The Pink Pussyhat Is Jewish

Many years ago, I thought it was strange when I was first exposed to the idea that Jews were having a massive distorting impact on our culture and politics:

“While supporters of Donald Trump sport red baseball hats with the promise to “Make America Great Again,” Trump’s opponents have their own signature piece of headwear: the pink pussyhat. The hand-knit hat with cat ears designed by Jayna Zweiman, 38, and her friend Krista Suh has become a recognized symbol of dissent. It is also, according to Zweiman, her personal act of tikkun olam.

All four of Zweiman’s grandparents emigrated from Eastern Europe and while they made every attempt to assimilate, they told their granddaughter about what they endured. Zweiman’s grandfather had to wait eight years for a visa. Her grandmother, a refugee after World War I, subsisted for several months on potatoes.

“I know so many families have these same stories,” Zweiman told me. “It’s just proof that people deserve dignity, respect and safety. That’s the American dream and it has always been a big part of my life.” …”

I don’t think that way anymore.

Of course the Pussyhat is Jewish. It would actually be more surprising if it wasn’t Jewish. Jewish women have always been the vanguard of the feminist movement.

Note: They boast about the Jewish role in feminism on their own websites.

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  • i just read recently,
    their race is of temple prostitutes.
    That’s why Judaism is passed matrilineally.

    Think about it: when a temple or pyramid goes up,
    they were prostitutes until it was finished.
    Then they had to Exodus.

  • Wilmot Robertson used to pose the rhetorical question about the Jews, “could they be a little more grateful to the country that let them in and allowed them to prosper”?

  • Asian domination of higher education is BAD for white patriots and conservatives.

    Yellows are a bunch of doggers. They have culture of learning and respect for education but no culture of critical thinking and individual expression. I mean Chinese history is much longer than European history, but since the ideas of Confucius and Lao Tzu, Chinese thought up precious little that was new(except in creative cooking). Even though China produced many high IQ people over millennia, all they ever did was go along with prevailing dogma and write eight-legged essays. It goes to show that when Dogma prevails, even most smarties go along.

    And of course, this could prevail among whites too. Look at the slow stagnant fate of Byzantium.

    Still, there was a kind of spark among white folks in Western Europe that led to new ideas.

    So, whites had not just intelligent but more of the spark, the spirit. Western Europe too had lots of dogma that suppressed free thinking. It too had periods of witch-hunting, inquisition, and censorship.

    But there was still just enough free thinking and individual spirit to allow more originality and new ideas.

    Part of the reason was genetic. Whites are more expressive than inhibited yellows whose mode is to bow than stand upright. More servile by nature, Asians are far more sensitive to peer pressure and consensus & status & groupthink.

    But Western advance also had to do with fragmentation and lack of centralization. If one European kingdom was highly repressive and censorious, the smart & energetic individuals of could seek green pastures in other more freer parts. In contrast, China came under pervasive centralization, so what was right for Peking was right for rest of China.

    We see this in Japan too. When Japan was divided, the various warring clans sought ideas from the West to make better weapons and stuff. Each tried to gain an upperhand, and this was a time of innovation. But once Japan was united, Tokugawa clamped down on all of Japan, and there was less innovation for next 250 yrs. Centralization can be good IF the prevailing order allows freedom and innovation. But, more often than not in history, the ruling power feared innovation as a threat to the status quo that seemed essential to maintenance of power.

    Perhaps, part of reason for Byzantium’s decline was centralization. On the other hand, given its imperial overreach, Byzantium could only maintain itself by centralization. Without an overbearing central power, the empire would crumble. Also, as it was threatened by rival mega-empires, esp that of Persia, it had no choice but to centralize and command obedience and conformity. In a way, Byzantines had no choice other than empire or death. If it decided against empire, it would be defeated by others, such as Persians, Arabs, or later the Turks. Unlike Europe where people could settle in farming communities and grow attached to soil, much of the dryer Near East was filled with people constantly on the move. So, if Byzantines decided to let go of its vast empire, the former subjects wouldn’t stay put but come flooding into Core Byzantine. It’s like breakdown of political order in the Middle East and North Africa had led to massive migrations today.

    In contrast, Western Europe, esp Northern Europe, didn’t have to worry much about invasion from non-European folks. Also, because of roughly evenly powerful entities, no single European power gained hegemony over all of Europe. Also, UK’s role in relation to the continent was like that of moon with the Earth. Moon allows balance for Earth’s rotation, climate, and ocean waves. Likewise, UK played a balancing role for the continent. So, if one entity grew too powerful, UK would aid the other entity to maintain balance of power. If Japan fancied itself the rising sun, UK was like the balancing moon.

