Lauren Southern Leaves The Rebel

Here’s what we know:

1.) Lauren Southern recently defended Richard Spencer.

2.) Lauren Southern is now out at The Rebel.

3.) Jay Fayza, a negro at The Rebel, has been attacking the Alt-Right.

4.) Ezra Levant has taken The Rebel media team to Israel.

5.) Gavin McInnes is over there cucking for Israel.

What do you think is going on here?

  • Wanderer

    With the army of beta orbiters that this chick has her inevitable Patreon account will probably make more money for her than her salary at Rebel. The amount of cringeworthy beta pussybegging in the comments sections of her stuff is some next level shit. I mean I like seeing women in the alt-right too, but it’d be nice if nice if beta guys would stop sperging out about crawling through broken glass just to sniff one of her farts every time she makes a video.

    • Alex Harris

      Whatever your chosen approach might be, you know damn well you would like to take a crack at her too.

      Anyway, hopefully this turn of events means she will be moving in our direction. At least, that would be good if she’s not a crypto. She looks hhhwhite to me, but you never know. She was on the “Virtue of the West” with Tara McCarthy and Brittany Pettibone. Those ladies also had on Lana Lokteff, so you know they are pretty well red-pilled. But Pettibone mentioned that she wants to learn (((krav maga))) for self defense, so maybe she still hasn’t quite figured out who her friends are.

      • A hymn to Hermes

        Krav Maga is good for women. Mostly involves kicking people in the nuts, scratching out their eyes and running away. Otto Weininger would have a lot to say about the Hebrew Martial art.

        • Jusqu’au Bout

          I say guns and mace are good for women. I don’t believe Hebrew martial arts (lol) ever save anyone (let alone women) from harm in a real scenario.

      • Robert Bruce

        Any guy would take a crack at that, shoot even me and I am almost 47, but I wouldn’t make a pussy out of myself like a 13 year old nerd desperately trying to get the nerve up to talk to the hot blonde of the class.

      • Abcdedcba

        I don’t know a lot about krav maga but how the fuck can you imply that wanting to learn krav maga precludes being red-pilled? I don’t think there’s anything inherent in krav maga that means someone has to love Jews.

        • Alex Harris

          You’re likely going to have to be consorting with jews to learn krav maga, so that’s one mistake right off the bat. And “learning” anything at all from them is opening yourself up to the risk of psychological subversion/ensnarement.

          I once made a comment somewhere on the internet critical of jews, and I was rabidly attacked by some kebab who claimed to be a martial arts expert, and a serious bad-ass. I followed the trail of breadcrumbs to learn more about him, and discovered that he was a senior “disciple” at a dojo in New York. Guess who all the instructors were…

          You can’t “learn” anything from them. You’ll end up working for them, probably without even realizing it. All you can do is study their behaviors and tactics from a safe distance, with a critical and scientific eye, always keeping in mind that they are trying to deceive you at every turn.

          • Jews are not magical creatures with some sort of hypnotizing mind ray. They are just a clan of semitic neurotics with a particularly nasty cult posturing as a religion.

          • Alex Harris

            You don’t think they have methods for bringing people under various states of mental thraldom? What planet do you live on, man? Walk up to any random White person and start making comments critical of jews. Tell me the reactions are not the result of brainwashing.

            As a former liberal (or libertine, really) I can state unequivocally that I was brainwashed for a good many years of my life. I used to have “visions”/fantasies of burning up all the national flags and religious symbols of the world, thinking these were my own, original ideas. At one point the thought popped into my head, “a billion Chinese people are living under communism, so it can’t be that bad”.

            You snark about “hypnotizing mind rays”. Do you really believe that mind-control is pure sci-fi? How have the leaders of men, and their oppressors, throughout all of human history been able to control large groups of people, often people who would like to see them destroyed? Why hasn’t anyone simply assassinated one or more of these globalist villains? I’ve known about a lot of these issues for over a decade, and studying history, better men than me have known about them for a lot longer. Why didn’t any men of the West take decisive action against these people earlier on, when we were stronger?

            It is definitely possible to break a man’s spirit and will, just like you would break and tame a horse. Pain/torture/punishment, reward/dependency, manipulation of language/logic and thereby thought and behavior patterns, propaganda, repetition of certain ideas/concepts, possibly various forms of subliminal messages, drugs…

            If the population has been systematically brainwashed/hypnotized over a long period of time through the mass media using these techniques, is it so hard to believe that certain “triggers” could be inculcated into a person to be activated as needed? These are all fairly mundane and perfectly rational ways someone might be “hypnotized”. I won’t rule out the possibility that there are other more esoteric practices being employed, either advanced/scientific, or ancient/spiritual.

          • Jews themselves? No. You’re thinking of the TV. Take that away from them and they are just Jews. Take it from a former – and current – liberal. Jews never brainwashed me for some reason. I guess only conservatives are susceptible, all that “muh Izrael” stuff. Never did anything for me.

          • Alex Harris

            Listen, they have the ability to f**k up your head. At least, some of them; psychiatrists, intelligence operatives… Black magicians and witches?

            I don’t know exactly how they do it, but I can guarantee you, they can do it. And they can do it in person, not just through TV and propaganda.

            You say only conservatives are susceptible to the “muh Izrael” stuff. But aren’t liberals susceptible to the “muh 1,674 different genders” stuff? You think that’s not jew-induced brainwashing too? These people have beliefs, which lead to behaviors that destroy their culture, their communities, their families, their nation, and ultimately themselves.

            You want to save the White race? Take my advice; White people are your only trustworthy allies. (And unfortunately, not even all White people.) Consorting with jews will get you nowhere. You can’t “fool” them or beat them at their own game. They are CONSCIOUSLY AND INTENTIONALLY trying to destroy us. They know the “game” because they wrote the rules. If you must, for some reason, associate with jews, keep your mouth shut at all times and play dumb with regard to politics. Listen, don’t speak. (And as you listen, take everything with a grain of salt, and run what you hear through rigorous logic/truth checks, because they will try to feed you false information to confuse you.) Don’t allow yourself to be taken into or surrounded by a milieu of people that they control. Don’t go in alone. Make sure you have a team of jew-wise people, or a support structure of jew-wise people to bail you out of trouble.

            If you think jews are not dangerous at this point, you’re probably too stupid to be helped. They have been behind every subversive movement for at least the last 100 years. Probably a lot longer. They murdered the Tsar in Russia, the Neocohens are responsible for America’s disastrous Middle East wars… I’m not going to hold your hand and give you a history lesson. The info is out there. Educate yourself on what these people have been up to.

            You should read “The Textbook On Russian Psychopolitics”. Available on the Lawful Path website or Solar General.

          • “Black magicians and witches?”

            The sheeny curse! Boo!

          • Alex Harris

            “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

            What is witchcraft? What did it consist of?

            -Magic spells, incantations, magic words, “hexes”

            Isn’t “racist” a “magic word”? That word has gained power through decades of association with negative images in the media. “Diversity is our strength”? What about the body of words known as LAWS? People believe that they must do whatever is written in our acts, statutes, codes, etc. Is that not a form of magic words? Do words not have power? What about confusing people with sophistry and circular logic? This is obvious stuff, but there could be more esoteric techniques.

            -Magic potions, alchemy

            Weren’t these just rudimentary forms of chemistry and pharmacology? Think about how our ancestors might have perceived something like being unknowingly dosed with magic mushrooms. Look at the Vice documentary of the drug scopolamine. It basically turns you into a slave. It takes your willpower away completely.


            Symbols definitely have power. They have meaning, sometimes multiple layers of meaning. (Mathematical, aesthetic, metaphorical, cultural, sexual…) Different symbols, such as the Cross, the jewish hexagram, the swastika, the pentagram, serve to organize groups of people. They attract or repel based on the connotations surrounding their use.

            -Occult/Satanic rituals

            It is getting harder and harder to deny that stuff like this is going on today, probably in the highest echelons of government, Hollywood, etc. Can sacrificing an infant to Satan give you power? It can certainly give you the psychological will to do anything and everything to achieve your goals. To have absolutely no moral restraints to hold you back. Once you are sacrificing/raping children, what’s a little murder or mass murder?

          • “Weren’t these just rudimentary forms of chemistry and pharmacology?”

            Yes, they were early attempts at science. But we have real science now so we don’t need to resort to talking about “magic” and “hexes.” We can call things what they are. There is even a useful biological analogy for Jewish psychological trickery using words: “verbal venom.” An analogy for the paralyzing venom we see in some animals.

            ” Can sacrificing an infant to Satan give you power?”

            Seems doubtful.

            By promoting Jews as magical creatures you are mystifying their power, which is a disservice to our people. The reality is that Jewish power is mundane: ethnic networking, a strong sense of insiders vs. outsiders and a separate status system, psychological aggression and control of important social choke points like the 20th century mass media.

            We don’t need magic to deal with Jews, we need a clear understanding of their very mundane power which allows us to resist and eventually usurp that power.

            “Once you are sacrificing/raping children, what’s a little murder or mass murder?”

            You know Black Sabbath also used occult analogies for warfare, if you want to talk about mass murder it’s done quite casually; we call it “maintaining credibility in national security affairs.”

            As Curt Dolittle of the Propertarian Institute says, one of the worst problems we face is taking our metaphors too literally.

          • Alex Harris

            “Yes, they were early attempts at science. But we have real science now
            so we don’t need to resort to talking about ‘magic’ and ‘hexes.'”

            My argument isn’t really that we should all be hanging garlic on the thresholds of our homes. You concede that practices that were once known as witchcraft might have been early attempts at science. Will you also concede that certain elements of those practices might very well have been effective? Can you tell me exactly what scientific discovery conclusively proved that “magic” was a mere figment of our imaginations? Did that ever actually happen, or were we just told over and over and over and over that, “we’re much more sophisticated and wiser now. All our past beliefs were 100% false and silly”?

            I think some elements of what was known as witchcraft or the occult WERE effective, and they were simply folded into and concealed by modern science.

          • “Will you also concede that certain elements of those practices might very well have been effective?”

            The elements that proved effective are no longer “magic” but are now science.

            “Can you tell me exactly what scientific discovery conclusively proved
            that “magic” was a mere figment of our imaginations? Did that ever
            actually happen, or were we just told over and over and over and over
            that, “we’re much more sophisticated and wiser now. All our past
            beliefs were 100% false and silly”?”

            1. That is not how science works.

            2. You are free to hang garlic around your neck and pore over old tomes. But it’s up to you to prove that any of that is relevant or even worth considering.

          • Alex Harris

            Probably a bit too in-depth of a topic to tackle in a comments section.

            Consider the social cohesion we have clearly lost by abandoning shared beliefs, rituals, etc.

            And on a point you made earlier… You are worried about the possible downsides of “mystifying” our enemies. Try redirecting your focus to the possible upsides of “mystifying” ourselves, and restoring the “magic” and sacredness of our traditions.

          • No I am not conceding anything. Let’s not get off track here – you suggested that Jews are somehow “magic” – I think that’s a direct quote from a Jewess comedienne, Sarah Silverman.

