Our Struggle Is A Spiritual Struggle

Stephen McNallen, of the Asatru Folk Assembly, weighs in about the spiritual nature of the struggle that Europeans face.

Stephen McNallen
The Asatru Folk Assembly, or AFA, an organization of Germanic neopaganism, is a US-headquartered, but international folkish Ásatrú organization, with chapters worldwide, founded by Stephen A. McNallen in 1994.


  • honoring the ancestors is fully congruent with Eastern Orthodox Christianity, where those who have fallen asleep in the Lord are remembered for 40 days after their death and then yearly with a Panikhida (service of prayer for the dead). Of course, we remember them forever, visiting their graves with flowers (while commanded no where in the Scriptures) is proacticed universally; this speaks to the deep visceral need to commune with the departed. While Orthodox Christianity is not racially propagated, of course, as the Christian message of salvation is not race-dependent, it is telling that early Christianity and Orthodoxy to this day were by definition defenders of “tribes and nations” as constituents of the Holy Faith: each tribe needed the gospel and scriptures in their own tongue, and they needed their own (racially and culturally) bishops and priests. And note that the great commission is to go unto all the nations of the earth; if we are all blended into a single consumer racial blur, then there’s no point in relishing and celebrating the different cultures & nations of the Faith and certainly no point in seeking to preach to all nations.

    • NOTE: the response above is given *in support* of McNallen’s arguments. Essentially primitive/ Orthodox Christianity and Asatru both agree on several spiritually profound truths. So, this is at least one area of common ground that we can celebrate together.

  • If you embrace paganism as a way of “rejecting leftism”, it won’t work. You will, as a matter of fact, end up spending quite a long time around leftists . . .

    Honestly I’m not sure what’s sadder, the fact that there are people out there practicing “Asatru”, or the fact that there are people other than stupid teenagers doing so.

  • It is important for us to escape the trap of the middle-eastern religions and return to true spirituality

  • UPDATE ON COMMENTS: Here’s a synopsis: Stephen McNallen (who I don’t know) wrote a column about what he believes Whites should do to survive and thrive (my two words, there), and I praised his column.

    Then, crawling out from under their rocks came these two characters (maybe actually one little boy, though) calling themselves/himself craicher and Alex Harris. These two then started attacking McNallen’s and my views with many personal attacks while trying to push their twisted religious beliefs on the rest of us.

    So, remember this is how this started: McNallen wrote a column. I praised the column. Then craicher and Alex Harris started with the insults and the fuck this and fuck that baby talk–in the way sissy boys try to talk tough.

    Such tiny brained bigots give awakened Whites a bad name. They make us seem like slack jawed, knuckle draggers.

    Now, these two, craicher and Alex Harris, are chiming in almost in unison that I must be a Jew because I don’t accept their fairy tale religion. In truth, I’m not Jewish and my family history and 23 and me results show that I am completely White European. I was born into a Christian family that has always been Christian, but I left that religion in my teens as it seemed so wrong and so lacking in reason.

    Now, I believe in Whiteness and I could tell you much more about this, but this is not the place and this post is already overlong.

    • I never called you a jew though I think you unwittingly do their bidding. Nice grab for attention. I see the victimology,aggreived minority mentality coming through. Us white men are not aggreived minorities. If you are so white and so proud then stop with the victim game.

  • You are weak, all of you.. you follow a President that had sex with 13 & 14 years old sex slaves that were Russian controlled A ass that said quote: If your rich like me, you are a loser & a waste of life.. that’s you and me….. Putin Is the Russian Mob Brotherhood leader, President Pedophile has many Hotels in other countries with secret closed off areas enforced by Russian Mobsters selling little girls & boys, South Korea was one, look what happened to their President.. Smart up Trump has Loans for 280 million from Goldman Sachs, 400 million loan with China & 290 million with Russia/Putin via Deutsche Bank/ via Mr. Sater & Mr. Tervik Arif, both Putin controlled agents/mobsters.. learn your facts Trump is selling all of us out..

  • As you read the many back and forth answers below about which beliefs are good for Whites and which are not–and this mostly involves some who promote Christianity against all others–I would suggest you can cut through the confusion by asking this simple question of those promoting Christianity (or any other position, for that matter): “If you have the choice of rescuing 10 drowning Christian Black people or 1 drowning Pagan White person, but you can’t rescue both, who do you choose to rescue?”

    If you choose to rescue the 10 Christian Blacks, then you have admitted that you put Christianity, or an idea of a universal human kind above Whiteness. To me, the correct answer is that you must rescue the White person. And, this is so even if you don’t even like that particular White person. Why? Because each White person carries within his or her body, whole potential White civilizations and if that person lives, he or she may have children who are good for Whites.

    • The White.You are wrong. Most white Christians put fellow whites first. Why do you think they flee the diverse neighborhoods?

      To repeat, we don’t need roll playing religions to divide us. Thanks again.

    • I guess you think that this particular scenario is clever, because you’ve regurgitated it in several comments. — Well, it’s not clever. — It’s sophistry.

      It’s also hilarious that every Christian who has responded to it has said “Save the White pagan”. — That must be very frustrating for you as it annihilates your argument.

      And your insistence that saving the drowning White man instead of the Blacks will always be the choice that’s “good for Whites” just reveals the shallowness of your thought-process.

      Hitler fought alongside a coalition of non-Whites against several entire Nations of Whites. He recognized that Germany winning the war was, in the long run, “good for Whites”.

      In fact, practically everyone in the Alt-Right, Christian or pagan, believes that Germany defeating the White Nations of America and Britain would have been “good for Whites”. — Even if it meant that Hitler’s coalition of non-Whites would be killing White men.

      So, Adolf Hitler, himself, would have saved 10, drowning, Black NS soldiers instead of one, White Soviet.

      You should really stop repeating your drowning scenario comment that you seem to think is some kind of anti-Christian, “gotcha!” question. — You’re only making yourself look foolish. — We’re laughing at you.

