Long Live the King

King is more /ourguy/ than Trump has ever been, but would he be saying these kinds of things without Trump? We can only hope these kinds of statements serve to embolden more of our people, as they see that people like themselves are in positions of power.

One of the smarter questions that people have asked throughout the Trump campaign and now into the Trump administration is whether or not Trumpism will survive Trump. Are there people in office now who either essentially agree with him as is ideologically, or are right enough of him to make his agenda continue?

We can’t know for certain since a lot of what Trump represents would get you called into the HR office if you voiced it, and crucified in the media if you are an important enough person.

But there are exceptions, like Iowa Rep. Steve King. Much like Trump, the Republican congressman seems to care very little how politically incorrect his opinions are. In fact, he is so blatant at times as to be further right than Trump in terms of ethnopolitik. For instance, King displays the Confederate flag on his office desk, despite the fact that Iowa was part of the Union during the American Civil War. (The southernization of the non-elite White vote is truly potent).

During last year’s Republican National Convention, King told a panel of opposition media who were gloating about “the last time that old white people will command the Republican Party’s attention, its platform, its public face” to basically get bent. King said, “this ‘old white people’ business does get a little tired,” following up with the challenge “to go back through history and figure out, where are these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people that you’re talking about, where did any other subgroup of people contribute more to civilization?”
Most recently, on March 12 he retweeted a political cartoon posted by the account Voice of Europe that supported Dutch nativist politician Geert Wilders. King added the commentary that “Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

Read between the lines: the demographic replacement of White people is not a good kind of growth.

That’s not something Deep Cuck is happy about. CIA shabbos and failed presidential candidate Evan McMullin tweeted that King “promotes the un-American ideas of white nationalism,” and asked “Will any Republican congressmen condemn his bigotry?” First of all, Eurocentric immigration policies, in terms of years practiced by the American government, have a much longer history as American ideas than liberal multiculturalism has (or will have). Second, calls to denounce and purge people to the right of you are the textbook explanation of how the movement conservatism that McMullin espouses lost its grip on the United States permanently. California, the home state of Ronald Reagan, is probably gone forever unless millions of people are deported. No matter how liberal or anti-nationalist cuckservatives try to be, they will never win over more of the minority votes they desperately crave in their race with the Democrats to be seen as the most tolerant and diverse. (Ironically, Trump outperformed both McCain and Romney in that department).

But to circle back to King here, he is absolutely right. It won’t be the same country when most people are non-white. And it certainly won’t be conservative.

King is more /ourguy/ than Trump has ever been, but would he be saying these kinds of things without Trump? We can only hope these kinds of statements serve to embolden more of our people, as they see that people like themselves are in positions of power. And on a side note, it is fascinating to note the cross-pollination of nationalist European-American reactions to Islamic colonization. It would have been so easy for the managerial states of the West to simply say no to creating yet another client people for multiculturalism and settle for what they already had control over. Now we may live to see that Muslims were the straw that broke the camel’s back and ended the mirage that has been dubbed “the end of history.” When you’ve got people in Iowa more vocally alarmed about what’s happening in Europe than people in Washington, London, Paris, and Berlin, it is truly time for change.

Walter Jackson
the authorWalter Jackson
Walter comes from a despised ethnic group that can unfortunately still be found all over the United States. His people are responsible for both defeating fascism and putting it in the White House.


  • Its good to see people in power like Mr. King speak openly about the truth without fear of being called racist. Those Lib morons of course had no argument and tried to speak over him and get irrational and pissed. This only builds momentum for us .

  • Evan McMullin tweeted that King “promotes the un-American ideas of white nationalism”

    This is such a bald faced lie we should be constantly setting the record straight. Every single President from George Washington to even the liberator of the slaves Abraham Lincoln was a White Nationalist. The USA was founded as a white nationalist federation of white nationalist states. The first immigration laws allowed only “free white” people. Lincoln helped found Liberia to repatriate freed African slaves.

    The United States of America was founed on White Nationalism. White Nationalism is as American as applie pie.

    If you are against White Nationalism, you are anti-America.

  • King has said some dumb shit. You guys need to stop encouraging those who make bad arguments and those whose terrible commentary harms our cause.

  • “California,the home state of Ronald Reagan,is probably gone forever unless millions of people are deported.”

    I don’t expect to ever see the open-border cucks in the Republican party publicly admit that California is on the verge of being lost forever as a result of immigration from Third World. To them, admitting that DEMOGRAPHICS ARE DESTINY is a frightful thought that makes them recoil in sheer terror,which is an act of cowardice that can only be compared to the horror that Dracula would feel if someone were to wave a crucifix in front of his face.