            Just stop it. Jews are not “magic.”

          • Alex Harris

            Maybe we’re “magic”. Maybe somebody wants us to forget that.

          • Helen Green

            Hi! Do you happen to have youtube channel or account somewhere on social media (like Minds), so I could subscribe to you? I share the same views on the subject, would like to know more like-minded people.

          • Oculos_Prime

            Let’s remember that as much technology as we have access to today, fear of the unknown still strikes fear into the hearts of most. As can be seen here. @Alex Harris ritual and storytelling as well as insurmountable fear, created the effect that you’re describing, it’s the placebo effect taken in the reversed direction. Pirates giving each other the black spot as a curse would cause death? How? By scaring the fuck outta them using their superstition, they would have a panic attack, heart attack and die, or inevitably make some mistake from their jittery inability to focus, and accidentally do themselves in, either from carelessness or a misstep, or even if that didn’t work the person giving the Black Spot could easily have poisoned it, or sneakily done the same to any number of their belongings, keeping the curse alive and hungry. Think also of those who claim their loved ones are possessed. Or speaking the words of angels in tongues. Do you really think God is talking through members of a religion whose numbers guilty of child molestation are the highest on the planet? In history? It’s all psychology, and people who allow themselves to subconsciously be affected because of their “beliefs”. Everyone’s mind is powerful, even and especially the willfully ignorant. You can talk til you’re blue on the face, but they hear nothing. Blink blink their reality restored. Your words forgotten.

          • Scu Baslayer

            HA! Go to the mall and walk past a “Dead Sea Salts” kiosk. You’ll get sucked in like Hansel and Gretel.

          • Richard Coeur

            Shame on your anti-semitism… if you’re even for real which you probably aren’t.

            Regardless, it’s disgusting to read your proud anti-semitism.

          • Shame on your Jewish bigotry. Sorry, Jews are NOT “God’s special little people.” Stop the hate, try LOVE for once Richard Coeur. That you Zionists would dare deny White people the same rights you claim for yourself is disgusting. You sound like a Zionazi.

          • Rutger3

            I know National Socialists that prefer Krav Maga just because they think its the best.

          • Alex Harris

            I haven’t studied it, but I have a very hard time believing that jews crated the best martial art in the span of 70 years, whereas other systems have been developing and evolving for hundreds or possibly even thousands of years in some cases. And jews are not known for their physical prowess. Yes, now that Israel has been a semi-normal nation-state with an army for a while, I realize that they have “warriors”. But they are extreme novices in the realm of physical combat, compared to other nations.

          • Oculos_Prime

            This is your mistake. Having “a hard time believing” something you haven’t studied when information is literally at your fingertips , is only hard to “believe” because you’d rather be busy doing that than informing youself. You have tools all around you yet you’d rather just be perplexed, it seems.

          • Alex Harris

            I spend my time studying many different things with those tools at my fingertips. Things I find more important that determining whether or not jews can fight. (*Spoiler!* 95% of them can’t!)

          • Oculos_Prime

            How long was your back n forth about Krav Maga and then magic Jews? Which is more important to you personally…

      • Rutger3

        (((Krav Maga))) is excellent self defence. It is what i would go for if i took up martial arts again. It is practicle and usable rather than theoretical.

        • Flem Blenem

          You should look into Systema.

        • Billy Brown

          what proof that its excellent? everything looks good when you choreograph with your “opponent”

          • Rutger3

            It seems to aim for the exact opposite of this. Here is a description i read of Krav Maga that correlates with what an aquaintence of mine said:

            Developed in Israel and involving striking, grabbing, and wrestling techniques, Krav Maga emphasizes simplicity under stress coupled with a display of confident aggression. Krav Maga techniques are based on natural instincts. Fine motor skills and joint locks are used only after the opponent has been neutralized. Techniques that are complex or take a long time to learn are not part of the Krav Maga practitioners arsenal.

            Description is from Martina Sprague, scholar of Military History and martial artist from her book The art of war where she compares Sun Tzu and Clauzewitz and apply their theories on martial arts (very odd premise but its still a fun book). the description is from a chapter in the book where she presents 30 different martial arts in this brief way. All through the book she uses examples from different martial arts and attitudes to discuss the military theories of Clausewitz and Sun Tzu.

      • Scu Baslayer

        Systema, like (((Krav Maga))), is a practical fighting system taught to Soviet military and police. It is a combo of traditional Russian fighting styles, scientific tweaking, and some asian influence. And they typically don’t charge an arm and a leg.

    • Robert Bruce

      Who do you think composes the alt right to begin with? That is why the whole thing is a worthless charade. MS Southern just wants to be the next Ann Coulter. She will do interviews in a nice short black cocktail dress, and unlike Ann she seems to have a chest. The alt right will fade out by 2018, I assure you. It is all over the place with no sound, concrete program outside the ethno state stuff.

      • Wanderer

        The only way the alt-right fades away in 2018 is if all illegal spics and muslims are deported back where they came from, and all of the western world reverts back to 1965 level population demographics of 90% white majorities. History shows that diversity + proximity = war. Multiculturalism has never worked out and so long as the left shills for it then the alt right will only get stronger.

      • practicallyperfect

        To be honest the Alt Right fading out is a great concern of mine as well.

        • Alex Harris

          Then you clearly haven’t understood the geopolitical situation at all. There are only two possible outcomes here:

          1) The Alt-Right, and other traditionalists, nationalists, and conservatives gain total cultural and political hegemony, ushering in a PERMANENT paradigm shift, a “new normal”.

          2) The white race is systematically enslaved and destroyed, globally. Once the “tipping point” is reached, this will likely occur so fast it will give you whiplash. We’re already well down this path. We are mostly economic slaves already, we are being stripped of political and cultural power, the legal apparatus in our countries is set up to protect our enemies and punish us for resisting their aggression.

          This is it, my friend. Whites are not going to be in a stronger position at some point in the future, unless things are reversed NOW. There is no choice. Failure is not an option.

          • practicallyperfect

            I agree with EVERYTHING you have stated. The problem is option 2 seems to be more of a reality than option 1. For option 1 to work we have to know who each other are and form communities IRL. That my dear is not happening. In my estimation approximately 98% of our movement is done on line. If you can assuage my fears I’m all ears.

          • Alex Harris

            We definitely have to start going offline. Really, looking at the political situation and the mainstream media’s behavior as of late, it should be easy to get people to start to see that the Emperor has no clothes. Push talking points/drop hints CONSTANTLY. Never miss an opportunity to point out logical contradictions. Start making low-level, mildly “racist” innuendoes all the time. Point out cultural differences all the time. If someone calls you out as “racist”, simply give them a flat, dead stare and ask, “what does that word even mean? China is the most populous nation on earth, with 1.3 billion people. It is 91% pure ethnically Han Chinese. Is that ‘racist’? When Chinese people move to our lands, they largely congregate in neighborhoods made up of their own kind. Is that ‘racist’?” Gaslight people on the issue of race. When you are asking people questions like this, look at them like they have three heads. Like, “are you an absolute moron, or what?”

            For another example, the other day the news mentioned that Turkey’s Erdogan was accusing Germany of “Nazi tactics”. I turned to the person next to me and pointedly asked, “letting millions of African and Arab refugees flood into Germany is something a Nazi would do? Does that make any sense?” Try using the Socratic method on people, rather than arguing antagonistically with them. Ask leading questions like, “What is the primary purpose of our armed forces?” You’ll be looking to lead them to “repelling foreign invasion”. If you can get them there, the next question is, “What would be some signs or indicators that a foreign invasion was either imminent or occurring?” For maximum effect, ask this question while standing in the middle of a crowded, bustling multi-cult metropolitan paradise.

            Meeting people IRL can be challenging. There are definitely infiltrators and enemies to be avoided, and they probably already know who each of us is, due to the wonders of the internet. I’ve heard stories that the Viet Cong rounded up some thousands of counter-revolutionaries back in the day using only human intelligence methods. They basically gathered information on their targets ahead of time, then rounded them all up one night. Knowing things like that, it is very difficult to approach strangers or casual acquaintances with any of this info.

            If you’re not completely alone, if you’ve got even one or two like-minded individuals around you IRL, I might suggest a peer-pressure/intervention type scenario to “convert” other friends or family members. I think the time might be coming to get a bit forceful/insistent/persistent with people. Get a list of leading questions you’d like to ask the person, create a playlist of videos on your computer that expose the true intentions of Muslim invaders, or our other enemies. Create a “deprogramming” curriculum. Then, get your target “cornered” and outnumbered in an intervention type scenario. I don’t know, tell them you want to have them over for a Sunday barbeque or something. Start your lecture, and if the person tries to get too argumentative or evasive, or tries to bolt, go ahead and get forceful. It might help if you have a man present, of course, and definitely make sure you’ve got the person outnumbered. But I’m thinking that in order to shock a person into paying attention at this point, we might have to go ahead and get absolutely enraged, even suggesting or threatening violence if they refuse to listen. Don’t rant like a lunatic, make it a very controlled display of force/anger. Take command in no uncertain terms. Impress upon them that we are in danger, and they are not going anywhere until they understand the situation.

            Beyond suggestions like that, I’m not sure what else to tell you at this point. I looked into some options for IRL meetups in my area, and the first thing they were asking was to “put my name and contact info on their LIST”. No thank you.

          • Alex Harris

            I wrote you a fairly long and thoughtful reply to this. Did you get it? Looks on my end like Disqus ate it.

          • practicallyperfect

            No Alex I did not get your reply. However I appreciate you willingness to engage.

        • Bantz Henriksen

          You worry too much.

        • Billy Brown

          it doesn’t matter. white nationalism is growing no matter you call it. soon it will consolidate itself

      • Michael Ryan

        No the alt right or at least the zeitgeist behind it and other new right movements is only beginning expect a 500 cycle like leftism just had. lefti is now hegemonic, quadrillions in debt, routinely in a dozen wars at once, openly genociding whites through out the world, while pushing things like toddler transgenderism, paedophilia, surveillance state, and police murder. Leftism has peaked.Whether the new right will coalesce this early around ethno nationalism and patriarchy probably on how stupid the left is at continuing to push white genocide and male submission.Markets tend to stay with the trend during blowoffs so Im guessing the left will continue to make itself ridiculous and make the case for the ethno nationalists. In any case eventually it gets racial no matter what because race/gender is at the core of the collapse of the enlightenment project.
        The alt right would be wise to continue to superficially downplay this and go for a civil war between whites framing minorities and women as the pawns of good whites which they are. A hot civil war between whites will be all that is needed to get most minorities to self deport, And get jews to reconsider their otherness. At that point the left has lost and the right can be as generous or harsh as it feels warranted on the conditions of surrender.