      Calculating what’s “good for Whites” takes much more intellectual ability than you seem to possess.

      • Such a tiny brain reply. About what a none too bright high school freshman might write. No substance, just an attempt at further insults. Silly little ((( ))). We see you.

          • OK, this thread has now reached reductio ad bagelum. “You’re a jew!” “No, you’re a jew!”

            Time to call it quits.

          • I’m glad that you finally agree with my assessment of Evolver1 after a few more interactions with him, though.

          • Which is why the alt right is destined to be nothing more than a tiny footnote in the encyclopedia of failed political movements. Idiots wasting time name calling and divided more than ever. If anyone disagrees with you, you just call them a “cuck”. Just infantile garbage that preteens would utter. I mean seriously going back to paganism? Why?

          • “Cuckservative” clearly helped Trump come to power and marginalize the RINO’S and Neocons. Words, including seemingly silly epithets, can be very effective. Look at how much damage our enemies have done with words like “racist” and “homophobe”.

            If you believe the Alt Right or some future mutation of it is destined for failure, then please, go crawl off and find a hole to die in somewhere.

    • Isn’t the right answer to your hypothetical: “rescue 10 blacks, because saving 10 human beings does more good than saving 1 human being”?

      How can whiteness alone be of sufficient moral weight such that a white life is more important than 10 black lives?

      I mean, I am just using your hypothetical here. If there were, say, an actual war between blacks and whites; and, if you were on the side of the whites; then, ok, I would say you have to choose to rescue someone on your side, even if it means sacrificing 10 of the other side.

      So I think the fundamental problem with your hypothetical is the implication that the situation reflects an actual state of war between blacks and whites which does not, at the moment, exist. You can’t just say that, as you may assume, that there are different group interests which diverge between blacks and whites, that therefore, you being in one group are morally justified in treating members of the other group as if you were at war.

  • Nice video. Unfortunately, we have too many among us who don’t understand what McNallen is really saying. And, this may be because he uses some of our ancient myths as a jumping off point to teach these deeper truths. This is not a ding against what he is saying, and he shouldn’t change a thing, but I am explaining why some on here wrongly focus on secondary aspects of what he is saying. So, what do I hear him saying? The same thing that many of us who are awakened Whites say but in different terms and in different contexts: We are the White people on this dark planet. We put Whiteness above all else. We are White links in an unbroken White chain going back many thousands of years and we are White thanks to the proper mating of the ancestors in our family lines. Who can disagree with this and still claim to be for Whites before all else?

    • Totally agree. Maybe those running this site should simply not put these divisive issues on here. We will never agree and it causes infighting. I think pagans or Christians for that matter should publish spiritual issues on spiritual sites. It goes with my Perrinialist belief that the function of state secular power should be seperate and superior to ecclesiastical power. Maybe they should consider this as this is a secular movement.

      • I think elevating the secular authority above the spiritual might have been one of our biggest mistakes. I’m not quite sure that I’m arguing for theocracy here, but the “higher power” has to be the highest power and authority.

        • If every White Nation was governed by an actual, Biblical, Christian theocracy, everyone in the Alt-right would have 99% of the perfect future that they envision. — And they’d all declare victory.

          • Most likely. I still stop short of calling for open theocracy. But the sacred must be restored to the highest place of honor in our society.

          • Ok, yes. I understand the different roles. But as an example, it is very bad for our culture to have the tallest buildings in any city being the bank building. It is a symbolic and very significant display of power. Somehow, we must re-center our society around the sacred, not the financial, and not simply the secular power of the state. We don’t want the bank as god, nor the state as god.

          • Very true. They are temples of money/materialism. Secular was the wrong word. Of course the leader should not rule over a secular/materialist society but a spiritual one. He though should be of the warrior caste not the religious. And certianly not of the lowest merchantile/trader caste. Our nations and peoples have an illustrious history with this. It was only the subversion of the god given order of man (meaning White man) by the lowest order of merchants and money lenders, read capitalism, that we came to be ruled by an inferior type of man and came to have this empty souless mateilaistic world we inherited. That may sound pessimistic, but armed with that knowledge we can reclaim what was lost.

        • In a Tradional World the highest power lies in the warrior caste with a Warrior King as its head. The religious authority/caste is below the warrior caste. This is the original Aryan society that all of our societies grew from. Deep down we know this. Its in our blood. The Jews and Arabs have a different impulse. The religious authority being supreme. Any attempt to restore a healthy white nation must understand this. The NS of Germany did. Putin in Russia appears to. Alexander Dugin certainly does.

          It reminds me of my dad who goes into fits when he sees a religious leader make a political statement about some liberal cause. He hasn’t read what I have but he know instinctually that these people have no business or even right ti speak on political matters. In fact I believe it should be illegal. Their’s is the spiritual reahlm.

          Give unto Ceasar what is Ceasars. In other words stay thd fuck out of politics. Put it in law!

  • Is there something inside white people that urges them to fight against racial brothers because of religion?

    The enemy is not your brother who worships Odin or Jesus, the enemy is the racial enemy who is destroying our race and our civilization. Focus your energy fighting the enemy and not picking stupid internet fights against brothers.

    • The main problem is that though the pagans are playing the tolerant minority, they are not. They are motivated by a hatred of Christianity that they falsly believe destroyed their pagan paradise, which of course never existed. They will accuse Christianity of being the cause of every evil in the world. If pagans ever were to rule one of our nations ( which is laughable) and could get their way every vestige of the hated “desert” religion would be wiped out.

      Our movement simply has no place for aggreived minorities in it. If you are a homo stay in the shadows where you belong. If you are a pagan do your rituals quietly and leave it out of this. We are strong, unite, honorable peoples not rainbow nation whiners.

