Steve King Doubles Down

This is hilarious.

Steve King obviously doesn’t believe in Cuomo’s bullshit. At the same time, he has to deal with political realities and can’t come out and be as blunt about it as we can.

My take:

– We don’t care that CNN and the Left is outraged. We don’t believe America and Europe can be the same civilization with somebody else’s babies.

– From 1790 until 1965, we had an immigration policy designed to preserve America as a White Man’s Country.

– We weren’t a “Melting Pot” either. The system we really had was Anglo-conformity. European immigrants conformed to norms and traditions established by the Anglo-American founding settlers. Non-Whites were generally thought to be incapable of doing so and were excluded from citizenship on racial grounds.

– The Lügenpresse has only promoted the idea that we are a “bastion of diversity” since the Bakke decision in 1978. See Peter Wood’s Diversity: The Invention of a Concept.

– We believe “diversity” is an unqualified weakness. The fact that Americans now have so little in common because we have jettisoned every point of solidarity – race, ethnicity, culture, religion, ideology, etc. – is the major reason why our government is so hopelessly dysfunctional.

– The population should be “white cleansed.” There’s nothing wrong with being White.

– The Immigration Act of 1924 was designed to keep out Somebody Else’s Babies. We need to return to the national origins system in order to maintain our racial and cultural integrity.

– America was all about whiteness until the Cold War era. That is when the notion was popularized that America is based on “values” and is a miniature version of the United Nations.

– We do want to exclude the babies of foreigners from many parts of the world. That’s because we want to remain an outpost of Europe. Immigrants from other parts of the world are undesirable.

– This country does need to be about White people raising their birthrate.

– No, a Muslim American from an Asian or African country is not equal to a European Christian American. We don’t want to encourage the growth of a Muslim population here. The Asiatic Barred Zone of 1917 banned immigration from the Middle East. That’s the type of immigration system we need.

– We do need more European babies and fewer babies from non-European groups. We want to remain a European country. Instead of taxing the White population to subsidize the growth of a vast Afro-Hispanic underclass, we should be doing the opposite.

– They’re not all equal. All men were not created equal. Civic nationalism is a failure. That’s what we believe.

– We don’t “hate” these people. We want to preserve our countries as a birthright for our descendants. We’re fine with them so long as they remain and reproduce in their own countries.

– It is a function of race. The integration of public schools actually shows that education and opportunity matters very little in racial outcomes.

– Finally, the trite phrase “diversity is our strength” wasn’t popularized until the 1980s. It is also preposterous. Diversity has always been a major geopolitical weakness exploited by our enemies. During the American Revolution, the slaves fought on the side of the British. During the Cold War, the Soviets attempted to incite blacks against Whites in order to exploit what they believed was a major national security vulnerability.

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  • Forget the 14 words – King edited it down to 9!
    The 9 Words
    “You can’t build western civilization with other people’s babies”

  • I’m so tired of morons saying that “diversity is our strength,” and “diversity is good.” It’s nonsense. Diversity, meaning racial diversity is our greatest weakness. Whenever anyone tells me that diversity is great I ask them this: “Tell me how it helps you and your [White] family? Don’t give me some sort of general or global answer. I want to know how you,personally, and your [White] family, personally, benefit from diversity.” No White has a good answer to that question. The reason they don’t is because racial diversity is not good for Whites. It is destructive and corrosive for Whites and White values.

  • The battle for the United States and Western Civilization is theological in nature. Whether in the right or left varieties, a principled rejection of liberalism is necessary.

    • Think deeper. The real battle is far bigger than the United States of so-called Western Civilization. This is a battle for the very survival of White people as White people. This is a battle against our genocide and extinction. Religion and politics may play a part, but they are secondary and we must always focus on the most essential thing of all: the survival of the White genome. If it is blended away, nothing else matters because we will be extinct.

      • I am thinking much deeper than you. Religion is fundamental. White genomes are superficial in comparison. You haven’t thought this through.

        • You’re worthless, no, you are worse than worthless; you are actually inimical to our cause.
          If all that matters is spiritual and only the rewards of the hereafter should concern us, why not tell all Whites to invite Third Worlders to take our place while we cease to reproduce. We can fade into oblivion but receive eternal salvation for being so selfless.
          Why don’t you follow your own advice but a little faster. Give all your belongings to some Mud-People and then put a pistol in your mouth.