        • Alex Harris

          Uh, and a hot civil war between Whites would also be all that is needed to put the final nail in our coffin. How much collateral damage would you say we can afford to prove our point? 500,000 dead? 5,000,000? 50,000,000? Oh, and do the women take combat roles in this conflict, as the establishment is trying to push now? Because that will accelerate our extinction. And please explain to me, in what fantasy scenario do all the invading “POCs” already in our lands, and the ones around the world chomping at the bit to get in, just stand aside and let the two White factions duke it out? No, the jews and the POCs will continue in their strategy of teaming up with the left to destroy the right, until the right is done in, at which point they will promptly enslave and/or eliminate the surviving White left.

          Your comment reeks of Manischewitz.

          • Michael Ryan

            You seem to understand we are actually in an existential struggle yet are advocating what do nothing? Or do you seriously think the left will allow itself to be memed out of existence without war? These are the people who brought us Pol Pot, Stalin, and Hitler,I promise you they are not going down without a fight a real fight. As we speak the dep state has exposed its very existence in order to openly attempt a coup against a cross party candidate that has dared to question the new world order.
            Look the NRX likes to cuck on this civil war thing too, they like to frames it as muh militia in the woods against skynets heating drone swarms. I don’t discount it might actually come to that but that would be a tactical decision on our part we are already winning the 4g war. And there are all sorts of ways clever white guys can take down skynet. But OK I will play. First remember we have all the guns and all the angry men and all the territory, and their cities are full of nams that will take advantage of the disorder to rape and kill the good white not organize against us.But its really unlikely as i keep saying to ever get that far. If you have been in the military you know they will never ever turn on american they take an oath to that effect. so the cathedral will have to keep any hostilities within a law enforcement frame, and they will try like hell to avoid a shooting scenario they learned at ruby ridge and waco they are on a powder keg yet have failed to turn the situation around except to arm the nigger IRS and EPA agents. Even with the full force of war they cant contain afghanistan, imagine the cell phone video of the first innocents victims of american soldiers. G washington understood this he knew all he had to do was stay in the field until the british army had turned the population against themselves.USG knows all this they know if it goes hot they loose game over unless they can frame it as crazy racist law enforcement issue that narrative will fall apart quick and they know it.So when i say war its more like convincing them to surrender, yeah that might get ugly but it wont take my and the Nams will flee not fight trust me they are already fleeing.But what if how many as many as it takes we have no choice within our lifetimes we will be shot and raped like south african farmers if we dont stop it while we still can.

          • Michael Ryan

            And no I dont have much hope the jews will reconsider but i think its important to give them ample room to. Hitlers problem was logistics a way that get people to self deport over time is preferable than attempting to deport 20 times what hitler tried to do eventually turning to the camps because he couldn’t do it.If you are suggesting like the left has been lately that we cede the coast to the left and the nams youre crazy

          • Alex Harris

            I posted somewhere on the pros and cons of Calexit. Its not a clear cut issue, but I think I came down against it. The level of strategy required to really make that decision is above my pay-grade (my pay-grade = 0).

          • Michael Ryan

            left talk of exit is BS they will never allow it and we would be fools to cede an inch of the geopolitical gold mine of a continent sized nation walled in by oceans mountains and the arctic.

          • Alex Harris

            We have already ceded much of it, unfortunately. When tens of millions of foreigners occupy your land, it isn’t in any appreciable way yours anymore, now is it? Particularly when they have control of the cities, the cultural, political, economic, and industrial nerve-centers. I mean, we can keep them as part of our tax base, but we can’t live on the land that they are infesting.

            I appreciate the strategic significance of controlling the entire North American continent from sea to shining sea. But that ship has pretty much sailed, unless we are prepared to get very nasty, and/or very smart, determined, and ruthless.

          • Michael Ryan

            Thats true I think we can count on the liberals to protect the important parts of citie when the shit hits.As I said I expect amerindians to self deport when it gets hot they will understand quickly when we are finished fighting each other whats going to happen most amerindians are already near the border and the northern ones will head south. The blacks will chimp out if they attack anyone when their EBT cards stop working it will be their handlers LOL. which is why I want to keep it ostensibly white on white. I dont think its going to be a ww1 meat grinder just enough to get the browns out and let the libs get a taste of the blacks without their usual protection from badwhite cops etc who will of course head to the burbs to protect their own families not the urban liberals surrounded y ghettos.

          • Michael Ryan

            But if your concern is not repeating the world wars and grinding up whites i get that I dont see that happening the left is soft they dont really want leftism themselves anymore they will be relieved

          • Alex Harris

            It’s food for thought. You have some points. My ideal scenario would be total victory of the culture/propaganda war and reeducation of the genetically viable White leftists.

            And I have to point out your error in lumping Hitler with Stalin and Pol Pot. Hitler was a REACTION to communist, globalist/liberal aggression. I’m not a NatSoc. I don’t want a totalitarian state. But perpetuating the lies and misconceptions about Hitler and WWII isn’t going to help anyone but the enemies of European civilization.

          • Michael Ryan

            Its true Hitler and fascism generally is a difficult to categorize within the current frame, and obviously there are many allies of ours that do think of themselves as at least neo national socialists. I like to think they can be later be educated about the great white invention of austrian economics that isnt cucked, and i firmly believe in no enemies to the right rule.

            That said while I agree Hitler was a reaction to international communism and in many ways against cultural leftism too, he was in fact a socialist and a progressive in that days sense, and an ally of soviet international socialism.

            Its important to keep in mind how leftism infects, Freedom and inequality are in tension, there is no natural equality, state action must create it by reducing freedom. We may understand that the more homogenous a nation the less inherent tension and more possible freedom, still this is a fine line to walk if one wants to construct an ethno state that is not leftist

            .Its perhaps the single biggest problem racially woke conservatives face when attempting to ally with any rightist from neo reactionaries to classical liberals. And of course one must be cognizant that the fewer leftists we trigger the better.

          • Alex Harris

            Austrian economics as promoted by the Libertarian movement of the past few decades is a jewish philosophy, not a White one. (Nearly all the main luminaries were/are jews.) “Free-trade” and open borders are off the table.

          • Michael Ryan

            You have a point Im not unaware of the jewish problem and its true many austrian economists were jewish its also true austrian economics is not particularly liked by jewish liberals, and if you dig a little deeper you understand the more recent jewish free market economists are riding on economics developed by scottish and english thinkers. left libertarianism is unsound, and libertarianism like christianity is an invitation to entryism while like christianity when all its benefits accrue to whites worked well for a while. Jews like it or not are smart and have contributed a lot it may be impossible to continue to let them live among us because they can not assimilate but i suspect they will remain our allies, or rather become our allies. Jews when not interacting with whites are natural race realists and ethno nationalists. Open borders or even immigration above a percent or three is certain off the table as is any citizen rights for those few percent. Free trade should be a good thing as long as its mutually benifcial, trump has hinted at what Im talking about Im fine trading with other nations to the same extent they buy our goods.and of course as a nation we need to maintain controls on technology and manufacturing needed to secure our military superiority.The right is correct when they say tariffs lead to trade wars which hurt us in the long run, its what they dont say that is the lie . a country that is selling us 10 times what they buy from us can not hurt us in a trade war. It gets more complicated when when forex is taken into account but mostly hold true.Look we are always going to be fighting an uphill battle if we want a standard of living above the rest of the world and to be a wealthy nation meaning our state and businesses are wealthy too. We need to be able to set prices higher to do that and the only way to get high prices and still sell is to have the best product. today thats hard because espionage is easy but its still possible to be a bit ahead if we are smart. UnfortunaTELY WE AR A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY NOW WHEN IT COMES TO MANUFACTURING

          • Alex Harris

            “i suspect they will remain our allies, or rather become our allies.”

            I don’t want to get rude, but this is either child-like naivete, blind ignorance, or willful deception. If you don’t understand the history of the jews, get studying. Study what they say about themselves (keeping a very critical/analytical frame of mind and taking nothing at face value), and study what “anti-semites” have said about them all throughout history, including long before Herr Hitler. They are not now, nor have they ever been, nor will they ever be our allies. Any olive branch extended by them is simply a ruse or a matter of momentary expediency, allowing them the time to sink their claws into us deeper. And most who believe they can ally themselves with jews end up becoming servants of jews, working against their own best interests.

          • Michael Ryan

            when say allies I am imagining a post multicultural world where white nations will still have to contend with other powers like china and islam. In that context I think they might be useful. Think machiavelli on keeping ones enemies closer. But perhaps we are on a different perspective I dont hold the view their is a jewish conspiracy, my thinking is their innate intelligence and tribalism garners them disproportionate influence in the nations they inhabit, and their historical defensiveness and strong religious identity prevents them from ever being absorbed and this keeps playing out over and over and yeah its as much their fault as ours but its mostly a bad dynamic that cant seem to be overcome. Sure I know you have some jews who might as well be elders of zion Soros etc and sure they should be burned at the stake but thats not the real problem fact is we are actually absorbing them pretty well at this point another 100 years and i doubt they will know who they are anymore. Do you realize the east asians are becoming the exact same problem not quite so much smarter but larger numbers of them they are being held to about 20% Ivy league admissions but actually deserve on the basis of tests a larger share of seats. This is a big problem statistically if you want that wealthy white economy. IQ is not the whole story I hope white creativity is a real thing not what we tell ourselves. with the jews we can compete because we have such a larger pool we can still match them at the high end. heres something interesting


          • Alex Harris

            It’s not a conspiracy. It is just an accident that they control all our media and don’t allow anything wholesome, traditional, ennobling, or pro-White to be produced or disseminated. It’s an accident that they control the banking system, and as Whites spiral downward into poverty, jews rake in ever more obscene profits. It’s an accident that they control our foreign policy, and bankrupt us with nonsensical wars which have not benefited us one iota, but have served to weaken and destabilize all their enemies. It’s an accident that ISIS never attacks Israel, which is right next door. It’s an accident that they have been, ahem, “over-represented” among immigration advocates from Emmanuel Celler and Jacob Javitz to Barbara Lerner Specter. It’s an accident that “The Melting Pot” idea was cooked up by Israel Zangwil, and the “Give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses… The wretched refuse of your teeming shores…” plaque on the Statue of Liberty was written by Emma Lazarus. It’s an accident that Karl Marx, the son of a rabbi, was the father of communism. It’s an accident that Leon Trotsky’s real name was Lev Davidovich Bronstein. It’s an accident that Sigmund Freud had us all believing that all our choices in life were really motivated by a secret desire to screw our own mothers. It’s an accident that Critical Theory and cultural Marxism came from the nearly all jewish Frankfurt School…

            Should I go on? I’ve got more. A LOT MORE.

            “Conspiracy” might be an apt word to describe the activities of certain elites. For the “little jews”, maybe it is just instinct at this point. Maybe the most accurate assessment would be conscious, coordinated, malicious, intentional tribal warfare. I think MOST jews are very conscious and willing participants in our destruction. Most of our people are sleepwalkers, going through life aimlessly pursuing pleasure.

            East Asians, Chinese in particular exhibit some behaviors similar to jews. But believe me, we will never be able to organize against the Chinese if we are still being subverted at every turn by jews.