      • You need to learn respect for non-Jewish Whites who may not share your belief in worshiping a dead Jewish Rabbi. Your choice of words and expressions are bigoted and small minded. If you are truly White, try to be White and try to respect other Whites. Some of us have adopted a personal policy of not criticizing other Whites who are truly White and who put Whiteness above all else. We don’t much care about secondary things such as the particulars of their belief systems so long as these secondary things do not trump their core value of putting Whiteness before all else. We ask of everything: Is this good for Whites? And, when I ask this about what McNallen says, I conclude that yes, it is good for Whites.

        • Forming a divisive cult is good for whites? The message is good just not the step if forming a minority religion within our ranks.

          • Whites need a spiritual awakening en masse. Christianity can’t do that any more. The days when Christianity and White were almost synonyms are gone. Christianity has become a religion of what’s happening now. Almost anything in the Bible that seems to contradict the current trends are simply ignored by most Christians (there are exceptions but they seem very few in number). Take homosexuality. The Bible teaches that homosexuals should be killed. Now, many Christians are even making homosexuals their church leaders. Those who try to prop up a dying Christianity by going against the tide of the what’s happening now folks are on the losing side of history.

          • “Whites need a spiritual awakening en masse. Christianity can’t do that any more”

            Funny, but Christ is, in part, exactly what did it for me. Watching the whole “global economic crisis” and banker bailout fiasco in 2008, then simply reading one little quote about Christ expelling the money changers. Suddenly, I could see the repeating patterns of history. I also read Mein Kampf around that time, which added to my awakening.

            “Now, many Christians are even making homosexuals their church leaders.”

            Those are called apostates, if I’m not mistaken. Yes, the keepers of the true faith are outnumbered, but in the end, the apostates will come to ruin.

          • “Almost anything in the Bible that seems to contradict the current trends
            are simply ignored by most Christians (there are exceptions but they
            seem very few in number). Take homosexuality. The Bible teaches that
            homosexuals should be killed. Now, many Christians are even making
            homosexuals their church leaders.”

            Umm. — You just made the case that a revival of Biblical Christianity would restore the White, Western world.

            Even you foaming-at the-mouth anti-Christs actually know the truth.

            You only pretend not to because of your snarling hatred of Christ and Christianity.

          • Nope, I was pointing out how when you start with a false premise, things eventually fall apart. Say, do you advocate killing homosexuals or do you pretend those parts of the Bible aren’t there?

          • I advocate swift and merciless execution of pedophiles, after a fair and speedy trial. Homosexuals back in the closet, no adopting children, no public displays of their perversion, no bogus snowflake “identities”. Bugger each other in private if you like, and risk hell.

          • same here. And once the pedos were dealt with the number of homos would drop drastically as that is how they reproduce. Like a vampire turns its victim with a bite, the homos grow their population by molesting boys who become homos. Kill those evil bastards.

          • “I was pointing out how when you start with a false premise, things eventually fall apart.”


            No you weren’t.

            You clearly implied that the Bible started with a correct premise, and that Christians had drifted away from it.

            You’ve already proven that you constantly attempt to re-write history.

            Now you’re attempting to re-write your own comments.

            You’re really bad at this, Chaim.

            We’ve definitely passed “peak-Jew”.

          • You clearly never lived somewhere like Eastern Europe or the American South. Two places where Christian morality is not completely wiped out. I would say most Chistians in said places do not agree with the pc agenda at all. Even most Catholics consider the Pope to be an anti-pope. I would venture to say you live in a post-Christian place. Possibly the Pacific North West or Scandinvia?

          • “You clearly never lived somewhere like Eastern Europe or the American
            South. Two places where Christian morality is not completely wiped out.”

            I live in the American South.

            And I completely agree with you that a huge percentage of Christians still follow what the Bible actually says and not what some leftist, milquetoast, TV pastor says.

            Maybe your response to my comment was because I started my comment by quoting Evolver1, who was attacking Christianity. — Those are his words. Not mine.

            The majority of the Alt-Right are Christians. — I’m one of them.

          • I don’t “hate Christ.” I just think he doesn’t matter.

            Christianity never made sense any way, even given its own assumptions. Christian theology states explicitly that god’s creatures can rebel against him, starting with Satan in heaven, and then Adam & Eve on earth. What keeps that from happening again and again?

            For all we know, for example, some Christian reading my post has drawn the short straw in the next stage of god’s plan where god had destined him to rebel against him in heaven and become the new Satan.

          • I suppose it hasn’t occurred to you, but your choice to not engage in even a cursory level of inquiry into a subject doesn’t say anything about the subject, but only about yourself.

        • And should I learn to respect Whites that join Scientology? If your religion is bunk and divisive to boot, I think I don’t need to respect. If I knew you zi could respect you but not your religion.

          • And, if YOUR religion is bunk and divisive to boot (as is Christianity) then awakened Whites should not respect it. However, and speaking just for myself, I seldom criticize anyone’s religion—except when they go out of their way to criticize or denigrate or posit ideas that are harmful to Whites. And, Christianity–a Jewish sect–is inherently harmful to Whites.

      • You really like to mud the waters eh? you are either a) a religious nut or b) a paid troll/shill.

  • Why is AltRight Dot com pushing this new-age-infused, pagan LARPer propaganda?

    Advanced, White, Western Civilization is Christendom.

    We’re not going to conquer the stars by devolving back into bark-eating, bonfire-dancing, ancestor-worshiping, baby-sacrificing, barbaric pagans.

    Don’t let AltRight Dot com turn into Renegade Broadcasting — or it will become the joke of the Alt-Right.

    • I think Christianity and European Paganism can live comfortably side-by-side. Both have obviously influenced the other, and their cohabitance serves to give our Peoples a needed variety of traditional and spiritual paths to their disposal. To think that all members and different parts of a Nation would like to only have a single choice of religion/world-view, is the true LARPing here. That didn’t even go down well in N.S. Germany. To think it would be feasible in a World were any religion and World-view is readily accessible as it is today, is ignorant. What ultimately binds us together, is history and blood.

