The Women That Feminism Forgot

Recently, an article appeared in the University of Utah’s student newspaper, The Daily Utah Chronicle, called “Women of the Alt-Right.”

Misogynistic, and highly populist and led unofficially led by Richard Spencer, the “alt-right” movement — a faction of people with extremely far-right ideologies —  expanded underneath values that President Donald Trump supported throughout the election. Preaching strict white ethnonationalism, the movement eerily resembles the Nazi party. During a rally in Washington D.C., members of the “alt-right” were filmed chanting “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!” The “alt-right” has grown rapidly since Nov. 8, gaining additional momentum when the infamous Steve Bannon was chosen to become Trump’s Chief Strategist. Yet, despite their sudden rise, “alt-right” leaders recognize that there is additional recruiting to be coordinated.

This time, it includes attracting women to join the dark side.

“The dark side.” We’ll come back to that.

Writers that identify as “alt-right” have termed the process of bringing females into the movement, giving women the “red pill.” And it is understandably difficult. At each rally that is held, supporters rattle about the importance of alpha-males, often suggesting that women hold little value in the working class. Instead, a woman’s place is frequently identified as in the kitchen — a disgraceful notion which marks a significant regression from past societal advances. Herein lies the issue with attracting women into the movement. However, this hasn’t stopped female “alt-righters” from attempting to teach men about the recruitment process.

First off, where are all these alt-right rallies, to which the author refers? The notion that the alt-right appeals primarily to the working class also displays a distinct lack of knowledge about the movement. Furthermore, while I enjoy being in the kitchen as much as anyone, this tired cliché from Mr. Coleman doesn’t do his argument any favors.

Earlier this month, The Economist featured a story about two writers named Cecilia Davenport and Wolfie James. Although they each have unique styles, they share a common interest. According to The Economist’s story, “Mr. Spencer has said he believes women constitute around one-fifth of the movement’s followers.” Others who are familiar with the movement tend to agree that there is simply not enough representation of women in the group. That is where writers such as James and Davenport fit into the broader picture.

Through blogging, women in the “alt-right” are trying to gather others that are secretly partial to the movement. As Davenport wrote in response to The Economist, “You see ‘alt-right’ women a lot more at private gatherings…men are, by nature, more likely to take risks: and there are real risks involved in being active in this cause.” Similar to others, Davenport recognizes that there is the potential to grow the movement’s female base. This prospect is exciting for a predominately white, heteronormative group of males that seeks the attention of women. Davenport continues by saying, “‘alt-righters’ want women to have the option to stay home and raise a family…,” making a sensible plea for women to support the cause. If one makes belonging at home a privilege, rather than a punishment, there will naturally be women curious about the movement.

Nicholas, if you found my plea so “sensible,” what’s the problem?

Conversely, there are others who believe that women will need a significant push from their “alt-right” boyfriends to join the movement. Among those who believe this is Wolfie James, who wrote the original manual for red-pilling women. While I make reference to her work, I refrain from providing any direct link, as the article’s language is rather vulgar and distressing. With sections entitled, “Trigger her emotions; don’t try to win an argument,” “Fear monger,” and “Support her when she starts to embrace it,” James describes a step-by-step approach for men to recruit their partners. The manual’s rhetoric primarily uses fear as the catalyst for bringing skeptical women into the movement. It should be noted, though, that lacking from the guide is a strategy for “alt-right” men to actually attract women in the first place.

Trust me…alt-right men have no trouble attracting women. As for Wolfie’s “vulgar and distressing” rhetoric, you can read it here.

It’s difficult to fathom that a political movement aimed at restoring white male nationalism is actively attempting to recruit women. Yet, unofficial leaders such as Spencer are convinced that females are apt to join the cause — with a little nudge. Whether it be from Davenport and James or others hidden amongst a sea of alpha-males, there is a growing push to expand the party.


Why bother to respond to this nu-male college freshman? Because, unwitting as he is, he has exposed a phenomenon that frightens the Left, which is why female shitlib reporters are now rushing to write articles discrediting the women of the Alt-Right.

Let’s be plain about why they’re afraid.

Even now, women around the country are actively joining the Alt-Right: networking online, meeting IRL, forming smaller regional cohorts and being plugged into the national network. They are coming in numbers never before seen in this movement. This terrifies the Left, and it should, because they know that once a threshold of female involvement is reached, there’s no going back for the Alt-Right. It’s real. It’s here. And it cannot be called a fringe movement of disenfranchised or sexually frustrated white males anymore.