          • Michael Ryan

            The short answer is yes its as I said their natural intelligence that gives them the wealth that comes with power which because they don’t trust us they use to keep themselves safe doing things like turning us multicultural. They dont own those banks they just make a lot running them.And yes their are some like Soros Lerner etc that are for all intents and purposes what you imagine except even they are really just crazy liberals. But it doesn’t matter who is right it amounts to the same thing they are not good for us, and even if I am right we certainly cant have a foreign elites and they have had hundreds of years to assimilate so its best they go.
            But I think the best way of getting rid of them is not to tip them off and have them start screaming hitler which will rouse a lot of goodwhites to defend multiculturalism. make it about leftism get the war going when the nams self deport and we are in charge we can then insist they leave as well. it took the left 500 years to conquer they suceeded because they were patient

          • Alex Harris

            “But it doesn’t matter who is right it amounts to the same thing they are
            not good for us, and even if I am right we certainly cant have a
            foreign elites and they have had hundreds of years to assimilate so its
            best they go.”

            At least you’re thinking clearly.

          • Space Turtle

            “Pol Pot, Stalin, and… HITLER”?? The left brought us Hitler? Ummm…….. no. Go back and watch The Greatest Story Never Told and Hellstorm. Read “My Awakening” by David Duke, and “Culture of Critique” by Kevin MacDonald. You haven’t been red pilled yet.

          • Michael Ryan

            Didn’t need to be red pilled am a natural born reactionary have been before your were born. case in point Hitler is to the left of me. You want my nuance on nazis read my reply to alex below but for the record heres is the nazi platform.

            The Program of the German Workers’ Party is a program for our time.

            The leadership rejects the establishment of new aims after those set out in the Program have been achieved, for the sole purpose of making it possible for the Party to continue to exist as the result of the artificially stimulated dissatisfaction of the masses.

            1. We demand the uniting of all Germans within one Greater Germany, on the basis of the right to self-determination of nations.

            2. We demand equal rights for the German people (Volk) with respect to other nations, and the annulment of the peace treaty of Versailles and St. Germain.

            3. We demand land and soil (Colonies) to feed our People and settle our excess population.

            4. Only Nationals (Volksgenossen) can be Citizens of the State. Only persons of German blood can be Nationals, regardless of religious affiliation. No Jew can therefore be a German National.

            5. Any person who is not a Citizen will be able to live in Germany only as a guest and must be subject to legislation for Aliens.

            6. Only a Citizen is entitled to decide the leadership and laws of the State. We therefore demand that only Citizens may hold public office, regardless of whether it is a national, state or local office.

            We oppose the corrupting parliamentary custom of making party considerations, and not character and ability, the criterion for appointments to official positions.

            7. We demand that the State make it its duty to provide opportunities of employment first of all for its own Citizens. If it is not possible to maintain the entire population of the State, then foreign nationals (non-Citizens) are to be expelled from the Reich.

            8. Any further immigration of non-Germans is to be prevented. We demand that all non-Germans who entered Germany after August 2, 1914, be forced to leave the Reich without delay.

            9. All German Citizens must have equal rights and duties.

            10. It must be the first duty of every Citizen to carry out intellectual or physical work. Individual activity must not be harmful to the public interest and must be pursued within the framework of the community and for the general good.

            We therefore demand:

            11. The abolition of all income obtained without labor or effort.

            Breaking the Servitude of Interest.

            12. In view of the tremendous sacrifices in property and blood demanded of the nation by every war, personal gain from the war must be termed a crime against the nation. We therefore demand the total confiscation of all war profits.

            13. We demand the nationalization of all enterprises (already) converted into corporations (trusts).

            14. We demand profit-sharing in large enterprises.

            15. We demand the large-scale development of old-age pension schemes.

            16. We demand the creation and maintenance of a sound middle class; the immediate communalization of the large department stores, which are to be leased at low rates to small tradesmen. We demand the most careful consideration for the owners of small businesses in orders placed by national, state, or community authorities.

            17. We demand land reform in accordance with our national needs and a law for expropriation without compensation of land for public purposes. Abolition of ground rent and prevention of all speculation in land.

            18. We demand ruthless battle against those who harm the common good by their activities. Persons committing base crimes against the People, usurers, profiteers, etc., are to be punished by death without regard to religion or race.

            19. We demand the replacement of Roman Law, which serves a materialistic World Order, by German Law.

            20. In order to make higher education – and thereby entry into leading positions – available to every able and industrious German, the State must provide a thorough restructuring of our entire public educational system. The courses of study at all educational institutions are to be adjusted to meet the requirements of practical life. Understanding of the concept of the State must be achieved through the schools (teaching of civics) at the earliest age at which it can be grasped. We demand the education at the public expense of specially gifted children of poor parents, without regard to the latters’ position or occupation.

            21. The State must raise the level of national health by means of mother-and-child care, the banning of juvenile labor, achievements of physical fitness through legislation for compulsory gymnastics and sports, and maximum support for all organizations providing physical training for young people.

            22. We demand the abolition of hireling troops and the creation of a national army.

            23. We demand laws to fight against deliberate political lies and their dissemination by the press. In order to make it possible to create a German press, we demand:

            a) all editors and editorial employees of newspapers appearing in the German language must be German by race;

            b) non-German newspapers require express permission from the State for their publication. They may not be printed in the German language;

            c) any financial participation in a German newspaper or influence on such a paper is to be forbidden by law to non-Germans and the penalty for any breach of this law will be the closing of the newspaper in question, as well as the immediate expulsion from the Reich of the non-Germans involved.

            Newspapers which violate the public interest are to be banned. We demand laws against trends in art and literature which have a destructive effect on our national life, and the suppression of performances that offend against the above requirements.

            24. We demand freedom for all religious denominations, provided that they do not endanger the existence of the State or offend the concepts of decency and morality of the Germanic race.

            The Party as such stands for positive Christianity, without associating itself with any particular denomination. It fights against the Jewish-materialistic spirit within and around us, and is convinced that a permanent revival of our nation can be achieved only from within, on the basis of: Public Interest before Private Interest.

            25. To carry out all the above we demand: the creation of a strong central authority in the Reich. Unquestioned authority by the political central Parliament over the entire Reich and over its organizations in general. The establishment of trade and professional organizations to enforce the Reich basic laws in the individual states.

            The Party leadership promises to take an uncompromising stand, at the cost of their own lives if need be, on the enforcement of the above points.

            Munich, Germany

          • Michael Ryan

            Do you realize using red pill was started by the jew curtis yarvin aka moldbug? MM has his good points but sounds like you are pretty new to the dark enlightenment and are mixing philosophies and dont have a clear understanding of the political economic landscape- and I have read mcdonald and Ill pass on duke

          • Space Turtle

            I completely understand what you refer to as “the dark enlightenment”. You’re the one who admits to not having a full grasp on the JQ. Figures you so quickly write off Dr. David Duke. You obviously buy the picture the MSM paints of him. You’re too much of a pussy to actually pick up one of his books and read it. Typical. You need to hit the books and learn about the extent of Jewish infiltration and meddling in world governments before you can comment on any of this. You’re just making as ass of yourself.

          • Billy Brown

            pass on duke? good attitude but ur not as cleaver as u think

          • Space Turtle

            Also, if Civil War happens, one of the first things to happen would be to pull the plug on the ZOG box and the internet. No one would see cell phone footage.

          • Michael Ryan

            Even china doesn’t shut down the internet, If we got them so riled they had to turn off the net we won. meantime go get your self a digital packet capable shortwave and await my orders. What they are trying to do is regulate the net and speech thats tough in the us especially now with trump.
            Look kid i get you loves you some nazi memes and youre right job one of conservatism is conserving the race, however socialism is how leftism enters a nation.

          • Alex Harris

            I would abolish all socialism in the long run, and go back to voluntary, Christian charity for helping the poor. But in the short run, since we are already deep, deep, deep under the most egregious and self-destructive socialist regime ever implemented, something akin to National Socialism would be a huge relief, breath of fresh air, and a major step towards restoring sanity. And, it could be used to stimulate White birthrates. Long-term we do away with all socialism though.

            BUT, just as the Founders of America were wise to put checks and balances in their system of government, I think the lesson we must learn from our time is that we need checks and balances on financial and corporate power as well. I’m not for redistribution of wealth (well, maybe the wealth of certain swindlers who accumulated it nefariously), but I am for policies that prevent unlimited accumulation of wealth, monopolies, etc.

          • Michael Ryan

            I think we mostly agree its obvious capitalists do not always act in the long term interests of themselves or capitalism let alone the people/nation who capitalism is seen as a benefit for, so obviously capitalism needs to be kept to its principles. Also I agree we are starting from a place of distortion and may have to cut some corners to right the ship.Some of trumps ideas seem to get close to this. I think its in a nations interest to have trade with both international and national corporations each with its own advantages, i think we neednt resort to socialism but rather treat th infrastructure of the nation the military the labor and consumer markets the courts etc as any corporation would that owned them and wished to partner with another corporation on some deal. I think an explicitly ethnic state could shorten its left tail and extend its right thereby lessening biological inequality and class strife without resort to socialism, most social welfare schemes could be capitalist insurance programs if they did not have to conceal trillion in racial redistribution and political graft.

            While I am certainly no christian hating atheist I have come to the conclusion christianity is a fataly cucked and leftist ideology that will always be a festering wound awaiting leftist reinfection. If you are more than a cultural christian I get how you will hear this and i dont know what to say. christianity is based obviously on denial of reality and belief in an alternate reality thats not verifiable, further it encourages selflessness universalism communitarianism etc. Its no coincidence leftism entered the west through christianity. No doubt many christians are resisting leftism and now that leftism is firmly established leftism is usually hostile to most christianity. never the less christians will be the hardest to sway on an athnic basis

            It seems you haven’t read mencius moldbug or any neo reaction, you ought to if only to get a clearer idea where the various right thinking is distributed theres actually some christian reactionaries
   heres one

          • Alex Harris

            No, I haven’t read Moldbug or anything from that crowd. I don’t have much taste for navel-gazing type philosophizing, and Moldbug is a jew, so his words are worth less than sh**.

            I’ll check out your link…

          • Billy Brown

            YOUR ORDERS? u owe me 100 pushups when I see u

          • Alex Harris

            I don’t think civil war is that likely. The left doesn’t have the capability to do anything beyond pull hair and scratch people’s eyes out on college campuses. The cuckservatives are too damn clueless, and won’t be willing to take any kind of action until it’s too late for them. Real, conscious patriots, preppers, and racialists are being suppressed and prevented from organizing by the state.

            Canada’s Defense Minister is a Sikh. If Indian warships cruise up off the coast of Vancouver, will that fine gentleman give the order to fire on them? I think we all know the answer to that.

            Just a few more years of keeping White patriots chasing their tails and squabbling amongst themselves, and it’s a fait accompli.

            Don’t take that as a black pill. Take it as me lighting a fire under you.

          • Alex Harris

            Shutting off the internet would quickly result in a Mad Max scenario at this point. The entire economy is dependent on it. Frankly, I don’t think it is an option for them. And don’t expect them to EVER voluntarily turn off the telescreens. There is ZERO benefit for them if that happens.