      • Most peoples throughout history only had one religion. Paganism is already incorporated into Traditional Christianity so we have no need for paganism. People like Mr McNallen could say a prayer for Thor since he believes him to be a flesh and blood ancestor (and he very well likely is) in church when he worships the true god who is not anthropomorphic. The church would be happy to pray for the souls of long dead pagans.

        But if Mr McNallen insist on claiming that his ancestor is a god. Good old fashioned electro shock therapy should cure him.

        • I don’t think the idea of deity can be directly translated between Christianity and Paganism. And I don’t think Pagans in pre-historic times actually believed in deities in a personified form. The Gods are merely symbols of the different forces of nature and of our folk soul, utilized as tools to explain and invoke our true being.

          • You would need to study the vedic literature for a good pagan aryan source. They conceived of god, brahma. So not only do they havd the anthroporphic cartoonish gods, who represent functions in society such war ir fertility just as l the other Indo Europeans religions but they also have God God.

            I’m not sure why McNallen cherry picks the Nordic gods. Why not Roman or Greek? We know a lot more about them. Why not draw from the Vedas? Can we not get over this Nordicist crap? It’s a dumb skinhead leftover.

            I would like to add that before Christianity the Romans conceived of god. And that they bemoaned the childishness of the anthropomorphized gods. Visiting a Toaist or Buhhdist temple in Asia will really drive it home how fake these gods are. If is in your face fake as fuck.

          • Are the Vedas accessible in any translation or form that can be guaranteed free from the taint of thousands of years of brown “stewardship”? I think we’d be a lot safer sticking to Christianity and the various European Pagan traditions.

        • Your “true god,” is not that at all. He is a dead Jewish Rabbi, who like many Jews in the modern world write self-help books and hold seminars to gain money and prestige from easily suggestible people who are also often the fodder tor stage hypnotists.

          • Obviously are very ignorant of Christianity. Jesus is not god. I mean get some basics before you type. Your words drip with the pagan hatred that I mentioned. Don’t hide. Don’t lie. You know it is true.

          • Traditional Christianity and most present day Christian churches hold that Jesus is one of the three persons in God and is God.

          • Wrong. God is thr father and is non anthropomorphic and not even male or female though called the father.

          • Jews put great emphasis on learning, and in learning, they try to understand the world around them. That’s something that more of us Whites should also do. Then, we might be rid of those who blindly believe that bumps in the night are angels or demons.

          • “Jews certainly played a huge role in developing modern psychotherapy.”

            A huge role?!!

            Jews invented it entirely.

          • ” He is a dead Jewish Rabbi, who like many Jews in the modern world write self-help books and hold seminars to gain money”

            How brain-dead are you? Christ threw the money changers out of the temple. His second most significant act, after paying for the sins of the world. And I guarantee you, that little detail of history is a huge part of the reason that jews would like us to forget about Christ.

          • Sure, just side-step the part about the money changers.

            Anyway, on the topic of sin, it is definitely a real phenomenon that we must deal with. Nearly everyone on the Alt-Right agrees we must shun “degeneracy”. Degeneracy/sin, tomato/tomoto…

          • Jesus was a Jew who was trying to correct some things in Judaism that he thought were wrong. Money changers in the temple was one of those things.

            But, do tell us about sin. We’re all sinners, right? Is that your position? And, we all were born sinful because of Adam and Eve?

          • Sin and repentance are very real. I’ve experienced both in my life, and seen the different fruits each bear. I don’t need to lean on the Bible for my understanding of sin. I’ve lived it.

          • “Ah, he paid for the sins of the world. What rubbish and childish twaddle.”

            — Said every Jew for the last 2000 years

            Your Hasbara isn’t going to work here, Chaim.

            You’ll have better luck at the Daily Forward comment-section.

          • Funny. No Jews in my line as far as anyone in my family knows and this is confirmed by my 23 and me report that shows I’m 100% European without even a trace of Jewish blood. I suspect your family line is not as White. Go take a 23 and me test, my guess from the way you comment is that you will find a few Jews in the woodpile not to many generations back.

          • Oh, so now you’re claiming that you’re a traitorous, shabbos-cuck and not a Jew.

            That changes nothing, Chaim.

            “If I had but one bullet and were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it.”
            — Corneliu Codreanu

          • I, for one, am not interested in giving my DNA to any (((corporations))). God knows what they might do with it.

        • ” the true god who is not anthropomorphic”

          I find it hard to envision God as anthropomorphic, but doesn’t that fly in the face of “God made man in his image”?

          • I’m not a theologian. That ia what they say in the Orthodox Tradition. I’m a Catholic but I no longer pay attention to their authority. The church has been corrupted since Vatican I.

            I leave those questions to Biblical scholars and clergy. It takes a lifetime of study, prayer and reflection to know these things. In the same way I leace astrophysics to the scientists.

      • Christianity is harmful to Whites. It is a Jewish sect. However, like all religions it has some values that are good and some that are bad. And, while one may decide to take a cafeteria approach to Christianity and deny the bad and only look at the good, this is ultimately a poor approach for Whites who want Whites to survive and thrive because at its heart Christianity is Jewish. This simply can’t be denied–Jesus was Jewish and the “holy books” used by Jews and Christians are essentially the same in the message with some minor differences.

          • I know much about Christianity. I was born into it. I left it because it is not based on reason or science and, in fact, is just the opposite. It’s a very silly cult and one that worships a dead Jew.

        • “Christianity is harmful to Whites.”

          You’re a moron. — The scientific revolution sprang out of Reformation Europe. — Only White, Christian men have walked on the Moon.

          You, obviously, know absolutely nothing about Christianity.

          Practically every great man, throughout the history of Western Civilization, has been a Christian.