    So, there failed to develop a united empire in Western Europe. This meant that there was bound to be some places that were welcome to ideas(scientific, political, religious, philosophical, artistic) forbidden in other parts. Also, even in repressive parts, the ‘subversive’ ideas could easily be slipped in. (It’s like even in relatively repressive Prussia, it wasn’t difficult to find texts and literature from France and Britain.)

    If all of Europe had been united, the imperial power could say such-and-such idea cannot be expressed in any part of Europe. The idea would be banned in all of the empire. But since no such domination existed, if an idea was banned in one part, it could have hearing in another part. And if that idea did wonders for the part that allowed it, then even the side that had banned it would have to adopt it to remain competitive or relevant.

    Suppose someone went to a king and said, “your highness, I have an idear for a great weapon”, and the king said, “that is the stupidest idear I ever heard. Never mention it again, or I’ll whup you good.” If the king ruled over all of Europe, that idea would be dead. But as Europe was divided, the innovator could go to another kingdom and offer that idea, and the king there might say, “You know, that is a good idear” and might use it and come up with a great weapon and gain more power. Then, even the kingdom that had banned it would adopt it, and etc. It would also learn the lesson: Pay heed to new ideas that might be useful. Encourage innovation.

    The horrible thing about PC is it is leads to an Empire of Correctitude that gains control of every academia. So, Murray was shouted down even at Middlebury, a college most people never heard of.

    But the internet allows these ideas to flow all over, so that is a good.

    Anyway, given Asian character and personality, their rise in academia will be bad for white patriots. If white conservatives ruled America, Asian rise in academia would be good for white power. Asians, being slavish to prevailing power, will serve American patriotism. But since status and power in the US are associated with PC and globalism, Asians become what Darrell Hamamoto calls ‘Servitors of the Empire’. The Empire of PC and cultural imperialism of a sick decadent West.

    For good or ill, Jews at least had the power to challenge, criticize, and come up with new ideas.

    Asian-Americans have no such will. Some have enough brains and IQ, but they lack the spark and spirit. Even when Asians act abrasive and ‘subversive’, it is in sheer imitation of others.

    It is imitation radicalism than autonomous radicalism. Like imitation crab meat. It is plastic dissent, like plastic surgery.

    So, more yellows in higher education will only mean more commissars of PC. Servile, imitative, dogmatic, predictable.

    This pic below in the FORWARD article says it all. Jews lead, Asians follow. Jews are masters, Asians are dogs. Jews innovate, Asians imitate. Granted, the pussy hat is a stupid retarded innovation, but still, Jews came up with it. In contrast, Asians just follow. I think Jews sense that Asians will be useful in this manner. Education for Asians is like Obedience School. Asians obey their globalist masters.

    White patriots don’t want to be pushed around by yellow commissars of PC. We see these younger generation of Asians in media and academia doing little more than serving as mouthpieces of Globalism. They are good dogs, teachers-pets.

    On the other hand, one advantage for white patriots is that there is less ‘white guilt’ in relation to yellows because yellows haven’t had the ingenuity to turn their historical narrative into something as tragic-sounding as those of Jews and Negroes’. So, it might be easier to push back against Asian radicals than others. Also, Asian radicals don’t have the verbal skills of Jews or volume-frightfulness of blacks. So, it will be easier to counter yellow yapping.

    If a Jew calls a white an ‘antisemite’, white will pee in pants out of holocaust guilt and fear of Jewish wit.

    If a Negro calls a white a ‘racist’, white will pee in pants out of slavery guilt and fear of strong negro.

    If a yellow calls a white a ‘racist’, white can say ‘shut up and go eat a dog’.

  • Well, hardly a huge surprise. It’s in their nature to spread destructive ideas among non-jews in order to weaken them. A weak people is easy to control.

  • Personally, I get surprised when I dig through things and /don’t/ find some buttugly rabi with a nose the size of a shoe.

  • Jews are overtly racist against “Gentiles”, if you bring it up you are called antisemetic. In the Talmud jews refer to non-jews as cattle. Jews hate Christians as much as they hate Muslims.

    • Show me where the Talmud says non-jews are cattle. I don’t think you have ever read the Talmud, anyway. You are just parotting some bullshit you’ve read on the internet.

    • I don’t know any jews closely .. but one time I got slipped a shekkel and didn’t realize it til later… they look so much like the Cdn $1 loonie coins… still wonder who was ‘giving me a sign’ that day to them its all a cliquey thingy eh?