            No internet and no TV, the continent turns into a giant prison-yard within a couple weeks. Things get racial REALLY fast.

          • Robert Bruce

            Civil War would be the ultimate victory for the elite. Furthering the divide and conquer strategies. A multicultural society is the reality of the day and unless you want outright genocide, then you better come to realize that. Only thing whites can do is take the culture back and get young millennial women to start cranking out babies. Blaming immigrants is just as bad as SJWs blaming the white man. Blaming immigrants keeps the focus off of the real enemy. Beta males need to grow some balls and get their women back, instead you want to blame immigrants that are just looking for a better life, which is what this nation is all about. Want to preserve your way of life??!!!! We need to get ourselves off our asses and get a concrete mass movement going on with a true political platform. I understand what a lot of you are saying with getting an ethos going, but to give you a simply analogy, it is the 4th quarter in the SB and our team is down 3 scores with a bout 10 minutes to go. We have the capability to pull out the victory, but we need to get down and dirty and get to work. Being keyboard jockeys isn’t going to get the job done. What you are saying will take a generation or two at the very least and in a democratic Republic, by the time a concrete political platform is created(political party or parties) it will be too late. The alt right should have been created 20-30 years ago, then today we would have had a viable vehicle. As I see it, it serves only to divide conservatives into yet another camp as things stand now..

          • Michael Ryan

            you seem like an 80s reaganite just before he granted the first amnesty. immigrants are biological weapons, already every year more minority babies are born than whites. You can make it specifically a race war or you can pretend its a civil war and spook the browns into heading home then deal with the blacks and jews and liberals or you can wait till their apes come for you and your wife one night. what you hope for is decades maybe 50 years past possible and trust me we tried now it is down to war and your generation is the first in the history of western civilization to refuse to fight for it.frankly you make an old man sick

          • Robert Bruce

            How do you think the long term trend is going to be reversed? Our race and culture are being swamped by our own elites and the low birthrates of white women. What is your program for reversing this? What are you going to do about it? Until these questions are answered, what you have is nothing more than intellectual masturbation.

          • Michael Ryan

            Im not worried about the population issue, our technology makes it less important even japan wont go extinct for 1700 years if nothing changes. I think things will change and less crowded nations could be pleasant. The answer to 6 niglets per sheboon is not to have seven its to expel non whites from white nations and build strong defences from the camp of the saints.
            obviously feminism has to go,
            I think the long term trend is collapsing naturally its premises have been proved so wrong so long and now science is able to also disprove racial and gender equality as well. the left holiness spiral has become so absurd it cant be discerned from parody.Much of leftism stemmed from a feeling of wealth which is no longer the case, and much was theoretical but now these others are closing in and its real.
            og course they are accelerating the mass invasion and the big brother state but i see pushback all around. But as i say we must be willing to fight a hot civil war. thats not to say we should head to the hills with the local militia civilization has ever survived that was not willing to die for its defence.I promise you the left wll not go down without a fight, but i am sure they vastly overestimate how many will fight for them.but that is the the last resort their are a lot of ways to fight wars in this day and age that do not involve ar15s. now would be the time to develop strategy and technology

          • Billy Brown

            same way we dealt with the Indians the first time hahahaha. we are conquerors not immigrants

          • Michael Ryan

            and no the elite wont benefit if whites retake their lands elites can live in haiti or come back for prosecution and reducation

          • Oculos_Prime

            If you’re actually attempting to make order out of what would be complete and utter chaos, you’re cashing a check your mouth can’t pay, not even with nice big lips. You think if this illusory systems projector bulb burns out people are going to be exclusively wearing blue or red? They couldn’t even be honest with each other when they were stand in together had them at the polls together, and People couldn’t even admit to each other THEN that they hated either Trump or Hillary. But in chaos your avatar braid comes in and you your sentient gun will what?

            Guys the the first thing if an emerging state of emergency is called, is either the simple one which is several thousand EMP blasts,nhe yhe

        • Robert Bruce

          Michael, the spirit of all my recent posts is that we don’t have time to wait for a 500 year cycle. Within a century whites could be bred out of existence theorectically. That is why I think we need to have a concrete program that is more than White Nationalism. We need alt righters in Congress, state legislatures, even city councils, etc now. The stupid PR screw ups of the past several months have hurt the movement, and this name calling of people with different opinions, calling them cucks or subversive Jews is infantile. THIs stuff is not going to generate an ethos over the long haul. It is coming off like just a fad almost that will fade away when Trump is gone and discredited.

          • Michael Ryan

            Look I agree that explicit white nationalism is doa at this point, But i think the alt right is correct to pursue a parallel program of redpilling whites on the reality of the race war we are in and not fighting back.
            Im not a neo nazi and would have liked to see jews embrace their whiteness but its pretty clear its not going to happen trump should have demanded jew fealty for that israel aid pack but was cucked. Hes frankly not up to the task doesnt see the big picture and is being turned out.since hes all we got I am trying to remain hopeful but its grim.
            I am not suggesting we wait 500 years rather said theyre 500 years is over. we may have zero time which is why my preferred option is civil war now.I disagree cuck is the greatest meme ever invented it is exactly the problem and sums it up in a word. which is also why i have little hope in your idea of politics or cultural renewal through politics. the gop is a cuck party, they are aligned against trump because he is to their right yet he is a NY democrat. I dont see how you get alt right into congress and have a problem with cuck and the jew question< I suspect like a lot of breitbart types you have no idea what and who the alt right is, when the press tags breitbart and milo as alt right they are attempting to slander them. altright is what coalesced when the neoreactionaries purged the heroic reactionaries and the HRX merged with the 4channers gamers WN and eventually actual neo nazis to some extent in other words the alt right is not that gorrilla fag moulixneau milo tea party palin etc,its much darker and its not going to congress. what it is doing is breaking the overton windows on race gender etc
            now the neo reactionaries are having quite a bit of success influencing both right and some left intellectuals, Thiel has obviously read moldbug as head quite a few public intellectuals and they are discretely translating for the mainstream. Christianity is a major impediment as nietzsche pointed out its a slave morality and the left has had a 500 year field day making the right live up to its leftist saviours values, after the media this is the biggest cause of GOP cucking.
            WN triggers libs jews and christians i say dog whistle and parallel pill but make it a blue vs red argument and push push push until we are in a war this will force the minorities to self deport without us being explicitly racist once the left minority thugs are gone and its clear police and military will not fight for the left they will be beaten and we can start purging and reeducating more explicitly.

      • Sean Fielding

        To any brah who’s not besotted, it’s very clear she will struggle with weight going forward; I’d bet good money her mom has, a lot. Southern might want to be the next Ann Coulter but she’ll be the Alt Right Rosie O’Donnell if she doesn’t stop reaching for the tendies.

        Anyway, no Alt Right woman should wish to follow Coulter’s path – she’s done a lot for the Right but she’s clearly as much at the unwitting mercy of her hypergamous instincts (and with Jews at that – shades of Levant) as any Hollywood serial divorcee, and unlike many of them, neither husband nor kids to show for it: failure to settle.

        Lauren, settle on the fashiest brah you can pull in his early 30’s and get pregnant. And yeah, it’ll put on some weight that’s even harder to lose, but it’ll be the best weight you could ever add.

        • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

          I follow Southern on FB because I think it important that pretty White girls have role models unashamed of their Whiteness, and it’s my (sadly statistically insignificant) way of increasing her web traffic.

          Coulter looks like she has Marfan Syndrome.

          • Sean Fielding

            I was a red-pilled-on-race professional for fifteen years before separation and looming celibacy forced me to jettison my assumptions and take the red pill on broads when I was well into middle age, with grown kids. It stood me well – the benefits were almost instantaneous, whereas the only benefits of the race red pill have been bittersweet and intellectual.

            A doctor who is red pill on women has a great life ahead of him. But the student must be ready for the teacher to appear.

            I doubt this guy was ready; too bad – someone like me could have changed his life, but instead, he ended it:

          • Yes, it is important for young white girls to have pretty smart white women role models, like this woman, Lana Lokteff, and a few others.

            Forget the peanut gallery giving her romantic advice (as if.) Girls love youtube, pretty white girls making youtube videos about why it’s good (and cool) to be pro-white is far more effective that 20 million anime posting internet warriors speculating about her ovaries and fantasizing about turning her into an Amish farm wife.

          • Sean Fielding

            You’re right in the particular. If all these young women ever do is put an end to the glib MSM bullshit of ‘where are the women in your movement?’ (stemming from denial that women’s nature is camp follower, not vanguard) and show an attractive comparison to bobbed, inked and pierced degenerates, that will be a major contribution.

            But in the general, White, Yellow and Brown civilizations without patriarchy are civilizations in decline. Only Blacks have an arrangement with nature by which their women get to fuck whoever they want, ie whoever is the most agressive. Patriarchy is not some abstraction: it means a woman’s reproductive choices are the property of her father, then her husband.

          • I’m all for patriarchy. Hooray for the patriarchy. It’s just that every time a pretty white woman does something online that helps young white girls, it doesn’t actually advance the patriarchy to have dudes metaphorically fart in the comment section by reminding us that women have the babies. We already knew that.

            On the other hand I’m partial to spanking jokes so I guess I can’t complain.

          • Sean Fielding

            The only way to advance patriarchy is violence. Meanwhile, we all need entertainment while we wait, which is why these chicks do well. But it augers poorly for their ability to survive violence that so many Alt Right guys suck metaphorical clit.

        • Abcdedcba

          Let be guess. You’re in your “early 30’s.”

          • Sean Fielding

            I wish, I really do. See my comment below to DaveMD, an hour or so ago. At least a ten year age-gap is about right for a chick of Southern’s age and minor celeb status, especially if she has to weed out all the pedestalizers on the Alt Right.

          • Abcdedcba

            I’m a firm believer in age/2+7. She should stick to a guy within seven or eight years of her age, especially given life expectancies. Men tend to die younger as it is.

          • Sean Fielding

            Yeah, it’s a good rule-of-thumb. I ran it in my original consideration here, but decided 28 was probably too young for a chick who has no doubt received tons of attention from semi-famous, reasonably rich media men in their 30’s and 40’s. (See how hypergamy works for women who get a lot of attention? – that’s why Alt Right brahs would be doing her a favor to neg her more and pedestalize her less, not that that will happen.)

            Here’s the problem for young women with high SMV who really are interested in marriage (assuming Southern is, which is the real acid test between a conservative woman and a ‘conservative’ woman). If they go old, they are taking a risk on his health and longevity, but if they go young they are taking a risk that he won’t fulfill what promise she sees (and women are generally lousy at judging that, which is one of many, many reasons for patriarchy).

            Each case has its own balance, but because of her rise to a degree of fame at quite a young age, Southern has to go fairly old to find a guy with a proven track record.

            But no matter what happens, her hamster will miss all this and just call it love.

          • Alex Harris

            “Her hamster”

            Good one, my man.

          • Abcdedcba

            You make good points. I’m 32 and would wife that up real quick

      • temmy9 .

