Europeans Want Hungary, Not Sweden

Viktor Orban, Hungary's prime minister, pauses during a news conference the day after securing a second term of office in Budapest, Hungary, on Monday, April 7, 2014. Orban's Fidesz party won 67 percent of seats in parliament, the election regulator said on its website today. Photographer: Akos Stiller/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** Viktor Orban

The cultural Marxist agenda by fake news outlets and the globalist political class would have us believe the West is filled with multiculturalists who have no longing for cultural preservation, no concern for how demographic change might affect the long-term stability of their country. The data, however, are screaming the antithesis. They’re right, there is a subversive minority trying to spoil our countries but they are that minority! The establishment holds up Sweden as a success, whereas Europeans secretly want Hungary; so, where do we go from here?

Should we be surprised that the mainstream media has paid zero attention to poll figures showing Europeans want an absolute immigration ban on Muslims?  After all, the  mainstream media was bashing Trump’s correct analysis of the rapefugee crisis in Sweden and trying to convince us that things were actually getting better for Swedes!

Where, for instance, was the coverage of Peter Springare – long-time senior investigator at the serious crimes division at the Örebro Police Department, who is now being investigated for hate speech after blowing the whistle on Swedish crime stats on social media?  No, the traitors who hold the reins in media and politics aren’t interested in heroes who would enlighten their people, let alone inspire any sense of identity.  Indeed, they are even more averse to the fact that most Europeans agree with Springare.

Last month, the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London polled ten thousand Europeans in ten countries (see here) and found that the majority agreed with the statement, ‘All further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped.’  This is, of course, a far greater step than that taken by Trump; his immigration ban was simply on those countries the Obama administration had identified as dangerous.  I was fully expecting these figures to play some major role in the mainstream conversation on immigration but, sadly, the ball was kicked into the long grass.

The most interesting result of this poll was that those who disagreed with the statement never rose above 32% and, even then, this was a relatively high result from Spain.  On average then, the mainstream media can only hope to muster the support of around a fifth of Western populations; the majority would rather agree with policy ideas espoused by the alt-right or, more specifically, Hungary.

Hungary’s Prime Minister has taken an increasingly anti-immigrant stance and has challenged EU quotas in court.  Where the EU directs that states are expected to take in a certain number, Minister Janos Lazar says, ‘We shall not take anyone in in Hungary, we do not need immigration in Hungary.’  With its razor wire fencing and laws allowing for the physical removal of migrants as they enter, Hungary’s government seems to be the polar opposite of Sweden in many ways.  Not least of all in terms of how they are admired by Europeans at large.

The cultural Marxist agenda by fake news outlets and the globalist political class would have us believe the West is filled with multiculturalists who have no longing for cultural preservation, no concern for how demographic change might affect the long-term stability of their country.  The data, however, are screaming the antithesis.  They’re right, there is a subversive minority trying to spoil our countries but they are that minority!  The establishment holds up Sweden as a success, whereas Europeans secretly want Hungary; so, where do we go from here?

The time has come for the silent majority to recognize that we are the majority and that we stand by as wicked men waste our civilization.  These days, being considered right-wing in any way can make life very difficult for one at work and elsewhere – understood.  But this cultural war is warming up and sooner or later we will have to show our teeth; and the sooner, the better.  Keep yourself informed with alternative media, share statistics like the poll above to boost confidence in those who are awake to the facts.  Be more vocal on social media and in your everyday life, as the opportunities arise.

We stand against a small, absolute minority of those in our country who do not care for Western civilization, the accomplishments and wonders of European history.  Where we take pride and pleasure, they only want to destroy, starting with us as a people.  Hungary is seeking to welcome Europeans fleeing their own countries, trying ‘to find the Europe they have lost in their homelands’, as Prime Minister Orban put it.  But don’t flee; make a stand today, shoulder-to-shoulder with the majority who would save European culture.


Rik Storey
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  • Hungary cucked itself when they included submission to the European Union in their new constitution. Kudos to them for affirming the nation’s Christian status, but…

    Article E
    (1) In order to enhance the liberty, well-being and security of the people of Europe, Hungary
    shall contribute to the creation of European unity.
    (2) With a view to participating in the European Union as a Member State and on the basis of an
    international treaty, Hungary may, to the extent necessary to exercise the rights and fulfil the
    obligations deriving from the Founding Treaties, exercise some of its competences set out in
    the Fundamental Law jointly with other Member States, through the institutions of the
    European Union.
    (3) The law of the European Union may, within the framework set out in Paragraph (2), lay
    down generally binding rules of conduct.
    (4) For the authorisation to recognise the binding force of an international treaty referred to in
    Paragraph (2), the votes of two-thirds of the Members of the National Assembly shall be

    That was a huge mistake.

  • Immigrant Nation is euphemism for Defenseless Nation.

    All sane nations try to maintain their race, culture, history, and territory. That’s why Hungary is Hungarian and Sweden is Swedish. Hungary is land of Hungarians, and Sweden is land of Swedes.

    As all lifeforms are invasive — and humans are lifeforms too — , every territory, natural or human, has to be defended OR ELSE it will be invaded by others.

    Globalism turned the US from an extension of Europe to a ‘proposition immigration nation’ that is defenseless against world invasion(who want to live off the good stuff built by whites). And this New American model is now forced on ALL nations via globalism. All nations must not only be Americanized but New-Americanized. In the past, being Americanized meant drinking coca cola and watching Hollywood movies. Today, being New-Americanized means having your own nation be invaded by masses of foreigners as ‘new countrymen’. Europeans went from the Americanization of drinking coca-cola & watching Hollywood movies to the New-Americanization of ‘electing a new people’.

    At least mass immigration made some sense during a part of US history(esp in the 19th century) when the continent had to be filled.

    But in the Old World with deep ethnic and historical roots in the soil? It will be loss of rich history and heritage associated with a certain people upon a certain land to waves of invaders.

    But then, globalism spread Pop Culture and PC to sever one’s sense of ties to the land and ancestors.

    So, Ireland has a month black history month. Irish are to identify mainly with reggae singers and black American athletes than with their own kind. What rot.


    In the search for truth, we need to consider two sets of knowledge: Incidentals and Fundamentals.

    Incidentals are facts about incidents that take place everyday all over the world. Crimes, accidents, meetings, mergers, riots, marches, deals, and etc. all comprise the realm of incidentals. Incidental truth seeks straight facts about what happened where, when, and how. Exactitude and accuracy are crucial. Incidentals are often difficult to ascertain without indisputable video & audio evidence.

    It’s like we don’t know exactly what happened on the night when George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin. We know for sure that Zimmerman was assaulted and Martin was shot, but we don’t know how the event unfolded. We only have Zimmerman’s account and approximation based on collected material evidence. Incidentals vary from incident to incident even though there are patterns to certain kinds of incidents, such as drive-by-shooting. They happen to be drug-related and carried out mostly by black gangs. Because each incident is unique and isolated, one can’t rely on other incidents, however similar they may be, to determine what happened at a particular incident. So, every murder or business deal happened within its unique set of circumstances. Incidentals are mutable, each incident being different from other incidents.

    Fundamentals are immutable. They are about general truths governing peoples, things, and places around the world. For instance, it is a fundamental fact that lions are stronger than leopards and hyenas. There may be cases where a wounded or old lion is killed by a hyena or leopard. So, not every incidence of violence between lions and hyenas(or leopards) involves lions emerging victorious. But despite variations among incidents, it is a fundamental fact that lions are bigger and stronger than hyenas and leopards, and that means most encounters between lions and hyenas(or leopards) will favor the lions.