          But you, an Internet-Atheist™ of the most Marxist-brainwashed generation that has ever existed, are the “enlightened” one. — Pathetic.

          I hate to break it to you, but our Christian ancestors who built Western Civilization, and conquered the world, were more intelligent and more enlightened than you.

          It was Christians who expelled the Jews from their Christian Nations 107 of the 109 times that Jews have been expelled — until corrupt leaders were bribed to allow the Jews back in. Christianity has always acted as the bulwark against total Jewish subversion of White Nations.

          And it was only after Jews infiltrated, subverted, and weakened Christianity, over the past 100 years, that the Jews were able to take control of White Nations and push their degeneracy.

          It’s no coincidence that the watering-down of Christianity coincides perfectly with the rise of Jewish power and the corruption of the West.

          Anyone who thinks that we’ll be able to win the war against the Jews without Christianity is LARPing.

          For 2000 years, the goal of the Jews has been to destroy Christianity. Shabbos-cucks, like you, have been brainwashed into to doing their work for them.

          Good goy.

          • You conflate being White with being Christian. The people who brought in…let’s just call it the modern world for short…were White. Most were also Christian. And let me add, so that you may understand what follows, that most also ate meat.

            Their only relevant identity was White. The fact that they happened to be Christian and ate meat didn’t have much, if at all, with being great men and doing the things you have attributed to Christianity.

            In fact, it might be argued that they did what they did in spite of Christianity (consider, as one of many examples, the problems that Christians with their small mindedness caused Galileo) In other words you have posited a false cause fallacy.

          • Wow. — You’re like a caricature of the standard, brainwashed, (((cultural-Marxist))). You’ve all been convinced that your brainwashing is “enlightenment”.

            You responded to none of the historical facts that I presented because you can’t.

            Instead, you made the most ridiculous correlation/causation argument that I’ve ever heard. Eating meat.

            As I told you, the scientific revolution sprang out of Reformation Europe.

            The Reformation finally allowed everyone in Europe to read the Bible for themselves, instead of being told by some priest what it said. Those new Bible-readers with a scientific bent took note that the Bible always describes physical events in a particular pattern. It identifies the event; Then identifies the frame of reference or point of view; Then determines the initial conditions; Then describes the event; etc.

            These scientists then applied this pattern of examination to the natural world. It soon became known as the “scientific method”. And it was the foundation of the scientific revolution.

            Your meat-eating comment is ridiculous. White men have always eaten meat. We didn’t suddenly start eating it right before the Scientific Revolution.

            But your next comment is even more ridiculous. You try to foolishly use Galileo to argue that, on some alternate timeline, White civilization would have been more advanced without Christianity. “You know, dude. The multiverse. It could happen, man!”

            This comment makes me realize that you’ve probably entered White Nationalism through libertarianism. — The stench of pot smoke is overwhelming.

            And you’ve betrayed you cultural-Marxist indoctrination by appealing to the modern, Talmudically-twisted account of Galileo’s trial.

            Galileo’s trial wasn’t a fight between Galileo and those “nasty Christians who hate science”.

            Practically every scientific discipline was founded by a Christian.

            Galileo was a fervent Christian. — His trial was about who was allowed to interpret the Bible — all men, or just the recently-entrenched, self-anointed authorities of the Roman Catholic Church. — Galileo’s trial was directly related to the Reformation.

            Galileo essentially said: “Hey, you guys are totally misinterpreting this particular passage in the Bible.” And the church bureaucrats said: “How dare you question our authority!”

            Galileo’s trial was initiated by a bunch of Roman Catholic Church, political bureaucrats, who cared only about preserving their own power, and cared nothing about the Bible. And it was against Galileo, and every other Christian, who dared to read the Bible for themselves instead of having self-appointed, Catholic authorities tell them what the Bible said.

            Your stock comments perfectly represent the reason that most Alt-Right Christians see pagans and Internet Atheists™ as a danger to modern, White Civilization.

            You people are under the delusion that you’re Red-Pilled, even as you parrot your talking-points from the exact same (((sources))) that told you race and gender are just social-constructs.

          • I hoped if I used a simple example you might understand that your argument is specious, but apparently you didn’t understand as you continue to attribute the great things that Whites have accomplished, not to our genes but to Christianity. It’s as silly as believing the sun comes up because the rooster crows. And, of course you are wrong about Galileo. It was his pushing of the notion of heliocentrism that caused bigoted Christians (your intellectual forebears–although I do apologize to readers for my misuse of the term intellectual in your case), to cause him problems. Small minded, bigoted people like you with your belief in childish myths have been a plague on Whites for centuries.

          • “people like you with your belief in childish myths have been a plague on Whites for centuries.”

            You really must be Hasbara. Christians have been a plague on Whites for centuries. Just ignore the fact that all the crowning glories of White civilization were achieved by Christians under Christendom. Take your (((meds))) and it will all make sense.

          • Why, yes, you and craicher think alike. You may be the same person, in fact. You wrongly believe that Whites have accomplished much because of beliefs in unscientific myths and not because of White genes. How silly. Well, I’ll say it again, holding that position is as silly as thinking that Whites accomplished much because they ate meat. False cause, false cause, false cause. Maybe if you can get into college you can take a course on logic and try to straighten out your twisted mind. Or, perhaps you just need to be deprogrammed from your unscientific and child like views of reality. By the way, evolution is real and the world wasn’t created in six days, and the earth isn’t the center of the solar system.

          • White genes are not saving our race from the shroud of false information being promulgated by jews. Even high-IQ, successful Whites are susceptible to certain forms of deception. Feed the brain false information, lead the behaviors and the body to destruction. Adopting alien faiths and cultures is one way to break down the psychological defenses as a precursor to weakening the body or blending out the race. Now, if Christianity could be considered one of these “alien faiths”, explain the 1500-2000 years of stunning White success under Christianity. A bit of a delayed effect for a jewish psyop, no? Oh, and pagan Greece also collapsed before Europe ever adopted Christianity. So I really can’t buy the argument that Christianity is the cause of our troubles.