        Alright is a strategy, not a movement. It’s a strategy of decentralized resistance. Its an insurgency were every member is a cell of one.

        The left is a parasite that is evolved for infiltration and subversion of hierarchies and organisations. The altright strategy denies them this by not having organizations to subvert. This makes our movement resilient and tolerant of infighting and squabbles. Why? The enemy operates by identifying leaders and then either co-opting them of discrediting them. Then the organisations they control crumble or get folded into the information matrix of the enemy.

        But what if you have no real leaders? What if your movement is cellular and bottom up? Then it becomes very difficult to kill indeed. Its like killing off bacteria..the survivors multiply and become resistant. If all the big guys in the alt-right were to quit tomorrow they would be replaced by dozens more. If the websites were taken down, many more would open up elsewhere.

        The purpose of the altright isnt to take power..thats impossible. Its
        purpose is to alter the culture, destroy the legitimacy and cultural
        power of the enemy and clear out the old guard.
        They will be the destroyers.

        Once this is done, a new right with a proper intellectual vanguard will emerge, like green shoots in a burnt out forest.

        The memes are with us, and there is an immense mental shift occurring. Even the Enemy knows it..thats they they are escalating to physical attacks. The Black/Jewish dominance of the popular culture is ending.The internet is displacing music as the engine that drives pop culture and the nexus around which subcultures are formed.

        • Robert Bruce

          All politics is about power in the short, medium, and long term. A strategy without action is just an idea on a god damn piece of paper. A political cul de sac if you will. Also, you have an ethos, an idea, but no strategy. A strategy would be a program to gain more followers and gain some traction to get political power. I really don’t see much of this thus far. On top of that I see almost cartoonish behavior from your so called leaders. Heil gate, gay guys allowing themselves to get discredited by talking about rather subversive subjects, and a bunch of guys getting filmed putting butt plugs up their asses isn’t very attractive to many. Right now the alt right look like the libertarians, with their blogs, sites, podcasts, and lesser known authors trying to make a living with their political/economic writings, but that is the extent of how far they get or go.

          • temmy9 .

            The Alt Right strategy is about recognising an immense imbalance of power between left and right. The Libertarians you mention dont do much because they try and operate within the bounds of respectability. the Alt Right strategy denies that. Unlike the Libertarians, Alt Right is not about engaging politically, because we cannot win within that sphere. And we dont care about respectability. Having no institutions to defend, we are freed from the need to be Respectable. the Enemey controls those terms, so when you try and be Respectable, you are fighting on ground of their choosing.

            Alt Right is about using the new technologies to wage a cultural insurgency against the Left. Its about changing the terms of respectability. First by degrading the legitimacy of the Enemy, Then by disrupting their memetic and information matrix, then by providing alternatives. Its actually a classic 3 stage insurgency,enacted in infospace.

            That action is being played out in the cultural sphere. And its having an actual impact. Change the culture, and you will change the politics. Then the terms of respectability will change. The networks and supports will be put into place and we can build the intellectual, financial and political structures needed to disrupt the enemy and exercise power.

            But first the enemy has to be degraded and demoralised. We cannot stand up to them in a open fight yet.

        • Robert Bruce

          Creating a sub culture takes time and time isn’t on our side anymore. Declining white birthrates combined with mass immigration and high immigrant and minority birthrates spells disaster. Wasting time navigating in a political cul de sac is a colossal waste of time.

          • temmy9 .

            That battle is already lost for now. It is. Nothing will change that. The Demographics are against us for now.

            We have to prepare for the boot of colour on our necks. Everywhere. And we have no one to blame but ourselves because of our cowardice.

            The point is prepare a coming generation for our liberation. To shorten the era of barbarian subjugation, to build a subculture that will militantly defend our rights, culture and promote our interests in America 2: The Brownening and in African Occupied Europe. We must also lay the psychological and political framework in the long term for for European Reconquest and creation of an Anglo American homeland in North America.

      • “no sound, concrete program outside the ethno state stuff.”

        That is a good thing. Pure White Nationalism and leave your other agendas at home.

        • Robert Bruce

          Politics is the pursuit of power. In the West, that means winning elections. To do that you better have a complete political platform, that is big on economics. The same people that voted Trump in 2016 will abandon him once they realize he is just entrenching the elite even more. Let’s see if people will give a damn about racial politics when everyone is starving or not making ends meet. Guys like Spengler knew what was going to happen and predicted it back in the late 1920’s. You can stop immigration completely and even deport some illegals, but it is about birthrate first and foremost. Is Ms. Southern going to start cranking out babies soon or will she just grow old and become an old childless hen like Ann Coulter. Talk is very, very cheap, but can be lucrative for a bunch of charlatans that spew crap that a big enough minority want to hear.

          • Trump isn’t a white nationalist and no one voted for him to be a white nationalist. People voted for Trump to stop the mass immigration and to bring jobs back to America. If he can do that, he’s all good. Our job, in the meantime, is white nationalism.

          • Robert Bruce

            We are talking alt right here not Trump! Trump is his own animal!!!!

          • Clark Kent

            “Let’s see if people will give a damn about racial politics when everyone is starving or not making ends meet.”

            That is exactly when racial politics will become real and in your fucking face.

          • Oculos_Prime

            Uh, no. Not if they want to live. You begin seeing skills, resources, and access to defensive landscapes. One very confident white racist group is ambushed and is scattered​, you think those remaining won’t go colorblind for uncontaminated water and a meal? Pride and entitlement don’t get much air time over a hungry stomach.

          • Billy Brown

            the Indians were having more babies than us and George Washington wasn’t initially elected. it takes less than 1% in motion to create radical change

          • Alex Harris

            “Let’s see if people will give a damn about racial politics when everyone is starving or not making ends meet.”

            That’s exactly when tribalism will become super-charged. Are you dense, or something?

        • Robert Bruce

          Can’t get anything done on a national or even state level with White Nationalism alone there bud. Whites are split already on that subject anyway. When the inflation starts to rear its ugly head, more people will care about getting something to eat than racial purity. The culture is too far gone anymore, and people are too lazy to face the monumental task at hand to even attempt to reverse things. Calling people cucks or Jews isn’t action, it is just stupid BS.

          • Inflation? What inflation? We’re at zero interest rates and there’s no inflation in sight. People have been predicting this inflation since the 1970s. Any day now the end of the world, let us know.

            In the meantime, bud, the goal is white nationalism, not Austrian economics, nor a restoration of the Catholic monarchy, nor whatever Rush Limbaugh is talking about. Think big tent. It’s already happening.

          • Robert Bruce

            Debt service my boy. Hyper inflation will be a reality somewhere down the road.

          • Sure any day now.

          • Oculos_Prime

            What happens when you repair a leak with faulty tools and patches, it inevitably gives and the leak gets bigger. That’s exactly how our monetary system works after the 2008-09 crash, and our government decided to give banks a permanent bailout with taxpayer cash. Which we already caught them filling their pockets with before. Now banks like GoldmanSachs​ are in Trump’s cabinet too. Same with Bush Jr. & Sr. And they were Obama’s biggest donors as well as Hillary’s. Inflation is inevitable, and if you think Trump is going to do anything​ other than make himself and his buddies more cash by passing legislation that does exactly that, I suggest you check who’s on the Trump Cabinet Train and​ see where their stocks lay.

          • “Inflation is inevitable,”

            You’ve just described the massive deflationary crash of 2008 and now you are telling us that inflation is inevitable – even thought the Fed and the government are doing everything they can – short of actually sending Bernake up in his helicopter to throw out bags of money – to create some inflation and nothing is working.

            I know, I know, you have you Austrian theory and you know your theory is correct because it is unfalsifiable – like all good religious theories.

            But reality just doesn’t work that way.

          • Oculos_Prime

            Your assumptions detract from discourse, thats about all the attention I’ve got right now.

            Here’s some reality for you only took about 5 seconds but who’s counting.


          • That is a far, far cry from “hyper-inflation” now isn’t it? Wah woh!

          • Oculos_Prime

            I didn’t say hyper inflation

          • The OP did and 2% inflation isn’t making your point at all, sorry.

          • Oculos_Prime

            Look at you, trying to shut me down just as quick as you can. If you don’t agree with me, that is a-ok mister. I’ve done just fine without the explicit need to convince a racist hipster of my views. You’re skinny jeans are extra tight today man, maybe let the blueberries breath before someone asks why you have 3 Adams apples?

          • Thanks for the concession, I guess. There isn’t going to be any hyper-inflation like the OP claimed and you implied. The best you could come up with is that after a decade of trying virtually everything to stop the massive deflation, there is maybe – maybe – some end to the deflation in sight.

            Either way, the facts are clearly against your presumed Austrian ideology. After 30-40 years of predicting an end to the dollar and massive inflation, the Austrians yet again come up empty handed.


          • Oculos_Prime

            What do I have to concede? I said inflation. Was inevitable….And what I provided you with was approximately equal to what I personally stated. i didn’t endorse what the previous poster told you, all I said was inflation was inevitable. The reason I brought up the market crash is because if you look at history and the last time we were in a depression, we’ve gone in a cycle. As far as I was concerned, we we’re heading in that direction. However I don’t think it’s going to last long unless Trump clears out Syria and then Iran, leaving their big shiny pipeline ready to take to blueprint. So, there you have it, that’s where my minds going with it, but youre right, one never does truly know.

          • Oculos_Prime

            How you say? Wah woh!

      • Flem Blenem

        I assure you that you are wrong beyond belief, with no real understanding of what the Alt Right is.

        You want to know when the Alt-Right will disappear? When it becomes the Right.

    • Grant

      IKR? It’s pathetic.

    • Person of Whiteness

      >still reading Youtube comments

    • Rutger3

      Thats a good thing. It means that Lauren Southern can make money being a free journalist. I trust her alot more than i trust MSM.

    • Oculos_Prime

      So this is your alpha response to being disinterested as you independently dredge up the subject talking about the subject you claim you wish people would stop pathetically​ bringing up? And you expect your answer to be taken seriously because your reverse psychologically framed words insinuate “You don’t want that pussy, you beat off pussy with a stick?” When really, you’re beating off your stick to pussy, like the beta males and everyone who up voted your answer. Namely, the beta males. Okay, well then, it’s a tactic I guess?….I’m sorry, reverse that, it’ll go with the theme, Well, okay, I guess it’s a tic-tac then?

      • Wanderer

        One could be the most hapless beta guy in the world and still be able to objectively come to the conclusion that wading through the comments sections of her twitter or youtube is a chore and is cringeworthy. That you chose to interpret my post as alpha posturing says more about you than it does about me. It’s like a Rorschach Test.

        • Oculos_Prime

          Yeah, not so much. Your projection game is weak. Subject choice was yours. Had you really been so tired of the subject, you would’ve had something to say about the topic. Not just the one you volunteered.