    To know the facts about an incident, every incident has to be investigated separately. Just because many murders follow a certain pattern doesn’t mean that a particular murder under investigation happened in the same way in the same place by the same people for the same reasons as other murders.

    In contrast, the ever-shifting details of countless and ever-unfolding incidents aren’t crucial to our understanding of the fundamentals of the world. So, even though there may be dumb Jews and many incidents involving Jews doing stupid things, it is a fundamental that Jews(at least Ashkenazi kind) are smarter than other groups. Likewise, even though there are cases where black athletes lose to non-blacks, it is a fundamental that blacks are generally more muscular and athletic than non-blacks.

    Fundamentals don’t ensure that every incident will conform to general truths. It is possible that, on a bad day, a black basketball team will lose to a non-black one. Also, even in games in which the black team wins, the margins of victories will be bigger in some games than in others. So, each game, as an incident, has to be reported on differently. And this is what the news are about. They are about reporting the incidentals. So, sports pages will cover each game as an isolated and singular event. While some teams will be expected to win more games than others, each game has its unique set of stats and results.

    But that still doesn’t invalidate the fundamental fact that some teams are better than others and that some races excel at sports more than other races do. Also, it’s a fundamental fact that men are better at sports than women are. There may be rare cases when women are victorious over men, but the fundamental says men will prevail in most cases.

    And in gambling, it is a fundamental that the House-Wins-in-the-End. Without such fundamental, gambling industry couldn’t survive. So, even though there are individuals who gamble and win, the overwhelming truth is the casino wins far more than it loses.

    While incidentals gleaned from news are crucial to our understanding of world affairs and social issues, more important is an understanding of the fundamentals of the world. For instance, one may learn of many individual cases where gamblers have won against the House, but the central fact one must know about gambling is the House-Wins-in-the-End. That is the immutable truth about the gambling industry. The odds are calibrated so that the House will usually win or win more than lose.

    Consider the incident with Michael Brown, the big black guy who was gunned down by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. To know the incidentals, we have to rely on witness accounts and material evidence from the scene of the altercation. There are incidents where black thugs attack the police first. There are incidents where cops shoot an unarmed man who poses no threat. So, each incident has to be treated independently.

    But we cannot ignore the fundamentals of black violence. These are immutable fundamentals about blacks: (1) Blacks are bigger and more muscular. (2) Blacks are more aggressive and abrasive. (3) Blacks feel contempt for whites and other non-blacks as ‘weak and wussy’. (4) Blacks are generally less intelligent. Their lower intelligence & higher aggression make them less reflective and self-critical. (5) Due to aforementioned facts, blacks are more likely to act thuggish, commit crime, and come in conflict with the police.

    Those are fundamentals that must be considered in race relations in America. Now, those fundamentals don’t guarantee that every altercation between blacks and whites will involve blacks-as-aggressors and whites-as-victims. There are cases, rare as they may be, of white aggressors and black victims. But given the fundamentals, it is hardly surprising that interracial violence is overwhelmingly black-on-white. Likewise, it is a fundamental that men are bigger, stronger, and more aggressive than women, therefore most sexual violence will be male-on-female even though there are incidents where women attack men.

    Fundamentals are essential, but we mustn’t confuse true fundamentals(developed from integrity, honesty, and courage) with false fundamentals(concocted from official dogma, political correctness, intimidation, moral blackmail, and self-serving antics of the elites). Black Lives Matter or BLM was based on a false fundamental. It posited that rogue ‘racist’ white cops are out-of-control and gunning down innocent angelic blacks for no reasons. This false fundamental was erected from bits and pieces of the Magic Negro myth, Hollywood & TV shows, education as PC indoctrination, and propagandized media that employ semantic tricks like referring to black criminals & thugs as ‘teens’ and ‘youths’ to suppress true fundamentals of race relations. They all conspire to maintain the image of the Magic Tragic Innocent Negro from the pages and reels of TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD. Also, even in cases where blacks are indeed depicted as killers, they are romanticized as rappin’ outlaws & gangstas who be so ‘cool and shit’. So, black thuggery is either glorified as something ‘badass'(therefore beyond conventional ‘lame’ morality) or as heroic rebellion against the ‘racist’ system that won’t give the Negro no chance to ‘survive’.

    Because of their willful preference for the false fundamental of BLM, it was assumed by Proglodytes and blowhard blacks like Charles Blow that the main problem of America is innocent blacks being gunned down by ‘racist’ white cops. Of course, this was all just a fantasy. Blacks are mostly killed by other blacks — blacks also rob, rape, and murder many non-blacks — , and most cops(black or white) have been justified in shooting at violent non-compliant blacks. There are surely cases where innocent blacks are killed by panicked or psychotic cops. But those are exceptions than the rule.

    Because the false fundamental of the BLM narrative was so ludicrous, the activists had to scream & throw tantrums and resort to intimidation to push their agenda. It’s like a liar or fool who can’t win on facts and logic will fall back on high drama and volume. If you can’t win by facts and argument, try kicking and screaming.

    So, what has been the result of BLM’s false fundamental’s being crammed down America’s throat? It led to the Ferguson Effect that only increased crime, violence, and number of dead blacks in cities.

    True fundamental on race says that blacks commit more violence and crime because they are stronger, more aggressive, less intelligent, and less reflective. So, more police presence will suppress black crime and save black lives(and non-black lives). False fundamental on race says that rogue white cops are going around killing angelic innocent blacks. Because of BLM rage and demands, police in many cities decided to retreat and be ‘more sensitive’, which allowed blacks to be more flagrant and arrogant in their natural racial tendencies. So, the result of cops standing down or retreating led to more licentiousness among blacks to indulge in violence and mayhem. And that meant more dead black bodies. But black pride, the product of lower black IQ and childlike egomania, cannot own up to any of this. You can’t expect people who describe their own emotions as ‘incandescent rage’ to think clearly or logically. They are full of self-righteous self-flattery that is nothing more than moral flatulence. And white ‘liberal’ conscience, premised on virtue-signaling and preening display of ‘compassion’, is too stuck-up to come to terms with reality.

    Anyway, even though unique details matter for each and every incident, one cannot overestimate the importance of assessing the fundamentals of racial differences, black characteristics, Jewish abilities, homosexual tendencies, ways of power, basic facets of human nature, racial differences in personality & temperament, and etc. in order to understand the true state of the world.

    True fundamentals are the most important guide in our interaction with the world.

    That is precisely why Jews who control the media and academia are so invested in spreading false fundamentals as palliatives to sustain their power and privilege. After all, true fundamentals enable gentiles to understand matters more clearly and deal more effectively with Jewish Globalists whose tentacles of false narratives have done so much in service of Jewish Supremacism at the expense of gentiles.

  • While violence is a concern, the prime reason we don’t want non-Whites and Muslims is because we have the right to have our own countries.

    Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.

    The West, including N. America, is not and never was intended to be, a place for “all races and nations”. To claim otherwise is a direct attack on the identity, legitimacy, and existence of the Western people.

  • What is the solution to European Moral Math?

    Jewish Message to Europeans: “We want you vile hateful white Europeans to submit to us noble Jews and wonderful Muslims.”

    European Message to Jews: “We want to save you noble Jews from those hateful Muslims.”


    Other propositions.

    Jewish Message to Muslims: “We want you Muslims to side with us since we supported Muslim migration to the West.”

    Muslim Message to Jews: “We want you Jews to get on your knees and apologize for Zionism and Wars for Israel in the Muslim World. Until you do,the hell with the holocaust.”

    European Message to Muslims: “We want you Muslims to leave noble and saintly Jews alone.”

    Muslim Message to Europeans: “You scum Europeans do the bidding of Jews to destroy the Muslim world, so you owe us.”