These women come from across the political spectrum: some converts from the Left, some life-long conservatives, and some waking up to the political world for the first time. They are students, young professionals, mothers, teachers, academics, and scientists. These are the women wounded by the lie of equality, but not broken by it. Rising from the shattered promises of feminism, they have awoken to stand beside their brothers, partners, husbands, and children, to reclaim their destiny as women and as Europeans. They are the future.

So no, Mr. Coleman. These women are not joining “the dark side.” We have joined the side of light.


  • We also need women in nurturing professions that don’t tend to attract or speak to men, in nursing, mid wifery and so on. There is a place for women in work it is just not bursting into men’s space and declaring themselves equals. Eastern Europeans are very good at this balance and even most doctors in many nations are women. Women are also more suited to keeping shop and working in markets. If I go into a shoe shop for example and there is a man I walk out. It is much more natural for a woman to do these things.

  • A womanly vocation is by no means “disgraceful” or “despicable.” A courageous or dutiful mother will always elicit more respect from me than some foul-mouthed, childless misandric. I cheerfully agree on the last line of the piece: identifying with “the dark side”, even for fun, is a mistake the Left wants us to do. It would be so easy to them if we gave the stick to get a beating. In truth, of course they are the dark, manipulative, lying side – we are the side of legitimacy and truth.
    The only thing I may criticize is that being disenfranchised doesn’t make Whites illegitimate: weren’t so-called minorities given special rights because acknowledged as suffering from unfair treatment? Why couldn’t we have the victimhood card just as they have?
    Women on the Alt-Right is good news for all of us. One step at a time, we are retaking the society we built, and we’re becoming what we are – husbands, wives, institutional citizens.

  • What is the “Dark Side” they’re talking about?

    We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

    ^^That is considering the “Dark Side” by the cuckolds and catladies of our race. That is the most evil thing to the POCs and Jews that openly militate against us.

    My brother is the proud father of twins. They came in just before midnight. They’re already planning on more to fill their new house. This is the first step pair of steps toward a brighter future.

  • Duh! Colemans a twit. Almost every American/British/Canadian/Kiwi/Australian woman pre-1960 was default White Nationalist. In memory of my beautiful Nan, housewife, mother, loving grandmother, worker, gardener, cook, baker, knitter who gave us the gift of life and a happy, carefree nation. Thanks Cecilia, a great response to this deracinated cultural amnesiac.

  • If you express alt-right views to a woman privately you’d be surprised how many simply accept it. They will feign shock, then accept it. They might even see it as a sign of confidence.

    I’ve never had a problem attracting girls. You can say anything to them if you say it will confidence and a hint of self awareness.

  • After reading every single word in Wolfie’s article, I cannot find any part which can be described as “vulgar and distressing”. Does he mean vulgar and distressing like literally everything in most mainstream women’s mags these days?

    Women in the alt-right aren’t being brainwashed by anybody.

    I for one have nobody to brainwash me, yet have so far been able to think for myself long enough to realize what an absolute con feminism is. And I think that right there, having nobody (i.e. a strong white man) to give women more purpose and direction, is what will be the catalyst of many other women’s decisions to leave the dark lie behind and walk into the light.

  • I’ve never actually seen a girl beat up a boy before.
    In fact, Cecilia is a woman, but Nicholas is a boy (an effeminate one, most likely), now & forever.
    Still proof that alt-right women can do their share of boot stomping.

  • I’m incredibly thankful for my husband working and allowing me to stay home with our kids for as long as I could. I’m now working while he stays at home (life circumstances) and we agree that one of us will be at home until the youngest graduates in 4 years. We’ve been commended on this in real life, so I know at least we’re surrounded by good people.
    I would absolutely love to be at home again – my hobby is sewing and I still get to do it a little though I work full time. Families need the solid rock of mom and dad, I think regardless of which is at home all the time, but mother’s do do it best IMHO. Right now our kids are getting the benefit of hanging out with Dad in the woodshop more often than Mom in the sewing room, and we all eat dinner together nightly. It’s good for us.

  • Not only do we want women to be good mothers and wives but we demand men be good fathers and husbands as well. The degenerate modern lifestyles of men who want to learn “game” from Roosh V and sleep with as many women as possible will not be tolerated in a healthy society. Men must learn to be faithful and disciplined against destructive hedonistic behaviors. 90% of the prison population are those who were raised without fathers and it’s not always the woman’s fault that this is the case. Too many men have become selfish and have no loyalty to their families. Real masculinity is about sacrifice and loyalty, not unfaithful lazy degenerates who drink beer and watch niggerball.

