already set you straight on Mexico as I’ve traveled to Mexico over 200 times and you haven’t even gone once.

          • How do you know if I have been to Mexico? You truly are a mental case. I would wager you are institutionalized. Which is a good thing. We don’t need people like you on the loose.

          • I love autistic White Eurocucks posturing enlightenment as your governments and churches choose the Turd World over themselves. It makes for a good laugh.

  • ““Maybe it’s the values of hierarchy, authority, and tradition that churches instill. Maybe religion builds habits and networks that help people better weather national traumas, and thus retain their faith that the system works. For whatever reason, secularization isn’t easing political conflict. It’s making American politics even more convulsive and zero-sum.”

    Gosh, you’d almost think that the decline of christianity is turning out to be a bad thing. I wonder who it was who sought its’ decline, anyway?

  • The author should look into apostolic forms of Christianity, not the protestant churches which have been going down the wrong road for decades.

  • Dear lost pagan satanists, does it not strike you that the most Christian nations are the most resilient in Europe? Does it not strike you that the moat post Christian nations in Northern Europe are the farthest gone? Does it not strike you that the Christian South in the USA is the most racist while the post Christian Pacific Northwest have their sisters and daughters riding the black whip?

    • “Does it not strike you that the Christian South in the USA is the most
      racist while the post Christian Pacific Northwest have their sisters and
      daughters riding the black whip?”

      I’m fairly certain that lying is against the Christian religion. There is far more black/white miscegenation in the South than there is in the Pacific Northwest.

      • Only grossly obese, the mentally ill and drug addicts miscegenate in the South. But that was not the point. The man on the street, your average Southerner, is what the MultiCult calls a racist. That is, he (or she) believes in the inequality of the races and in segregation. That is the vast majority of Southerners (not Yankee transplants). Now I am fairly certain that that is not the case in the Pacific North West. Your normal daughter or sister is much more likely to be blacked in the post-Christian areas such as Scandinavia though even there where I Iived for years and still frequent most of the women are biologically repulsed by Blackfricans but still the secular Puritan culture forces them to suppress their nature lest they be the ohhh sooo terrible racist.. I understand that the Pacific North West is even worse. It is just that there aren’t enough Blackfrican around to defile your women. Yet! That was my point and I am certain it is true.

        Again the point is and it is undeniable that White nations and areas that have maintained their Christian heritage from Eastern Europe, to South Africa, to Argentina, to Bavaria, to the American South are what the MultiCult call racists. Funny how that works, huh, you pagans?

          • Projecting? I never implied any such a thing. Said it was more likely in the PNW. In fact I said the opposite that their biological natural instinct is repulsion to negroids but their atheist secular Puritan leftist culture tells them their nature is racist and therefore some will fuck blacks and browns because of that.

            Wrong again Hipster Retard

          • You just made up some bullshit to make a point, but you had none. There is virtually no black/white miscegenation in the PNW – I mean, giving the idea a moment’s thought should tell you why – and far more of it in the South – again, for very obvious reasons.

            I mean literally we were discussing Christianity and you had to chime in to discuss white women having sex with black men – that is what you were thinking about, no one else. It’s your fetish, apparently. That’s called the “cuck fetish” and most of us disapprove.

          • Wrong again. The topic came up if the more Christian parts of the White world were more protected against the MultiCult, race mixing being one of its doctrines, or the atheist parts of the White world such as the PNW or Scandinavia where paganism finds fertile ground.

            I can tell you from personal experience that in athiestic places like Sweden and England you will see WAY more mixed races couples and children and whites with adopted muds than you will in Christian places like Poland or Alabama.

            On the PNW I was going on what I here.

            But still how does it feel to be wrong time and time again?

          • “the post Christian Pacific Northwest have their sisters and daughters riding the black whip?”

            You even used a colorful fetish term for a black penis – “the black whip.” You got negro penis on your brain – don’t project that on the white women in the Pacific North West it is YOU, craicher, thinking about “the black whip” – not White women.

          • You concede that I was right by not making an argument against it but go into something completely off topic.

            Wrong again. You just can’t get anything right.

            Try staying on topic. And I am not here to duel with you but hopefully show that you and your pagan larpers are very destructive to our cause, products of the left, and tools of our enemies. Bye bye.

          • I conceded nothing because you were unable to make a point, thus you devolved into childish name calling. I’m not a pagan, I’m a Christian. You are simply arguing with strawmen you make up in your head – apparently competing for space with all that “black whip” on your brain as well.

            When you grow up, get married and have children you won’t have this need to prove yourself anymore. Try some patience.

          • After all this you claim to be a Christian. At least now we know all you are is a troll. Dont feed the troll. Bye for good this time.

          • You keeping saying “goodbye” yet you keep piping up to tell us about “black whip” and your odd “pagan” strawmen. Then, humiliated by your betters, you spout off like a pre-teen trying to insult adults.

            You should spend less time trying to sit at the adult table and more time in church, if you even are a Christian, which doesn’t really seem likely.

      • So you concede his other point, that Christian Eastern Europe is far more resilient than atheist Western Europe.

        • I don’t see why anyone should. Eastern Europe is essentially a backwater economically, which is why they don’t have the mass immigration that Western Europe has. It has little to do with Christianity. You may as well pine for the days of Communism, because Eastern Europe was under communism therefore why not credit that particular ideology?

          You should get down on your knees and thank the two or three pagan LARPers here, because without them you’d have no one to counter-signal against. I’m a Christian myself.

          • Shows a true ignorance of Eastern Europe. They don’t like blacks and muslims and gypsies and homos and feminists. That is a fact. Go there and if you look like your name implies you will probably get some agression coming your way. Its not a place for hipsters.

          • I’m only replying for the benefit of those who may not have traveled. But the Black Plague is everywhere. There is no white country on Earth from Iceland to Ukraine where there are absolutely no blacks. Otherwise I do not respond to trolls like you.

          • please explain Viktor Orban’s statements then? Pretty much all of them are some variation of “I will preserve nationalist Christian Hungary against parasites”

          • I think you are getting correlation and causality mixed up.

            Eastern Europe is a destination for migrants, but they get kicked out/ stopped at the border/ ushered through to Western nations. Communism is somewhat responsible, as it meant that religion was under less of an attack than it was in the West (ironically, considering religious freedom in west and explicit persecution in east), and there was a lot less pozzed media indoctrination.

            The importance of this is that Christianity is not synonymous with being anti-white. It can be either, depending on who is defining it.

  • I guess leftwing Jews should’ve thought of that all those years they were warring against Christianity.

      • That is incorrect. Christianity was created by your Creator, and should you persist in shaking your fist at his existence, you will reap what you have sown.

        • Cool sermon, bro. I thought the alt-right was full of free-thinkers. Not Evangelical Christians invoking wrath on other Whites.

          • That was not a sermon, bro, and the wrath coming your way is of your own doing, not mine.

            Moreover, the “I’m a free thinker because I refuse to acknowledge my Creator” crap is the same Secular Humanist Atheism, Jacobin egalitarianism, Enlightenment veneration of the corrupt human mind, Gramscian March Through the Institutions, Frankfurt School Cultural Marxism, Alinskyian lucifer worship godlessness that has demolished all of the pillars of Western Civilization, and now we are hanging on by our fingernails.

            You may think you’re against the enemy, but you’re neck-deep in his feces.


          • Cool meta-narrative, bro. You mention eight different intellectual strains that are barely related then accuse me of being neck-deep in Satan’s feces. You’re unhinged. Congratulations.

          • You demonstrate your weaknesses in several ways.

            First, the “Cool story, bro” schtick is a shopworn cliche at this point, and was never effective even years ago when it was new.

            As for those intellectual strains being supposedly unrelated, you are, of course, confused. Said confusion is caused by your failure to acknowledge your Creator, which is the single-most commonly held conceit of those supposedly barely related brain droppings of the reprobate mind.

            As for me being “unhinged,” your lame attempt at gas-lighting is no more effective or original than the “Cool story, bro” crap, and is, truth be told, one of the more popular ploys employed by Jews against the goyim.

            I like your Wagner avatar, however.

          • “Acknowledge your creator”, “wrath”, etc. Are you a fucking automaton? As far as you being “unhinged”, you wrote: “Secular Humanist Atheism Jacobin egalitarianism Enlightenment veneration of the corrupt human mind Gramcian March Through the Institutions, Frankfurt School Cultural Marxis, Alinskyian lucifer worship godlessnes”. Is there a point in there or are you emulating Allen Ginsberg?

          • I know what I wrote, but quoting it does not help your attempt at gas-lighting.

            “Cool story, bro,” are you an automaton? Gotcha!

            Son, never lock horns with someone who has got at least 20 IQ points north of yours, and whose level of education makes you look like the average ghetto dropout by comparison.

          • You know neither my IQ nor my level of education. You can barely even structure a paragraph, as noted above. Since you failed to convince me of anything in you blather about “The Creator”, you predictably resorted to ad hominem attacks, like every other passive-aggressive, insecure Christard I’ve had had the displeasure of interacting with.

          • Is “”Secular Humanist Atheism Jacobin egalitarianism Enlightenment veneration of the corrupt human mind Gramcian March Through the Institutions, Frankfurt School Cultural Marxis, Alinskyian lucifer worship godlessnes” indicative of your IQ and level of education?

          • No. It was prophesied in the Garden of Eden, and fulfilled nearly 2000 years ago. Anymore questions, hotshot?

          • Sure. Tell us exactly how your imaginary creator (lc intentional) created Christianity and tell us about the prophesy. Actual citations would be nice.

          • Read the third chapter of Genesis if you want some context. The specific prophecy can be located at Genesis 3:15.

            The Triune Creator sent the second person of the Holy Trinity, the eternal Word of God, who created the natural world, to earth more than 2000 years ago, clothed in human form, 100% Spirit of God, and 100% fallen flesh of man.

            This man, Jesus, lived without sin. Guiltless. Blameless. He taught and blessed and healed for a few years in his thirties, and then at the appointed time He gave His life as a complete atonement for the sins of mankind — a substitutionary sacrifice for me, for you, for everyone. He died, and was resurrected on the third day in His glorified form, taught for another 40 days with His followers, and thereafter ascended to heaven to sit at the righthand of the Father.

            Salvation is a free gift of God’s grace, but the gift has to be accepted. No one is forced to take it. Those who do will live in eternal peace with their Creator, and those who do not will be judged and punished for their sins.

          • Well, let me see if we can get to the nub of this with a series of simple questions that require nothing more than short answers: Do you believe in evolution? Do you believe the Earth was formed about 5,000 years ago? Do you believe that man lived at the same time as dinosaurs? Do you believe Jews are a chosen people? Do you believe that all humans are essentially the same and therefore we should all blend together so that there are no separate races?

          • Just a note first: This isn’t the Inquisition, but I’ll gladly participate in your interrogation out of charity. That said, I’ll choose the length of my answers for myself, rather than having their length dictated to me by my interrogator.

            Question 1:

            Darwinian, trans-species, macro-evolution? Of course not. And anyone of an intellectually honest nature has no reason to, as it is full of so many gaping holes it is difficult to know where to begin. I believe in micro-adapation, which was built into the Creation by the Creator, for the survival of same.

            Question 2:

            No, and I’m not sure why you’re obsessed over this 5000 years ago thing. I know lots of Christians, and I don’t know a single one who believes the earth was formed 5000 years ago. You might want to let that go, as it is a straw-man. If, at some point, you came across someone or something asserting the 5000-years-ago claim and you insist on applying it to Christians in general, then that leaves me free to apply to atheists any crazy thing I’ve ever heard an atheist say to all atheists. If that doesn’t sound like an honest approach, then you should probably drop the 5000-years-old nonsense.

            Question 3:

            That’s just question 2, again, but worded differently.

            Question 4:


            Question 5:


            The interrogation is now over.

          • Answer 1: You throw in the name Darwin–which I did not use– as though Darwin is synonymous with evolution–it isn’t. Evolution is a bigger concept than Darwinism.

            Answer 2: Many fundamentalist Christians believe this,

            Answer 3: Same as my answer 2.

            Answer 4: So, you don’t believe that Jews are the chosen people? Do you have an actual citation from the Bible, and not just your opinion, to back up your belief.

            Answer 5: Let me see if I can correctly restate your admission for the sake of clarity: You believe that the races of man are different and that we should not practice miscegenation. Did I get that right?

            And, finally, you apparently assume I’m an atheist–you seem to often jump to conclusions and insert “facts” not in evidence (such as “Darwin” and now “atheist”).

          • Answer 1:

            It doesn’t matter that you didn’t use the name Darwin, nor did I say anything about him being synonymous with Evolution. My purpose in mentioning him was for clarification. I know that the Evolutionists have had to distance themselves from Darwin because some of his lesser known assertions are embarrassing. Nevertheless, Darwin is very closely related to any discussion of the subject — and it’s silly to deny it. Darwin may be inconvenient to the crusading Evolutionist, but that’s not my problem.

            Answer 2:

            All sorts of people believe all sorts of things, but we are each responsible for what we believe as individuals.

            Answer 3:

            Same as Answer 2.