  • The Real Danger to the West comes from Anti-White-Supremacism and White Submissivism.

    The main problem of the West is not this so-called White Supremacism. Where do you see Nazis or KKK? I mean real ones as opposed to ‘hate-hoaxers’ — usually blacks, Muslims, and Jews — who spray-paint Swastikas in various places?

    White patriots don’t want to conquer other nations and peoples. They don’t want to tell other peoples and nations what to do. That is why they voted for Donald Trump who invoked nationalism — Americans minding their own business — against globalism, which is Jewish-Homo-Supremacist domination of the world.

    White patriots only demand the right of white peoples to maintain their identity, heritage, culture, and territory in the lands of their forefathers. If that is supremacism, then Tibetans who resist being taken over by the Han Chinese must also be supremacists. And Palestinians must be ‘supremacist’ because they don’t their ancestral lands to be taken over by Zionists in the West Bank.

    The real problem of the West is not White Supremacism(that hardly exists as a political force) but Anti-White-Supremacism that says that the white race doesn’t even have the right to defend its identity, territory, and history. Anti-White-Supremacism says that whites must SUBMIT to demographic invasions of non-whites and SERVE the elite agendas of Jewish-and-Homo globalists.

    Anti-White-Supremacists say that black men should claim, conquer, and colonize white wombs to produce black babies than white babies(who are effectively ‘killed’ because the white womb space has been taken over by black seed). Anti-White-Supremacists say that white daughters should be raised to be used as sex meat in Jewish-controlled porn industry. Anti-White-Supremacists say white American soldiers are cannon fodder for Wars for Israel. Anti-White-Supremacists say white students should be instilled with shame, self-loathing,and self-hatred. Anti-White-Supremacism says that any white person who wants his people to survive as a race, culture, and territory is a ‘white supremacist’. Anti-White-Supremacism projects onto whites the vile hatred of Jews and their allies of POC and Cucks(whose only ‘white pride’ comes from debasing their own whiteness).

    Anti-White-Supremacism and White Submissivism are the real dangers to the West. Time to wake up.

      • What is called Cultural Marxism is really Cultural Capitalism. Capitalism breeds consumer culture of narcissism and decadence.

      • Free Will vs Free Swill.

        Unfettered Liberty favors Free Swill over Free Will.

        Will implies control, restraint, vision, focus, direction, design, and destiny. Something greater than impulsive want of instant gratification so common among children, boors, and animals.

        Will is about challenging gravity and climbing a mountain. That requires will, stamina, commitment.

        Human nature is programmed to prefer Swill.

        Ease, comfort, fun, pleasure. Human nature prefers the slide than the climb. The slide requires no will and flows with swill. Gravitational pull of human nature favors the swill. It takes no effort to go down a slide. It takes effort to climb the slope. Of course, effortless slide eventually hits bottom, whereupon one is compelled to make the climb to enjoy the slide once more.

        Western Freedom used to be defined by the Power of Will. It was about using one’s freedom to pursue one’s destiny with determination, discipline, and conviction.

        Now, western freedom is mostly about Surrender to Swill. Pig out, orgy-porgy, hedonism, infantilism.

        The genius of capitalism is to entice people toward the Will with the promise of Swill. Capitalism sees human nature as a slave of pleasure; therefore, people will work and toil to gain pleasures. When levels of productivity were lower in the past, people worked mainly to meet basic needs of survival. Also, the lingering power of tradition and morality put a brake on the anarchic allure of pleasure. But once productivity levels rose to the point where all basic needs were met and traditional morality was drowned under the flood of ‘youth culture’ and pop culture, the main purpose of work & will became the pursuit of unfettered pleasure or swill. When so much Will is committed to Swill, isn’t there something wrong with the picture? When so much that is thought good and noble — work ethic, determination, and diligence — is expended for the attainment of opportunities for gross behaviors, what is the core meaning of our civilization? Imagine a society where everyone works very hard so that, on weekends, everyone can get together to indulge in drugs and orgies.

        But there is worse. While some people still use the Will to afford the Swill, many people demand the Swill without Will on their part. They see Swill as a ‘right’. They demand free computers and internet connections as a ‘human right’ so that they can indulge in little more than video-games, celebrity culture, and pornography.

        We need to be aware of the dangers of Swill. It can lead to dissipation.

        While one can become exhausted by an excess of Will, one can become enervated from excess of Swill… like Ottoman Sultans who did little else but have orgies and pig out.

