AltRight Politics – March 12, 2017

NPI presents “AltRight Politics”, America’s most trusted Sunday news program. This week’s panel, “Controlled Opposition”, features Greg Ritter (Leader of the Alt Right), Selite (the Iron Gardener), and Soren (memetic wizard). In this week’s episode, we cover the recent Wikileaks CIA dump, updates on the situation in Syria, and “Dispatches from the Meme War”, where we cover the latest victories in our national Crusade against our J Street masters.

AltRight Politics
AltRight Politics is America’s most triggering news program. Hosted by Richard Spencer and Greg Ritter.



    Effect of PC. Reality Denial and Narrative Conjuring.

    Reality is blacks commit lots of violence. But PC narrative sanctifies blacks as MLK people. So, black violence is disappeared by under-reporting, false reporting(violent riots called ‘peaceful protests), or semantic tricks(‘youths’ or ‘tens’ done it). Reality Denial.

    But denying reality isn’t enough. Just like UFO nuts are desperate to bear witness to UFO’s and just like paranormal people want to believe they’ve sensed the presence of ghosts, Paranormal Politics or Parapolitics must have ‘evidence’ or ‘witness’ or ‘revelation’ of White Ghosts since PC says whites possess evil spirits.

    It’s like if you tell people there is Bigfoot, many people mistake anything for bigfoot and day they saw it too.

    Or, to gain attention, affection, and approval of the Big Foot community, you tell a tall tale of how YOU saw one too. These tall tales are esp appealing to those who want attention but don’t get any. What better way to win affection than by serving as prop for the narrative. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to the Current Culture’s radar is through hysteria. The Coakley Coax or Coax Hoax.

    Every society has its taboos and sacraments and myths. And those who seek approval and attention within that community conjure fantasies or visions in accordance to the Narrative. So, in Catholic societies of old, people claimed to have witnessed Jesus or the Madonna.

    In Muslim societies, people claim to see Muslim miracles.

    Even though secular people are thought ‘factual’ or ‘rational’, they too have human psychology that is essentially mytho-conformist. or conformystic. And PC is neo-religion or neoligion. It has its own Conjurers.

    Under current PC, some people say they saw something they didn’t. Some say they are guilty of what they didn’t do. Since PC hegemony is about White Evil, all these sightings and confessions revolve around white hatred. Narrative Confomism and Narrative Affirmation. Just like people must keep donating money to ‘good causes’ or charities, they feel they must donate stories to the Cause to keep its fires going since dearth of stories will weaken the fire. After all, what use is a UFO cult is people no longer say they saw UFO’s? What use religion if people no longer believe in miracles? Just like Hollywood can’t go on without new movies, the Narrative needs new stories to keep it justified. This is why blacks and progs still act as if KKK is going around lynching blacks. Without new stories, the Narrative will just be an old story that is no longer relevant. Viable Narratives need Malevolence Relevance. (Some whites like to confess to stuff they didn’t do. White Atonement makes them feel holy. It’s like some guy in CRIME AND PUNISHMENT confesses to a crime he didn’t commit because Christian morality is about repentance.)

    PC has the logic of the Horror Genre. It is best understood as a form of paranormal pseudo-science.

    Gayday is passe. Now, the thing is KKK-dar.

    • Some whites like to confess to stuff they didn’t do. White Atonement makes them feel holy.

      Or to renounce “privileges” they’ve never enjoyed.

  • Since end of Civil War to the nineteen-sixties, 2,500 blacks were lynched, the majority of them criminals guilty of heinous crimes even thought some innocents surely got killed too tragically.

    Of course, since the Civil Rights Era, millions of whites were robbed, assaulted, raped, lynched, or murdered by blacks. But since Jewish elites control the media, all that is suppressed and we are reminded over and over about Emitt Till like in GROUNDHOG DAY.

    Is it because Jews care about blacks? NO! Israel bans African refugees and uses all methods to discourage Ethiopian Jews from having kids.

    Also, Jews excitedly supported Clinton to lock up tons of Negroes to make cities safer. And sure enough, Clinton locked up record numbers of ‘super-predators’.

    And one reason why Jews want more immigration is to use immigrants as buffers against blacks.

    So, Jews say ONE THING but do SOMETHING OTHER when it comes to blacks.