            Answer 4:

            As for Jews being God’s Chosen People? No. This is not the same as saying that individuals who are Jews by race cannot be among God’s Chosen. Racial Jews are neither rejected nor automatically in God’s grace by the mere circumstance of their race. It simply means that, as the totality of NT testifies, one must be in Christ to be in a covenant relationship with God, whether Jew or Gentile. Same standard for both. The adoption is by Faith (spiritual), not by the flesh (racial). The OT “Chosen-ness” was a type and shadow of God’s People, until which time Christ would come and fulfill the prophecies, forming one man (One people) out of two. Sin entered by one man, Adam, and was therefore overcome by one man, Christ. Abraham was not saved by his DNA (flesh, race, etc.) but by his faith, which was credited to him as righteousness. “The flesh availeth nothing.”

            There are both OT and NT Scriptures that provide the totality of teaching on this subject, but that would be a time-consuming rabbit hole for me to go down. I will provide just a bit on that, however:

            Exodus, ch19, v5—6 is fulfilled in Christ, in 1 Peter, ch2, v9
            Hosea, ch2, v23 is fulfilled in Christ, in 1 Peter, ch2, v10
            Mark, ch11, v12—14 & 20—21
            Luke, ch13, v6—9
            Luke, ch13, v34—35
            Romans, ch2, v28—29
            Galatians, ch3, v7—9
            Galatians, ch3, v15—29
            Galatians, ch4, v21—31

            Answer 5:

            Asked and answered. The source of your confusion is beyond me.

            Lastly, my apologies for assuming you were an atheist. I’ve already addressed your hurt feelings over me merely mentioning Darwin.

            As for “jumping to conclusions,” based on the nature of your interrogations of me about my beliefs, I’m not sure if you want to go criticizing other people for making erroneous assertions.

          • Do Americans think that any Christians outside their own retarded Evangelicals believe that figure? It was even calculated in a retarded way.

  • I actually enjoyed Beinart’s piece, for the most part, even if it was a lot of rehashing stuff I already knew. Ethnonationalism has its own separate merits, but it is also a logical substitute for religion, even if its role does not overlap perfectly with religion’s. And this is not a new thing; the XIX century, when Europeans adopted a more secular worldview, was the great age of nationalism.

    The two most basic forms of identity are racial/ethnic identity and religious identity. When the two intersect and form an ethno-religion, which is basically what Judaism is, the religion of Beinart’s co-ethnics, one probably has the strongest identity possible.

    Well maybe, all else being equal. But think for a minute about which European people comes the closest the closest to having an ethno-religion. It’s obviously the English. Their religion, an official state religion to this day, is even called Anglican (as in Anglo). And yeah, in a way Anglo identity is a very strong one; we (I’m including us Americans because we have the same basic attitude) have always had a deep belief in our separateness and in our superiority. The average American and Briton thinks that we are the most great and the most good people that has ever existed. But for all that, we are obviously not very ethnonationalist, at least not in the right way.

    The obvious difference between Anglo-Saxons and Jews or Eastern Europeans is that we do not think of ourselves as victims, or potential victims. A lot of people on Alt Right have picked-up on this, and have decided to try to convince whites to see themselves as victims. Generally-speaking, I think that is the wrong approach. Anglos are a relatively logical, and yes, moral, people. We’re not ethnonationalist is because we followed the moral logic away from ethnonationalism. So what we need is a moral logic that leads to ethnonationalism.

    • It’s ironic all these Anglo-Saxon Americans saying they believe in “tradition” then disparaging our own Anglo traditions and pretending to embrace foreign traditions.

      I’m not going to give up my own tradition – Anglo-Saxon/WASP American liberalism – in order to LARP as some sort of mid century German or, god forbid, some sort of neo-pagan frog worshipper.

      Anyone serious about tradition and identity would embrace ourselves and our actual authentic traditions – not despite, but BECAUSE they are being co-opted by anti-whites.

      As for America – all of the Founding Fathers were White Nationalists. All of them were Christian to one degree or another. All of them were traditionally “liberal.” Why in the world would we give all that up? As Wallace has posted over and over again recently, Americanism equaled “White Christian” until literally just 40 years ago. We’re going to give up 500 years of America, and thousands of years of Europe, because 40 years ago Jews took over the TV stations?

      I don’t think so.

      Yes – excellent point about Anglos having our own ethno-religion. Anyone serious about Christianity in America should start re-taking the Episcopal church. That means showing up every Sunday and for Wednesday prayer meetings too, and taking our institutions back one at a time. Anything else is just LARPing.

      • There’s definitely a lot ‘throwing the baby out with the bath water’ going on around here.

        I’m not doctrinaire about upholding every little Anglo tradition, but I do think we on the Alt Right should have a much healthier attitude towards our past. The Russians don’t believe in communism anymore, but that doesn’t mean they’re ashamed of the Soviet Union. They just look at like, ‘we tried something big because we thought it was the right thing to do, but we’ve changed our minds.’ Now we’re doing something else. But we’re still us.’ A healthy race is proud of great past efforts even if they don’t believe in them anymore.

        As for liberalism generally, I will agree, very broadly speaking, with those who say it is the problem, but that doesn’t mean that getting rid of it is the solution. Liberalism might be a problem, right now, but that does not mean that it must always be a problem by its nature.

        I happen to agree with you that liberalism has way too many merits for us to just blithely discard it, but even if we wanted to simply overthrow it, that’s not how history works. In the long term (and I’m only defining long term as a couple generations), reactionary politics don’t work. A successful ideology has to digest history, it has to be a logical extension of the recent past and contemporary aspirations.

  • The left has been subverting Christianity since the 60’s. The Jews subverting it since he Scodfield Bible. Our job is yo recapture it not destroy it. Just as we should recapture academia and government. Fact is for you .00001% of the population on here who are pagans is that most Whites are Christians. Get over yourselves. The great Davis Duke who has fought for decades for us is a Christian.

    Then there is the issue of God. You pagans (who are not Hindus) deny God and instead whorship idol ancestors. You deny sin because you want to “do as thou will” and that us Satanism. Electro shock therapy for you!

      • Probably, yeah. She’s clearly a gaslighting operation. Her costumes early on were obviously meant to say, “let’s see how absurd we can get and still have these rubes believe that I’m a serious ‘artist'”. She was so in-your-face, over-the-top absurd, stupid, tasteless, talentless… And the public ate it right up. Lady Gaga is a “shit test” by the culture-subverters to see how far gone our people’s minds are.

      • Depends on when are where. Or more like all the way back to the Jews financing Cromwell and the Puritans and turning them away from Tradition towards merchantilism, capitalism and ultimately materialism.

    • There is no such thing as god or as sin. Pagans are honoring and practicing traditions that have been practiced since long before christianity tried and controlled everyone

    • Satanists deny son because there is no such thing. Christianity is a fairy tale. It is fine for learning morals like don’t steal and don’t be an adulterer but those are obvious things. you can have morals meaning and happiness with out the Bible if you think you can’t your biased and blind to the truth. Now about your comment on. shock therapy I really hope you’re joking about torturing someone just because they feel differently about religion than you do.

  • Some people are perpetual malcontents; first these people do everything in their power to cripple and destroy Christianity, then they whine when it has been neutered because they now see what happens when the shackles come off.

  • Where do these Jews get off talking about Christianity and White people, even though they don’t identify as either?

    Imagine if White Christians in the mainstream media were constantly critically discussing Jews in both religious and ethnic terms. The kvetching from the likes of Abe Foxman could be heard straight from Astoria to Jersey City.

    The reason why these Jews get away with this is because White men don’t take offense enough. We should be writing letters to the editors, making phone calls, and threatening to boycott their advertisers. We should be as obnoxious as possible demanding that these hateful Zionist Jews be de-platformed so they don’t get an audience for their bigoted anti-European and anti-Palestinian hate speech.

  • Religion causes a lot of in-fighting among the altright. But I think most of us can agree that the altright is NOT a religious movement. This does not mean that it is anti-christian or pro atheist, it simply means that religion is irrelevant to what we wish to accomplish. We want to create a white ethnostate and anyone, whether Christian or Atheist or Pagan, who wants to help us achieve this goal is our friend, not an enemy; regardless of your personal religious beliefs.

    • I totally agree but if Jesus shows up at the ethno-state, I’ll crucify him myself.

        • My ancestors were all Whites.

          Christianity is not the connection here. More importantly, Christianity will not honor my ancestors while simultaneously pushing miscegenation, Negro adoption, and helping “Christians” over helping the White race.

          • Its just tragic to me how successful these liberal Christians have become in correlating Christianity with the things you listed: miscegenation, negro adoption, etc.

            I went to a church with an adoption agency that specifically seemed to link black children to white families. I admit that it’s shameful.

          • Liberal Christian, conservative Christian, it doesn’t matter. There isn’t a single Church on earth that stands up for the White race. The Alt Right will defend the White race no matter what. The Alt Right will work in the interests of Whites no matter what.

          • I think there are a lot of Christians, including myself, who see truth in historic Christianity in the same way we see truth in things like racial reality, but the institutions and modern churches are so far gone. They’re evil at this point.

          • Most Christians are not White. It doesn’t matter what you see. Just like the Libcuck who put Obama in charge, you put non-Whites in charge of your church. There are twice as many Christians as there are White people. That makes about 2/3 of Christianity is non-White. Your religion is completely cucked. You’ve breed a billion Negroes and Mestizos to replace you.

          • How am I counter signaling. This is not This website is about our cause not your pagan cause. You are trying to capture something that is not yours to capture. Now back to with you.

          • How are you counter-signalling? Because for the millionth time:


          • You just like to attack the culture, history and heritage of our people? And you don’t even have a good reason? It would be better then if you were a pagan at least then you would have some rationale for your hatred and ignorance.

            You are a puppet of the left, i.e, the jews and the worst is you are not intelligent enough to even know it. Or you are very young, in which case you may be forgiven, though you should not be writing on here without adult supervision.

            In any case you seem to be very mentally unstable. Maybe move to a left wing website where shitting all over most European descended peoples (because whether you like it or not most are Christians) is liked. Sure you have a few pagan cheerleaders on here, few being the key word. Moving left where you belong you can have an entire army of tools to cheer you on. Good luck and please stop splitting and ruining this movement. Goodbye.

          • You’re an autistic cuckold who is a thousand years behind. You’re useless to White people.

          • Now how do you know so much about me? To be a cuckold I would have to be married. Do you know my marital status. And that is left wing language being “”behind”” the times not being progressive. I think I am starting to smell bagels.

          • You really are useless to White people. Seriously, if I was a Jew I’d want more Cucktians like you because you faggots worship Jews.

          • Christians are “”faggots who worship jews”. Wow. And you really believe you are not here to destroy our people but save them? You do realize you are just playing into the hands of the enemy. And I believe you are the enemy.

          • Oh noes! The loser who lost his church believes “you are the enemy”! Oh noes! Yeah idiot, I’m the reason why the church is anti-White. You’re such a moron.

          • Because it is not the church’s domain, the sacred function in society, to stand up for the White race. It is our job, the profane, to do that and then bend the Church to our will. Get it?

          • You’re literally so stupid you believe “most pagans live in Africa.” You’re that mentally retarded. It’s impossible for you to understand that culture is a racial construct. You’re a deracinated loser.

          • How would you presume to know anything about my race. Why would I bother if I were the above. Our cause needs adults not larpers. Yes Africa is the dark continent full of pagans.

          • Here we go again… “Those aren’t the REAL Christians!” Pray, tell me, where are these mythical, real Christians the Christians love to invoke?

          • Well, I’ve just been converted and I decided that you aren’t a REAL Christian because you said something I didn’t like.

          • Russia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Mississippi, Louisiana (Dr. David Duke), Greece, Italy, do I need to go on? Are you that misinformed or does you hatred just blind you?

          • Cool, let me know when you form an alliance between Russia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Mississippi, Louisiana (Dr. David Duke), Greece and Italy to save Western Civilization. Will you have a position as a special envoy?

          • Hello Christian Talour,
            I think that this is the most comments I have seen on a single article at atlright before. I just revised your site, as it had been awhile.
            One thing that much of the Alt-Right misses is that Christianity is not the problem. White were racially conscious 200 years ago, and so were Christian churches. The fact that many present day whites have lost their racial consciousness most certainly does not mean whites are inherently racially unconscious -just as it does not mean that Christianity is inherently flawed on the race issue.
            I am an IFB boy turned Calvinist, so I would suppose that we have some doctrinal differences -but I am glad that you are standing up for our people and the Bible in this forum! I put up a blog post defining and criticizing Neo-Babelism last month, and I think you might enjoy it.

          • Christianity is whatever Christians define it as. Stop pretending like there is some penultimate definition of Christianity that has existed since the beginning of time and will always exist, unchanging.

        • If you will notice it is the same few pagans (how many exist in real life 100? 1000?) who comment on this topic. I can answer you their paganism is rooted in rebellion against God and hatred of Christianity no matter how they couch it.

          The original true pagans did not found their religion on hatred or rebellion; they were simply the remnants of a fallen civilization who no longer knew of god. Once they knew of God again they (mostly anyway) rejected their blood thirsty gods for the true God. That is something the haters on here will never admit. Ireland being the perfect example. And Scotland shortly thereafter.