            Damn, why am I replying to you again?

          • Hey Hasbara-Jew troll.

            You’re not fooling anyone.

            And you’re only making it worse for yourself.

            You’ll be to blame for the decision to machine-gun your evil tribesmen into pits.

          • Read my comments about my 23 and me report. Not Jewish at all. I suspect you may be, though.

          • Hasbara Jew confirmed.

            No White man lies this much. — Or froths at the mouth over Christianity this much.

            “Great masters of the lie!”
            — Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer on Jews

            “The Jews blaspheme and violate the name of our Savior day for day… for that reason you, Milords and men of authority, should not tolerate but expel them. They are our public enemies and incessantly blaspheme our Lord Jesus Christ, they call our Blessed Virgin Mary a harlot and her Holy Son a bastard… Therefore deal with them harshly as they do nothing but excruciatingly blaspheme our Lord Jesus Christ, trying to rob us of our lives, our health, our honor and belongings.”
            — Martin Luther

        • “It is a Jewish sect”

          Once again, look at the entire historical cultural output of European Man under Christendom. There has never been any culture more saturated by purity, dignity, innocence, moral restraint, beauty, and the like. NOTHING could be less jewish.

          • And, now, thanks to Christianity–to a large degree–we are being invaded by non-Whites and being replaced–exterminated. I don’t care about the “cultural output,” and other secondary things. Where are my genes in the cultural output? Where are my genes in the “moral restraint” the “innocence,” etc.? My genes are not there. My genes are in flesh and blood. I’ll take a White any day who breeds White like crazy and puts Whiteness above all else over sissified Whites who sniff about culture but who are dead enders because they don’t breed. If our flesh and blood is gone, our culture doesn’t matter at all. Give me bold Whites who understand the laws of nature that state to survive we must make more like ourselves. There is no other way. Culture is not White life. Only White life is White life.

          • “Where are my genes in the ‘moral restraint'”

            Do I need to hold your hand through this? Clearly, had we not lost our moral restraint, our dignity, and our purity, our genes would be propagating just fine.

            Post-modern Christianity is an abomination. It has been actively infiltrated and corrupted by jews, the state, and the money power. Most pastors are mammon-worshiping charlatans. Just because pirates have taken over the ship, doesn’t mean the ship itself is now bad or useless.

          • It certainly does feel that way, doesn’t it? I do believe you’re onto something. Mark his name down on the list.

      • “To think that all members and different parts of a Nation would like to only have a single choice of religion/world-view, is the true LARPing here.”

        The entirety of the White World was called “Christendom”, until (((certain people))) recently replaced the term with the term “Western Civilization”.

        For a thousand years, foreign races didn’t call us “White men” — they called us “Christians”.

        “That didn’t even go down well in N.S. Germany.”

        Gee. — Really?

        “We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of Christianity… in fact our movement is Christian.”
        — Adolf Hitler

        • And, if you understood even more–maybe you can read a book sometime–you’d realize that Hitler knew that the people of Germany needed this talk supporting Christianity. It was a politically good move and necessary. His real beliefs were different even though he was a nominal Catholic.

          • “Hitler knew that the people of Germany needed this talk supporting Christianity. It was a politically good move and necessary. His real beliefs were different”

            Well now you’ve outed yourself, Chaim.

            This is practically a word for word recitation of the Jewish, wartime propaganda against Hitler, intended to stir the White Christians of Europe and America into a righteous rage against Germany and Hitler.

            You’ve picked the wrong place to spread your Hasbara propaganda, Chaim.

            We deal with your ilk everyday.

            The defining characteristic of the Alt-Right is that we’re Jew-wise.

            We see you.

          • I wonder, would the nefarious powers behind the Allies have been able to rally their nations to war against Hitler if he had revitalized Germany under the sign of the Cross, instead of the Swastika? A seemingly minor detail that might have changed the entire course of human history. Maybe he figured he had too many atheistic/socialistic Germans on his hands for the Cross to be an effective rallying point?

          • Germany was a Christian nation. Very heavily Catholic. Hitler knew that as he was changing society, he had to stay within certain bounds, and downplaying the very strong sentiments of many other Germans that the nation needed a return to a belief system that was more Germanic wouldn’t be good politics at that time. But, at the same time, he didn’t do much to discourage those around him who were bringing in a more Germanic world view. Politics is like that. So called absolute power is not always absolute power. Sometimes you have to be subtle and change things a little at a time.

          • Gee, Evolver1.

            Thank you for channeling the inner thoughts of Adolph Hitler, which he never actually communicated to anyone, but which you seem to have divined through supernatural means.

            We’re all enlightened by your presence.

            Hasbara kike.

          • Hitler’s Germany was 98% Christian.

            And the swastika was seen as a Christian symbol.

            Hitler copied the swastika directly from a carving on the archway entrance of his church.

            The swastika is known as the “gammadion cross”. — It’s been used as a Christian symbol since early Christianity.

            The cross is composed of four Greek capitals of the letter “gamma”.

            “Gamma” is the third letter of the Greek alphabet, which is meant to represent the Trinity.

            And the gamma is repeated four times — representing the four Gospels of the Bible.

            Just as with everything else in our corrupted, Judaised society — the Jews have turned a symbol of good into something evil. — Just like they turned God’s covenant symbol of the rainbow into a symbol representing faggotry and perversion.

          • Huh. Interesting. Thanks. I didn’t know those details about the symbology of the swastika. I did notice that it echoes the cross with its four arms/quadrants. Both the Cross and the swastika seem to suggest order and rectitude. However, the bent/rotating arms of the swastika suggest a dynamic order, whereas the cross seems to suggest a more fixed, unchanging order.

          • I don’t play video games.