  • Hungary is a wonderful country. I enjoy the civilised diversions offered by Budapest immensely. Another country I enjoy visiting, escaping the PC-infested morass of the UK, is Croatia. Croatia is homogeneous and super safe for Europeans — there is an obvious link here!

  • Don’t forget that Hungary also recently amended its constitution to explicitly ban Islam and to establish Hungary as a Christian/Hungarian ethnostate.

  • Anyone calling Orban a cuck is a stupid moron who loses the forest for the trees.

    Richard Spencer himself has praised Viktor Orban for his actions. There were other issues at work with Spencer’s arrest, like the provocative decision to have Alexandr Dugin speak in a former Soviet satellite state.

    Orban alone stood up for Europe during the Migrant Crisis and built a fence to stop the flow of Muslim invaders. Soon other nations followed Hungary’s lead.

    This isn’t the first time Hungary has been on the vanguard of European resistance. In 1989, Hungary began the collapse of the Iron Curtain when it allowed free travel to Austria for East Germans. In 1956, Hungarians heroically resisted with machine guns and Molotovs against Soviet tanks. In 1919, Hungarians hanged the Communist Jew dictator Bela Kun after Admiral Horthy rode in on his white horse and restored order. For hundreds of years, was the Magyars who were the bulwark against the Ottomans.

    • Not really. They were conquered by the Ottomans for hundreds of years, like most countries of that area.
      Bela Kun escaped to Russia where he died in Stalin’s purges in 1938. His regime was defeated by the Romanian army:
      “Opposition appeared to be centered on the city of Szeged and around Rear Admiral Miklós Horthy,
      who formed a National Army to fight the Soviet Republic. But the National Army never saw action and marched on Budapest only after the Romanians withdrew in November, while the Horthy regime staged a White Terror in 1919–20.”
      What Horthy did, however, was to refuse his help to the last Austro-Hungarian Emperor, Karl of Habsburg, whom he even imprisoned in the Monastery of Tihany, on Lake Balaton.

      • Not all of Hungary was conquered by the Turks. Bratislava/Pressburg/Poszony was never occupied by the Turks and much like Asturias, was holdout territory from which the Habsburgs managed to push the Turks out of the Balkans.

        I got Kun confused with Luxemberg and the Spartacists in Germany. Horthy did hang many Communist Jews during the White Terror.

        “What Horthy did, however, was to refuse his help to the last Austro-Hungarian Emperor, Karl of Habsburg, whom he even imprisoned in the Monastery of Tihany, on Lake Balaton.”

        Kaiser Karl was imprisoned because he went to Hungary to reestablish the Habsburg monarchy. The monarchy was over, and any attempts to bring back Austria-Hungary were absurd and doomed to failure. Hungary’s destiny was as a nation state, not part of a multi-ethnic empire. Admiral Horthy let Kaiser Karl leave and go into exile.This was humane treatment for his former sovereign, unlike the Communists who murdered the Tsar and his entire family.

        • As a regent, Horthy was bound by law to cede power to the Emperor – however he refused to do so and kept it for himself. He was thus effectively aiding the Freemasons Masaryk and Benes, who were pushing for the destruction of the monarchy and of the empire.

          Another Freemason, Renner (leader of the Austrian Social Democrats) was advocating an “Austro-Marxist revolution”. Although they were in the minority, when the parliament had to vote whether to keep the monarchy (and they would have), the Austro-Marxists masons organized Soros-type riots on the streets and threatened violent revolution unless a republic was proclaimed.

          The Emperor and his family had to flee only with the clothes on their backs; soon after Horthy betrayed him the Emperor, who had weak lungs, was exiled to the rainy island of Madeira where he died in an unheated house in the mountains.

          And Horthy enjoyed his power for the next 25 years, being the only European leader associated with Hitler who escaped justice. No doubt due to his powerful connections.
          So Hungary has a tradition of playing double games.

          • You leave out pertinent facts. The Little Entente were prepared to invade Hungary in the event of a Habsburg restoration. Horthy likely was not personally opposed to the Monarchy but Kaiser Karl acted in haste and attempted to restore the Monarchy at a time when it was not politically feasible.

            Also, Horthy was not the only European leader allied with Hitler to die in exile. Ante Pavelic died in Spain, although he succumbed to wounds from an assassination attempt 2 years after the assassination failed. CGE Mannerheim died in Finland, revered as a national hero.

            Horthy attempted to play a double game by making a separate peace with the Allies, but Horthy was thwarted by Otto Skorzeny when his own son was kidnapped. The war was already lost by this point in 1944, and the consequence of Skorzeny’s success had grave consequences for Hungary after World War II.

            Unlike Finland, which concluded peace with Russia in September 1944 and emerged as a neutral, non-aligned state during the Cold War, Hungary became a Soviet satellite as a consequence of fighting with Germany to the bitter end of World War II (there were Arrow Cross units fighting with Germany in May 1945).

          • Freemasons hate Christian monarchies because the Christian monarch rules for life, as do his Christian sons. Democracy, with its constant change of ruler, benefits the freemasons, as they can and do simply install their own as rulers. Democracy is anti-Christian, always.

  • Get a load of this tricky use of the term IMMIGRATION by shabby Rachel Shabi the Jewess.

    Britain was made by INVASIONS. All lands all over the world were invaded. Japan was once inhabited by Ainu and others. But then, Mongoloid East Asian types took over.

    Africa was constantly invaded and re-invaded by various black tribes, mostly Bantu.

    Near East was invaded forever back and forth.

    Same in Europe. Britain was invaded by so many European tribes, clans, kingdoms, armies, marauders, barbarians, and etc. Germans tried to invade in WWII.

    Russia invaded so much and even Poland and Finland were once part of ‘Russia’.

    So, what Shabby Shabi means by ‘immigration’ is really invasion. Calling every movement of peoples in the past ‘immigration’ is anachronistic. Invasions were always violent, always unwelcome and resisted. Sometimes, resistance succeeded, sometimes not. Part of Europe was spared from Ottoman or Mongol invasion. Other parts came under domination. In some parts, the invaders soon left or were repelled with revolts and uprisings. In other parts, the invaders became the new majority. In some parts, the natives and invaders became mixed to the point were identity became confused, as in Central Asia(Eurasia), North Africa, much of ‘Latin America’, and India.

    Modern immigration is less violent, but it too is a form of invasion if in sufficiently large numbers. A few immigrants add spice and flavor. Too many leads to fundamental change in character of culture and race and nation. The effect of too much immigration, even if peaceful, is the drastic change in national character. It leads to natives being displaced by different people.

    According to retroactive use of the term ‘immigration’, one might say the Japanese invasion of China was ‘immigration’. And German invasion of Russia was ‘immigration’. After all, you have massive movements of peoples. The Turkic invasion of Greece was ‘immigration’. The lebensraum thing.

    Also, what do we mean by ‘Britain’? It came into existence over a long time. We must not confuse the territory of what is now called Britain with Britain as civilization and culture… just like we mustn’t confuse the land mass ‘America’ before the rise of American Civilization.

    There was a time when the people of ‘Britain’ were a bunch of bloody buggers into clan, tribe, and barbarian behavior. They didn’t know what their island looked like. They knew very little except the immediate world around them. As such, there was no Britain in the civilizational sense. As Britain was run amok by barbarians, other peoples invaded it. Some were civilized, like the Romans. Some were other European barbarians. The whole process was bloody as hell. But the invaders also brought new ideas, and some settled.

    Over time, this non-stop process of movements and invasions led to the rise of something like pre-Britain, dawn of stable native civilization. Tribes turned into kingdoms, and small kingdoms were forged into bigger kingdoms until, finally, there was a united Britain. And once this united and stable entity was created, it became nativist. It could now defend itself from new would-be-invaders or ‘armed immigrants’, or ‘armigrants’.