          • You little secular atheist liberals are worthless. I have no time for idiots like you.

          • We’re going to live. Our salvation is the survival of our race. We’re securing the existence of our people and future for White children.

          • Protecting ones family, culture and people is good. This isn’t the problem with your line of thinking. The problem is idolatry, that is treating what is temporal as eternal, what is contingent as Absolute and what is derivatively good as the supreme Good. Salvation cannot come from human endeavors, whether that endeavor is Marxism, Nationalism, Scientism or anything else. To think otherwise is to misunderstand the meaning of salvation.

          • My line of thinking? You lost. You gave your church away to Africans, Asians, and Mestizos. Your church is section 8 to the Turd World with Whites footing the bill. Your line of thinking created Mexico and South America, bastions of miscegenation and dysfunction. You’re a fucking loser.

          • And you sold your soul to the Devil. We’ll see who loses when it’s all over. You obviously don’t have the intellectual capacity to further this conservation.

          • Pseudo-intellectual hack. Did you actually invoke “the Devil” earlier?

          • I suggest you try to understand the meaning of invoke. I have no time for lightweights.

          • Technically, you did have time for “idiots” like us as you voluntarily responded to a comment and within four responses began banishing your opponents to Hell from your morally superior safe-space.

      • Inclusiveness and diversity has always been part and parcel to the Christian project. Most brain-dead White Liberals that I know self-identify as being “Christian”.

  • Steve King is smart enough to realize that were he to back down and show weakness the luegenpresse would go for the kill. They wouldn’t forgive him, they would rake him over the coals.

  • “No, a Muslim American from an Asian or African country is not equal to a European Christian American.”

    You could just say someone from an Asian or African country, no need to even really mention religion at all. Certainly a Bosnian muslim would be more desirable than any African or asian christian. Even if you despise Islam, if you just barred Africans and Asians from the US that would keep out the vast majority of muslims. There aren’t enough European muslims to pose a real threat.

    • “Certainly a Bosnian muslim would be more desirable than any African or asian christian.”

      Neither are desirable.

        • Religion exists whether you think it’s good or not.

          Global Warming is a religion.
          Liberalism is a religion.
          Egalitarianism is a religion.
          Feminism is a religion.

  • Wow, what an insufferable host. I wish interviewees would respond on a meta level to some of these questions and characterize the inherent bias of their “interrogator.” This Cuomo guy starts off by framing the Congressman’s comments as having elicited “condemnation” from various elements in politics and the citizenry. Perhaps the Congressman might have pointed out that his comments have also been applauded by the silent majority. Whereas Cuomo’s politically-correct opinions are shared by wealthy coastal elites, ivory tower academics, and The Macdonalds Corporation, King’s intellectual peers are tens of millions of American men and women, including many of the descendants of the founding stock of this country, whose laws extended enfranchisement solely to White land-owning men of good character. This notion that our number one value is Diversity is a ((((modern confection))) and the onus is on its defenders to put forth compelling evidence that it is deserving of its privileged place in the national discourse, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

    We are on the offense now.

  • From the moment his original tweet hit the news, I was sorry the word ‘culture’ was in it. However, it may provide some deflectability.

    CNN calls this interview doubling down, on Twitter Richard calls it cucking, and I guess the truth lies somewhere in between. King looked old, weak and hesitant here compared to the buff Cuomo, but we know there are damn few like that on the Left. No one significant from this older generation, not even King (heck, I doubt Jared Taylor would’ve done much better) can just stand up, puff out his chest and say what needs to be said: ‘Whites are the people who made America, I’m proud to be White, and we need White babies.’

    Soon the younger generation will produce such voices. That will wipe the arrogance off the face of this signalling Cuomo POS.

  • Um, yeah, I’m not sure that saying you would eventually like to see America become “homogeneous” (his word) as a result of intermarriage qualifies as “doubling down” but I’ll give Mr. King a pass because a.) it took serious huevos to even tweet what he did in the first place, and b.) King is of a generation that hasn’t realized that the old paradigm of rigged new networks has been completely overthrown and replaced.

    • It is getting better though. I await the day someone starts screaming “NIIIIIIIGGGEEERRSS” on national tv.

    • He’s a politician and has to speak in subtle ways. I probably would have done the same had I been in his position even though I believe in Whiteness before all else. We need to be clever to win and we need to know the audience we are addressing.

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