Professional Latina Ana Navarro Squawks About Steve King’s Racism

Ana Navarro has never done anything but squawk about Hispanics and “racism” on CNN.

She is a professional Hispanic with a BA in Latin American studies. Her political career has consisted of advising and supporting losing Republican presidential campaigns like John McCain in 2008, Jon Huntsman in 2012 and ¡Jeb! in 2016. That’s all she has done to get to routinely appear on television. She is nothing but a supporting brown face in furthering a Narrative.

  • Yehudah Finkelstein

    This woman has a job for being Hispanic in public.

  • ronno

    why is ana navarro even here? “here’s latina correspondent ana navarro to get angry and sassy at white people”

    • 4DPOETRY

      Yup, no connection whatsoever, just playing race politics, they have a monopoly on it apparently.

  • Alex Harris

    “They don’t look like him. They don’t act like him. They don’t think like him. And they are just as American…”


    Their web of lies and self-contradictions is imploding and creating a vortex, pulling them all into the void of oblivion.

    • Pioneer American

      Yeah – it’s starting to be ON, baby – I can’t wait. Maybe we can still save ourselves. I have to believe the alt-right’s boldness has helped a smidge. Not as much as the example of the muslim/African invasion of Europe, but some, hopefully.

  • Vlad le Putin

    Someone’s still bitter about little Marco getting his ass beat

  • Ike35

    And she’s fat. No fat chicks.

    • Merick Kaner



    Her voice grates on the soul, put a f*cking sock in it, what is she worried about, if he is as wrong as she says he is then stay calm and stop panicking, unless, unless…. he is playing the exact same race games she has been playing and she does not like the competition.


    She can rant about race and identity all day long, but white people are not allowed to, that is wacist.

  • Mel Yarmaluke


  • Evolver1

    She is a scumbag and her buddies McCain, JEB, and Huntsman are also.

  • From Ohio

    I’m beginning to wonder if she is a Navarro or (((Navarro))) the Sephardic.

  • SLCain

    It’s a good thing for Ms. Navarro that there is now a job called “professional latina”, because if not for that she would have to do a job for which her intellect and talents are truly suited – like hotel-maid or nail salon employee.

  • pgg804

    Yes, he did embrace you. It was his people, white people, that passed the 1965 immigration act to allow non-whites like you to immigrate to the USA. At about the same time, all the other European or European founded countries did the same thing, while the rest of the world maintains immigration laws that will ensure the continuation of their culture and people. Try immigrating to Japan. You won’t get in. And if they had known that passing a law allowing non-whites into the USA would bring resentful, white hating people that would constantly verbally attack whites after they admitted you to the country, they never would have passed that law.

    Someone has to inform her and other people on prime time TV (so the whole country becomes aware of it) about the 1965 immigration act and its Jewish origins. Professor Kevin MacDonald researched the Congressional Record and the statements from Jewish lawmakers show a decades long effort to change immigration laws to change the ethnic makeup of the country.

    Also, during different periods in history, different peoples excel and there is no doubt that over the last 500 years Europe led the world in virtually all areas. I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but you’re forcing this conversation. Representative King is correct. Latin America has contributed next to nothing in science and technology over the last few centuries.

    • Billy Brown

      yeh but hamburgers are 10% cheaper when u go to restaurants and even schmucks can afford landscaping. we can survive without them

  • The Charismatic Curmudgeon

    He compared Mexicans to dogs? I find this EXTREMELY offensive. Dogs are loyal to those that give them food and shelter.

  • The Charismatic Curmudgeon

    Ms. Navarro was correct on one account. “Most Americans can hear what Steve King was trying to say, loud and clear.”

  • Aurelius

    Her babies are far less American.

  • ThomasER916

    Miscegenation created this trash. Just like Obama and Kaepernick, she’s a deadly parasite.

    • Chadwick D. Prestington

      Well, I’d rather them be anti-white and meld into the ‘not white’ category of society instead of acting white enough to marry one of us.