    When Britain had been dominated by bloody buggers or weak tinpot kingdoms, people such as Danes and Vikings could come invading and mess things up real good. Word got around that ANYONE can invade Britain and have a good time looting and raping.

    But once Britain became united, stable, and relatively powerful, it could defend itself. It could go into full nativist mode, and word got around that Britain isn’t to be invaded no more. “You get licked real good if you try, so don’t even try.” And it was under this stability, unity, and continuity — whereupon Britain could defend itself from future would-be invaders — that Britain grew into a great power. If a nation cannot defend itself, how can it form into something great and powerful? For a civilization to grow, it must first become secure and stable. Of course, what developed into Britain resulted from a land mass that had been invaded by various peoples. But while the invasions continued, no stable civilization was possible. Only when there was sufficient power for Britain to defend itself and keep out future invaders did it grow and grow.

    It’s like molten stuff becomes solid metal. Sure, in the process of metallurgy, various elements are gooey, lava-like, and liquidy and fluid and they flow and meld together. But once the molten stuff solidifies into shield or sword, it is firm and stable. It remains hard and resists new elements.

    If you take molten iron and molten copper and molten zinc and other stuff, they will all mix together. But once it cools and solidifies, it will not meld with new stuff. If you put a piece of lead on top of cooled metal, they will not merge.

    Barbarian ‘Britain’ was in molten form. It was unstable and melded with new elements that came invading, like asteroids hitting ‘primordial’ Earth. But once it solidified into a stable state, it could defend itself. It could decide which newcomers could come(and be obedient to the ruling system) and which ones were to be left out.

    It’s like the solar system. At one time, all the planets were clouds of dust just coming into being. So much was unstable. And the solar system was filled with tons of flying rocks and stuff. But over time, the dust turned into blobs of gas that turned into mass that hardened into solid planets. And most of the big rocks flying around the solar system eventually crashed into forming planets and became part of the planets. And sometimes, a rock that hit the earth was so big that a chunk of earth was blown out and became the moon. So, it is true that Earth was created through ‘mass immigration’ of space objects that came crashing. But eventually, the big rocks were reduced in number in the solar system. And there was more stability. And as Earth developed atmosphere, it served as shield to all the little rocks that entered it. They burned up into shooting stars, and most didn’t hit the planet. So, earth became more protected and it was within such stability that life could form and evolve.

    So, the initial ‘molten’ and ‘chaotic’ processes were important, they were violent and crazy, like the opening of EXCALIBUR when everyone is bashing everyone. For there to be an Order, there has to be stability and defense and security. And that means crushing the enemies and invaders and sending a message “Stay away from this land or you’ll be sorry.”

    The MOLTEN stage of Britain.

    The SOLIDIFIED state of pre-Britain coming into being.

    In the solidified state of Britain, the kings understood ‘You and the land are one’. Kings, noblemen, and peasants were of different classes but still of one people. A solid bond. Kings fought to defend the land for the people, and people served the kings.

    And if later UK became an emigrationist and invasive nation of other territories, it was because it succeeded as nativist state. No longer having to worry about defending its own territory, it could devise plans to gain new territories. And so, British Empire spread all over the world. Eventually, many native non-whites gained national consciousness, learned to unite and fight, and drove out the British invasivists in the name of nativist independence and sovereignty.

    And the world was finally in balance, and things were good. Each people had their own nations. All the world traded, learned from another, and traveled to other nations with respect. Europeans no longer went to non-West and said “We are your master, kiss my boot.” They came as travelers, scholars, or businessmen with respect for national sovereignty and culture. And non-whites came to the West with respect either as traveler, student, of businessmen(or temp workers). But then, globalism said BROKEN BORDERS IS GOOD. Break the dams and let the whole whole world be flooded with foreignness… with the exception of Israel as a special Ark that stays afloat of Global Swarming.

    Globalists began to take over the world. They came to see nationalism as the solidifying force of nations that stood in the way of Soro-cery. Of course, nationalism was fine for Israel, favorite nation of globalists. But when gentiles had nationalism, it meant their tough hardened shield was hard to crack. Gentile elites and masses thought in terms of ‘You and the land(people) are one’. So, the Glob figured on turning elites into collaborators of globalist elites with carrots and sticks. Carrots would be increased profits if they go along. Free trade and broken borders sure made lots of corporations rich as hell. And look how rich the Clintons and Bushes got. But there is also the stick of PC. As globalists came to dominate the new narrative and sanctimony, ‘diversity’ became an article of faith. So, if any national elite rejects it — like Orban did — , he is a bad bad person to be collectively shunned and targeted.

    To weaken and destroy gentile nationalism, the globalists seek to meld the world. They want the world to be turned into a lava flow, with the exception of Israel that gets ‘passover’ privilege. As for UK and US, turn them into Molten Pots so that the bonds between white elites and white masses could be loosened. So that the bond between white males and white females will be loosened, whereupon white wombs will be colonized by others. So that the bond between white adults and white children will be weakened, whereupon you have the tragic case like in the movie AMERICAN PASTORAL, where a Jewish guy who goes quasi-wasp and suffers the fate of gentiles in radical America. It’s almost like cosmic punishment for going ‘quasi-gentile’. (Not a great movie, but one of the true nightmare visions, like THE COUNSELOR).

    America is beyond the stage of Melting Pot, which implies things are being melted within the solid pot. What America is now is Molten Pot where the pot itself is unstable and coming apart. When the pot itself melts, what it holds can no longer be held. The pot and what’s inside become interchangeable and turns into a big ugly mass of crap metal.

    It’s like the crazy backyard steel furnace during the Great Leap Forward. With excessive zeal that anyone can make steel, everyone threw in all sorts of metal and other stuff just to produce ‘steel’. None of it made any sense. These people had perfectly good pans, tools, spoons, plows, knives, and etc. But they collected all of them — of various metals — and threw them into furnace. But why melt perfectly good metal utensils and stuff? Because they were made to believe in the Magic Steel of Maoism. So, maybe if they made this new ‘steel’ by melting whatever metal they could find, the new stuff they made of the material would produce great products. So, what happened? New pans made from this magic steel began to crack and break.

    US and EU, the backyard people furnaces of the world.

    White Europe and White America were perfectly fine. They produced the best societies and most powerful nations on Earth. Even after WWI and WWII, they rebounded fast. Even after Civil War, US had rebounded in few yrs because the fundamentals of race, culture, and values were intact. They had the right genes, cultures, and values to do whatever was possible. They had made of fine elements of human metal.

    But globalism told them that white human metal is all wrong. It must be melded and mixed with other human metals of blacks, browns, yellows, and etc. to make SUPERIOR METAL(like in mixed up Puerto Rico). And the new human metal made of massive mixing of elements would lead to superior new man. But based on what? If diversity is so great, why did Latin America lag behind whiter American nations like US and Canada?

    If mixed-races are so great, why did North Africa and Central Asia do less than Europe?

    But PC metallurgy told whites that white metal MUST mix with other elements. So, there must be something wrong with Swedish-American in Minnesota. Why, it lacks diversity! Since southern blacks are criminal, why not bring in tons of Somali blacks. Maybe they will be different, and maybe Scandy-Americans will become racially improved by backyard-furnacing with Somalis. Yeah, sure.

    White race needs to melding with other races. And Europe must be hard shield and sword.

    White race needs racial viagra. Flaccid whiteness is nowhere.

    Also, who/whom matters. Even if Britain was invaded by various folks in the past, they were all fellow Europeans, so they could easily become One People. Humans are not like dogs. Dogs judge much by smell. Humans identify by sight. It’s the way we are made. So, when peoples look different, there is less identification and more of us-vs-them mentality.