            My favorite pastime is hunting, and exposing, Hasbara-trolls. — Like you.

            Time to change your Disqus name, Chaim. — You’ve been caught.

          • So you like killing. Do you advocate killing homosexuals as called for in the Bible?

          • “Do you advocate killing homosexuals as called for in the Bible?”


            So you’d better escape to Israel while you can.

            Because most of you kikes are faggots.

            We’d have to oven you twice.

          • I once read a Swedish leftist writer who writes fantasy novels about the Middle Ages. Cant think of his name now. Anyway he claimed his research showed there was NO homosex in Medieval Sweden. The penalty was death and not one person was ever accused!

            By expanding the death penalty we could save much suffering and pain. Those already faggotized by the poisonous modern world could be given amnesty if they swore an oath not to practice their abominations.

      • Bark can be good for you. It’s where asprin and other natural remedies can be found. But you miss the point. How about animal sacrifice? Human sacrifice? You do know that your flying around in the sky gods called for blood? Read that arab who wrote of a viking burial. It involved gang rape and human and
        animal sacrificr. When the death angel old hag comes in to stab the poor girl….wow!

        • I’m not defending particulars of ancient European religions and what their adherents did centuries ago. In fact, I’m not even defending modern pagans. My beliefs are different, but I see in these things the essential elements that Whites should and must believe if we are to survive, prosper and thrive on this dark planet. And these essential elements all flow from the rock solid belief that we must believe in Whiteness before all else and that our lives must be lived to promote Whiteness. And, by Whiteness I mean, in brief everything and anything that increases the volume of the White genome. And, in practical terms that means, in part, that we need more White people in existence. We need to fill all lands to overflowing with White people so there in no room for other kinds.

    • Your factionalism is unappealing. I’ve known people who began their spiritual journey with paganism and ended up Christian.
      Ancient Christians didn’t have as much contempt for pagans as you do. They often got along well together, but you never hear about the fighting that didn’t happen, you only hear about the fighting that did happen. Nonetheless missions were accepted and gradually won over many populations through friendship.

  • I think a huge turning point in White racial consciousness will be the overcoming of religious differences. I believe it will eventually happen. Just look at the solidarity among black Americans. They don’t care if their brothers are Muslim or Jehovah’s Witnesses. We will get there when society is even more divided on racial lines. Just stay tuned.

    • You think to small, you look at people of color as the enemy, when President the Pedophile, is a Manchurian Candidate/President and sold all Americans for 1 billion dollars to Russia, China & Goldman Sachs (Jewish owned Investment corp.) lol

      The Elite rich have over 160 new built Privately owned prisons & Jails (Empty), Kick out the Mexicans, price of food goes up by 300%, followed by gas & all other items, Health Insurance will rise up to 600% 100s of millions will no FCA, only people with incomes of $150,000 a year (FREE) at tax payer’s expense.. then they can fill the Prisons, then on year 4 or 5 they will activate Agenda 21.. LOOK IT UP MY FRIEND THE ELITE RICH OUR THE ENEMY 100%

      • Can you afford a single orange at the price of $3, or chicken lbs breasts for $18 or more, gas will go up to $7 to $9 a gallon..

        before the insults this who I am: By the way both sides of my family has been here before United States was born one part Native American 1st/ Spanish 1649 California Hungarian only 70 years, MY Great Great Great Grandpa fought in the Civil War as a Texan, My Uncles & cousins fought in World war 1 & 2, Korea, Vietnam and all others after that.. We are as American as they come.. I served also and became a Delta Elite, Later worked as a co-op for CIA.. but was never in the CIA.

        Oh well insult away… Peace out

        • You could always take your govenment pension and move to Mexico where your part native/part Spanish people live. I hear the tacos are cheap.

          We did just fine in America before the invasions and we will do just fine again. Besides importing mecs to pick oranges doesn’t mean we have to give them welfare and citizenship. But I’m for a 100% pure White America so I am on principle even opposed to that. It’s a trojan horse, bringing in mud labor.

      • “Kick out the Mexicans, price of food goes up by 300%”

        Geez, Senor Escalante, that’s a little counter-intuitive if you ask me. Because before all the Mexicans showed up, the price of food was about 300% less than it is now. Most of that is due to the Federal Reserve and inflation, but some of it is due to overpopulation increasing demand, and some of it is due to shipping produce all over the world when it should be grown locally.

        And if the Mexicans leave, millions of American workers will now be able to fill the empty jobs. Wages will rise because the labor pool will shrink, thereby increasing the demand for labor. Taxes will go down substantially, because we won’t have Mexicans abusing our welfare, hospitals, public education and government services, nor taking up space in our prisons.

        “But Whites don’t want to do those jobs!!”


        President Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, used to pick blueberries in her youth. I have done many different jobs in my day, from waiting tables, to working in a bookstore, to construction, to digging ditches, to door-to-door sales, to shoveling a mountain of racoon sh*t out of a cramped attic in 95 degree weather. Fast food and landscaping jobs all used to be handled by WHITE teenagers, before they moved on to bigger and better things. Don’t give me this “Whites don’t want to work” nonsense. We built the best civilizations in the history of mankind in Europe, North America, and Australia, without help from anyone. Our nations were all over 90% White as recently as the mid 1960’s. We’ll get the trash taken out and the lawn mowed just fine without you. Thanks for being so concerned about our well-being though, that’s sweet of you.

        Now scoot on back to Mexico, real quick like. Mr. Trump is the nice guy. You don’t want to be around to meet his successor.

    • Yea, let’s get the French, the Irish, the Welsh and so on to celebrate the warlordism of the backwards, backwoods, savage Norse. Yay!

      Now come on all pagans, homos, spics and coons let’s all hold hands and sing “kumbaya my lord, kumbaya”

      • Pagans have a place in the alt-right. Their perspectives are valued and valid. Personally I’m a Trad-Catholic, but I respect Pagans and agree with the overall point McNallen is making here. Jewry has no power over the goyim when we aren’t buying what their selling and getting back in touch with our traditional spirituality is a good place to start.