    • The current strains of religion or irreligion are not good for Whites. The Alt Right is concerned with White people, White interests, and a future for White children. Those that fight against us are more concerned with their institutions rather than actual people, but only when those actual people are White. When the people are non-White then, all of a sudden, they’re concerned with actual people. That’s the problem.

    • Good points. At worst, we form multiple ethnostates with different religions. Problem solved.

      These people trying to refight the Wars of Religion before we even have a political party are either retarded or agents of the enemy.

  • For the last 4 years I’ve been trying to “uncuck” Christian thought: but I don’t think it’s possible right now.

    These cucked older generations (and their younger puppets) will have to die off, and mainstream Christianity must implode before anything new can take its place.

    I was witch hunted out of my church for expressing some alt-right opinions. “Christianity” is pretty far gone. The whole thought construction (theology) of modern churches is fortified against us.

    • My thoughts as well. We’re going to have let Christianity implode on its own before it is resurrected or another take its place that serves our interest.

    • Its the same for atheist old people and their atheist younger puppets. Some people just can’t be de-programmed. They are lost. We need to bring together the ones that can be saved. converting them to WNism whether its through Christianity or not.

  • Christianity is DEAD in the West. There will never be another European pope. Francis will be the last White pope. The next Pope will come from somewhere like the Philippines. Protestant churches are also only growing in regions such as Africa. Christianity is now a religion of the Global South and thus Christian leaders (NOT European Christians!) are our enemies.

    Beinart is right and often Jews due to the legalistic nature of their religion can cut to the heart of the matter in analyzing an issue. Identity has replaced religious culture wars in the West. Most in the Alt Right don’t care about shit like Abortion and Gay Rights. Christianity has faded in the West because it not confront this existential crisis of modernity. Only Identity and Race are strong enough to withstand the forces of Globalization and Homogenization which are sweeping the world.

    • Yes, the cognitive dissonance on the part of the self-professed “Christians” on this forum is off the charts. a.) Christianity has always been a part of White Identity and history. b.) We are currently facing extinction. c.) Christianity had nothing whatsoever to do with our current situation as a defeated race of peoples.

    • Amen.
      The first post here that makes any sense!!!!!!!!
      Christianity has run its course; at least for Whites.
      From the perspective of a White Nationalist I do not lament this. Our civilization can survive without Christianity. After all, we did have a civilization before Christianity. (please don’t respond with “Greece, Rome and the other Ancient European civilizations were not Western).
      In fact, not only can Western man survive without Christianity, the sooner it is discarded, the sooner we can get our civilization back on track.

      • I think you underestimate how much society needs a religion. The majority of people, in all nations throughout time have held some kind of religion. If a table needs 4 legs to stand, you are sawing off one of the legs – ok, what are you going to replace that with?

          • I’m just waiting for one of these pagans to start a full blown cult in the vein of Scientology. At least they try to believe in something quasi historical at the moment. But let’s not forget besides these Asatro (Asatru in Sweden and meaning Asa=Gods Tro=Belief which is not what ANY ONE of their ancestors ever called themselves as it was MADE THE FUCK UP by this McNallen clown in the 1970’s) there are wiccans, Druids, Satanists, Freemasons, Kabbalists, and on and on and on. Now most of these pagans could not give a good god damn about the survival of Europeans descended peoples. What they do ALL have in common is the denial of sin and their motto of “do as thou will” which is Satanism.

            And I forgot to add the Universalist Asatuar who I do believe outnumber the nationalists ones and DO believe in RACE MIXING and ARE a LIBERAL CULT. There numbers are greatest in Iceland.

            And let’s not forget the Temple of Set. Pure unadulterated Egyptian Demonology.

          • Silly comment as usual. EVERY religion, including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and on and on with no exceptions, was made up by someone.

            Some were simply made up earlier than some others, and the ones made up earlier, are usually the ones (but not exclusively) most filled with unscientific explanations and gap fillers to explain the world around them with the best knowledge they had at the time as to how existence works.

            Indeed, your denigrating comment that a religion that you don’t like is made up is so foolish that I put it right up there with the comments made by some who say racism is a made up word. Well, of course it is, EVERY word in every language is a made up word. Nothing in existence came with name labels attached. And, to repeat, EVERY religion is a made up religion.

        • Exactly, And look what happened in atheist Soviet Union. People always seek meaning and sorry folks, White Nationalism, does not give man meaning. Learn to separate the spiritual from the profane.

        • Martin, no we don’t “underestimate how much society needs a religion.” So for once in your life quit being a fucking retard. Can we start there?

          • Why are you so angry? Pray tell, what is your purpose here besides attacking White heritage and culture?

          • Why are you so stupid? Pray tell, what is your purpose here besides counter-signaling and undermining the racial interests of Whites?

          • On this particular comment section it is to show that paganism is not an answer to our woes but a product of the degenerate left and that those who attack Christianity (yourself) are destructive to our cause. It is quite simple. Thank you.

          • The problem is you’re a moron who is a thousand years behind. You losers can’t even convince your own church to work in the interests of Whites but you want Whites to join up? For what? Why should Whites join you losers? You had your chance and you cucked.

          • Churches are there for the soul not profane matters. That really is not difficult to understand. Again more left wing jew “”progress”” language. Fact is you and your have nothing to replace Christianity.

            Anger is not the solution to your problems.

          • “Churches are there for the soul not profane matters.”

            Ah the magical “soul”! Let’s all flood our countries with Negros, Arabs, Asians, and Indios! They too have a magical “soul” that needs savin’! The church isn’t worried whether or not you’re White. There are magical “souls” that need saving.

          • Your words not mine and let me repeat not the belief of most Christians but what you project onto them.

            Sacred and profane. It’s a simple basic concept. Try to think about it a little bit while you expect churches to lead the fight for the preservation of European people.

          • TL;DR

            Your hocus pocus is worthless. You’re a loser. You’re like a Marxist after the Jews left. You have nothing but empty promises of salvation

          • So you imply that movements need Jews or they will become “empty”?

            I certainly have not promised anyone salvation and I am not a missionary. I do respect the ways of my people and our civilization and heritage though. You should try it. Maybe the anger will subside and you can do some positive things for your people instead of harping on negative perceived (in your head) aspects of our Christian religion.

          • The problem is you’re a golem, a hollow Jewish creation. You belong to a Jewish institution and a Jewish program. Christianity, like Marxism, is a Jewish creation that promises salvation but just gets dopey White people like you to murder other Whites and destroy their nations.

          • Funny you say golem as Toilken was a Christian. Yea those terrible Christians nations like ALL White nations. You are either very sick or a troll or both.

          • I said “golem” not “gollum” you fucking retard.

            Besides, it’s spelled Tolkien.

        • Because the left stabbed it in the back. Don’t be a puppet. Btw all those Trump supporters chanting build that wall, most all of them are Christians.

          • I don’t oppose White Christians, but when older White Christians die, their form of European Christianity will die with them.

          • In the USA? Or do you mean France, Poland, Ireland, Russia? Christianity is on the march in, for example, France where Le Pen’s way morr radical daughter is a Traditional Catholic. Even Raispael who wrotr Camp of the Saints which greatlu critisized Christianity was a Trad Catholic.

          • Christianity is dying everywhere in the West. Church attendance is nil in France.

          • So those 50,000 who marched in Paris against abortion were pagans? Yes France has lost its way for a while but that is changing. Marion Marechel Le Pen for example. The old hippies are on their way out. Good riddance.

          • You keep saying “pagan.” You’re a thousand years behind the times. You’re utterly worthless to White people.

          • Africans call themselves “pagan”. No they don’t. You’re a liar and a phony.

          • Unless you are hallucinating (are you on medication? real question) I did not mention Africans. I wrote of a march in France referring to the European pagan larpers. But pagans yes, can be of any race or nationality.

          • Since you’re a thousand years behind the times you can’t seem to understand that anyone can be French now. Mass import non-Whites and call them French. Christianity has similar requirements. Have some autistic White cuck wave his hands and recite some magic words and voila! You’re one of us!

          • You really are stupid. You’re so fucking retarded you can’t even understand I’m speaking of anachronisms, like calling someone “pagan.” I’m not talking about “progress” dummy.

          • I stabbed people in the back? I wasn’t aware that we are acquainted. You have a seething hatred for your own people and need to go where that is in fashion and that is not on the right.

          • White Christians like you bring in the so-called “refugees” from Somalia
            and destroy racially and ethnically homogeneous White communities. You put the White race last. You virulently hate White people, which is why you push miscegenation, open borders, foreign aid, diversity, and missions to non-White countries. Those are your values. That’s your religion. That’s what you believe.

          • I have not brought in any Somalians nor do I support it. So how can you say “White Christians” like me? Are you in an institution? Real question.

            Most of those who voted Trump are Christians. Most Whites in South Africa are Christians. Most Hungarians are Christians. Yet they (with some exceptions) are not in favor of all the things that you accuse ALL Christians of. I am starting to wonder if you are not a Jew.

          • The Alt Right grew without you. It didn’t need the church. Now you losers want in because we’re actually gaining momentum. You’re just like that Jew who chimed in and said, “I’m Alt Right.” He isn’t and neither are you.

            WHITE people voted Trump (along with non-Whites).

            You have no church. Win your church back first and then talk. Otherwise, you’re just another fucking loser.

          • You mean good Christian people like David Duke or Pat Buchanon who were doing this when you were still on your mama’s tit?

          • Mama’s tit? Oh it’s more insults from the man without a church trying to convince us he can save magical “souls.”

          • No you are claiming to have founded a movement which you clearly did not. And claiming that it specifically grew up in non Christian milleau which it clearly did not. I mean you have no ground to stand on. Only anger, insults and hatred of European culture, tradition and heritage. Just like a pesky little Middle Eastern minority that we are all familiar with who have been on this yes, since you were on your mamma’s tit, assuming you still are not.

          • “No you are claiming to have founded a movement which you clearly did not.”

            Nope. You’re just a fucking retard who always gets it wrong.

          • Honestly if this site wants to do good for our people and advance our cause people like you should be banned from commenting here. You are destructive to our cause and people and belong on the left where you (whether you are aware or not) get your inspiration from.

          • So now you want to ban White people from a White site because they’re not pro-Jewish and pro-Israel?

          • Oy vey! Ban the pro-Whites! They’re too extreme! We need Christ just like the good author from the Atlantic said. He’s one of God’s Chosen so you know you can trust him.

          • For the record this vile creature, a jew, has gone back and edited his comment. The original comment was “Oh vey goyim!” Who would call me a goyim but a Jew?

            Little Thomas jew boy let slip that he is a jew troll. Seriously if there is a moderator here you really need to look at what this Thomas creature is doing on here. He is visiously and without cause attacking anyone on here who doesn’t march to his drum.

            He is doing harm to your website and this movement.

          • Oy vey goyim!
            Rabbi Herschel Lieberman-Bergblattstein warned us Chosen about the wisdom and intelligence of the White Christian. The goyim knows! Shut it down!

          • Your craziness just keeps getting crazier and crazier. Well at least everyone knows now that you are a Jew.

  • Looks like the Cucktians are out in full force. If you read their comments you’ll notice a pattern that is identical to that of Liberals or Conservatives:
    * Belong to a moral group
    * Place moral group solidarity over racial solidarity
    * Believe in moral and intellectual superiority over White racial Identitarians
    * Attack their White racial ingroup rather than non-White outgroups
    * Demean Whites

    The pathological need to infight is at the heart of maladaptive individualism. The Cucktian will endlessly fight against Whites because they’re the wrong moral ingroup. This is why Hypatia was murdered by Jews and their Cucktian golems. This is why White Liberals attack White Conservatives or Christians. It is a pathological need to attack their own biological group and they’re deranged. Either you’re pro-White or anti-White.

    • Yes if things went full “Race War”, the Christians would be of little help to us. They’d put their Jew God before anything else. It is a very effective virus of the mind, that “Christianity”.

      • Its almost like someone developed a form “Positive Christianity” to counteract the Cucking and Race Traitors.

      • It’s not even up for debate. Christians are putting Whites last for their autistic moral ingroup and there is no organized resistance. Even Jews realize that Whites will no have an organized resistance if they’re Christian.

    • The only people attacking whites is you. It’s always anti-Christian whites who are the most hostile and autistically disagreeable. I’m just defending my faith. If it were up to me we wouldn’t be wasting time debating one another. Also, the majority of whites are Christian and this will never change. You will never separate whites from Christianity. To attack Christianity now is to attack the vast majority of whites.

      • Well, the divided loyalty between being a Christian and being a White is easily demonstrated by asking White Christians this ethical question: “If you can save ten Black Christians from your Church or one White Pagan, but not both, who would you save?”

      • “To attack Christianity now is to attack the vast majority of whites.”

        Wrong. To attack Christianity is to attack a deracinated Cult that takes from Whites to enrich and breed non-Whites. The vast majority of Christians are not White. I’m not separating Whites from Christianity. Christianity is cucked and it’s causing White Flight. Your autism has chased out Whites.

    • “* Place moral group solidarity over racial solidarity”

      I’ll combine moral group solidarity with racial solidarity, thanks. And yes, me and my morally superior Christian Whites will defend you against the colored hordes, if need be.