  • Feminism’s main legacy, after all these years, is a trail of aborted fetuses, cuckold men whom they hate, and the de- spiritualization of The US and Europe.

  • Interesting piece on the origin of (((that hat))). And my goodness, those were some nasty looking girls modeling it!
    I live in a very rural county in Southern Indiana, but the local newspaper reported that one local woman made it tot he January march in Washington. In the pic the paper published, she was not wearing the pink hat, but she could have fit in with the two girls in the pic on this post.
    Multiculturalism is Neo-Babelsim, and thus sinful. tell you Christian friends!

  • So-called “American” Jews have the luxury of treating the United States as a throwaway because they know that Israel will always take them in if things go to hell in this country. That gives them perverse incentives for the kinds of politics they advocate here.

    By contrast, we Old-Stock white Americans view our country as an inheritance and an asset that needs careful management to maintain and improve upon its value. We don’t have backup countries to flee to if we fuck up our own homeland; and this makes all the difference for our politics.

    • The whole world outside of Israel is their throwaway.

      Jews have been treating host societies like this since ancient times. They move from one host country to another while maintaining their identity and bloodlines. A group that behaves like this over thousands of years clearly has group interests at odds with those of the host societies.

  • Jews play a heavy hand in every movement. The alt-right hero is Alexander Dugin? Am I correct? Promoting one more variable on kosher liberalism?
    I will tell you what event really hit home that our problem is the Jew and the Jew only. It’s reading “The Nameless War” which takes Jewish revolutionary behavior back to 1600 and the English Revolution. Since then, that subversion knowledge has taken greater depths but that got me past the idea it was a recent endeavour, this Jewish sickness going around

    • Wrong. Most of us agree that Dugin is about 200 years behind Western Europeans (AltRight) when it comes to understanding that race is most important and all other factors stem from race. Dugin denies race as a historical factor. He lives in a country that isn’t bordered by Mexico, doesn’t have Sanctuary Cities, and doesn’t have Negro or Mestizo cities. Dugin is so far behind he’s irrelevant to Whites. He has no answers for Brazil, Rhodesia or South Africa.

      Many of the AltRight eggheads like Spencer and Johnson push Dugin but the actual people, just like the actual White people who oppose immigration, ignore Dugin. Go ahead and check the comments sections of the old Dugin articles on Counter Currents and Radix and see what you find.

  • Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox Jews aren’t like this Vile and Demented Woman…….

    She’s not Religious…..

    She’s a Secular Atheistic Jew……..

    • All encompassing Judaism worships the Jewish people. It is a secret society hiding behind the convincing cloak of racialism and religion. It’s not racial because Jews blend in wherever they go physically. It was half breed Jews in africa that di the horse trading with tribes to get slaves
      “Arriving on the Cape Verde islands, about 350 miles off the coast of Senegal, Jewish slave merchants from Portugal in the mid-1400s sought to insert themselves in Africa’s commerce and trade. Just as The Messenger described, they kidnapped and raped African women, and the mixed-race offspring, called lancados, were raised on the island as European Jews, practicing Judaism and respecting Jewish authority. These lancados then were sent into the African mainland to set up an international “trading post” in the fine fabrics being produced by the Africans. But soon they turned on their hosts and began trading in Black human beings. The lancados literally were trained by their Jewish fathers to be slave traders—trained in the Jewish family business of slave-dealing. It was these half-breed, mixed-race (or mulatto) “half-ricans” who infiltrated the Black African communities, seeking to satisfy the European lust for Black labor. Because of their African blood admixture, deceptive White propagandists call these mixed-race Jewish slave traders “Africans”; Blacks view them, rightly, as Europeans, given their racial and cultural distance from African society and its practiced norms of thousands of years. One scholar was clear: “The offspring of these lancados and African women were called Jilhos de terra and were generally considered to be Portuguese.”

  • Every Passover since they were booted out of their homeland by the Romans in retaliation for their rebellion, they have ended this central ritual with the phrase, “Next year, in Jerusalem!” Well, in 1948, they got their old turf back at last. And yet, almost 70 years later, half of them refuse to return from the Gentile lands where they are constantly subject, they say, to “anti-Semitism.” Why, one wonders, do they not just go home? Hmmmm.

    • Half in gentile lands? Methinks not. Aren’t there a magic six million or so in Israel? Then (allegedly) six million in the US alone? How many in Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Australia, South America, Canada…?

      Frankly, I think they lie about their numbers. (SHOCK!!)

      • probably more like 8,8 and 8-12 depending on what % you still would call a jew a jew. if you could the 25%ers it would probably double the last 2

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