Steve King Appears On Tucker Carlson Tonight

My take:

Steve King has positioned himself at the edge of mainstream conservatism. He doesn’t go full White Nationalist. Instead, he has adopted the familiar Tom Tancredo position on the superiority of Western culture and the need to preserve Western civilization, which is about as far as it is possible to go within conservatism short of edging into explicit ethnonationalist territory.

I’m don’t begrudge him for it. I understand he represents Iowans. There are political realities there which constrain how far it is possible for him to go while appearing on national television. This is probably why he supported Ted Cruz in the Republican primaries. It is our job to change the culture. We’ve seen enough here to know that Steve King stands with us.

Note: Once again, I will take this considering the fact he represents Iowa. He is leading his constituents in the right direction on race and immigration.

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  • I don’t think there can be much question that he knows you can only further western civilization with white people, but of course, that isn’t quite possible to say on TV… yet. But it’s surely coming soon. Steve King deserves our full support just because he didn’t back down completely, which is the default setting for almost all so-called conservatives. King dances around the real issue, but of course he would support an immigration moratorium and a focus on European immigrants if it was politically possible. He’s about as good as it gets for the time being, but nowhere near as fashy as where we’re headed.

  • I’m one of the few in this community that doesn’t mind some Hispanic immigration. Not mass immigration, but some legal Hispanic immigration. What a guy like King needs to do is come right out and call for a total ban of all Muslims. He need not fear repercussions. Hispanics we can assimilate; we can’t assimilate Muslims.

  • King went as far as could. Perhaps that’s as far as he believes. Good enough. We need King, and other politicians who are broadly on our side, to keep their offices and maintain their VWTS. As per Mr. Finkelstein’s quote (Bismarck, was it?): Politics is the art of the possible.

    I am heartened by the fact that Pat Buchanan is now deemed an acceptable guest on FOX (he wasn’t for a long time). Pat has been on our side long before many of us were on our own side. And he believes what he believes for the right reasons – not just intellectually, but instinctually.

  • King cucked on tuck. He should just come out and say what we all know.

    only whites are capable of this kind of ethnomasochism.

  • I’ll accept what he said. I’m glad he didn’t cuck. But it makes me sad that we as whites have been so brow-beaten and guilt-tripped that we can’t even talk about our interests as a people. I think Steve knows deep down who the people are that make Western Civilization truly possible.

  • We’ve got friends in relatively high places, boys.

    I’m fairly convinced we have a major friend in the highest of places as well.

  • He’s so close to saying it, they both are, they just need the nod from the general public before they go all the way

  • I am heartened by Steven King’s comments and attitude towards this demographic destruction of the western world.

  • If King went full White Nationalist Shitlord, he would be expelled from the House of Representatives by his fellow Congressmen. Politics is the art of the possible.

    Today’s Preserve Western Civilization politician will be tomorrow’s Preserve White America politician. Fin de siecle Vienna politicians like Karl Lueger weren’t volkisch Nationalists, but they paved the way for those who followed. So does Steve King.

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