      • You wouldn’t happen to live on a continent that just so happened to be explored by backwards, savage Norsemen 500 years before any Christian sailor boy set fot on its shores?

        • Funny you say that because they were Christians. Hilarious. Don’t you know Iceland was settled by Christians? And the allegorical tales you are woshipping were written by a Christian Snorri Sturelson.

          I am in no way opposed to honoring your ancestors. We did it well into the Christian era and some verstiges remain on days like Halloween.

          It the part about making it into a LARPing cult.

          • Iceland was settled by Norwegian pagans, after expelling the few Christian monks who came there before them. Greenland was, according to the Sagas, explored by the Norwegian Erik the Red, a pagan until his death, as the first European. Albeit his son, Leif, who supposedly was the first to lead an expedition into the North-American mainland, converted to Christianity in adulthood. That being said, these explorations were accomplished by building on hundreds of years of seafaring traditions developed and maintained by pagan Norsemen. Traditions and technology that weren’t surpassed in Europe until the 15th century… To even insinuate that these people were were “backwards and savage” is beyond retardation and idiocy.

          • How about human sacrifice? Is that backwards and savage enough for you. Read Evola on the Viking age. They had degenerated from a higher civilization into warlordism

            And they cherry pick the Viking Age? Very bizzare and I think I know why. Some men just like to fantasize about raping and pillaging and being a big bug and all that. The Celtic civilizations were said to be quite advanced. The Vikings less so. Though they were excellent ship builders and craftsmen.

            Compare those raping and pillaging brutes to the honorable knights, protector of the reahlm. It does not even come close.

            Imagine all the infighting once every tribe in Europe has its own tribal gods. Then once each hamlet has its own gods. Either you have not thought this through or you want endless war in Europe which would end when Europe, divided and weak finally falls to the Muslim hordes.

            No thanks, we need a united (spiritually) Europe if we are to survive.

          • “No thanks, we need a united (spiritually) Europe if we are to survive.”

            I would lean in that direction too. For now, we need to squash all the Catholic/Protestant/Pagan/Atheist friction. It is obviously being exploited by our enemies to keep us divided.

            I lean Protestant, but I respect certain elements of other European traditions. I think we should hold fast to values that go back as far as we can remember, such as bravery, physical strength, honor, stoicism, etc.

            And as someone who leans Protestant, I will say, the dozens or hundreds of different Protestant denominations are absolutely ridiculous. It is beyond stupid to keep all these tiny squabbling cults going.

          • No, paganism didn’t generate religious conflict because of the practice of syncretism. Everybody had different gods, but they just found equivalents. The head of every pantheon was regarded as the same god, the war god, same god, the fertility god, same god, etc etc.
            Religious warfare really only arrived with monotheism, because monotheism renders syncretism impossible. Allah cannot be Christ cannot be Odin. Monotheism is inherently exclusive, but paganism isn’t and this is why their conflicts tended to be secular rather than religious.

          • So the pagan Vikings did not wage war on the Christian British? And there was no religious aspect to it? How about when the Pagan Vikings would lay seige to Christian cities like Paris and demand tribute?

            You do have a point, historically but I am mostly referring to pagans today who literally hate Christianity. It is what led them to pagamism. They did not meditate in the forest for years and come out knowing the truth of their pantheon. No, most are reacting to Christianity and since bolshivism turned out to be a dead end they grasp at the only thinf they have, very scant material on a long dead religion.

          • They did wage war against Christians but not for religious reasons. They were just as ready to wage war against neighbours with the exact same beliefs.

        • All world Religions are in Christianity, the Bible was written by the last Pegan Roman Emperor & his mother Old school Christians… It was created to save Rome from collapse, thus gave us the Confused Roman

          Oldest written religion in the is Sanskrit (North India) goes back over 80,000 years ago.. But now new found writings from China go back over 100,000 years old.. with a huge Kingdom found under a lake Unknown timeline but maybe 150,000 or more.. remember the Chinese were using guns or small hand canons & explosives 200 plus years before Europeans and Norse folk… The Chinese, India & other Asian countries had huge Kingdoms/Armies & writing/Health Sciences when Europeans, Native Americans North, Middle Eastern & Africans were still in the stone age.. the Second wave of Higher Education came to the Middle Eastern Folk, they Taught the Druids healing Sciences.. My people call them the Pahana, Hindi call them the Vishnu, the Vikings called them OdinThor & the Greeks & Romans called them Zeus.. South American Natives are a odd story they had Kingdoms 1000 years after the Chinese.. which are descendants of China, but their Great building were already there with huge Population & killed on off by contact meetings.. (immunity)

          In the Long run we are all the same.. over time mixed over & over… no such thing as a pure race, due to Nordic race traits have African Traits & so on..

          • The Earth and our Environment made the colors & sizes were are today.. Its called Natural Evolution, example; when a baby is formed, it is a fish or tadpole, then looks like a tiny frog, then starts to look like a little person with a tail, then a baby is formed.. (NE) The Bible does not describe it.. remember Christians in their height of power killed each other off for 100s’ of Years & also wiped out the Druid Healers losing awesome Medical achievements , dang Druids were doing successful brain surgery, while Christians called it Witch Craft.. no such thing as witch craft..or black magic.. stories made up to scare ignorant Folk & Peasants.. Knights would ride around and Say “Believe or Die” many were murdered in the millions… history will never know exact amount..

  • great to see mr McNallen here. I personally feel that if the Europeans are going to fight, we need something of our OWN to fight for. Something deep, rooted. as old and primal as the peoples themselves. This native spirituality is complete with all the values of valor, heroism and the pursuit of honor and greatness. Things that universalist and adopted spiritual systems could never give us. (no offence for any Christians present here of course).

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