Steve King Says Civilization Can’t Be Restored With ‘Somebody Else’s Babies’

Rep. Steve King has outraged the Left with a new incendiary comment:

In the political “mainstream,” a White male isn’t allowed to go off script like that. King has violated the dominant racial etiquette. This means he will be subjected to a Two Minute Hate:

“Representative Steve King, a Republican from Iowa who has a history of making inflammatory statements viewed by many as insensitive or outright racist, was roundly criticized on Sunday for his apparent endorsement of white nationalism.

Mr. King made the remark on Twitter when he shared a story by the Voice of Europe website about the far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who wants to end Muslim immigration and ban the Quran and who has called Moroccan immigrants “scum.” …”

We’re ruled through the Narrative.

All respectable people must now join forces to express their outrage and drum Steve King out of polite society in order to display their dominance, preserve their own power and deter other dissenters from voicing similar sentiments. There must only be one Narrative on racial and cultural issues. That’s what is really going on behind this smokescreen of faux moral outrage.

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  • I loved his word choice, personally. What is a cuckold? A man who “raises someone else’s babies” unknowingly. He damn near said “we can’t restore our (evil White man) civilization with CUCKS”, while also calling out the literal issue of pouring invaders into every last White country.
    I laughed when I read that tweet, further enhanced by the thousands of bricks shat and flung by the Anti-Whites as his pixels seared their flesh like an oven.

  • Finally someone says the obvious in public.

    Faux moral outrage is just that – we can fight the faux moral outrage by defending these comments as the self-evident truisms they are and especially by repeating and amplifying these comments.

    Let’s not allow them to purposefully misrepresent what he said. He didn’t say “civilization” requires white babies. He said “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

    In other words, “only we can be us.” Or perhaps we need to “become who we are.”

    Here’s a nice talking point and an opportunity for us to force pro-white ideas into the mainstream. Thank you Steve King, may a million voices repeat your message.

  • right on the money. “somebody elses baby’s” clearly implys even environment isn’t enough. you need the right genetics as well. no dog whistle there. everyone can hear it. hes even outdone trump. this is exactly whats needed to keep moving the window. trump now appears more mainstream. this is a role mainstream politics has needed for a long time. the loony left has always had an even more loony left as a counter point.

    • The Asatru guy points out in his video that one people really can’t adopt another people’s culture all that easily, including their religion, apart from components like mathematics, science, engineering and some of the arts, if they have the intelligence to appreciate those things. East Asian nations have readily taken up Western classical music, for example.

      But it would just look ridiculous if white Americans tried to revive the ancient Aztec religion, just as we wouldn’t expect Mexicans to start worshiping Odin or Zeus.

  • Good stuff. Presumably the antiwhite snowflakes will go bananas over this. How dare he suggest that whites should refuse to die. But hear me leftwing scum, there will be more people like King speaking out against white genocide.

  • The responses on twitter are sad. People are literally calling him a nazi and a bigot just for saying whites should have babies.

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