Liberal Dictatorship In The West

Nina Kouprianova talks about the true nature of liberalism

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  • Nice to see something by Mrs. Richard Spencer on this site. Audio quality is poor, but the video is still good. I really enjoy hearing what she has to say, she obviously quite intelligent (as you’d expect) and is obviously a strong woman to survive the last year, when her husband has become so targeted as almost a public enemy. I hope we hear more from her.

  • If you’re a woman and don’t repeat the feminist doctrine verbatim you must be under the control of a man. That’s how they think

  • Good personal account of the hypocrisy of the “tolerant” lefties:
    I might actually play this for certain leftward-tending friends of mine who seem to be utterly blind to this phenomenon regardless of what I say (though I guess in the case of my friends, they actually ARE at least somewhat “tolerant,” seeing as they haven’t ditched me [yet?] for being an Evil Rightwinger, LOL!)
    Hearing a woman tell about it might be more effective in terms of them actually listening & taking her word for it that yeah, liberals/etc have a strong tendency to be hypocritical & un”tolerant” AF.

  • Is there a superior race? What would be the best way to assess such being?

    One possibility: the women decide, at least in our open and libertine world of free movement and choices.

    Before anything is possible, race must exist. Without existence, one is nothing. So, existence is the foundation of superiority because ‘something’ is superior to ‘nothing’, or what exists have superiority over what doesn’t.

    Everything exists because it came into being. It didn’t always exist. So, if conditions favor the coming-into-being or the birthing of something, then it has superiority or priority over what failed to come into being.

    So, race and racial identity depend largely on whom women choose to have babies with. That decides which men will spread most of their seeds and genes. Men who are not accepted by women cannot spread their seeds and genes. Deemed inferior as mates, their genetic codes will not pass down.

    At the basic animal-sexual level, what are women most attracted to? Muscle, height, penis size, and musicality.

    On this basic animalist basis, globalist formula is as follows: black men > white men > yellow men.

    And stats bear this out, even though some white guys are in denial because they feel ashamed to admit sexual defeat. In the past, women had far less freedom and were sexually restrained.

    So, there was less animalist factor in sexual behavior. Things were more moral and restrictive. Women had to maintain their reputation as ‘good women’.

    Also, most women found one man and married him and had sex only with him. That was part of being a ‘good ho’ than a ‘bad ho’.

    Also, as men had most of the jobs, women relied on men for support.

    Today, women are employed more extensively than men, and they can support themselves. Some choose to marry, but many just spend money on self-pleasure, and that means having loose sex with lots of men. Some become single-mothers with men who don’t hang around.

    There was a time when candid talk of sex was deemed uncouth and vulgar among women. Today, young girls are raised on GIRLS(Dunham), SEX AND CITY, VAGINA MONOLOGUE, porny music videos(of Miley Cyrus), and lewd standup comedy. Women now openly talk about female genitalia, male genitalia, and even bungholes. And women brag about their ‘conquests’ like men do.

    Today, women are free to choose, allowed to be sexually uninhibited, and to have sex with lotsa men. In the past, Italian-American fathers would have thought it an infamia for their girls to act like hookers. But today, men of all races raise their girls to turn to sex at early age and go to springbreak and have orgy-porgies. Indeed, any father who says such thing is wrong and that he didn’t raise his girl to be an offering to Mammon is seen as ‘patriarchal’ and Corleonic.

    So, animal drives come into play, and women are most turned on by height, muscle, musicality, and dong.

    So, from an animal-instinct viewpoint, black men are superior to white men who are superior to Asian men because women deem black men more manly than white men and deem white men more manly than Asian men.

    And, we have more and more white women(raised on rap music, black dominated sports from high school to pros, interracial porn, etc) going black and using their wombs to create babies for black men.

    And we have near-majority of Asian women in America rejecting Asian men as inferior and choosing to have ‘white kids’ with white men(or with other men). So, women decide which race is superior in our libertine globalized world. Everything else is academic.

    In many cases, Asian women prefer to have kids with white men, or even with black men who don’t stick around than with Asian men who are willing to stick around. Asian women would rather be a single mother with children of ‘superior man’ than a married woman stuck with an inferior man who is ‘nice’.

    Black men colonize white wombs, brown wombs, and yellow wombs. Plenty of white women are now single mothers with black babies. With millions of Africans arriving in EU, you can guess what the result will be. Massive Afro-colonization of white wombs. Black males whupping and ‘pussifying’ white males, rap music culture, interracial propaganda, ‘anti-racism’, cuckery as virtue for white males, promotion of blacks in education, homo-izing white men(even straight ones), and etc will all lead to massive colonization of white wombs by black men who are seen as superior by white women at the base-animal-level. Sexuality is animal drive, not an intellectual drive. It’s like, if there is a nice decent homely smart girl with modest body and a dumbass nasty bimbo with big boobs and bouncy booty, many guys(even smart educated ones) will go with the latter. His moral sense may say the nice homely smart girl is superior, but his animal drive says the bodacious bimbo ho is the superior mate. It’s like that Leonard Cohen song about how his woman got seduced away by some ‘gypsy thief’.

    In past societies where all people were within local & closed societies, the women only knew local men and didn’t see them as inferior or superior. They were the only men they knew. But, modern women in globalized world compare their men with other men around the world(seen in movies, TV, sports, music, etc), and they may feel that their own men are ‘losers’.

    Today, white, Mexican, Muslim, Jewish, and Asian boys are so desperate to be ‘cool’ that some imitate blacks or hang around blacks to prove they got ‘street credit’. Blacks laugh at such ‘puss-ass’ behavior, but globo-boys pursue their transracial fantasy. Look at Shaun King. Maybe he is part black or maybe not, but he wants to be black than white cuz he sees blackness as ‘cool’, whiteness as ‘lame’.