      “* Attack their White racial ingroup rather than non-White outgroups”

      That’s called projection there, Tommy Boy.

      “* Demean Whites” —-> “Cucktians”

      Your divide and conquer is SOOO aggro, He-Man.

      • Christianity isn’t White. There’s nothing to attack. It’s just the truth. You can see it anywhere. You White Christians are the wallet for your religion. Your labor enriches and breeds non-Whites.

        I want you to go to church and seek to help Whites, while opposing helping non-Whites. Go to church and stop aid to Haiti, Africa, and Mestizo countries. Go stop missions to non-Whites. Go ahead and let’s see how far you get.

    • If it wasn’t Christianity, it would be something else. MacDonald describes North Western European psychology as “egalitarian individualism” that needs an “overarching moral system” in order to function as a group. Without that overarching moral system, we revert back to Randoid individualist libertardians.

      If all these Whites were raised Scientologist, or Muslim, or Hindu, or Juggalos, they would engage in the exact same form of signaling and altruistic punishment of moral dissenters.

      It’s our psychology and it isn’t going to change in the next dozen or hundred lifetimes – this is an evolutionary scale phenomenon.

      So better find a way to work with it because we have no choice.

      • “If it wasn’t Christianity, it would be something else. MacDonald
        describes North Western European psychology as “egalitarian
        individualism” that needs an “overarching moral system” in order to
        function as a group.”


        “So better find a way to work with it because we have no choice.”

        Wrong. Whites can be subverted but this time for their own good. I will not work with them on their terms. They must work on our terms. It’s either that or they’re dead anyway.

        • Actually those Whites that McDonald refers to, Scandinavians and North Germananics, need to be ruled over by an Aryan elite or their hunter gather instincts will destroy us all. Hilter being a Bavarian understood the nature of Nordics. Great people but too child minded when it comes to morality to rule themselves or others.

        • Convert a German to Islam and he’ll turn Islam into an ultra-inclusive friendly religion that gives women equal rights.

          Ideologies are completely elastic – genes are not. Whites are what we are.

          Just read the comments in this thread from the left end of the Alt Right IQ bell curve. These people are so hung up on ideologies – they are so incapable of independent thought – that literally all they can think to do is to embrace either some mystical “Christianity” of the past (the farther removed from Current Year America the more amenable to LARPing) or some sort of (((Hollywood Nazi))) and Hitler fetishism.

          They literally cannot even think of group interests without a ready-made ideology they can defer to to make hard choices for them. They cannot even imagine making a decision based on the facts at hand – their entire thought process has to be outsourced to an “ideology” or some sort of “system.”

          The people they attack most viciously are not anti-whites – it is White people that reject – or even just politely ignore – their various LARP-friendly ideologies, the two most popular being faux-Christianity and (((Hollywood Nazism.))) They do nothing to promote White interests at all, they only act to impose their faux-Christianity and Hitler fetishism onto other White people. And of course their “Christianity” and “Nazism” are merely incidental, most of them don’t seem to know much about historical Christianity or Historical National Socialism either.

          Part of this is the nature of the internet and the type of people it attracts, of course. IRL whites will stick together in a multi-racial environment regardless of “ideologies.”

          But let’s be honest, we have to provide the lower orders some sort of ideological “system” to spare them the difficult task of thinking and making choices.

          Obviously, Hitler fetishism is just stupid, and while Pepe is funny – and maybe really does come from some primordial pagan Europa instinct – the fact is these people were emotionally imprinted with Christianity since birth and you can’t reverse that.

          So just come up with some sort of White Jesus avatar that is close enough to historic Christianity and leave it at that. It’s not like these lumpenproles put much thought into it anyway, they just need a flag to rally around.

          • If you are saying your analysis of Christians doesn’t apply equally to most pagans, I disagree. Anti-Christian is as much an ideology as pro-Christian, and usually they are the ones to attack first.

            Otherwise, pretty much agree, although I think religion has more value than simply a shock collar for low-IQ types.

          • Depends how you define them. I dated a self-proclaimed pagan for several years. Hippie shitlib, annoyed the hell out of me.

          • The “pagan WN” boogeyman basically don’t exist.

            Real American Christians interested in real Christian tradition need to join the Episcopal church and start taking it back. Anything else is just LARPing – and arguing with atheists and “pagan” LARPers isn’t doing you any good.

            But going to church and retaking an institution is hard work, while trolling atheists and “pagans” is more fun, I know.

          • Again, do you know my marital status? Why the anger and the insults? Maybe go to church and get right with god.

          • You’re repeating yourself. I happen to be a teacher and work sometimes with people with Asperger’s Syndrome. It is no shame to be born with an affliction. Have you been tested?

    • 1. Everyone but sociopaths desire to belong to a moral group. Or are you saying WNism is immoral?
      2. Quote a Christian here who put group over racial solidarity.
      3. Anti-Christians have filled this thread claiming to be superior. This post itself is a great example
      4. Most of the attacks are coming from anti-Christians. Again, this post itself is a great example.
      5. Quote a Christian who has demeaned whites. Most of the demeaning of fellow whites has come from anti-Christians. Again, this post itself is a great example.

      • 1. Autistic White cuckolds like you put your African and Mexican “brothers” before your actual race.
        2. Every single major Christian denomination opposes White solidarity.
        3. We are superior in that we choose the race that built the modern world.
        4. Most attacks are coming from the church: open borders, miscegenation, foreign aid, white guilt.
        5. Every Christian demeans Whites with original sin.

        You lost the church. It doesn’t belong to you anymore. You cucked and the church is a Turd World establishment. Go ahead and crybaby to me but it doesn’t matter. You’re a loser.

        • Stop putting your fedora ahead of your race. Attacking pro-White Christians does nothing to further the 14 words.

          Answer me this: Who is having more White babies? The Christians or the Atheists?
          I think we all know the answer, and it isn’t the side you represent.

        • 1, Not an answer to my question. And its incorrect.
          2. Not an answer to my question. Depends on definition of “major”
          3. Doesn’t make any sense. Are you saying anti-Christians chose Christians to build the modern world, or are you saying anti-Christians chose themselves to build the modern world? Either way, it makes no sense and is at odds with history.
          4. I’m talking about in this thread.
          5. Not an answer to my question. And its incorrect.

  • For the more academically minded among you (which I sadly don’t see much of). The Alt-Right really lacks people with critical/academic insight. Anyhow, enjoy your Islam those of you attacking Christianity (and yes, the Jews would much prefer us to be Muslim, atheism/secularism/paganism is/will be but a fad):

    I avoid talk of religion/Christianity with Whites but the fact is Islam is aggressive and much more appealing and has demography/fertility on its side. Keep that in mind cucked Euros worldwide.

    Jewish subversion has basically destroyed Christianity and ushered us into a secularism unparalleled in history – and ripe for Islamic picking.

    Esra Özyürek, Being German, Becoming Muslim: Race, Religion, and Conversion in the New Europe (Princeton UP, 2014).

    Every year more and more Europeans, including Germans, are embracing Islam. It is estimated that there are now up to one hundred thousand German converts—a number similar to that in France and the United Kingdom. What stands out about recent conversions is that they take place at a time when Islam is increasingly seen as contrary to European values. Being German, Becoming Muslim explores how Germans come to Islam within this antagonistic climate, how they manage to balance their love for Islam with their society’s fear of it, how they relate to immigrant Muslims, and how they shape debates about race, religion, and belonging in today’s Europe.

    Esra Özyürek looks at how mainstream society marginalizes converts and questions their national loyalties. In turn, converts try to disassociate themselves from migrants of Muslim-majority countries and promote a denationalized Islam untainted by Turkish or Arab traditions. Some German Muslims believe that once cleansed of these accretions, the Islam that surfaces fits in well with German values and lifestyle. Others even argue that being a German Muslim is wholly compatible with the older values of the German Enlightenment.

    Being German, Becoming Muslim provides a fresh window into the connections and tensions stemming from a growing religious phenomenon in Germany and beyond.

    Esra Özyürek is an associate professor at the European Institute of the London School of Economics. She is the author of Nostalgia for the Modern: State Secularism and Everyday Politics in Turkey.

    * * *

    So will it be future Christian or Muslim Europeans worldwide? It will be ONE OR THE OTHER. Make no mistake about it. Demographically or based on missionary efforts.

    • “The Alt-Right really lacks people with critical/academic insight.”

      We’re all too familiar with your autistic virtue signaling. Go counter-signal your moral and intellectual superiority as you Christcuck like a typical SJW and adopt Negroes somewhere else.

          • Bantz failed to even respond to most of my counter-arguments. See below. I wouldn’t waste my time on such a lightweight.

          • You don’t have any arguments, bro. You’re just running with the muh Odin thing that everyone does when they’re 16 or so and pretending it hasn’t been done before (it’s been done to death).

            There’s no Tradition there. No form of European paganism has an unbroken transmission of metaphysics and esoterism. Some people may find it appealing, but it is not the future.

          • Once again, ad hominem attacks in the place of any substantive debate. If I take anything from participating in this forum it’s this: Christians have an irreversible case of Stockholm Syndrome and they utterly worthless in the fight ahead.

            “Muh Jesus.”

          • You: Christianity is badz. Muh odin
            Me: Muh odin is dead
            You: HAHA try responding to me, checkm8

          • None of your little quips were actual arguments. Nor were they anything I haven’t heard before a million times. Your posts are mediocre and irrelevant. I have no idea how the Nietzsche thing even fits into this discussion. You’re just blurting out little banalities, and it’s extremely tedious.

          • Jesus, you’re fucking retarded. YOU BROUGHT UP Nietzsche. See below. I have no idea how he fits into the discussion either. So why did you bring him up?

          • Yes, I mentioned it to point out that the butthurt anti-Christian Nietzsche was furious with Wagner because, well, he was Christian. That was it.

            Then you queefed out some frantic non sequitur about Nietzsche being a philosemite. Absolutely no value in this exchange; sheds no light on what was previously discussed. Tedium.

          • Have fun LARPing as the Noble Savage in your reconstructed religion whose origins you don’t really know anything about. I’m sure the metaphysics will be totally authentic.

          • I don’t know what LARPing is. More internet speak. It’s your religion whose origins you know nothing about.

          • Whoa, dude, very deep. I DONT EVEN KNOW THE ORIGINS MAAAAN. Only pagan internet dude knows the troof.

          • Of your religion, you don’t. It was rooted in a group known as the Zadokites who were essentially Jewish terrorists. But all you know is that Christianity is crucial to the “White Man’s Identity” because, well, someone on AmRen once said so.

          • Or you could say it was a renegade Canaanite sky god that the Israelites seized on when they broke off from the Canaanite polytheists. Or you could go back and say it started when Canaanite polytheism broke off from greater Semitic polytheism. Or that this religion that came before that in Neolithic Middle-east is the real origin. ITS DEEP MAAAAN. RELIGIONS COME FROM OTHER RELIGIONS BEFORE THEM MAAAAN, HAHA CHECKMATE.

          • kek, still running cowardly from my post. Tell us about your great made-up religion that will save the white race, sperg.

      • GermanPleb has REAL critical / academic insight. He knows how to press “CTRL C”, switch tabs and then press “CTRL V”.

    • “The Alt-Right really lacks people with critical/academic insight.”

      To be fair, academia lacks people with critical/academic insight, so its not like there is a lot to go around.

  • We’re about to starting to understand that Christianity is a very masculine and nationalistic religion.

      • Because of modernism. If Christianity was the cause of the problem then why did it never manifest until the modern secular age?

        • Same fallacy you engaged in earlier. “Those cucks aren’t the REAL Christians!” Anything you don’t like within your professed Religion you claim as being counterfeit. Yawn.

          • Uh, that’s not what that post was about. Let me repeat myself: if Christianity was the source of the problem, then these problems would have arisen 2000 years ago. Instead these problems have only arisen when Christianity is at its absolute weakest point in the west. Something is not adding up.

            Also, just because you call something a fallacy doesn’t necessarily make it so. If you can demonstrate that what these people are doing are contra to scripture, then they are not proper Christians. You can’t be a Christian if you just call yourself one and then promptly ignore all of the teachings and act in a manner that’s opposing what the scriptures say.

          • “You can’t be a Christian if you just call yourself one and then promptly ignore all of the teachings and act in a manner that’s opposing what the scriptures say.” Yes, here we totally agree. And that applies to every individual I have ever known who hides behind the weird moniker of “Christian”.

          • The Bible says to kill homosexuals. Is that what is still taught in your Christian Church?

          • Clearly, the fallacy is to give greater weight to 1500-2000 years of Christian history, than to the fleeting aberration of the last 60 years, right?

            I’m gonna say it… I’m gonna say it! You guys argue like… Like… LIKE…

            Damn, I can’t remember.

          • It’s a mistake to attribute to everything that occurred under Christianity’s reign as being the result of Christianity itself. I hear this all the time. “The culture that produced Mozart, the culture that produced Beethoven,” etc. The White Race produced Mozart. The White Race produced Beethoven. And they are the product of a genetic lineage that preceded the aberration (your word) of the last 2,000 years by tens of thousands of years. Possibly longer.