    Suppose US had brought 300,000 white slaves. Upon emancipation, many would have merged with free whites. Japan used to have lots of slaves too, like in SANSHO THE BAILIFF. But once the old system ended, all Japanese became one people cuz they ‘looked alike’.

    But free or slave, people who look different don’t really come together well.

    Also, the Africans have aggressive anti-civilization genes. Spread it far and wide, and it’s spreads traits of uninhibitedness, thuggery, egomania, and conscience-lessness, all of which are in full display in Detroit and Baltimore.

    North Africa is only part-black, but even that had a degrading effect.

    As for Pakistanis, those first-cousin-humping people need to stick to their own kind. Besides, the Indo-Paks told the white man to GO HOME. Okay, the whites went home. Pakkers need to stay in their own home. Besides, Pakistan is much bigger than little Britain. They can do much with it. And India is even bigger. It is 2/3 the size of US. So much can be done with that country if Indians learn not to shi* all over outdoors and into rivers and act like louts in SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, which I could stomach for only 10 minutes.

  • If some Europeans want Diversity and race-mixing, all they need to do is move to North Africa or Latin America or Central Asia. There is no need to bring non-whites to Europe.

    There is a solution whereby everyone can win.

    Suppose one European wants to live with fellow whites.
    Suppose another European wants to be surrounded by diversity.

    Okay, the pro-diversity European should leave Europe and settle in Africa, Asia, or Latin America. That way, he is surrounded by diversity. He got what he wants.
    As for the other European, he also gets what he wants: To be white and to live in white nation with fellow whites.

  • Poland is awake as is Hungary, apparently. Could we see a shift in geo-political prominence from Western to Eastern Europe as the countries that whole-heartedly embraced Liberalism crumble? Interesting times, indeed.

  • If we had a Viktor Orban in every White country, we’d behold a golden age to rival the pinnacle of the Greeks and Romans.
    It’s not just the Europeans who want Hungary: America, Australia, and every White bastion in the world wants and needs such a strong nationalist in office.
    And Sweden, Sweden needs such a man more than anyone.

    • I appreciate your sentiment, but we need a lot more than just a sane, secular leader to experience such a rebirth. We need a whole spiritual and cultural 180.

      • This is obvious, yes.
        Competent, nationalist leaders are an important groundwork however.

        Following that, a formidable media presence will cause the many to follow the powerful.
        That is much of the Globalist’s power exertion, is it not? The banks won’t last long once we have the power and the people.

        • The whole banking edifice must be destroyed.We must show the alternative,the prosperity of the alternative Nationalist way.

    • We must work toward that goal,not just to conserve but to enhance,magnify and strengthen our race.All white Europeans must come together,race before Nationality!

  • Orban is a cuck. He showed it first when he sent the axe murdering muzzie, Ramil Safarov, back to azerbaijan

    And again when he shut down the conference that Richard Spencer and others were trying to host in Budapest.

    I will add though that one may truly grasp how pathetic the majority of Europe’s leaders are when a rat like Orban is seen as a shining example of principled leadership. Is this rock bottom?

          • He transformed his party, Fidesz, from a Soros-styled liberal party to a national-conservative party, and challenged the globalists by throwing the IMF out of Hungary and standing up to the EU elite on numerous core issues, such as migration. Soros has since then been hard at work through his network of subversive NGO’s to fuel opposition to Orban in Hungary, even trying to create a “Hungarian Euromaidan” like the globalists did successfully in Ukraine. Soros has not been very successful though, and the Orban government recently called for an audit of all foreign-controlled NGO’s operating in Hungary, which I hope will result in a complete ban of the Soros-funded NGO’s further down the line.

          • Daniel, can we dispense with the euphemistic term “migration”? We all know bloody well this is an invasion. I think even Breitbart is calling it an invasion; at least some of the commenters there are. We must use plain language, truth, and accurate words to describe events and political concepts. Euphemisms are part of PC thinking, and we should eliminate them from our vocabulary.

          • I wasn’t accusing, just making a suggestion. I am less familiar with your work than others, so please excuse my ignorance.

      • Orbán attended Oxford on Soros funds for two months before leaving back to Hungary and becoming a conservative.

        • And he was a Communist before that; and now some people say that he is more far right than Jobbik.
          He’s like a weathervane – whatever suits him for the moment.

          • People can actually change. Before I became educated and “woke up” to the Truth, I was a bleeding heart liberal too.

    • No, Orban is certainly no “cuck”. He has during his reign of power 1) thrown out the IMF from Hungary, 2) built a border fence to stem the flow of migrants into the EU, 3) gone up against the EU elite on numerous questions, inspiring others such as Poland to do so as well, 4) said no to migrant quotas effectively not allowing any non-European migrants into Hungary at all, 5) implemented tax reforms and interest free loans to increase the Hungarian birthrate. And the list goes on and on. He was also the first European leader to congratulate Donald J Trump after he won the election. Calling him a “cuck” only shows how little you know about Hungary and Hungarian politics.

      • The fact that you gloss over his shortcomings and only focus on what he has done right does not negate orban’s cuck behavior. Unless of course you think killing people in their sleep with an axe and getting rewarded is a net positive, or banning truly nationalist parties from meeting is also praiseworthy.

        • Well, contrary to you I actually have on-location experience from Hungarian politics, and a first-hand experience of the conference in question including knowledge of the political mechanisms behind the decision to ban it. But if you say “Orban is a cuck” I am sure you are right.

          • Orban is also the father of FIVE children born to the same woman to whom he has been married all his life, since 1986. He is a good role model for Europeans/Whites. He also recently became a grandfather.

            The European/White birth rate (and attendant demographic replacement issues) is THE pressing issue and the corollary of the immigrant/ labor problem.

            Orban has been promoting pro-family, pro-life policies for his people. This means MORE WHITE/EUROPEAN BABIES. He also amended the Hungarian constitution to prohibit degenerate anti-family so-called “gay” marriage that only degenerates the public.

            Many neighboring Germans, for example, have been flowing into Hungary…

            And the fact that Soros’ wretched Central European University is located in his country is unfortunate. The Soros-Orban and wider Jewish issues need to be watched though.

            The subversive Jews hate European populist parties. They are anti-European pests.
            See, for example: “Hungary’s far-right Jobbik party tries to soften image”, Financial Times, 5 March 2017

            All this pandering to Jews is sick. Hungary is for the Hungarians, NOT THE JEWS. Same for all other European/White nations. I’m absolutely sickened by the Jews and their anti-White/European whining EVERYWHERE.

            Moreover, for the Jews to complain about Hungary (or other Central/East European nations when they pushed Bolshevism/Stalinism/ COMMUNISM and have not repaid for their historical Jewish crimes against Hungarians, Ukrainians, etc) is telling of the unrepentant, anti-European/White constitution of the Jewish (anti-)spirit.

          • You know damn well they will never, ever, ever willingly repay anyone a single red cent of the trillions or quadrillions they’ve stolen. They will only make concessions once they are thoroughly cornered, check-mated, and trying to preserve their miserable, slimy little lives. They will do anything to avoid leaving this world, because they know they will be going back to see their master, Beelzebub.

          • Yes, Orbán’s personal life is inspirational, and the leftists hate it because they cannot smear him although they have tried for years. Now they have been insulting his children — calling his son a brainwashed “religious extremist” because he attended Christian groups and talked about his relationship with God, and his first daughter a shameless money-scrounger who is using her father to get undeserved jobs.
            It’s obvious the leftists are disappointed Orbán’s son turned out normal and not some fat transgender leftist.
            The only thing that irks me about Orbán are the corruption cases in his government and some people who damage his cause. They have a difficult time reaching out to the younger generation — they are not as technology or meme-savvy as Donald Trump at ALL. And their attempts to reach the millenials are usually embarrassing.
            Aside from that, Orbán is a solid, sincere conservative figure who lives what he speaks.

