Tim Pool: Final Report on Sweden

Tim Pool sums up his thoughts on his experience in Sweden:

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  • “It’s not a war zone.”

    “There were 34 grenade attacks last year.”

    There are in fact no-go zones even for cops.

    Sounds like a war zone to me. This guy is too cucky. I don’t like wishywashy bullshit and trying to play both sides.

    Yeah, Third World psychopaths are more criminal. We know this. We don’t need a month of investigation to confirm this.

  • I see a lot of Canadians as compliant hipster low voltage submissive cucks who will do nothing to stop this once these settlers from the east are flooding in thanks to Trudeau+Soros … I feel sad knowing they won’t heed any warnings and won’t resist … even in the age of the internet .. they’re stuck with herd mentality.. their smart phones have made them dumb.

  • To state the bloomin’ Alt Right obvious: I know Poole’s stuff required follow-up and posting here. In the end, it’s passable entry-level stuff for normies but it’s basically just more NAXALT, where X=migrants. A healthy nation doesn’t need to explain why it doesn’t want foreigners, even rather well-behaved ones like the East Asians, let alone dindu and kebab.

    Sadly, this point is lost on all but the most rightwing Swedes, even some who are interviewed on Red Ice.

    • Poole is an apologist.. he won’t say multiculturalism is an epic failure.. he insists its a problem with resources and integration.. he’s not able to put it together in a logical way .. he’s coming from the place of thinking like many westerners that islamists think as they do .. they do not .. they have no desire to integrate with western culture… its a slow incremental take over … why are people being deliberately stupid on this??

      • I agree, he’s an apologist and too soft. He is of course part Asian and not white despite the misperception of some people.

        Robinson is British. British are typically cucks. If I had endured what Robinson did I would be a maniac. He’s still trying to play nice with Muslims and the system that imprisoned him.

  • Tim Pool went over there, looked okay when doing his jump-cut videologging and weird at best while talking to various people, constantly uttering “Yeah, yeah, yeah” and occupying his hands to then come to the conclusion that it’s nothing compared to Chicago.
    That might be accurate reporting, isn’t really that interesting though. It’s better than nothing.

    He doesn’t come across as honest when he plays up some guy exiting a restaurant or store who apparently didn’t want to get filmed and then covered his face as the portent of a mob attack.

    These guys here shilled their somewhat comparable project on Rebel Yell:

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