  • Interesting to note that white nationalists are essentially a mirror of Judaism reflecting right back at the Jews. I wonder if David Brooks, David Frum or Roger Cohen ever once thought of that throughout their careers.

    • Jews have a psychological need for supremacy, the need to control others and lord over others. That is their religion. That is why Jesus had to deliver the message to Gentiles. It’s a Jew telling the goy what to think and feel. Jews are starting to realize that White Christians are far easier to control than Identitarian Whites. The White Christian will cuck to save their Jewish masters. The Identiarian White doesn’t worship Jewish gods. The moral imperative of the White Identitarian is to choose Whites over non-Whites.

      Jews are arguing how best it is to deal with Whites. Miscegenation works because the children are not White and therefore Whites are removed. Mass immigration works because it fractures White cohesion as Whites must now contend with non-Whites in their own country. Deracination is key to all of this. At the heart of every Jewish agenda is the deracination of Whites. “Neither Greek nor Jew…” is just as destructive to identity then as it is now.

    • “White Nationalists” are not merely some mirror image of jews. What we are, is Whites who have awoken from jewish brainwashing that destroyed our people’s natural and healthy ethnocentrism. What we are is Whites who believe the same things our ancestors all took for granted, up until about the 1960’s or 70’s. Clearly, the entire history of European man has been ethno-nationalist or tribalist, or we wouldn’t be here today.

      • What I meant was these prominent Jews never once thought their own ethnocentrism would create a white nationalist backlash. They blithely went forward with their Zionist neocon agenda and it never once occurred to them that white Americans would rise up and drive them out, which is happening now.

        • I think it definitely occurred to them, because they’ve been through something eerily similar in the not too distant past. Frankly, I’m sure they planned ahead for this eventuality. Did they maybe even instigate it intentionally? The fall of Germany worked out swimmingly for them. Are they trying to replicate the same thing with America?

          Regardless, Whites clearly must go our own way. But we should avoid directly repeating history, and walking into what is very likely a trap being laid for us by global jewry.

  • Most Christianity (using that term int he broadest possible sense to include all who claim the term despite major doctrinal differences) has betrayed the white race. Christianity and white separatism is compatible, as was the norm among white Christians for almost 2,000 years. But then again, 200 years ago Christians were not looking for a rapture either.
    Modern weakened, race betraying Christianity does repulse many manly men. As I am a Calvinist, and prefer to read guys who have been dead for at least a century, I have no volk versus religion struggle. John Calvin, John Knox, Matthew Henry, John Gill, and R.L. Dabney would not have adopted Negro or mulatto kids to “enrich”t heir culture.
    Older generations of Christians understood that multiculturalism and miscegenation is a sin. The Kinist movement still understands that. Multiculturalism is Neo-Babelism.

    • Upper middle class liberal Christians that attack kinist and nationalist Christians as “racists” and “anti-Semites” are the heretics. These ideas have no currency whatsoever in the history of Christianity. These are egalitarian tricks that keep this postmodern Antichrist system of globalism in place.

      • Yes indeed, Bantz Henrikson. The current “Christian” obsessions with Judeophilia, Christian Zionism, the bizarre Hebrew roots movement, and interracial marriage are totally heretical. Globalism is certainly an antichrist principle.

        • Yeah, I don’t see how anyone believing in the idea that God created all the nations separately (ethnoi) can think it is a good idea to blend all these into one heretical glob. This glob is the Antichrist system, a golem sculpted by the Jews.

          • I see you have came across Hebrew roots and the sacred name thing. Yes, the “sacred name” movement gets pretty bizarre. I understand that some of them reject the 2,000 years of mainstream Christian thought that the NT was clearly written in Greek, instead claiming it was written in Hebrew and inaccurately translated into Greek. So they want to re- translate it for you to give you a Judeophile NT. One huge problem of course. As there are no original, or even realy old, NT manuscripts in Hebrew, they will just translate it to say what they wan tit to say. No offense to those who believe in it, but the “sacred name” movement is a trap.
            On a side note, I wonder how many sacred name types could be convinced that the German word gesundheit is really a Hebrew for word for some attribute of God, knowable only to the initiated in Hebrew roots, Gnosticism, or the Kabballa? It would be fun to mess with them that way, but I probably would not.

          • I don’t expect to ever find any shed of truth to anything translated from Hebrew.

      • Lots of trigger words there, you must be really upset buddy. “Heretics” “attack”
        Criticism is not attacking someone by the say and I’d you think that Jews as less than you, desecration fewer rights, or deserve to have bad things happen to them because they’re Jewish you’re an anti Semitic

  • We need to revive Ethno-Paganism for Whites. Christianity stated, quite explicitly, from its very inception, that all men are brothers in a way that transcends race and local ethnic culture. And as long as we just spread these powerful ideas be it through brute force or gentle persuasion, by golly, these ignorant savages will come to see The Truth.


    “Europa” had its own brands of shamanic, “pagan”, folk religions before The Church came through like a bulldozer, destroying the temples where we worshiped and the libraries where we stored our personal histories and spiritual knowledge. Interesting that in the 21st Century, a Jew of the unofficial priest class is writing an article telling us (yet again), “Calm down, unruly Goyim. Worship our Gee-zus and play nice.”

    Sometimes people have to present something as a joke before we can embrace the deeper truth that resonates underneath it. Which is to say: Praise Kek.

    • A spiritual brotherhood in Christ is different from literally sticking every possible group of people in the same locality.

      If the West did not go Christian, Europe would be Islamic. Hitler himself stated that Christianity gave Europe the inner unity to resist Islamization.

        • Atheism is death and nihilism, there’s nothing behind it. “Creating a religion” is a joke. There is no life without Tradition. Christianity isn’t going anywhere among whites.

          • I’m not an atheist, nor am I a nihilist. The problem is you’re so stupid and indoctrinated you believe I must be because I’m not cucking for Christ.

          • Wanderer, you’re literally so stupid and indoctrinated, you’re so cucked by Christiantiy you believe I must agree with that picture and that goy for no other reason than I’m not cucking for Christ. Seriously, you’re that stupid.

          • Yes, Christians were the original Multiculturalists. I think we can all agree on one thing though: That picture is utterly revolting.

          • If Christians were multiculturalists then why did multiculturalism not exist in western societies until AFTER the west abandoned Christianity?

          • Christianity has a well-documented history of adopting any and all local customs it deemed as beneficial to its own agenda. That is, in a sense, a form of proto-Multiculturalism. You do know that “Catholicism” means “Universalism”, right? It’s also no secret that many of the early Christian Missionaries bred with whatever local savages they were converting that week. So, not only the original Multiculturalists but the original Miscegenists as well.

          • Its called “syncretism”, and it is the norm in all cultures/ belief systems except marxism.

          • Huh? It’s a matter of stateways vs. folkways. Or, in simple terms, with the invasion of White lands by non-Whites in great numbers, the propagandists started telling the easily suggestible that diversity is our greatest strength, etc.

          • You would have more in common with that man than I. You’re both heretics.

          • Oh, look, a Great White Father and a Great White Mother who have, as their cuck ancestors did, taken non-Whites away from their own people and into their homes as their “family” to teach them to be White inside but Black on the outside people. How absolutely revolting on so many levels.

          • Pretty funny I went to a Scandinavian cultural event one time outside Austin Texas. There were these pagan Asatro larpers there with tent, swords and all. One had an adopted Black baby. You act as though paganism will solve this. AGAIN if you cannot read an entire book, this did NOT happen throughout most of Christendoms history. It is the capture of Christianity by the left. Just as they have captured EVERY western institution. Should we just destroy every institution we have from universities to government to religion? Wake up you fool.

          • You went to a Renaissance faire once and some autistic fucktards playing Dungeons and Dragons had an adopted black baby and THAT refutes Europa’s Pagan intellectual heritage?

          • There’s 1.5 billion non-White Christians. Adopt another Negro for your shitmix church.

          • You’re a lunatic. You came into a thread with some stridently pro-white posters, who happen to be also defending Christianity, and you promptly began to counter-signal, attack, and demean them.

            This is awesome. The colorfuls can just sit back and eat popcorn while the Christian, Pagan, and atheist Whites all slaughter each other. Hymie is overjoyed.

          • Where all the pagans are making magic potions out of dead babies? Or where raping children to cure AIDS occurs? Where they believe in elves and fairies?

      • The West DID go Christian and Europe will soon BE Islamic. So much for the protection of Jesus.

        • Not a coincidence that the decline of the West correlates with what Nietzsche arrogantly called the “death of God.” Stop believing in things higher than yourself and your life will become meaningless, pleasure-centered, and you will stop having children and defending your faith, family and folk.

        • Did you miss the part where Europe abandoned Christianity and embraced atheism and THEN began to face extinction?

          • No, I didn’t miss that part at all. If Christianity was so all-powerful, why was it abandoned? Because it was false to begin with.

          • The Bible says there will be a falling away from the faith near the end times. No surprises here.

            Christianity’s powers are spiritual, not materialistic. God’s kingdom is not of this fallen world.

          • It was destroyed by TV? The eternal mystical force of the White Man was destroyed by a century of people watching TV? Sounds like a lame protector to me.

          • Hey, 2-4 hours a week in church Vs. 4-6 hours a day in front of the Electric Jew… What do you expect? Time, exposure, repetition… Your existence, your “beingness” becomes that of a couch-potato. The contents of your mind depend upon what your eyes and ears consume.

            For my part, I stopped watching television around 2005 (actually, my TV consumption probably fell off quite a bit before that) because it just became too stupid.

          • Don’t be silly. At least try to keep up the facade that this is a debate intended to lead to greater knowledge

          • I wasn’t being silly but pointing out the poster’s own silliness. Christianity is sold as some all-powerful source of Truth and Spiritual Power but it’s been destroyed by Marxists, Jacobins, Jews, Televisions, Captialism, etc., blah blah blah. We can never look to its own inadequacies when it comes to the crisis we are currently facing.

        • Wrong the remaining Christian nations in East/Central Europe are the only one’s fighting Islamization. Your pagan nations in the west with their pagan fag parades are the ones coluding with the enemy. Get your facts straight.

          • I doubt anyone in a fag parade has ever read Hypatia of Alexandria, Marcus Aurelius or the history of the Eleusinian Mysteries. I would bet that most of them have stepped foot in a church, many, many times. You’ve simply adopted the word “pagan” (probably from bad YouTube videos) and used it to mean anything that goes against your Christian meta-narrative, which is largely fictional.

          • Yea the new Left churches. When Christendom reigned sodomy was punishable by death.

            I guess you never heard of the original fag parades in Rome?

            Yes ancient learning and philosophy is part of our heritage. Something you can thank the monks for preserving for our posterity.

          • Here we go again, the “new Left churches” you dislike aren’t the REAL Christians. That’s the go-to response of Christians the world over when confronted with evidence undermining their religion’s credibility. The ancient learning and philosophy forming the foundation of Western Civilization was already preserved. The monks just stole what they found expedient to their agenda, destroyed what they didn’t and hid everything else.

          • That’s true. Many of them are more vocal about Islamization. But the Muslim parasites haven’t invaded their countries simply because they are less wealthy and have less resources to rob, not because a Polish dude with a megaphone said he will defend Poland in the name of Christ.

    • We need something far more robust and racially aware than Paganism. We need White identity, everywhere and in everything.

    • Nice revisionist history. It was actually pagans that were destroying libraries and burning down monasteries. It was Christian monks that were preserving the Graeco-Roman classics of literature and science. Pagans were nigger-tier and their traditions were so shit that they willfully abandoned them for Christianity. Get over it.

      • Actually, you’re the one engaging in revisionist history. See Karlheinz Deschner’s “Criminal History Of Christianity” and John Lash’s “Not In His Image”.

          • You know “The Ring Cycle” is a compendium of pagan mythology, right? Have you ever even read Wagner’s philosophical writings?

          • Yeah, and he advocated a heroic Christianity. Nietzsche despised him for composing Parsifal.

          • He knew he was going to die, and that it was time to grow up. Vilgardism gets old.

          • Way to mind-read, bro. I always wondered what Wagner was thinking when he found out he was going to die.

          • Nietzsche also praised Jewry for pretty much the entirety of his career as a writer. “I also do not like these latest speculators in idealism, the anti-Semites, who today roll their eyes in a Christian-Aryan-bourgeois manner and exhaust one’s patience by trying to rouse up all the horned-beast elements in people…” That’s the Alt-Right’s hero himself, ol’ Friedrich.

          • That same opera that popularized devil horns on viking helmets because the vikings were pagans and thus evil?

          • “That same opera that popularized devil horns on viking helmets because the vikings were pagans and thus evil?”

            This is why you’re useless. You always counter-signal Whites. You always tear down Whites. You’re completely useless to White people and so is your Jewish cult. You had your chance to defend Whites and instead your cucked.

          • Based on your broad definition of the term it applies just as easily to yourself and your slavish devotion to your materialism.

            The worst kind of cucking is one who doesn’t even know he’s a cucking. At least be self-aware.

          • Oh my god, this is getting old. One of the central HEROES of the entire drama is the character Siegfried. In his writings on an unrelated work, a drama of the Holy Roman Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa, he described him as “a historical rebirth of the old, PAGAN Siegfried”. See that, P-A-G-A-N. That’s the hero of the drama he’s referring to. I suspect you’re just trolling to troll at this point.