          • You don’t know me nor what I do and what I know. So let’s not assume things. Also, you can claim whatever you wish but the fact remains that Orban is not an ideal leader for right wing, traditionalist folks.

          • And what you got in this case is a post commie populist you are trying very hard to spin into another Miklos Horthy.

    • If Orbán is a cuck, what do you call every other western politician? He’s done more for Hungary than Trump has for the US, and that is in no way an insult to Trump.
      Why do you think Richard was shut down? The United States and European Union were threatening the country if he didn’t. He was at the time doing the best he could do that he doesn’t upset the US and EU which he was entering into trade deals with. Blindly opposing the most powerful country on Earth with no support from anyone and a 10 million population is not exactly the smartest thing to do. Despite all this, today he is still able to resist the EU and the US.

      • Reread the last sentence of my comment. I have utter disdain for the vast majority of Western (NATO, EU countries especially) politicians.

        Just because he is not as bad as the other cucks does not make him a good leader. Lets not contrast him with the garbage leaders of other European states. Instead lets have an objective criteria of what makes a leader good, and compare various world leaders to that objective good.

        • Politics is about give and take and most of all survival. It is also about power, which
          Hungary lacks. I have a feeling anyone short of an all powerful dictator would be a cuckoo in your book.

          • No, I am not an all or nothing type of person. I have said that compared to his peers, Orban is less bad. But I do not think he is the model leader that some are trying to paint him as. Mr. Putin in Russia is not an ‘all powerful dictator’ however, over the course of the past 17 years he has earned major brownie points with me.

          • Yes, he and his family made a lot of money since he’s been in politics.
            He was also a Communist politician, as well as a Soros scholar, before biting the hands that fed him.

          • He’s clearly very familiar with trolling.

      • The official reason is the typical claims of not allowing racists to have a platform to spew their hate. Unofficial that he was pressured by Americans. The real reason is that his government was in negotiations with IMF for loans, and he did not want to give the libs/globalists at IMF a reason to disallow a loan. In any case Hungary never got that loan.

        • The real reason was that the conference was planned for the weekend before the Hungarian regional elections, and the leftist-liberal (Soros-funded) press decided to start a media campaign against Orban and Fidesz, right before the election, for allowing this conference to take place. And rather than defending a conference he knew nothing about, Orban decided to kill two birds with one stone and banned it, calling it an “American conference” and thereby killing the media campaign in an instant, while at the same time delivering a blow to the American globalist elite. I don’t agree with his decision, but at the same time I can understand his reasoning behind it. I have never ever heard the story about any “IMF loan” before, and I am in contact with several leaders in the Hungarian parliament who I was talking to when this took place. Do you have a source for your claim?

          • Yes, he works in Trump administration now and has a funny name. I think you can guess who I am referring to.

    • But why is Putin there? That is one I don’t understand at all and I’ve never seen anyone give a good explanation for it. Trump is not actually working with Putin and Putin isn’t actually the leader of the alt-right. You know that’s all fake news, right? Why doesn’t Putin leave Ukraine alone if he cares so much about nationalism? I don’t think Russia every fully got over its communist past. RussiaToday, which is funded by the Russian Government, is pure communist propaganda.

      • Russia Today is certainly not a great source of information. Slightly, but not much better than Western media. However, I haven’t seen much evidence that Russia is doing all that much to bother Ukraine. The West instigated a coup in Ukraine, ousted a Russia-friendly, democratically elected leader, and installed a jewish government. Russia’s moves with regard to Ukraine and Crimea seem to all be defensive to me. Cries of “Russian aggression” fall flat coming from America, who have been sh**-kicking every country they can fabricate an excuse to invade for the last 16 years. “Russian aggression” sounds an awful lot like a boy crying “wolf” at this point.

        • “Russia-Friendly” is a very bullshit way of putting it. Yanukovych was a Russian puppet. Also RT constantly lies about the war in Ukraine and uses fake photos for its propaganda.

          This is not to say I support Poroshenko who is also corrupt and in the pocket of US interests. But to put all the blame on the US for the violence Russia has committed against people in Ukraine and to act like only the US are the bad guys is just anti-american bullshit. Both the US and Russia have been fighting for geopolitical advantage in Ukraine and I support neither side in this fight. It’s the people of Ukraine who just want their own country that I side with, not the Russians or the Americans.

          • I would agree with most of that.

            Just to be clear, again, I don’t get my info from RT. I don’t place much more value on RT than I do on CNN. And I’m definitely NOT “anti-American”. In fact, I’m quite pro-American. What I am is anti-ZOG. And you know damn well that America hasn’t been herself for a very, very long time.

          • Most oblasts seem to want their own country, Ukraine. But at least a couple of the oblasts in the east and southeast might not want that. Why not allow each oblast a referendum on staying in Ukraine, joining Russia, or becoming an independent country?

      • Ukraine would have been left alone, but the US had to send Senator McCain and Victoria Nuland to Kiev to help overthrow the Ukrainian gov’t and put a fellow Jew in charge – Poroshenko. Why wouldn’t Russia leave Ukraine alone? They gave Ukraine and all the other former Soviet Republics their independence. Then the US helped engineer putting someone hostile to Russia into power. In Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia the US led NATO has now put troops (including American troops) right on the Russian border and continues to aim a US owned Missile Defense System at Russia, that it formerly claimed was built to protect Europe from Iran. LOL. The US lied right to the Russians faces.

        Russia is a country that respects tradition, including Christianity and family values, meaning they outlawed Homosexual Propaganda, including parades with filthy weirdos in leather. Europe, including Ukraine would be much better off if it pursued friendly relations with Russia instead of threatening it. Then Ukraine would still have Crimea, whose Russian dominated majority voted to break away from Ukraine after the Ukrainian gov’t was overthrown.

        • Oh look, another anti-american Russian shill who accuses Poroshenko of being a puppet (which I don’t disagree with) but thinks Yanukovich was some kind of legitimate leader and not a puppet of the Russians. I guess you are fine with the Russian media portraying Ukrainians as neo-nazis and fascists as an excuse to kill them all and ignore all the violent war crimes committed by the Russian-backed rebels.

          I support neither the Americans or Russians in this and neither should you, at least not if you have any moral consistency. Both sides are guilty of imperialism, aggression and propaganda and neither side wants what is best for Ukraine and Ukrainian people.

          • Who called Poroshenko a puppet? The American media is just as guilty of portraying Ukrainians as “NAZIS”. It did that even before the USSR collapsed. You can’t cite giving Ukraine independence as an example of Russian “imperialism”. You can cite the USA’s policy of putting troops in all the corners of earth as imperialism.

            There would have been no war if the US had not helped overthrow the democratically elected gov’t in Ukraine and then help install a hostile Poroshenko, who isn’t even Ukrainian. He’s a Jew. If not for these facts, Ukraine would still have Crimea. The US sure doesn’t have Ukraine’s best interests in mind. The best thing for Ukraine and Europe would be if the US stopped agitating for more wars.

          • Yanukovich was democratically elected,not pro EU that is why he was ousted.The US (((deep state))) had him removed

          • Yanukovich was a neo-bolshevick working for the Kremlin who is now hiding in Russia as a fugitive. While the US certainly helped in his removal, it wouldn’t had been so easy had Ukrainians not genuinely wanted him removed. Given the history between Russia and Ukraine, it’s not hard to imagine why Ukrainians would prefer an American puppet over a Russian one.