          • Wanderer

            My post was an objective fact that any alpha or beta could’ve observed and made as well. Even a beta could objectively observe other betas’ cringey behavior. You’re the one trying to railroad this into pathologizing me like a typical leftist would. “If you hate [x] you must secretly be/like [x]” is the most retarded fallacy in the world. Tell me, do you hate pedophilia? Islam? Multiculturalism? Injustice? Do you ever like to discuss your disagreement with any of those things? Well, based on your logic, I got bad news then…

          • Oculos_Prime

            Yeah, keep it comin’………………………
            ……………………………………………………..I left you space so you could have the last word………………………[ ]

  • Jusqu’au Bout

    So… I’ll ask the real question: is Lauren Southern jewish or not? It seems that (((the rebel))) is… well… you know.

    • A hymn to Hermes

      We don’t know. She’s never answered definitively. Said her grandparents fled Denmark ahead of the Nazis, but that could mean they were just communists or she was lying to ingratiate herself with cuckservatives.

      • Jusqu’au Bout

        Not fled, “escaped” is the word she used.

        • Alex Harris

          I had a non-jewish relative who was allegedly in a German concentration camp. I don’t really know the details of the story. The point is, I could say one of my relatives was a “holocaust survivor” too.

          • Jusqu’au Bout

            Ok, but would you actually say they were holocaust survivors given the context of the modern meaning of the word “holocaust”? I just think it’s an interesting bit that she put out there. I had family in Germany who lived through ww2 but they don’t call themselves “holocaust survivors”.

          • invincible white owl

            She really didn’t actually describe her grandparents as holocaust survivors though: it seems to me that she placed her grandparents’ escape from Denmark (& the hardships they incurred from it) as being similar to how it might be for an (alleged) “holocaust survivor” who flees their homeland (or, what they regarded as their “homeland”) to escape getting shoah’d.
            We’ll see what happens re her: what she indicates re her JQ stance, now that she’s not working for (((Ezra))).
            If she actually IS one of (((them))), maybe we can discern it in things she says/ stances she takes. Hopefully she isn’t.

      • Alex Harris

        It’s too bad there isn’t some distinguishing mark, scar, or modification on the body of a jewish female that we could examine her for. We could still do the examination, just in case though.

        *Ok, that came off as pervy.*

    • Not Sure
      • Abcdedcba

        Who cares? I’d fuck a few mischlinge into her. Better than letting a Jew colonize that womb. She’s Aryan enough anyway.

    • there are Catholics at the Rebel .. Sheila Gunn Reid, Faith Goldy [greek background] and Gavin ..

    • Woods_33

      Lauren Southern isn’t jewish.

      She did a DNA test and was pretty shocked to discover that she has a lot of Spanish ancestry. She thought she was mainly Scandinavian.

      Her Twitter comment about her relatives “escaping Nazis” in Denmark was just about family stories of her Danish ancestors avoiding those “terrible Nazis”.

      Lauren Southern is a White woman.

      And, hopefully soon, /our girl/.

    • Jotunn Dovregubben
  • JGD85

    Bring her to the dark side.

  • MisterCreeper97

    someone on 4chan from Rebel leaked this:

    • Alistair Michaels

      -Faith Goldy wanting to go all Deus Vult & essentially calling for a Crusade
      -Gavin McInnes “becoming more & more annoyed” on their “brainwashing trip”.

      Either it is comedy or RebelLeaks. Either way, everyone knows Levant organised this.

      • Clark Kent

        Rebel is housed in Toronto.

        It’s not surprising to me that white people working at The Rebel are becoming sympathetic to alt-right ideas… Toronto went from a predominantly white city, always with various minorities, to a brown and Asian city over the span of 10 years. Ride the subway any time of the day and you’ll mainly see broken down poor looking FoBs. I know because I live here, and it’s obvious to anyone with eyeballs that each race sticks to their own, except for the white folk. It shouldn’t be surprising that honest journalists at The Rebel are starting to realize what’s going on.

        Toronto has become a multikulti liberal shithole where you work to pay taxes for everyone but you and yours.

    • Joseph Curwen

      If true, it is interesting that even that scumbag McInnes is noticing a little bit of the Jewish Question.

    • Jotunn Dovregubben

      Too bad this cuts off so suddenly, I have a feeling there is more context to Gavin’s statement.

    • Loetzen

      Is that definitely the voice of Gavin McInnes?

    • Charles Martel

      It’s not exactly “leaked.” It’s from the latest episode of Gavin’s podcast.

  • WHAT is it with Jews and Catholics? McCuck’s really knocking himself out … I still love Emily’s lampshading efforts ..

    • Mc Innes married a liberal native American….

    • Jarod

      Anyone seen Emily lately? Seems she vanished…

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    Ezra Levant…….always back to Israel……..but, of course…….

    A Jewish Ethno-Nationalist…..

    But, the Alt-Right is Nazi and Racist…….


    No Ethno-Nationalism for White Goys says the Chosen Ones…….

    Glad Lauren Southern is Free……

    McInness……..never really felt him at all…….

    He’s like Greg Gutfeld……..

    A little bit rebellious…….

    But, what’s at the Core?

    A CUCK…….

  • Joseph Curwen

    A number of points about this:

    1. Rebel Media is totally out of the closet now with the video of the nigger attacking the Alt Right. They never were our allies.

    2. I don’t think this hot bimbo is jewish; or at least she doesn’t look jewish.

    3. Even if she’s coming to our side, and if she’s not jewish, the best thing she can do is marry a decent racialist guy and raise a lot of white children.

    4. I’m tired of saying this over and over again: we don’t need women in political or ‘leadership’ positions. The most political act of a woman today is to be a traditional wife and have scores of children.

    • Are you suggesting that she marry a decent racialist guy who doesn’t call her a bimbo? Does calling her a bimbo reassure you of your manhood?

      4. I’m tired of saying this over and over again: we don’t need women in political or ‘leadership’ positions. The most political act of a woman today is to be a traditional wife and have scores of children.

      We also don’t need misanthropes and beta males whose defining act of manliness is to demean women.

      • Joseph Curwen
        • Did I hit a little too close to home?

          • Joseph Curwen

            Yeah, I’m dying. Please, a mercy shot? pleaseee!

          • Do you find it difficult to respond to direct questions? You seem to be overcompensating for something. Are you in a relationship with a woman?

          • Joseph Curwen

            You are so right, it’s just compensation. Of course I’m not in a relationship; I’m fat, ugly, a virgin, and living in my mother’s basement. My favorite activities are eating junk food, jacking off to anime and trolling in 4chan.

          • I actually believe you now. Is your mother a bimbo? Is that your problem with women?

          • Joseph Curwen

            Exactly. Mother issues, like Freud said (he was sooo right).

          • I’m more of a Jung guy myself. Maybe your mother being a bimbo has crippled you emotionally and not allowed you to develop a healthy sense of self-worth. You know, that Jungian Shadow shit and all.

          • Joseph Curwen

            You are so right! Tell me more about myself.

          • It’s not really all that necessary when you put it on full display here.

          • Joseph Curwen

            As always, you are right.

          • That should go without saying.

          • Wanderer

            Congrats on preserving the honor of m’lady. Very euphoric set of posts. I tip my fedora good sir. You are a scholar and a gentleman.

          • Man of White Skin
          • Are you like the rusty, dented and dull tip of the spear of the Hairy Palms Society? I have several DNA tests to prove my Whiteness. How about you?

    • exile for hire

      It’s obtuse to underrate the strategic value of hot women promoting our ideas publicly. Lana and Lauren create converts and have unique appeal to young white women. We don’t live under Sharia. Women are a part of the public sphere.

      • Yeah but in my fantasy world women are property and we have restored the monarchy so every conversation about white interests must include that and all of my other pet issues like a Georgian single tax and direct election of Senators. Wait, scratch that, we’re getting rid of democracy altogether.

        So if we are going to LARP online don’t forget the legalized wife spanking. Actually that will probably get more women on board than the monarchy stuff.

      • Joseph Curwen

        It’s not Sharia, just traditional roles. How many women were in the public spehere in the III Reich? in the Confederate States of America? in the Roman Empire? in ancient Greece?

        Women have one of the most important roles in our struggle: they are, quite literally, the Mothers of the Volk. The 14 Words are impossible to fulfill without women; and if women are doing Youtube podcast and writing go grrrll fiction books they are not going to have time to do their part in our struggle.

        We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

    • ThomasER916

      On point #4, the genie can be put back in the bottle. The hardest part isn’t kicking the pedestal out from underneath them, it’s getting rid of the Jews and cucks that safeguard female dysfunction. Just watch any video where women are confronted in public and they either break down and cry or chimp out and get knocked out. The only things that are protecting women are male instincts of restraint, White Knights (maladaptive instincts), and egregious laws. It will take Whites chasing Jews and cucks out of positions of power and rewriting the laws so women are no longer a protected class.

      We simply need to Red Pill men so whenever a women starts on her bullshit tirade she’s shut down and shunned. They should be dealt with in ways similar to Muslims, POCs and Jews.

  • Cointel pro op reassignment is all, duh! Lauren, let’s discuss the Jewish Q> What? There is no Jewish question? Lol!

    • That would be assuming that the world is entirely black and white. Even within the pro-White sphere there exists those with varying degrees of emphasis on Jews and the JQ.

      • Alex Harris

        Yes, and there exist those with varying degrees of knowledge on the topic, whether through research or direct experience with jews in the real world. The “low information” jew skeptics tend to be on the “no big deal, they’re not our main problem” end of the spectrum.

        • Maybe “tend to be,” but not always. I’ve known plenty of people whose sole focus was on Jews, even at the expense of putting practical applications into motion to help White people in the real world. Frankly, the “low information jew skeptics” are doing just as much, if not more, to help White people in the real world than those whose life is 24/7 rants about Jews.

          • Alex Harris

            “Ranting” about jews, if done in an intelligent manner, is a very useful activity. Jews are the linchpin of the whole White “colorblindness” problem. They are the main reason White people can no longer distinguish “us” from “them”. As long as Whites believe that jews are part of “us”, jews can continue to drip poison in their ears undetected.

      • well, black and white is how the world paints everything for it’s easier to rule us. Iran bad, Israel good. It’s not a matter of black and white when we ascertain who rules behind the curtain because of the length of that rule. Thus we can then assume without prior evidence current events once we ascertain the consistency of past events and nothing in between to make us believe that has changed

  • Calley

    stealing someones land and when they retaliate you call it islamic terrorism LOL. rebel is going out of business.

    • So you support La Raza or various Amerindian movements that propose to take back what was taken from them?

      The basic premise of Jewish Nationalism or a Jewish state is sound. The real problem with Israel and Jewish Nationalism is that it sees itself as the only distinct group worthy of protecting their people with physical borders and implementation of laws meant to preserve a racial/ethnic preference.

      • Alex Harris

        I support Mongol revanchism, and the right of Assyrians to reclaim all their territory up to the pre-1750 BC borders. And due to pre-WWII Japanese imperialism, Japan should take in about 15-20 million Peruvian llama herders, and 10 million Papuan head-hunters. Installing a Saudi sheik as emperor of Japan would be nice conciliatory gesture as well.