        • Karlheinz Deschner’s work almost exclusively focuses on attacking Catholicism. Big surprise that organized religious bureaucracy is a problem. The Papacy’s sordid history is not ignorant to Christians. The Reformation happened for a reason.

          John Lash is a David Icke-tier nigger who believes in Reptilian Archons and Jewish Gnosticism. Great source.

          • Gnosticism has nothing whatsoever to do with Judaism. Am I talking to an Evangelical here?

          • Did you really just link to a Jewish Encyclopedia? Presumably operated by Jews?

          • You’d be surprised at what gems you can find in there when they think no goys are around to read it. Look at the entry on the Atlantic Slave Trade and they’re totally open about how it was a Jewish endeavor, for instance.

            Anyway do you have any credible evidence to suggest the article on Gnosticism is wrong?

          • Yes but I can’t respond until I get home. It would take too long.

          • Actually, the sects that came to be called Gnostics (Sethians, Valenineans, Basilideans, etc) by the Church Fathers developed directly out of Judaism. Alexandrian Jews, especially.

          • Oh, one of those. “Everything bad within the history of Christianity isn’t REAL Christianity.” Yawn.

          • If it goes against the strict doctrines then yes, it isn’t real Christianity. You either follow the scriptures or you don’t.

            Does your source attack doctrine? No. He attacks a corrupted and bloated bureaucracy masquerading as the faith.

          • One of the saddest things about Catholicism is that the priests and nuns, who are often intelligent and well educated, must be celibate. This means, of course, that they do not pass on their genes and that they are dead ends and do not help Whites survive just be the simple act of making more like themselves.

            The most important thing that any White can do to save Whites from extinction is to have as many White children as possible.

            We are all here now, reading this because our parents and their parents and so on back to the first molecule of DNA (or RNA) made the leap from so-called non-living minerals to the so-called living minerals that we are. Our parents were the most fit of their generation. Those who did not reproduce are judged by nature as unfit.

          • Mandatory celibacy is not in the Bible. Unfortunately for Catholicism they have a lot of influence from Buddhism and other eastern trash. The Bible says that a pastor should be a family man and that a Christian should be fruitful and multiply. Even in today’s degenerate modern age you see fundamentalist Christians having 5-10 children. Of all the whites it’s fundamentalist Christians who reproduce the most.

          • John Lash is “nigger-tier”? He’s red-pilled hundreds of thousands of people on Hitler and White Identity. See his interviews on Red Ice and other similar forums. Meanwhile the Pope loves faggots. Yay.

        • All you have to do us search Lash to see he is a fraud. And a drug addict who communes with demons when he is high.

      • Yep the pagan satanists on here will never admit that when their ancestors were introduced to the true, one god, they willfully converted. Violence was rare. It was our own elites, our natural leaders who lead us out of human sacrifice and barabarism.

    • Why would we convert to a weak-ass religion that was destroyed by a religion you claim was faggoty and inclusive?

      Christianity can be interpreted any way people want. Just look at the many forms it has taken.

      • I don’t “claim” Christianity is built on a spiritual ideal of inclusiveness, it is. Ask the most uneducated Pentecostal girl in Kentucky or a Professor of Theology at Oxford and both would agree that Christianity’s most prominent and fundamental feature is that of a spiritual brotherhood of man that transcends all racial boundaries. And, yes, Christianity can be interpreted any way people want. That’s part of why it has so miserably failed us.

  • Shit like this makes me want to jizz my pants. Jewish cunt is now realising what a terrible, terrible mistake they’ve made. Prepare thy anus.

  • “Gender Studies” in a nutshell.

    Islaminatrix is the latest ‘perversion’.

    In a way, all this gender-madness sort of makes sense. No matter what the race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, cult, or community, all humans are sexual beings, and we all exist because of sex(of parents). For most of humanity’s existence, sexuality was animal-and-functional. People went into heat, had sex, and produced life, and that is why humanity survived. It was on the level of eating raw meat and veggies to survive.

    But with civilization, order, and more freedom, sexuality became like cooking. Not just animal and natural but cultural and complicated. Also, the need for moral order and social repression made sexuality go in the closet or remain in the bedroom. Sex became associated with moral-social-cultural duty or with romance & cult of beauty.

    Some spiritual systems even forbade it because flesh got in the way of spirit. Jainists and Shakers. Buddhism and Christianity didn’t forbid it but preferred that their followers gave up on sex and marriage and become totally spiritual.

    Also, intellectualism also worked against sexuality or at least against basic sexual drive. To be an intellectual is to elevate the mind over the stomach and the groin, even above the heart. It is as if the mind is separate from the body mired in the primal stew of base drives and desires. So, philosophy tackled the Higher Subjects of life and sought ‘meaning’ and ‘significance’. Mind moved upward whereas body plowed downwards. As the mind advanced into new loftier realms, it sought closer proximity to the gods of wisdom. In contrast, as the body sought freedom and release, it slid back into the primal soup of instincts and drives.

    For much of Western History(or any history of any high civilization), sexuality had to be kept under wraps, in the back-burner, in the closet. In that sense, everyone was like an ersatz-homosexual, which may explain why even straight people root for or identify with homos. Homos had to hide the fact that they were homo. Straight people didn’t have to hide their sexual orientation, but they still had to hide their sexuality and sexual expression, the Beavisy ‘boing’. So, homos were in a closet within a closet, and straights were in a closet. So, when homos found ‘liberation’ and ‘came out’, even straights piggybacked on their ‘liberation’ and ‘rebellion’. If homos, once demeaned as lowly, can shamelessly celebrate their sexuality, then why not straight people? So, homos were seen as the vanguard of sexual liberation since they had more to struggle for and more to gain. (But homos are strange because they are both most natural and most unnatural sexually. Studies show that homos tend to be more horny than straights. Homo men have many many more partners than straight men. So, homos hump each other like wild rabbits. In this sense, they surrender most to natural drive of sexual energy. But their kind of ‘sex’ isn’t real sex. It’s involves weird combination of body parts, some of which weren’t meant for sex. Also, sex is, at its biological root, process of reproduction, but homos can NEVER produce offsprings with homo male stuff or homo female stuff. Penis up the anus or two vaginas grinding isn’t real sex. So, on some level, homos know they are a strange breed, especially as some of them have a strange blend of female and male attributes. So, despite their raw naturalness in sexual drive, they are also unnatural in their creative escapism from the basic laws of nature. So, homos tend to be over-represented in both the most base raunchy kind of sexual culture and the most elegant & refined domain of high art & intellectualism. Indeed, given the natural strangeness of homosexuality, homos have had to cook up intellectual rationalization for it and its practices. Also, since the basic facts of homosexuality is pretty foul or funny — penis up the anus is ewwww — , homos have had to conjure up creative magical displays, like ‘homo rainbow’, to make the West sway ‘gay’.)

    In a way, every profession is repressed because they are essentially asexual or above-sexual. Almost every profession requires that sexuality be kept under the lid. A judge, accountant, lawyer, professor, engineer, pilot, truck driver, policeman, and etc cannot be sexual on the job. Also, some professions or calling are seen as noble, wise, and holy. Like being a rabbi or priest, and such people are supposed to be above ‘base desires’. And yet, they are humans too, so they must be hiding something in the closet, be it normal-natural or deviant. A rabbi could have sexual fantasies about wife eating pork while a shikse whips him. A priest can have feelings for a young teenager. Even if a Catholic priest’s desire is normal and healthy — for a young attractive woman — , he is not supposed to express such feelings like a Negro might.

    Their professions are either un-sexual or above-sexual, but they are still humans, and who knows what lurks in the hearts and loins of people? So many parents trusted Sandusky as an elderly coach and mentor to young boys, but…

    For most of civilizational history, the ideas moved upward and upward, toward greater complexity and higher meaning. (So did classical music.) Consider the trajectory of rational philosophy in the West or moral philosophy in the East. Since it favored the mind and/or the heart, the animal drives of loins had to be suppressed. Sexuality was something to tame, control, and keep in the cage, like the ‘lovebirds’ in Hitchcock’s THE BIRDS.

    And this repression directed human energies toward higher forms of thoughts, values, and expressions in the arts. Though Western Art has lots of nudes, they are not pornographic. That’s where Paglia is wrong. Sure, some are sensual and have elements of eroticism but beauty is manifested in sublime graceful ways that anesthetize animal feelings…. though Caravaggio was edgier. Classical Western nude art, especially in Christian era, is sensuality spiritualized. It’s like Adam of Michelangelo’s SISTINE CHAPEL is NOT like a Playgirl model.

    Also, the sexual element in art was also restrained by flaccid penises on sculptures and rounder figures than sexy hourglass figures on the women. Flaccid penis gave the impression that even a nude man had something on his mind other than the beavisy boing. And the rounder figures on the women made them look maternal than babe-ish.

    Because ideas were separated from the ‘boing factor’, the trajectory of Western Civilization was once unpredictable. The mind has countless permutations of possibilities in theory and speculation. In contrast, the human body has a basic formula. Let it free, and it just settles for a few variations of ‘boing’. Mind like a Boeing plane. It soars and explores all sorts of new terrains. Loin is like ‘boing’. There isn’t much difference among dogs, chimps, and humans when it comes to basic sexual drives. In our shameless culture, the trajectory of culture has been easy to predict since the ‘sexual revolution’. More Afro-jungle-ism and more homo-decadentism. So, from ass-shaking to bumping-and-grinding to ‘twerking’. What’s next? Nude musical stars screwing while performing. It’s the simple trajectory of shameless sexuality. Homomania is more complex than Afromania. If black men and women wanna be crazy studs and ho’s, homos have this aristo-mentality that wants to be revered and worshiped. If Afromania couldn’t be contained the church and came out of the church(like homos came out of the closet), homomania wants to enter the church and take over as the new god. Black gospel singers used to sing and dance wild in the church until the realized their minds were more about partying with ho’s than praising da lawd. Because white ‘racists’ of the past sought to contain black savagery, they forced Christianity on the blacks, and Church life defined black culture. But as time passed and blacks got more freedom, they figured it’s more fun to be dancing in the streets than in the church. In contrast, even though homos remained in the closet, their orientation was never thought of as holy or good. If anything, the Bible says homos are wicked. But homos being creative, sensitive, refined, and vain, were not satisfied with mere raunchy and wild sexuality. As natural aristocrats in emotions, they want to be adored and revered. So, once the homos got tired of prancing in the streets, they began to preach from the pulpit as the new holy icons of decadent christianity.

    Anyway, sexuality is a basic drive, like hunger and thirst. As such, it has a considerable hold even on people with respectable occupations like professor, priest, rabbi, scientist, statesman, judge, and etc. It’s like that Mishima short story, “Priest and His Love”. It’s like the homo military commander in MERRY X-MAS MR. LAWRENCE.

    While some people just settle for basic sexual morality of love, courtship, and marriage, the fact is modern freedoms have allowed all sorts of people lots of leeway to ‘explore’ their sexuality. And this is where ‘gender’ identity becomes crucial. It’s not just about male and female but all sorts of variations in between depending on one’s leanings, neuroses, hangups, fetishes, obsessions, and etc. (Gender-Quest has become a kind of rite of passage among millennials. The difference between the past and now is this. In the past, genuinely weird sexual types were marginalized or persecuted, and therefore, they had to pretend to be normal or find subtle or subversive ways to express their true nature. In contrast, most people who go on Gender Quests today are perfectly normal and would be happy with real sexuality, the kind where men and women like one another. Or like the All in the Family Song where men are men and women are women. BUT, because kids are hit with Gender Politics and Homomania from such a young age — and bombarded with pop culture filled with deviant images cooked up by homos and decadents — , even the normal ones think maybe there’s more to their sexuality or ‘gender’ than normal stuff. Besides, you earn extra pokemon points the less normal you are. So, it’s no surprise that over 40% of British millennials say they are unsure of their ‘gender’. Just feel what you have between your legs, idiots.)

    Also, as noble as high-minded or complex ideas may be, ideas are easily lost or forgotten. Maybe Kant and Descartes were great thinkers, but ideas are dead unless people are constantly disseminate them and keep them alive. Ideas don’t spring from one’s basic nature.

    Also, high ideas are understood only by a few. How many people read the great works of western philosophy or understand them?

    In contrast, there is something ‘democratic’ and spontaneously-generating about ‘gender’ since everyone, from the most intelligent to the most dumb, shares in sexual drives. Granted, ‘gender politics’ has become associated with elite academia and culture, but sex culture, like food, is ‘understood’ and experienced by everyone, rich and poor, smart and dumb. So, even though Western folks may not get much of Islamic religion or philosophy, the image of Islamic woman in hijab as sexy babe has immediate appeal. If Muslim woman is reduced to a sex object, even non-Muslims ‘get’ it.

    The strange case of Freud was that his ‘philosophy’ moved up while plowing down. Freud came up with highfalutin theories and played the role of scientific thinker to the hilt. He was a mental Boeing soaring high and mighty… but on the subject of Boing. He was like a bomber. Not flying higher and higher to reach the stars but flying just high enough to gain respectability in bourgeois society to drop Truth Bombs of Boing on society.