    • Your basic premise is wrong. Men are whoring around because most modern women are whores. If they weren’t whores, men couldn’t whore around, that simple. I see in this comments section a couple of good traditional women and wives, bu where are the rest? I bet you that in the entire american ‘alt right’ there are not even 50 traditional women and wives.

      Stop whining about the men, modern women are not special and pure snowflakes; most of them don’t give a fuck about securing the existence of our people and a future for white children, and a number of them are openly working against that.

      • I never said that modern women are pure snowflakes. Both feed off each other. You could argue that if women weren’t whores men wouldn’t whore around but likewise you could argue that If men had self control women wouldn’t whore. It goes both ways. Both must work toward improving themselves.

    • The ideal yes but we also need traditional manly men. Manly men like women. Manly men are not trapped at home under the thumb of their wives. They go on adventures with other men. Hunting, camping, hiking, drinking. Sometimes whorish women may be thrown into that mix. It’s just part of nature. Whores and madonas. The problem today is the disappearance of the madonas. But still that Roosh V shit needs to go.

      • A truly masculine trait is having discipline against temptation. This does not mean that you don’t like women. It simply means that you have control over your desires and do not let them control you. A man who cannot control his desires but let his desires control him is weak. Again this does not mean you stay at home all the time but that you can go out and be strong enough to resist anything that will lead you astray.

        • Sure that is the ideal. But not one man on this earth now or ever has lived up to the ideals he strives for. If a woman throws herself at a man, very few can or will resist. Just a fact of life. The fewer whorish women around the less likely this is to happen.

  • Reminder: The same people accusing the alt-right of being misogynists are the same people who support Islam.

  • The men of the Alt-Right will be more successful if their women support them. Coming from a Christian background, I tend to see a woman’s primary place as that of a wife and mother -as my own mother was. I am not saying that no woman should ever work outside her home for any reason, but it does start to fray the social fabric. The correlation to women join the workforce was the concept of the “stay at home dad”. Not cool.
    Let us all, male and female, embrace or racial identity. I am a white American, an Amerikaner. What about you?

  • Though I’m definately in favor of women as homemakers it cannot be overlooked how a woman’s role in a traditional organic society is perverted in our modern age of urbanization and automation. Women were the ones who kept the kitchen garden; gathered wild berries, mushrooms, herbs and nuts; milked the family cow; wove cloth and made clothing and quilts; did the washing; kept hens; and much more and all of this is a type of economic activity, that is, what we call today work. So women have always contributed to the economic well being of the family and had the leverage of not being totally dependant on her husband, in fact he was dependant on her or you may say they were dependant on each other as he men felled the trees, built the houses, fended off raiders, and so on. But for day to day life women were important contributors to the material well being of the family as well as participants in life not only at home but in the community (tiny village for most of our existance as agricultural settled people). Women took their eggs, their butter, their vegetables to market and sold them or traded them making each house wife a sort of a business woman. Today you can still find the babuska in Eastern nations at the market selling her honey, eggs, and produce.

    And what of the housewife of the modern age? She is dependant on her husband and she is bored! She has no way of participating in life in a natural organic way. Sure she cando yoga or volunteer to feed the homeless but still we must look at woman’s natural roll. In my experience women want to participate in life outside the home as well but they should do it in a way suited to their nature.

    Therefore just like we cannot bring back the kings of the past and we cannot bring back the lost village life, we can adopt it to the modern world. Women running cottage industries out of the home? Or small businesses you can take you kids too. Farmers markets? Just some thoughts.

    • She is not bored… she has a mind and many interests … she is taken care of but she is also taking care of her home, pets, ‘details’, family .. and by the way … creative people don’t need to volunteer or do yoga for ‘fulfillment’ .. holycrap… such a sweeping useful generalization.. you have no idea .. none. In a village of idiots you would surprised how much counter-culture work is to be done … fuck farmers markets.. they’re run by community builders with an agenda I don’t support… its 2017, please get out of the past. Fossil fuels took society to a new level .. there is no going back .. to the hard work you paint dreamily as ‘ babuska ‘ ..

      • Wow a raging femicommie on here. Men and women have a natural role to play, that was all. And you didn’t address the absolute dependence on men that is not historical or organic to our nature.

        Btw farmers markets are not a bunch of hippies in places like Alabama or Eastern Europe.