          • All true,however Yanukovich was removed by an EU/US coup,Ukraine used as the meat in the sandwich.
            Nuland McCain etc all from the same tribe??Kerry’s friend and Biden’s son on the Gas producer’s board.Sound familiar?

          • I’ll certainly agree that neither the us gov nor the russian gov cares about the Ukrainian people. But it is only the us and NATO who are guilty of aggression this time around, not Russia.

      • I heard a Russian Nationalist talk about this and he was adamant that Putin was no Nationalist.Moscow has about 3 million Muslims I believe?
        However Putin does speak up for the preservation of our culture and Christianity.

          • He is not of the same agenda but many roads lead to renewal and we must take support and encouragement from all waves rushing in the same direction.
            Geert Wilders is Jewish for instance.I wouldn’t normally support such a party but he is broadly on the same road.

      • As to a part of your question: are you not aware that the Crimea was part of Russia proper until the Soviet dictator simply “gave” it to the Ukrainian SSR?

    • I think there is a difference of opinions on Farage.He is not Le Pen,Farage is a civic Nationalist,not a racial Nationalist.Big difference.

  • The Iberian Christians had to flee North kin Spain as the Muslim muds invaded. They regrouped and from there reconquered, the Requonquista, Iberia driving out the mud muslims and their jewish enables

    Maybe Western whites need to do the same this time in Eastern Europe. Hungarians btw look more Western than most East Europeans do.

    • Hungarians aren’t Eastern European. They are Central European and have much more in common with German speaking Europe than the Slavic East due to the legacy of the Habsburg Empire.

      • Yes they will tell you they are Central Europeans. I was using the common reference in the West of placing everyone who was trapped in communist countries in the East. Czechs throw a fit if you call them Eastern Europe. Sweden is geographically farther East in fact.

      • You are conflating geographic terms with ethnic ones. No good. No such thing as eastern, central, northern, southern or western european ethnicity.

        • I’m merely discussing the Central European culture.

          Genetic research shows that most European populations are descended from the original human populations who moved in after the last Ice Age. Any “conquering” ethnicity, be it Magyars, Finns, Anglo Saxons, Celts, etc. did not wipe out the native population. They merely brought their language and culture into the new lands they occupied and bred with the native Europeans.

    • Hungarians are of Asiatic origin and their language is related to Turkish. The Asiatic Magyar tribes invaded Daco-Roman Transylvania in the tenth century. According to the Ricardus Chronicle they were pagans, but new scholarship has brought to light their connections with Judaism, through their Khazar allies.

      “Last May a massive two-volume history of Jewish Hungarians appeared. Géza Komoróczy, professor of Assyrian and Hebraic Studies at ELTE of Budapest, spent ten years on the
      research for this comprehensive 2,400-page study. Komoróczy talked about the beginnings of Hungarian Jewish history–and the beginnings of Hungarian history as a whole.

      The link between the two is the Khazar Empire, whose political elite converted to Judaism. It is known that the Hungarian tribes at one point were under the supremacy of the Khazars. It is possible that the Hungarian chieftains followed the Khazar religious example since they adopted many Khazar customs.

      One clue is that Hungary’s third king was a certain Aba Sámuel, most likely the nephew of St. Stephen. Scholars doubt that he followed the Jewish ritual, but it is likely that he came from a family in which the Judaic tradition was strong. Or there is King Salamon (1063-74), son of András I. That’s why Komoróczy jokingly said in the interview that if there was a Jew among the Hungarians who arrived in the Carpathian Basin it was Árpád himself.”

      “Whatever the case, let’s be satisfied with the likelihood that the Khazar influence on the early Hungarians also meant that high Hungarian officials converted to Judaism alongside the Khazars.”

      “After the fall of their kingdom, the Khazars gradually intermixed mainly with the Kipchak (Kuman)
      populations and lost their character of being a distinct people. Several ethnic groups of the Caucasus such as Karachays, Kumyks and Daghestani tribes have Khazars among their ancestors. The Kabars (a rebel Khazar tribe of whom many were also Jewish) emigrated to Hungary and were assimilated by their very closely kin-related Magyars.

      The Khazarian population in Hungary was in constant increase since the Hungarian Duke Taksony (4715-4730 / 955-970 c.e.) invited Khazar Jews to settle in his realm. On the other hand, Hungarian Jews promoted for a while the suggestion that they were themselves of Khazar rather than authentic Jewish origin, and hence legitimate Hungarians no less than the Magyars.** There were many converted Khazars among them, but the majority was of original Jewish stock. Undoubtedly, the most strongly Khazar element within Jews is present in Hungarian Jews, descendants of the last Khazars who fled into Hungary until the 14th century c.e., where they were received by their former vassals, the Magyar kings.”

        • The origins are debatable at best. They have no actual idea where they came from. That is one theory while there are theories that they are related to etruscans and sumerians.

          • It’s a large amalagram of people, yes. Eastern/Central Europe has been a crossroads for its entire existence so there’s chunks of just about everything. Large numbers of Huns stayed around the area after the sack of Rome for example, and some say Hungary came of that, and language has significant remnants of that.
            Celtic, Nordic, Slavic, Germanic, Greco-Roman, etc. have all poured across.
            Personally I don’t really care where all the parts of Hungary hail from: they’re European as far as anyone cares and they’re fighting for the Fatherland.

          • Yes.

            “Hungarian language, Hungarian Magyar, member of the Finno-Ugric group of the Uralic language family, spoken primarily in Hungary but also in Slovakia, Romania, and Yugoslavia, as well as in scattered groups elsewhere in the world. Hungarian belongs to the Ugric branch of Finno-Ugric, along with the Ob-Ugric languages, Mansi and Khanty, spoken in western Siberia.”


          • This is like saying German people are pakis because Sanskrit and German languages are related. Fuck off.

          • Bro, if Hungarians are Asiatics because their language is then so are the rest of Europeans because Indo-European languages are also Asiatic in origin. The Aryans were from Persia. The Magyars were related to the Scythian just north of Persia.

          • Hungarian language is not Indo-European, but Indo-Uralic (a.k.a. Asiatic).
            Herodotus wrote a lot about the Scythians but never mentioned the “magyars”. The idea that they are related is just a pathetic attempt at falsifying history.

          • You completely missed the point. I didn’t say Hungarian is Indo-European. I said Hungarian is as Asiatic as Indo-European is because they both originate from central Asia. Indo-Europeans trace their origins to Persia/India. The fact that you’re attempting to single Hungarians out based on this (while ignoring the Asian origins of every other European language) suggests you have an agenda here. Given what the article is about it’s obvious your agenda is to try to lower morale with divide and conquer shilling. I’ve been around these communities long enough to know that whenever Hungary is in the news there’s always some faggot who comes out of nowhere to attempt to educate people on how Hungarians are not actually white using questionable pseudo-evidence or debunked theories. There is absolutely no reason to do this whatsoever other than to be a divide and conquer shill.

          • You have not been able to refute any of my well documented comments. Appeals to feelings are the weapons of the leftists when they have no arguments.

          • Nice deflection. Calling you out for using shill tactics is not appealing to emotion, though. Now fuck off JIDF scum.

          • There are videos on youtube showing asian looking Scandinavians and Germans as well. Guess all of Europe are really Chinese then.

          • Again I have been there. They do NOT look Asian. You have to go much farther East to find whites with some Asiatic features.

          • On the contrary – as the video clearly shows, a lot of Hungarians have retained the Mongoloid features of their ancestors, especially the narrow eyes and wide face, even when they have blond hair.
            The guy at 2:35 in the first video is exactly how the average Hungarian male looks. And yes, I have been there too.
            Their language is the only European language which is not actually European, but Asiatic – that is a scholarly consensus.