        Unless individual liberty is hardened by values and vision, it leads to Free Swill than Free Will.

        Also, a healthy society prefers meaningful pleasures over shallow ones. Deepest happiness comes from love and family. So, the main purpose of will & work should be to have a family. Money spent on the well-being of one’s family as torchbearers of one’s race and culture is surely more meaningful and consequential than money blown on momentary pleasures.


    • You keep spewing the phrase “white supremacism”. I wonder if you know that white nationalism is not the same thing.

      I personally consider whites to be superior on average to mud people of any variety and want to live in a white nation. I guess that makes me a nationalist and supremacist.

      No apologies forthcoming.

  • you wrote:

    “No matter how liberal or anti-nationalist cuckservatives try to be, they
    will never win over more of the minority votes they desperately crave
    in their race with the Democrats to be seen as the most tolerant and


    Well, that is true. But there are a couple of other things that cuckservatives crave.

    Money, for one.

    Yeah, cucking out is where the money is. Why? Because the fat cat donors, corporations and lobbies that make political donations like mass immigration from the third world. And why is that? Because they like worker-consumers. More workers==> lower wages==> higher corporate profits. Immigration brings more consumers ==> more consumer demand==> more corporate sales==>higher corporate profits.

    Oh, and something else that cucks crave: favorable media attention. Because that is how they get elected and re-elected.

    • Well, there are elite-cucks and then there are working-cucks.

      Each has their own strategy.

      I dont think the elite-cucks want money as much as they want power over the deep state, which you essentially control with money or black mail.

      The working-cucks want virtue, but will take a comfortable life over it, if virtue is too lofty.

  • McMullin is a non-entity. Anyone who still admiringly follows his antics is a cuck.

  • although predictable, what I find curious is that *conservatives* jumped on him for mentioning demographics and replacing our population with other peoples’ babies (which was a common immigration argument in Europe for decades due to the [perceived] labor shortage). It is only Whites – only OUR people – who must never show interest in maintaining their own people. Well, this is why White Nationalism is growing. It is the ONLY option for Whites who want to preserve or maintain anything remotely cultural about our people.

    • It’s not at all surprising that “conservatives” are the most anti-white. “Conservatives” conserve nothing – the “conservative” Republican party exists merely to cover for developers replacing every natural habitat with a strip mall complete with an Olive Garden and a Starbucks and to import cheap scab labor to undermine the wages of working class whites.

      Conservatives are right when they say “liberals are the real racists.” Conservatives are the true “anti-racists” meaning conservatives are the real anti-whites.

      • True,the Marxists have infected ‘Con servatives everywhere.In the UK Harold Wilson told his communist disciples to go and join other parties and they did.Hence,Liberals and Greens are Communist too.

  • Race is to man as breed is to dog as variety is to rose.

    A race is an organism’s divergence from an earlier type and a step towards full speciation.

  • Liberal: How dare you say demographics affect politics?!?! *floods America with Mexicans who vote Democrat*

    • Exactly. “Diversity is our religion. But ALL PEOPLE EVERYWHERE ARE THE SAME!” What is this madness?

        • It use to be called “Kulturbolschewismus” (Cultural Bolshevism) in eastern Europe to describe the assault on tradition what was taking place after the Commies came to power, and wasn’t limited to “Nazis” either. People of all political stripes used the term. See Tomislav Sunic’s work Homo Americanus a riff off Homo Sovieticus by Aleksandr Zinovyev. Our enemies pioneered this Kulturkampf on Eastern Europeans, refined their Psyops and turned to us after the first experiment went belly up.

          • I’m not sure I’m ready to believe in the grand conspiracy thing. But I don’t outrightly dismiss it, either.

          • Not a conspiracy, but a set of tactics & traditions of the Left in general & Commies in particular.

          • Except for this cultural boshievism to thrive you need that elite minority that has plagued our nations for 2000 years at the helm. In communist countries once the native people take over and the original revolutionary zeal fades, if turns conservative as that is the nature of the people whether in China or in Soviet Russia. That oh so oppressed minority learned their lesson in the East; that once the native people live in a collective type society, the host turns on the parasite. Thus, the parasite, ever crafty and worried of the host understanding that he is been bled of his very life, promotes ultra individialism, atomization, alienation in his conquered host in the West. Never again will he allow if he can hinder it any sort of organic collective amongst his host.

            Therefore it is not just communism (which I clearly oppose) but communism guided by an evil minority.

  • Humans are not fungible. You can’t replace White people with non-White people and expect the society to be the same. Race is real. Genes are us.

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