    This contradiction of Freudianism was very much in keeping in modernism where ultra-intellectualism reconnected with primitivism, like Picasso’s complicated artistic expression inspired by African sculptures.

    Freudianism was useful in its time because society was still moralistic and respectable. If someone like Howard Stern had come along then, he would have been locked up(maybe in a loony bin) in most civilized places. But Freud could get away with his stuff on sexual drive of Boing because he maintained the proper composure as an intellectual Boeing. Sure, he was talking about base drives BUT from a scientific perch to understand it better.

    But with the passing of yrs, as modern society became more permissive and shameless, the need or the pretense of serious thought was no longer necessary to deal with Boing. No need to soar to score with the whore. Just go boing in a straight and direct way. We now live in a world of massive homo celebration festivals in big cities. We now have high school dances where young ones dance like prostitutes aping African tribal women.

    And there is rap culture and afromania. If the cultural trajectory of the West was difficult to ascertain in the past because mind-centricism cooked up many ideas, values, and visions — consider the differences among various philosophers among Greeks, Romans, French, German, Anglo, Russian, Jewish, etc. — , the trajectory is now easy to predict since the Rule of the Body is pretty simple: hunger, lust, comfort, fun.

    So, in music, sex, pop culture, movies, and etc., we are moving toward more raw sexuality and more perversion, or perversion as the reversion.

    It used to be the West was about conversion to higher truth, spirit, or values.

    Now, it’s about reversion to animal drives and sensual fetishes.

    Afromania tends to be raw and raunchy. It’s like African tribal behavior. It’s a world gone bongo.

    Sensual fetishes tend to be more complicated because, despite their excesses, they feed on taboos, repressions, and subversion. Afromania is about shamelessness. It’s about black man and black woman on the dance floor hump-dancing without complexes or worries.

    In contrast, sexual fetishes are vestiges of repression or anxieties. And we see this in the Islaminatrix. Islam is sexually repressive. It is highly moralistic, even puritanical.

    And yet, its anti-sexualism poses a challenge and ‘delicious’ possibilities who seek to go under the veil. It spices things up if handled in a ‘creative’ manner. It’s not about the reversion to jungle-ism but artful game of repression & release toward ‘creative’ perversion.

    Without such taboos, fetishes are not possible. As society becomes more libertine and permissive, can fetishes survive? In a way, yes, IF there are new modes of repression.

    Indeed, even Afromania can become fetishized. White Liberals are repressed in their own way due to their ‘anti-racism’. They tell themselves that race is just a social construct, and there are no racial differences among races, which is all pseudo-science cooked up by ‘nazis’.

    But they can’t help noticing differences despite their ideological puritanism.

    White liberal men can’t help noticing that Jack Johnson whupped white butts and that blacks dominate NFL and NBA. They can’t help noticing that their white female friends express interest in the Negro as Superfly.

    But how can that be when race is just a social construct and there are no racial differences?

    According to Liberalism, a Japanese is just a yellow Nigerian, and a Nigerian is just a black Japanese. And a Jewish person is just a Semitic Peruvian Indian, and a Peruvian Indian is just a mesoAmerican Jew. The problem is reality doesn’t play out that way.

    In a way, the white liberal male is both approving of and perplexed by interracism. After all, if all races are the same, why shouldn’t white females mix with black males? People are people. But if some white females prefer black males over white males due to racial differences, then interracism undermines the liberal narrative and proves that racial differences do exist and account for why some women prefer men of certain races over others. This leads to anxiety that leads to fetishism.

    Thus, there are three levels of fetishism in the white Liberal cuck. On one level, he tries to exorcise his own ‘racism’ at the discomfort of a white woman going black. After all, even white Liberal men admit that, despite conscious rejection of ‘racism’, they may be unconsciously ‘racist’. On another level, he is turned on by the superior Negro with the white woman. But then, the idea that the Negro is superior to the white man as humper undermines the Liberal narratie of racial equality. It means racial differences are real. And that leads to third level of anxiety.

    With Afromania and Homomania such a big part of Western popular culture and sexual iconography, maybe the only to add spice and flavor is to somehow tie Islam with sexual licentiousness. It is surely a challenge given the nature of Islam, but then, sexual perversion and fetishism feeds on problems and obstacles.

    • Is anyone ever going to ban this guy? He’s using several Alt-Right websites’ comments sections as his own personal blog. He’s written VOLUMES of TL;DR posts under at least 4-5 different aliases.

      Gubbler Chechenova
      Andrea Astrov Letania
      Patria Matria
      Alt-Right Studies
      …There is at least one more, can’t remember the name at the moment.

      I’m sure he’s up to about 5,000 pages of text at this point. He’s clearly a full-time, paid professional. And 95% of the time, he posts completely off-topic.

      Get your own damn blog, Gubbler!

  • christianity is a jewish tool to push egalitarianism and guilt whites into NOT being tribal or look after their own interests. IMO, white cucked christians are the worst and help literally perpetuating their own decline.

    • OMG, you are dumb!

      1500-2000 years of Christianity with no signs of cucking or ethnomasochism… The Crusades… Christendom conquers North America, Australia, South Africa, colonizes and civilizes most of the dark-skinned peoples of the world… European Man reaches his scientific, cultural, artistic, musical, architectural pinnacle… In the Bible, Christ specifically calls out the jews as “the synagogue of Satan”… Christ threw the money changers out of the temple… Martin Luther, the father of the Protestant Reformation wrote a book entitled “On the Jews and Their Lies”…

      60-70 years of Christianity being subverted by jews, money, homos, and the state…


      • Unfortunately many think history didn’t exist before they had conscious memory. If they didn’t experience it themselves, it didn’t happen. Organized Christianity sucks now, therefore it has always sucked.

        • It was/is premised on the worship of a dead Jew. With that as a premise it was bound eventually to be seen as bad for White survival. Perhaps, we are at that point at least with many Whites.

          • Christianity is the worship of God who sacrificed his own life for us and asks for almost nothing in return. The fact that God chose to manifest himself in the flesh in the body of an Israelite is completely besides the point.

            Also, you fail to remember that it was also the Jews who murdered God. When white societies were predominantly Christian they persecuted Jews, kept them in ghettos, and forbid them to have any power in their societies because they believed Jews to be a cursed people. All that was a hell of a lot better for white survival and did whites good for many years and was a direct result of Christianity. It wasn’t until whites abandoned Christianity did they begin to accept Jews as equals and handed them all the power and control.

          • You clearly conflate Christianity with Whiteness. That’s an error in thinking. The two terms are not synonyms. And, all your are doing is repeating your Sunday school lessons. I don’t think many awakened Whites on sites like this are buying it. But, maybe I’m wrong.

          • Do you live in AD 344 or AD 2017? The flaws in Christianity have caught up with it today–love of Gays, Gay leaders, Trans leaders, do your own thing, and worst of all a belief in one type of human. And, it is this latter point that is helping with the genocide of Whites since those who believe in one type of human have no natural defenses against miscegenation and turning their White family lines ever darker and never again White.

          • You seem to be confused. You’re attacking modernism and degeneracy and then blaming it on Christianity.

            If those beliefs are Christian then why did literally nobody believe in them until the modern age? They should have been present in Europe for the last 2000 years.

          • Well, gather up your fellow true believers in the dead Jew and see if you can save Whites from genocide. I wish you the best, and hope you succeed. In the meantime, I’ll follow my own beliefs that put Whiteness above all else, and if no one else believes as I believe, that’s their problem. I’ll save myself and my family.

          • We already are saving whites from genocide. Christian fundamentalist whites have the highest birthrates out of any other type of whites. I wish you luck.

          • Actually, I think you’ll find that it is Mormons who have the highest birthrate of any Whites, but just as with Christian fundamentalists, they’ve started to become just another miscegenationist church of what’s happening now and so PC that the original religious teachings that go against what’s happening now are ignored.

      • I understand your frustration though. I’m tired of the “Dead kike on a stick XD” maymay.

        • I’m sure that a lot of the people pushing that meme are jews trying to divide and conquer, or more importantly, trying to get us to relinquish our chance at salvation.

          “But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.”

          If Christianity is a jewish tool, why do they hate Christ so much? See the video of the Israeli girl, “Toffee and the Monkey”, where she mocks an effigy/puppet of Christ on the cross and calls him a “Nazi”. They hate Christ as much as or more than Hitler, and they directly associate the two.

          • Why do Jews hate Jesus so much, you ask? He claimed to be the Jewish Messiah and did not fill the bill and for many other reasons that you can certainly discover on your own.

          • Yes, I know. The jewish messiah is the one who will rule the world with a rod of iron, deliver up all the property of the goyim into jewish hands, provide each jew with 4,000 goy slaves, and enforce the jewish ideal of “law and order” which is: “A jew may do whatever he damn well pleases, while a gentile is permitted to do nothing at all.”

            Clearly they are looking for the “messiah” that will indulge all their most base urges. That would be the Anti-Christ. “Do what thou wilt.”

      • Here we go again with the false cause arguments. It is not Christianity that has made White people as we are, it is our genes. Christianity was an older version of the ad nauseum self-help, seminars put on by modern day ((( ))) for easily suggestible audiences.

        • I’ve got your jewish self-help seminar right here, Evolver…

          Look how suggestible all those rubes are!

    • The only egalitarianism in Christianity is in regards to salvation in that potentially anyone could get saved. Everything else about Christianity is strictly hierarchical. Even Heaven itself does not have equality. You are rewarded in Heaven by your works in life and not everyone in Heaven will be the same. Also, if God created nature and nature clearly is not about equality, then why would equality be a Christian belief? It’s not.

      Egalitarianism sprung up from the Enlightenment and the French Revolution. Egalitarianism is anti-Christian, liberal, modernist, atheistic cancer.

      • I think we should preserve a society with equality before the law (i.e. nobody is above the law), and the possibility for upward mobility, but that is where the egalitarianism should end.

    • presently it’s being used against us. the past doesn’t really matter at this point. we can only impact the present and future. today, most christians are totally cucked. very few aren’t. and you can see how those who wish to steal our countries and civilization are using the guilt of christians and the egalitarianism of it’s teaching against us.

      • The past matters because it shows us that what you complain about isn’t an intrinsic facet of Christianity. Which nullfies most of the anti-christian nonsense spouted on this thread

        • that may be true; but christianity is not the original faith of white people. i find it interesting that there is a correlation and causation of with the fall of rome and rise of christianity and the infiltration of jews within the west. jesus was a jew. all the old teachings are based on judaism and new teachings are essentially man made to control and rule over the people. and now it has evolved to where it has been fully subverted in the west to teach egalitarianism; we are all “god’s” children, jesus would let them in, etc. etc. You can even see the subversive propaganda in this old comic:

          I am a confirmed catholic; not an atheist. i am not saying christianity is THE reason for our issues today; but i am saying that it is CURRENTLY being used to perpetuate the situation and cuck whites in the west.

          • The original faith of whites was probably animism, like what exists in Africa today. If you meant paganism, I dated a pagan for a few years. Crazy-ass liberal chick, voted for Obama 2x. Most of the primary sources on paganism are from those who destroyed it. Many of the secondary sources are people with an axe to grind. I sort of see Dr. Pierce’s point about creating a new white religion, except since many won’t ever convert it probably just ends up adding fuel (fools?) to the fire.

            Plenty of empires w/ no jews even on the same continent have collapsed in a similar manner to Rome. Don’t forget that the Eastern Roman Empire lasted another 1k+ years even though it had jews as well.

            Many popes and saints ranted about jews and called for their expulsion and even extermination. Martin Luther (the real one, not Martin Loofa da Kang) wrote a book on the evils of the jew.

            The problem is that the jew is a master at infiltrating the top levels of a society so as to prey upon the lower levels. No matter who is in charge, eventually the jew will find some way to subvert and corrupt. Whether Europe was christian or pagan, the jews would have come sidling up, trying to bribe their way in.

            Please note that I’m not defending any mainstream modern church. The upper tiers are all corrupt, although I’ve heard that at the community level some are still good. All in my area have masses in spic and mong so I don’t bother.

  • My religious views are White/religious. The latter is subsumed under the former and is in total accord with the former and NEVER takes priority over it.

    • We discussed this at length in another thread, so let’s not rehash it much here. I don’t think anyone posting or reading here is going to be foolish enough to throw their racial brethren under the bus due to MOST ideological or religious differences.

      …But you sure do seem eager to drive home the point that the material is more important than the spiritual…

        • Man is more than a sack of meat. Without the right ideas, we will also cease to exist. This is clearly demonstrated by the conditions of the White race under the current regime of psychological and spiritual degradation. If people has simply held to the Biblical admonishment to “be fruitful and multiply”, our birthrates would not be in the toilet.

          • Christianity is saying “be fruitful and miscegenate.”

            Just look at Mexico and South America for the past several hundreds of years. Look at the White world today. Christianity is eager to take from Whites and give to non-Whites; and to urge Whites it’s our moral duty to adopt non-Whites.

            Christianity has long outlived its usefulness. Better to come up with another form of neurolinguistic programming than make the same mistakes.