        This is the madness that we step into once we start “supporting” the Zionist project of “reclaiming” land that was allegedly theirs (if they are indeed even the same group of people referenced in their religious texts) thousands of years ago, but is now occupied by another established civilization, modest as it is. All of the White European conquering of the past was of pre-civilized tiny bands of hunter-gatherers with no established infrastructure, system of law, etc. It was also done at a time in human history when conquest was the universally accepted norm, among ALL PEOPLES OF THE EARTH. That is not the same as what Israel is attempting to do today. Oh, and Europeans also did their own “dirty work”, whereas jews are largely blackmailing Europeans into doing theirs for them, and funding the whole operation.

        And you seem to think that jews are just “confused” with regard to their double-standard of “nationalism for me, but not for thee”. They’re not confused at all. They’re doing it on purpose in order to destroy the West.

        • Where did I say or even imply that Jews are just confused about their double standard? What I will directly state, however, is that you might be confused about your own double standard or hypocrisy. I don’t pretend to care about people that more than likely don’t care about me. My indifference to the Israel-Palestinian conflict might be tantamount to support depending on who you ask and which side has the upper hand at any given point in time, but it is truly indifference nonetheless. You really only care about Palestinians and Israel’s supposed “human rights” violations because it’s a convenient way for you to point out Jewish hypocrisy. If that’s your thing, then knock yourself out. But quit trying to give the impression that you’re deeply concerned about the non-Jewish people in and around Israel when it’s much more likely that you only care because you can point fingers at Jews while using it to further your own agenda and goals.

          Trust me, I’m not confused about anything. Anyone with some common sense that’s detached from any emotionally vested interest and a little forward thinking would be able to realize that if Jews don’t get have a piece of land to call their own thousands of miles away, then they’ll be looking a piece(s) of land somewhere else a lot closer. Muslims control large swaths of land where other Muslims could and should be migrating if the tiny little state of Israel is such a horrendous place to be.

          • Abcdedcba

            At the end of the day, the only thing stopping the extermination of Jews is the will of the goyim. Israeli nukes don’t hurt the Jewish survival prospects but ultimately if the people of Earth came to a consensus that hey hey ho ho all the Jews have got to go, then bye-bye Jews. Certainly the Jews could succeed in taking out a lot of people first, and I see no value in risking an existential war with them, but I don’t really care if they have a state or not. To paraphrase Muhammad Ali, ain’t no Palestinian ever called me a white supremacist.

          • Alex Harris

            What is really stunning is that despite all their swindling, subversion, false-flagging, leading us into asinine and self-destructive wars, and their pretty much out in the open plans to genocide us, not a single one of them has been so much as kicked in the shins, let alone…

            Even in Israel, I’ve seen only one or two convincing stories of Arab terrorists actually managing to kill two or three of them. The rest is all bullsh**.

            They are protected by a god, alright. The collective will of all the goys they’ve managed to brainwash. (I guess I’m repeating you…)

          • Alex Harris

            You’re jumping to conclusions about my stance. Yes, it can be useful and politically expedient to point out Israeli treatment of Palestinians in order to hammer home their hypocrisy. But beyond that I have absolutely no dog in that fight. If they want to appropriate land in the Middle East, that is between them and the Muslims. My only concern is that they are conclusively and permanently prevented from doing that on our dime, and sullying our good name in the process.

          • I jumped to no more of a conclusion than you did when you said I thought Jews were confused. I’ve said time and time again that Jews(not the entirety, but an overwhelming majority) are probably the biggest hypocrites the world has ever seen. Hypocrites are usually very aware and not confused. That’s what makes them hypocrites.

      • Calley

        no because the natives didnt have clear borders recognized by UN. palestine did.

        • Simon_in_London

          You defer to the UN?

    • TheMaskedUnit

      Ever notice how nobody gives a dam about Mecca but people kill over Jerusalem …

  • Andre Carter

    Just to correct You, Jay Fayza isn’t a “negro”.

    • Technically, most of us aren’t really White Supremacists. But that doesn’t stop people from throwing that label out there for dramatic effect. Who are we to get in the way of a good drama and sensationalism?

      Negro it is!

      • TheMaskedUnit

        Show me a negro (or any non-white) that chooses black neighbors and I’ll show you somebody that is NOT a white supremacist … I’ve never met one. They are very few.

    • Alex Harris

      Your avatar was a jewish hexagram with hebrew writing around it. Then it suddenly changed to a different picture. But when you hover over it, the hexagram still comes up. Sneaky, sneaky.

      • ThomasER916

        Oy vey goyim! Listen to Rabbi Andre Schlomo Carterbergblattstein and you won’t be a racist bigoted anti-Semite.

  • Yehudah Finkelstein

    I don’t know if Lauren Southern left (((Rebel Media))) over ideological differences.

    Lauren Southern can probably open her own website because she’s a hot blonde chick. Personally, I find her point vapid and unoriginal.

    • Abcdedcba

      Maybe but she’s great. She unreservedly defended Richard (or at least his right to have his beliefs fairly portrayed and his right to not be the victim of violence) without any qualifiers. That’s more than most alt-lighters have done.

    • Vapid and unoriginal can just as easily be used to describe roughly 90-95% of the stuff you’ll find on pro-White websites. If it weren’t for the very talented 5-10%, we’d all be doing the Internet equivalent of watching paint dry.

      The “hot blonde chick” angle has its merits.

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        Southern’s arguments literally blame everything on Muslims and Baby Boomers. She even wrote a whole book on it. I’m sure she’s a worthwhile personality because she’s a good looking woman, but let’s not act like Lauren Southern is even in Ann Coulter’s league.

        • She’s a young woman who has been groomed and paid to cover things in a certain way. She’s going independent for a reason. Why not wait and see what that reason is and how it affects her future reasoning and arguments? Try being a little realistic. How many women are in Ann Coulter’s league? How many years has Ann Coulter had to refine her views and arguments? Even after all these years, Ann Coulter still doesn’t really “get it” in the same sense that most of us do.

          Lauren could go full retard now. Or she could give thousands and thousands of White women more of a reason to resist Leftist, anti-White brainwashing. Many of those women will inevitably end up in the racialist camp.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Ann Coulter is a big reason why Trump made his “Rapists” comment at his Presidential announcement speech way back in 2015, because Ann consulted Trump and was working on a book about illegal immigration. I’ll give Lauren Southern a shot but her work thus far hasn’t been anything special.

          • ThomasER916

            Have you read “¡Adios, America!” ?

            It’s a serious Red Pill for normies. The subtitle is “The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole.” She stops just short of using Jason Richwine’s hypothesis in her conclusions. It’s amazing that she doesn’t need to. We have just mountains of evidence from every angle, not just biology or IQ. If you’re already Red Pilled it will just make your head explode. You’ll hate the Cucks, POCs and Jews even more for their agenda. Though, not as much as Gavin 1488 McInnes 😉

  • Ed Edgerton

    I have only heard of Lauren Southern through this site. It didn’t occur to me that she could be Jewish until I saw this rumor in comments. Now I do think she does give off a type of Jewish vibe, like Gwyneth Paltrow. Some partly Jewish women are attractive, engaging, and articulate, like Ms. Southern, but their Jewish loyalty is baked in, so to speak. I don’t know what her supposed 23 and me results mean. She could just be lying about this, couldn’t she?

    • Woods_33

      She’s not a Jew.

  • From Ohio

    The Rebel has become Negroes & ((((Friends))).

  • jimmyt

    Happy for her and now I feel I can more openly support her since no one is pulling her strings

  • ThomasER916

    Bottom line: if you’re White and you’re not miscegenating you have to ask yourself…

    Why should Whites have less priority in their own countries than non-Whites?

  • Kevin Fulsom

  • Ike35

    What do I think? Sounds like Rebel Media is turning into another Vice. Which was another Gavin project that came out dildos, albeit after he left. Nevertheless this Southern chick must be seeing too much truth to be associated with these shabbos goys. I say bring on the scorched earth meme war. Take out the Alt-Lite!

  • Simon_in_London

    Never really followed her before but I saw the Rubin interview and was impressed. And now she’s fired for denying Spencer is a Nazi?! I’ll subscribe to her channel and see how she does.

  • marijan

    When you think Rebel, one envisions jews and niggers

  • LMarrFud

    Lauren is hot. Enough said, I side with Lauren. What were we discussing again? Oh, right, Lauren is hot.

    DemonRats, who needs ’em…#MAGA

  • Kameron_Iron

    At 1:02 She does a signal with her nose. I might be crazy but I swear she is signaling that it’s the (((echos)))

  • #indie #young #beautiful #moving on

  • richard garyson

    “Hey guys, even though I had a great time working at Rebel Media, I just decided to go freelance. No need to go into details. Suffice it to say that Rebel Media is run by a bunch cucks, who tried to silence me by threatening my pay after I stuck up for Richard Spencer by pointing out that the only “arguments” against white nationalism is name calling and violence.”

  • Jason R.

    If Gavin’s recent “come to Jesus moment” on the holocaust is genuine, he would no doubt be fired by The Rebel Media. If he stays on, I suspect some kind of maneuvering on his part – good optics to shake it up – for the Rebel to maintain far-right viewers. Not sure. And I’m not convinced that Lauren Southern has made her mind up to go full on White Nationalist; she didn’t defend Richard Spencer, but simply made the distinction between White Supremacist and White Nationalist, which is correct and genuine, and then explained that the Left really doesn’t know what they’re arguing against. Don’t get wrong; I’ll be the first to welcome Gavin and Lauren into White Nationalism, or into the Alt-Right, if you like, but I’m just suspicious about this for some reason.

  • Scotcho Rouleau

    Hunter, you’re a guy I’d like to buy a drink. I’ve always felt Gavin Macciness was a fraud. That’s putting it lightly. It’s much worse when they’re also trying to be “edgy” and against “the system”. He needs his ass kicked. No, cancel that. He simply needs to be exposed for the fraud he is.

    Ezra Levant – Jew. No more needs to be said.

  • Def. think that she is leaning to nationalism… I was banned this afternoon from Facebook for another month… but I had asked Lauren to start a ‘fan page’ .. looks like she did…

    maybe its time for a video with Richard Spencer .. I know Richard Heathen, who is friends with Lauren, talked to Spencer.. that would be some good content for both .. make it so…

    I will be off walking the dogs more for the next month .. lucky me…

  • DjZ

    Her being pretty is a great to tool to actually get people (girls/women included) to pay attention to what shes saying and bring about more awareness.

  • casa JB

    First time on an alt-right site. You guys are against Israel? What gives…you want Islam to have one less powerful enemy?

    • Crud Bonemeal

      Israel is against us

      • casa JB

        Serious question: who is us?

  • Dlarki

    This is filed under news?! Lmfao. Where is the news?

  • Orlando Frenandez


  • William Baker

    Lauren is not alt right. she is a center right libertarian, classical liberal at heart, …and she ids and libertarian nationalist as well. I am of similar view as she

  • Richard Coeur

    Shame on your racism and anti-Semitism.

    Your disgusting attacks on Ezra and Jay also give fodder to the mainstream media in its attempt at portraying all who disagree with them as racist bigots like you.