    A black guy doesn’t have to associate himself with white, asian, or mexican to be ‘badass’, but globo-boys or globoys feel a need to git down and hang loose to be cool.

    Race is a sexual product. A white person is the product of white woman choosing to have kid with white man. If she prefers black man, then she will produce a black baby from her white womb that will be colonized by black sperm.

    If you are white, You are white because your white mother chose a white man. But if she’d gone black, her white womb would have spawned a black kid. Even white women who do marry white and have white kids believe there would have been nothing wrong if they’d chosen to have black kids. They have no sense of racial loyalty. So, your white mother feels she could have gone black and that would have been just fine.

    White women having black babies are increasing because whites worship blacks in sports, music, and sex. Whites admire black race as the superior race when it comes to sex, and THAT is crucial because all life is created by sex, or one’s father humping one’s mother.

    And since Asian men are seen as inferior, Asian women reject them and use their yellow wombs to create ‘white’babies for white men. If Amy Chua’s mama had grown up in the US, she would have likely gone with some Jewish or white guy too.

    So, which is the superior race? Before all else, a person of certain race must exist in the first place, and that means he must be born. And that means some guy has to fuck some woman. Existence trumps all and is the foundation of superiority.

    Indeed, existence is the first foundation of superiority. No matter how much a man claims to be superior, if a woman rejects him and chooses another man to have kids with, the OTHER man’s sperm will have superiority. (For example, based on IQ scores, it can be claimed that Asian men are superior to all races except Jews/whites. After all, East Asian IQ is higher than that of blacks. But being sexually inferior in a world where Asian women now have free sexual choice, the claim of East Asian racial superiority based on geek IQ becomes irrelevant since women want non-Asian men to impregnate them.

    Asian men may be superior geeks, but women with ‘liberated’ and ‘sexually-revolutionized’ animal drives prefer studs, not duds. So, even as Asian geeks may be superior in science and math, they fail at the fundamental level of reproduction. They can multiply numbers but can’t multiply genes through reproduction. Biologically, they are all about subtraction of their genes that women don’t want.

    In the end, the men who spread most sperm is the superior from evolutionary vantage point. And current social setup of female choice and libertine sexuality favors black men over white men and white men over Asian men. Because Asian men are seen as dorks, they must make lots of money to attract women, and some Asian boys work hard to make money.

    All people are born through women. So, in a free and animalized society, superiority is judged by the raw sexual drives and sexual choices of women. Women watch stuff like SEX AND THE CITY where women are explicit about what they want in bed. Though it’s not racially spelled out, it means the Modern Globalized women will admire the Joe Bucks of the world most since Pop Culture tropes go that way. Some may blame Liberal Hollywood for such stereotypes, but most stereotypes have some basis in fact.

    As the entire world becomes globalized by increased travel, internet, and mass immigration and emigration, men and women around the world are discovering they have divergent sexual values. Black men have higher value than black women, and Asian women have higher value than Asian men. And winners want to be with winners.

    White men will increasingly lose to black men(who are arriving by the millions to Europe to white women addicted to rap culture and jungle fever) and Asian men will lose to white and black men because Asian women, once given a globalist choice, prefer non-Asian men as superior to inferior Asian men who are seen as dorks. Globalism offers more freedom and choice to everyone but confers differs desirability to each group and each person. So, sexual freedom for blacks means that both black men and black women can hump anyone. But whereas black men are wanted by many, black women aren’t wanted by many. Sex is different consumerism. Anyone with money can buy anything. But with sex, the other side has to agree. Any black woman with money can buy any TV. But is she wants some man, he has to say yes. And most men don’t say yes to Thelma Jackson who be saying, “I’s wants my man.”

    For most of human history, women didn’t have a choice. Also, they were expected to be faithful to one man for entire life. Even most men didn’t have choice since many marriages were arranged by parents. Also, prior to imperialism and globalism, most races lived in separation from others.

    But now, at least in modern parts of the world, women get to choose the men. And they have a wide choice from all races since all societies are getting filled with diversity.

    And we see more and more white women not getting married and just having lots of loose sex. In colleges, many white girls got jungle fever for black athletes(who are worshiped as heroes by cucky white boys). Indeed, college coaches and recruiters attract black athletes with the lure of jungle-fever-mad white girls.

    All this globalism is done in the name of equality and ‘anti-racism’, but the result is totally about sexual inequality among races and the racial-sexual superiority of some men over others.

    So, what is the superior race? In today’s globalized world where women have the freedom the choose, racial superiority is determined by whose seeds women choose to take. Each year, black seeds impregnates not only black wombs but white and yellow wombs. White men lose out to black men but spread their seeds to yellow wombs. So, by women’s sexual choice, Asian males become most inferior race. Asian dorks may win math prizes, but their test papers don’t create new life. They can only create new life through women.

    Now, we can be PC and say all races are equal or ‘race is just a social construct’, but the fact is women NOTICE race. And they choose based on race. And that means race is, above all, a sexual product.

  • The people Americans call “liberals” are really a mixed bag of socialists, crypto-Marxists and degenerated technocrats. They lead a motley crew of alienated cosmopolitans and people with ethnic grievances. They’re far more similar to the Bolsheviks than anyone else around today. On the family tree of political ideas, today’s Anglosphere “liberal” is closely related to Lenin and Trotsky via both the Fabians and Trotskyites. My point being that’s how they should be viewed: as the surviving heirs of the Bolsheviks.

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