    The reason why Jews promote ‘white guilt’ in regard to blacks has zilch to do with sympathy for blacks. If Jews are so full of sympathy and morality, why don’t they admit their own historical sins like with communism, Nakba & Palestinian tragedy, the 90s looting of Russia, the 100,000’s of Iraqi kids killed by pro-Zionist foreign policy, and destruction of Libya at behest of globalist bankers?

    Jews care about their own power.

    Do Jews fund movies like GET OUT and 12 YEARS A SLAVE out of love for darling Negroes?

    No, Jews fear the rise of white gentile power as a threat to Jewish domination, so they use ‘white guilt’ to paralyze white politics. That is the ONLY reason Jews feign sympathy for blacks. What Jews say behind closed doors is something else. I know, cuz i know lots of Jews. Jews often refer to blacks as animals and thugs. Jewish globalists will make any alliance. They’ve been working with neo-Nazi-types in Ukraine. And Israel was on very good terms with South Africa during apartheid yrs and Israel now practices apartheid in West Bank. Whites in South Africa thought they would win protection from world community by being so close to Israel. Not so. Their apartheid policy, aka safe spaces for whites in Africa, was dismantled largely by leftist Jewish role. What replaced apartheid was apes-are-loud.

    Anyway, it is in Africa that lynching is a common practice and always has been.

    Every day, so many get lynched. As there is little Rule of Law, there is only the Jungle Justice of brutality.

    IT’s funny that black Africans flee fellow blacks and come to white nations.. but then come under PC influence and blame whites for trying to hurt black bodies.

    NO wonder black societies suck so bad. Blacks can never face up to the truth. They only believe what they wanna believe and always push blame on others.

  • Hopefully this is a start of a great weekend tradition to replace Fash the Nation.

    I like the nod to the McLaughlin Group with the music at the beginning. Pat Buchanan’s red pills on the Group 10 years ago are why I am where I am ideologically today.

  • So can anyone here tell me where this meme that Richard Spencer was a CIA plant, controlled oposition and the AltRight was controlled by the Jews come from?

    • Mike Thernovich.

      Thernovich ranted and raved for days that Spencer was controlled opposition after Heilgate.

      • Sounds like a guy who wants to fragment Whites. Many of us have adopted a policy of not criticizing other awakened Whites or White groups simply because this does cause fragmentation. When we all adopt this policy–simply sit down and don’t criticize other awakened Whites–then the only ones left standing will be infiltrators, White haters, and those who want to fragment us. And, then, they’ll be easily seen.

      • Goddangit I’m glad I don’t usually pay attention to fkin Thernovich, bc fk he’s such a smug little pr*ck. I saw this clip back in the Hailgate days, but jeez I forgot how obnoxious it is:
        poisonous really, the way he’s trying to freak people out with talk of “prison,” etc.

        • Now Thernovich is saying Richard Spencer is going to get killed.

          So what is it Mike, is Spencer Controlled Oppo or is he gonna get killed by the Left/ Deep State?

          • Oh goddamn, ugh!!
            But actually, fkin disgusting, just casually talking about Spencer getting “killed” & feeling all smart about it.
            Jeez he seriously does lisp bigtime though: I’ve probably heard people doing impressions of him more often than I’ve actually heard him since ugh that weasel revolts me every time I see him, so I forgot how realistic the impressions actually are!

          • Because of all the vying for power/influence that goes on among the figureheads of it (well, & of the “Alt-Lite” in the case of Thernovich et al.)?

          • “I’m not going to give the terrorists who might be doing intel, military intelligence on this the full security…”

            Yeah, whatever, Mikey. So YOU have all the names and profiles of Milo’s and Breitbart’s hired security agents? So does that mean YOU are some kind of spook? Or are you just full of sh*t?

            This is pure sensationalist, rumor-mill/gossip, completely empty of value 100% BS. This is “infotainment” designed to waste your time. What does Thernovich do exactly, besides gossip about what other figures who get more attention than him are doing? That is bitch behavior.

            The guy is attempting to control and redirect your attention and your loyalties, and get you focused on meaningless gossip. Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, must be a jew.

          • “This is pure sensationalist, rumor-mill/gossip, completely empty of value 100% BS. This is “infotainment” designed to waste your time. What does Thernovich do exactly, besides gossip about what other figures who get more attention than him are doing? That is bitch behavior.

            The guy is attempting to control and redirect your attention and your loyalties, and get you focused on meaningless gossip. Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, must be a jew.”

            You nailed it. That is exactly what Cernovich does. He gloms onto movements like the Manosphere, Gamergate, the Alt Right, and Trumpism. Then he directs attention to himself by engaging in baseless speculation, gossip, and hyperbole.