          • Wrong. Estonian and Finnish are related. And Basque is also not Indo European.

            And wrong on the looks.

            Seems you’ve got a bone to pick.

          • You’re totally full of shit and it’s obvious now that you’re merely a griefer troll. Fuck off.

      • Nice divide and conquer shilling. Really annoying how it’s impossible to ever mention Hungary without some faggot piping up about how Hungarians are basically Chinese people or whatever. DNA evidence shows Hungarians are no different than Czechs, Croats, Slovaks, etc. and the language being Asiatic is a theory from the 1800s based on little real evidence and mostly just guesswork and hypothesizing.

        • Genetics and history are the most manipulated sciences of today. It’s the fashion for invaders to manufacture a fake past for themselves.

          There is absolute consensus among linguists that the Hungarian language is of Asiatic origin (from the old tribes of Western Siberia). That cannot be hidden. Yet.

          • 1. There is no absolute consensus on the origins of the Hungarian language. Anyone who knows anything about this topic knows that nobody really knows exactly where it’s from. The Finno-Ugric theory is entirely based on merely some words appearing to be similar to some words in Ugric languages. However, the Hungarian language also has thousands of words and a grammar structure similar to ancient Sumerian. This has lead other scholars to speculate if Hungarian is related to Sumerian or if it’s just some ancient proto-European language from before the arrival of the Indo-Europeans. In any case there is no consensus and only theories and speculations based on vague clues and zero concrete evidence.

            2. Very convenient to suddenly completely dismiss all of DNA science because it disagrees with you. Suddenly DNA science is totally unreliable when it shows that Hungarians have no Asiatic admixture, huh? What proof do you offer to suggest any of this? Who the fuck would have a motive to give a shit about Hungarian DNA and to fabricate its origins? Especially in today’s hyper-leftist multicult world if anything there is an incentive to suggest Hungarians are Asians so as to bolster claims that Europe was always multicultural and that we should open our borders.

          • “Hungarian (Magyar) is a member of the Uralic language family. It is the largest of the Uralic languages in terms of the number of speakers and the only one spoken in Central Europe. Its closest relatives are Khanty and Mansi, minority languages of Russia, spoken 2,000 miles away, east of the Ural mountains in northwestern Siberia.
            Linguists believe that the ancestors of modern Hungarians first migrated westward from the eastern slopes of the Ural mountains into the steppes of southern Russia in the 4th-6th centuries, and eventually moved further westward into the Danube basin west of the Carpathian Mountains in the 9th century.”

            “Hungarian is an Ugric language with about 15 million speakers in Hungary (Magyarország), Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and Slovakia. There are also many people of Hungarian origin in the UK and other European countries, the USA, Canada and Australia.
            Hungarian is a highly inflected language in which nouns can have up
            to 238 possible forms. It is related to Mansi, an Ob-Ugric language
            with about 4,000 speakers who live in the eastern Urals, and Khanty
            or Ostyak, the other Ob-Ugric language which is spoken by about 15,000 people in the Ob valley of western Siberia.”

            The curious case of Hungarian: Europe’s most complex language?

            “Hungary might sit in Europe’s geographical heart, but its language bears little resemblance to its Indo-European neighbours. Originating from the Ugric subgroup from the Uralic group of languages, Hungarian, along with its far-flung distant cousins Finnish and Estonian, has little in common with other European languages. It’s an agglutinative language, in which complex words are made up of countless grammar prefixes and suffixes that serve very specific functions within each word, sometimes allowing a single word to translate into English (or related languages) as a relatively long sentence. Being such a lawless language for most Europeans, Hungarian is said to be one of the hardest languages to learn.

            Making its way to Europe, Hungarian became a language moulded by its migration. Hungarian acquired many words with Iranian, Turkic, and Caucasian origin offering a linguistic breadcrumb trail towards its
            roots in the Urals. Later it also became influenced by its European
            neighbours, with words being picked up from languages from the Slavic, Latin, and Germanic families, and even its Turkish influences could be traced to the Ottoman occupation of the country which lasted for almost 200 years.
            But while there may be the odd identifiable German or Slavic word,
            the language is still virtually indecipherable to its neighbours. Even
            though the language evolved over time, its grammar and phonology stays loyal to its Uralic origin. One of the greatest challenges for
            non-Hungarian speakers are its pronunciation, where you have three
            groups of vowels (totalling about 14 vowels) and groups of consonants clustered together, some of which make unique sounds, such as Ny (/ɲ/ – think the ñ in Spanish), Sz (/s/ – that’s a normal S to most of us), S (/ʃ/ – which sounds like Sh), Dzs (/dʒ/ – that takes on a J sound), or Gy (/ɟ/.”


          • Um, all you did was repost about someone talking about the Ugric theory. They have no concrete evidence. As I said (and as your post shows) all they can point to are some words looking or sounding similar. And as I also said you can do the same with Hungarian and Sumerian. In fact, there are more similarities between Hungarian and Sumerian than between Hungarian and Ugric languages. To conclude that Hungarian is Ugric because of similar words is idiotic because Hungarian also has a ton of influence from Slavic and Romance languages as well.

            Why don’t you instead come up with a serious, credible argument that actually has evidence as to why the DNA evidence that illustrates that Hungarians are as white as any proper Europeans are is somehow wrong.



          • Uh, did you even read your own links? None of them have any evidence either. The first one straight up offers nothing, and the other two merely take for granted that the Finno-Ugric theory is true and then just present that as what some scholars believe. Using the same model of hypothesizing that the Finno-Ugric theory offers one can just as easily claim the Hungarian language is related to either the Etruscans or the Sumerians. There is no consensus and there is no rock-solid evidence. Only theories and speculation. The Finno-Ugric theory merely happens to be the most popular that is repeated everywhere.

            Why don’t you try to explain with evidence why, if Hungarians are asians/turks, that they have zero asiatic admixture and are genetically near identical to Czechs, Slovaks, Slovenes, Croats, Austrians, etc.?

          • You compare the true scholarship shown in my links with your ridiculous hypothesis.
            “Zero Asiatic admixture” ? No kidding. They must have lost it along the steppes then.
            Genetics is a science completely controlled by the Jews; they even own all the DNA analysis labs. All in preparation for the big Tower of Babel mixing of nations.
            But you believe their analyses, of course.
            Some people are really pathetic – they have not been able to find one decent leader among them, so they have to resort to worshipping recycled Communists turned billionaire Capitalists.

          • Dude, read your links. Two blogposts that just take for granted the Finno-Ugric theory is true and then just talk about it vaguely is not “true scholarship”.

            Also, give me actual credible evidence that DNA science is untrustworthy. If it’s all a Jew conspiracy then give me actual credible evidence where Jews were shown tampering with DNA for some agenda. You’ll also have to provide a credible motive as to why Jews would want to obscure Hungarians’ alleged asian ancestry or whatever. As I said before if anything the multicultists have an incentive to do the exact opposite because if you can prove that there is asian DNA in Europe then it bolsters the multiculti agenda of open borders asian immigration.

            Nothing in your series of posts makes any sense and it’s obvious from your overall tone and style that you’re not from around here. It doesn’t make any sense for a pro-European to shill this incredibly hard against Hungary with your theories and debunked pseudo evidence.

          • You did not “debunk” anything. You just pretend you did.
            And since when the Jewish conspiracy is not credible any more ? It’s what the Alt-Right is based on.

          • No sincere critic of Jewish behavior would describe his views as “the Jewish conspiracy.”

            Hungarians are obviously European. Only a lunatic or troll would bother questioning it.

          • Just on looks definately White European. More so than many other countries in the area.

      • Well I’ve been to Hungary and they are definately not Turkish. As white as any white nation. So not true.

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