        Go make a quilt or something useful and use that creative mind you expose.

        Taking care of the home? By pushing start on the washing machine. If you were busy doing the work that women are born to do you wouldn’t have time to display your hystetics here.

        Sound like like a spoilt, feminist modern tool.

        • the social engineers and social ‘communitarians’ control the farmers market hence theypromoted refugee resettlement and fund raising here.. fuck off ..

          • I don’t think Billy down in Alabama selling his firewood and turnips is a sjw. Or Babuska in Poland. I guess you live in a liberal urban area. Try broadening your horizons.

            And if institutions are controlled by the left it is our job to take them back over not retreat into our bubble. Go to the market in Seattle or wherever you live with a conderate flag lapel on or something.

          • You are definately not a woman of the right or you would know your place and it is not speaking to a man in that manner. You should restrict your comments to other women where they belong. Know your place woman.

      • Just reread that. You comments reflect and entitled attitude. We need women to contribute to our world and play a role. Not play with their pets and dally with their interests. You could have hens instead of pets or also pets and sell healthy eggs to our people. You could make clothes or quilts that reflect our tastes and culture. You could do all sorts of things that are natural for women, good for women, and healthy for our people and culture.

        Or you could play with your pets, and write hysterical shit online. I think I hear a coe moowing with your name all over teats. Our people need healthy natural dairy. Now put down the laptop and make yourself useful. Use men wil figure out the politics.

  • “At each rally that is held, supporters rattle about the importance of alpha-males, often suggesting that women hold little value in the working class. Instead, a woman’s place is frequently identified as in the kitchen ”
    1) Rallies? Where are all these rallies, if you know please let my daughter Idunna know.
    2) Women hold little value in the working class. Having been Red Pilled for going on 10yrs. now I have to say I came to that conclusion on my own a long time ago. Women can and are highly destructive and distracting (and not in a good way) to the work force. What has been devalued is the importance of the natural role of women in the home and in the culture overall. Not only have women suffered individually but the removal of women from the home has destroyed our cities, towns, neighborhood, families, our marriages and finally our children.
    3) A woman’s place is frequently identified as in the kitchen. How I miss the kitchen! I have NO OPTION but to work between taxes, the rising cost of living expenses and setting money aside for retirement.
    Thank you to my husband who made it so I could stay at home with our daughter for 15 years.

  • Where are these regional cohorts and IRL meetings? Did I miss a memo or something? Because trading witticisms on Twitter isn’t really cutting it.

  • “Instead, a woman’s place is frequently identified as in the kitchen — a
    disgraceful notion which marks a significant regression from past
    societal advances.”

    How Islamophobic of this writer. I’m triggered.

  • I can guarantee you in my town I will push the website on posters and not let up … this p.c. university culture is suffocating and by God the “others” here need to know that at least they’re no alone in thinking on the ‘cuckedness’ of society in general .. whether is whiney social justice windbags or angry feminazi pushing their narrative and inviting middle school girls in for their evil forums… I will not let it slide… their anti-human anti-white anti-progress anti-men agenda needs to be kicked hard in the tiny nuts.. a favourite thing is taking Mr. Sharpie on walks and writing directly onto the university rag as it sits in a fresh pile at the coffee shop for the trendies and SJWs there’s nothing more fun than the silently invoked jarring gasps I know I’m missing when their eyes clamp onto a website they associate with nazis but are too stupid to explore from their playpens. Triggering ~ from a distance…. why give them your facetime?

  • “Misogynistic … far right … Nazi party … ”


    “often suggesting that women hold little value in the working class”

    Oh, we’re just making shit up now?

    “I am stupid and my breath stinks.” — Nicholas Coleman

  • Quotes like “Instead, a woman’s place is frequently identified as in the kitchen — a disgraceful notion…” and “If one makes belonging at home a privilege, rather than a punishment…” are really irritating.
    I’m proud to be a stay-at-home mother and it truly is a privilege to be able to do so. One of greatest gifts a husband can give his wife is the “disgraceful punishment” of being able to raise their own children and take care of their family as a first priority.

    • And one more thing: god forbid that men have opinions and interests in the wellbeing and caretaking of their children. Imagine that, men on the Altright care about their children and *gasp* want to be fathers!

    • Your comment should be framed in gold and send to those ‘alt right’ girls that think they are ‘badass poltical leaders’ or ‘ultrabadass warrior maidens’.

      Girls in the Alt Right, learn from this woman.

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