          • Let’s be clear here. What infests the churches today is NOT Christianity, and that is exactly the problem. If Christians had stuck to the traditional forms of the religion, none of this would be going on. The problem is that churches were infiltrated, subverted, corrupted, bought off, or simply tried to align their teachings with the latest Madonna video on the (((MTV))).

          • Today? Who the fuck is talking about today? I’m talking about hundreds of years of history where Whites miscegenated in Mexico at the behest of the Church. What “infiltration” occurred 400 years ago that made miscegenation a moral good because the low-IQ Amerind would now be part of the family of Christ?

            Mexico is full of low-IQ non-Whites. Christianity does not care about Whites.

          • The Spaniards, in their conquest of Latin America, miscegenated. Therefore Christianity = miscegenation?

            I think you’re leaving out a few hundred million White Christians from your assessment. Try the ones who conquered North America, Australia, South Africa, and the ones who remained at home in Europe.

          • Nope. The Whites that conquered were conquering because they’re White, not by the blessing of any church. Whenever the church is involved it forces Whites to cuck. Wherever the church blessed the White explorers they pushed miscegenation.

          • Well, then, it is up to you and those who think as you do to get what you believe to be true White Christianity back on the right track. Posting here probably isn’t doing enough in that regard,but it is something rather than nothing. As for me? Anything that increases the biomass of White genes on this planet is what I want to see and I don’t much care if someone worships a dirty sock hanging on a wire or dead bug in their backyard..

          • That attitude sounds a little more amenable to cooperation between Whites of different spiritual persuasions. Stick with it.

          • You mean those countries who are run by a White Christian elite who loath race mixing?

          • You mean those miscegenated countries that are run by shitmix Whites that hate real White people?

          • You are a confused young man. I feel for you. Learn about the world then come back.

          • You’re autistic. I don’t feel for you. I’ve been to Mexico over 200 times. I’m not coming back to you.

          • And there you hung out with the White elite? You know them well? All over Latin America the White ruling caste certainly does not hate White people and is self consciously European and Catholic. Imagine that, Christian, White and not (your favorite word) cucked.

          • You really are stupid.

            First you tried to claim that I don’t get out, that I’m somehow sheltered from the glory of White run Latin America. Now you’re moving the goal posts. Christians are the first SJWs. You argue just like them.

            OK retard, explain how Whites in Mexico and Brazil are better off than Whites in America 60 years ago when America was 90% White.

          • That was never a claim I made. I said they were White, Christian, and segregationists. In fact becuase they have to live behind barbed wire its a portent of our future.

          • You’re wrong. Mexico is completely miscegenated. You’ve never been to Mexico like I have. It’s a Turd World shithole and there’s no coming back.

          • Of course we are more than a sack of [dead] meat. As are all other living organisms. We humans are as we are because of evolution and those Whites who miscegenate (often as a result of false religious teachings or false world views), are stopping the upward evolution of their family lines and are returning to an earlier darker state.

  • How exactly is Christianity supposed to make you less tribalist? The entire Old Testament is about nationalism and tribalism. God literally invented the different nations after he forcibly separated people during the fall of Babel. God specifically wanted different nations that are separated from one another. Speaking of separate, the word ‘separate’ is also the definition of the word ‘holy’. When the nation of Israel is called holy it literally means that they are separate from the other nations. By the Bible’s standards ethno separation is literally holiness. When the Israelites failed to wipe out all the Canaanites and allowed some of them to live with them, God was infuriated. Whenever the Israelites disobeyed God throughout the OT, God used foreign invasion explicitly as a form of punishment. There was no talk of diversity being a strength when the Assyrians absorbed 10 of the 12 tribes of Israel into their land and they were racemixed out of existence.

    Globalization, socialism and open-borders multiculturalism are all intrinsically anti-Christian. Actual, real Christianity is diametrically opposed to the Neo-Babylonianism of the NWO Synagogue of Satan, and following a more fundamentalist and Biblically-accurate version of Christianity is perfectly inline with Alt-Right beliefs all the way. What this kike is really lamenting about is more the ineffectiveness of a cucked and false version of modernist Christianity from controlling people.

    • .. the two remaining tribes were: Judah, and Levi? I hadn’t realized that that’s what happened to the other 10.

    • Great post however here you are incorrect:

      “There was no talk of diversity being a strength when the Assyrians absorbed 10 of the 12 tribes of Israel into their land and they were racemixed out of existence.”

      That never happened. Look at the NT if you must where the Apostles specifically write their gospels onto the 12 tribes scattered abroad. Where abroad? At that point from Greece to Italy to England to Scandinavia to the white Russians.

      Only a remnant of Judaites (Southern Tribes) and one of the Houses of David remained in the land, went to Babylon and back to Palestine later. Most ended up living in Galilee when Jesus the white man came on the scene.

      Fyi is all

    • There’s no such thing as the “old testament”, that’s the Jewish Torah and has nothing to do with Christ except as a manual on what NOT to do. Just because kikes want to pretend that it has some claim to our loyalties doesn’t mean that we have to buy their bullshit.

      • The Torah is only the first 5 books of the Old Testament.

        Though modern Judaism actually rejects the written Torah in addition to rejecting the rest of the OT and the entire NT. They actually follow the Oral Torah (also known as the Talmud) and believe that it supersedes the written Torah in divinity and authority. The Talmud is where you’ll find pure evil and bears no resemblance to anything Christian. Beyond that the real hardcore kikes will also follow the books of the Kabbalah which is basically just Babylonian mysticism and polytheism.

        Disowning the Old Testament over hypersensitivity to kikes is nonsense. You can’t have the New Testament without the old. Jesus said He has come to fulfill God’s law, not destroy it.

        • Exactly. Jesus was the fulfillment of the law. It was the Word of God that inspired all the prophets at their best. “Before Abraham was, I am.” And when the Word came to dwell among us, the Jews had fallen so far that they rejected Him. And they founded Judaism on this murderous, hateful rejection.

          Why? Because they wanted a Messiah that would give them endless wealth, endless power, and tell them that they are all special for merely being Jews. Instead, Christ called out usury and preached charity and self-reflection.

        • Well, at least you admit that you build your life around a book written by Psychotic Genocidal Kikes. A lot of Christians aren’t that honest.

    • How is this important to the White race?

      Why are non-Whites important to the White race?

      How is it good for Whites to memorize the mythical history of non-Whites?

  • If Jesus is a fictional character of some sort he’s clearly an Anti-Semitic Construct designed by a Greek familiar with Jewish Machinations. Ciaphas (Kristol,Krauthammer,Kagan) Herod(Netanyahu, Dayan) Money Changers(Summers, Schiff, Greenspan) and Pilate(Bush,Truman,Churchill,Yeltsin,Stalin)

  • I keep reading about Orthodox Christianity being on the rise as the cucked denominations are failing.

    • Unfortunately they still cuck. Orthodox will still fight “racism” rather than say, “I’m just taking the side of the White race in any struggle.”

          • I do happen to have Autism, thank you very much. But autistic people too can have a moral compass, which you do not. Taking the side of the “White” (I put it in quotations because the idea that all white people will unite under a common identity is laughable, different white races have hated each other forever) race regardless what is done is not the same as doing what is right.

            I’m not even going to comment on your second paragraph/sentence, for it is a non-sequitur.

          • It’s obvious you have autism, but it’s not even a good kind of autism. It’s a really shitty kind of autism that causes you to counter-signal against Whites. You’re so dysfunctional you actually admit that Christianity won’t unite White people and it’s “laughable” to believe it.

          • My autism has nothing to do with my political views. My Christian upbringing has everything to do with it. Your ethnocentric worldview permits the Caucasian races to do whatever they want, even descend into depravity and savagery, which is what Europe has been slowly descending into over the last 100 years. And ironically, while Christianity has been growing in the Orient, it has been shrinking in the Occident. Soon, the moral compasses of the two sides of the world will be the exact reverse of what they were when the West was the master of the world, and was colonizing it. And look! Many believe the post-Christian West is being colonized right now. Ironic, and perhaps not coincidental. Once again, we see the nations where a Christian awakening is taking place dominating the countries that have rejected Christ, the only person who is truly capable of uniting any groups of people, much less those groups who were born white, without asking for it.

    • So many opinions here, it’s hard to know where to begin. I will just say this, I am a German American, raised in New York, and I converted to the Russian Orthodox Church when I was twenty years old. I was introduced to the Church through my roommate in college. Now (almost twenty years later) I am married to a Ukrainian woman, with whom I have four children, and am an ordained deacon in the Church. Orthodoxy is the only true Church established by Christ, proclaimed by the Apostles, nourished by the blood of the martyrs, and established by the decrees of the Ecumenical councils. The Russian Church in particular is very special in its strictness and piety. There are no pews, we stand throughout our services, we fast frequently throughout the year, we confess our sins face to face with our priests, and prayer forms the center of our lives. Nobody becomes a “vassal of Russia” by becoming Orthodox. In fact, Orthodoxy brings out one’s national character and even individual personality much more than if one were secular, that is, just like everybody else.

      I never do this usually, but if anyone is interested with serious questions about the Orthodox faith, you can email me privately:

    • Eastern orthodoxy is completely foreign to America and Western Europe. LARPing as an orthodox is just another form of cucking. If you can’t get your own traditions in order trying to co-opt other peope’s traditions is not going to help you. When WNs LARP as orthodox, it doesn’t make American Whites better – it just makes Eastern Orthodoxy worse.

      • National Socialism, too, is foreign to the US. Doesn’t make it a bad idea.

        If we were to stick with what Americans feel comfortable with, we’d basically be left with some kind of classical liberalism with a heavily Judaic Protestantism to smooth it over. No thanks.

        • If we stick to American Christianity, we’d all be Baptists of the Arminian (not Calvinist) variety.

          • The Confederates came from a variety of protestant denominations, but much of the leadership, like much of the elite in the south, were Episcopalian.

            ed: Your right about the Boers though.

        • Good point – the NatSoc LARPing is just as worthless, maybe even more so, than hoping pretending to be Eastern Orthodox is going to save us.


          “We?” Who is this “we?” I’m a White American, I don’t know about you.

          • I’m a white American.

            Muh Enlightenment shopkeeper ideology should be removed like a cancerous growth. If we want to escape the British merchant paradigm, we’re going to have to go further Right.

            Whether you want to call it National Socialism or Fascism or create a new term for it doesn’t really matter– We need Tradition, hierarchy and inequality and the abolition of usury. If normative American political ideology just reduces to muh classical liberalism and muh Constitution, our race is entirely fucked.

          • What’s so silly about an homogeneous society based on organic hierarchy and Tradition?

          • It means I don’t take you seriously, I don’t think your ideas are worth responding to, so instead I typed out a song lyric your dumb line about “fascism” made me think of.

          • Ay yo hol up, holll up. Iz you sayin muh Constitution sperg doesn’t respect political concepts from outside the Anglosphere? Muh Enlightenment! We wuz shopkeeperz n sheeeit.

          • you have no idea what tradition is. in fact, youre at fault for propagating its secular enlightenment enemies like socialism and fascism.

          • Capitalism is NOT Traditional. Nor is usury.

            There is a wide range of National Socialism, some of it in the more secular territory, sure. But the Rexism of Degrelle, or Christian NS of Codreanu? Nope, sorry; far more Traditional than whatever kind of warmed over classical liberalism you’re peddling.

            By the way, socialism in the sense of NS has rarely meant the abolition of private property, markets, etc.

          • “Capitalism is NOT Traditional. Nor is usury”
            yes. that’s what I said. everything you’ve stated afterwards is an attempt at misrepresenting what was said and painting yourself as further down scale of ‘rightism’.
            Rexism-somewhat religious and supportive of monarchy. it seems to pass. codreanu-purposefully causing social upheaval alone discounts this ideology.i wouldn’t call either of these post-enlightenment movements traditional. again, you’re showing how little you know of what this term actually means.
            “…warmed over liberalism…” straw man arguments look clever at face, but destroy your credibility after only a few seconds of letting the verbiage sink in.

          • and another point coming to mind:
            the “socialism in national socialism isn’t really socialism” is a ridiculous argument. nearly all 1st world countries now implement a form of socialism. most haven’t banned private property. does that mean their massive systems of redistributionism aren’t socialism? the experts seem to say no. how and why was nationalism socialism termed national socialism if it’s simply not? it’s all just a massive case of ‘lost in translation’ even though german is incredibly close to English? your point is moot and in the same vein as “real communism has never been tried before”.

          • No, redistributionism is not socialism per se. A welfare state is not socialism qua welfare state. You could call it social liberalism or social democracy, but it is not strictly speaking socialism. Socialism is the public ownership of the means of production (usually, and in my opinion inevitably, resulting in total government control of the means of production).

            What kind of social arrangement are you advocating? I am generally curious, and frankly, unless you have some hang-up on classical liberalism, I do not see why you are getting so snarky talking about NS/Fascism. It’s the Alt Right. There are people into NS, Third Position economics, monarchy, etc. You’re going to have to get used to it.

          • Read you. Your just here to destroy. Go where thr hipsters are welcomed, the leftards.

      • There are western rite orthodox parishes. And the entire french orthodox church is western rite. They are the vast minority of orthodoxy, but they do exist. Traditional Catholicism is also an option for the uncucked.

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