          • Yes, it is funny how these weirdos try to attack Spencer & end up looking ridiculous.
            Somehow Thernovich repulses the hell out of me though, to the point where I can’t fkin stand looking at him, which I think is because he really IS poisonous, trying to stir up doubts & cause rifts, etc. Whereas Tucklypuff is so damn absurd in those faggy bowties, dangit that dude’s a joke!

    • I could believe that(CIA meme). Seriously, every movement that pops pout of nowhere is usually CIA. Controlled opposition groups, agent provocateurs, terrorist organizations that all of a sudden pop up in the news. Not saying this is true, but I can see why the guy could go for that angle.

  • In ‘liberal democratic’ societies, it’s generally the case that most causes, agendas, and movements claim to serve some universal, humanitarian, and all-embracing ideal. Terms like ‘justice’, ‘equality’, ‘liberty’, ‘freedom’, ‘truth’, ‘tolerance’, and so on are bandied about by all sides.

    But how can so many different causes claim to be for the same universal ideals and principles?

    To understand the true nature of power, we need to check for fingerprints on the steering wheel of any agenda. Who created it and organized it? Who funds it and manages it? Who does the hiring and firing? Most crucial of all, what is the ethnic content and/or class character of these fingerprints?

    A Jewish-American organization and an Arab-American organization may preach near-identical-sounding principles, but Jews will direct those ‘ideals’ toward serving Jews while Arabs will do so for Arabs.

    It is the naive, earnest, and inexperienced who focus more on stated principles than on ethnic, cultural, and/or class character of those who head the movement. Of course, many people join the movement out of sincere commitment, but they are invariably the tools, not the tool-users.

    Because ‘liberal democratic’ societies claim to represent bland humanity than specific nationalities, various particularist agendas invoke universal principles to obfuscate what are really narrower agendas. So, a hundred different organizations in America could very well be for 100 different specific interests,but they will chant the same genetic mantras. Rhetorically, they sound remarkably alike, yet inter-relational conflicts owe to the fact of sharply divergent real interests. In cases where various groups come together, the alliance is less the product of agreement on universal principles than agreement of mutual favors(for the time being).

    Always dust for fingerprints to notice which individuals of which groups are behind the design, framework, and funding of a movement or cause. Currently, there’s convergence of shared interests between Jews and Muslims in the ‘Age of Trump’. This has nothing to do with Jews and Muslims respecting each others’ common humanity. It has everything to do with Jewish alarm about Trumpism(as an emergent gentile challenge to Jewish supremacist power) and with Muslim/Arab eagerness to gain entry to the West for better material lives. So much of it is tribal and/or mercenary.

    But it sounds nobler to celebrate the alliance in terms of ‘justice’ and ‘equality’. It sounds less cynical and cutthroat.

    • OMG are you kidding me(about the Trump challenge to Jewish power)? You can tell what a person is by the company he keeps. This guy has more billionaires in his cabinet than Barack ever had. His son in law, who is Jewish basically runs foreign policy, and the man is owned by Goldman Sachs!!!!!! You think he doesn’t owe those Wall St. banks for helping him out of 4 bankruptcies? Here is the ultimate truth I have learned over my almost 47 years on this earth, people believe what they want to believe, even if reality is staring them in the face. In short, we live in la la land, because coming to terms with reality is too nasty for us to do. Basically, people are too lazy and risk aversive anymore. We are pussies. Reality is Trump is no better than Obama in terms of real politics. He has expanded the war in Yemen and is about to do so in Iraq and Syria, with Iran up on deck. If he puts tariffs on imported goods, that won’t hurt any of the elites, but it will surely put a bunch of lower class and middle class Americans in the lurch economically, with food prices skyrocketing. His immigration policies simply won’t be enforced. In fact, he has already talked about letting in skilled immigrants. Don’t we do that with the H1B visa program? Seriously, a Muslim ban? Asians are overtaking Latinos as the numero uno immigrant group to the States and this ban is going to reverse course? Get real. Things are getting worse as we are in the midst of a civilizational collapse ala Rome in the 5th-6th centuries. Deal with it. You want to reverse course or have the slightest chance of doing so? Get off your arse and get involved in your community or start something yourself, and get a white woman and knock her up a few times while you are at it!!!! All I am seeing thus far from alt right blogs are a bunch of 13 year old white boy nerds calling each other cucks or Jews. The paranoia is getting rather scary.

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