An Age Without a Woman

International Women’s Day has come and gone, as a fly landing briefly on the face of the Venus de Milo. The substantively identical Day Without a Woman and the International Women’s Strike took place in solidarity on March 8, endorsed by the usual suspects and calling for women’s abstinence from paid and unpaid labor in favor of a nebulous “day of action”. No normal responsibility was safe from this collective tantrum:

Originally, the organizers urged women to shun all kinds of labor — paid and unpaid. They also encouraged women to forgo “reproductive labor” — everything from sex to child care — and “emotional labor,” which could be construed as the application of Band-Aids and kisses.

But it’s unrealistic to think that women who have young children will go on strike, noted Lauren Duncan, the Smith College professor who teaches the psychology of political activism.

“There’s no way women would let their children fend for themselves to make a point,” she said. “That’s just not going to happen.”

Still, the call to action may open some women’s eyes to how much they are doing, both at work and at home, said Duncan.

“This is a thing that all women struggle with,” Duncan said. “Women are socialized as little girls to take care of other people, starting with dolls and little siblings. . . . All of that is reinforced in school.

“Something like this,’’ she said, “can make you just more aware of, ‘Wait, you don’t have to do everything.’ ”

In the profoundly disfigured world of the feminist, where marketplace productivity is the pivotal aspiration of life, even tending her child’s boo-boo is a commercial activity—a contemptible one.

Much more than a Day Without a Woman, we are living in the Age Without a Woman. It is not one self-righteous personal day that will lodge on the register of history, but the tremendous social pathology pursuant of the abdication of hearth and home by women en masse in the 20th and 21st centuries. The woman whose absence is most significant is the “angel in the house” so jealously vituperated by feminists, not the woman working in social media marketing or the dystopian “helping professions.”

The sensibility of the woman to serve as a conduit to the sublime for her intimate circles has been replaced by the clownish pathos of ersatz masculinity. Where once she concerned herself with her family’s daily experience of beauty and cultivation of virtue and craft, she now presides dormant over a glowing laptop screen. Her generativity has been replaced with productivity, her legacy lining the shelves at Walmart. Instead of the magical babble of an infant, she has the mechanical growl of the office Keurig machine. The useful idiots of the women’s “movement” behold the spiritual ugliness of their world and are hoodwinked into a scheme that perpetuates it. Wearing red to symbolize “revolutionary love and sacrifice” does not a sacrifice or a revolutionary make. The future is for the women who understand women’s future formation lies in their children, not the wasted fossil fuels and discarded placards of “women’s activism.”


  • Nice article, and by an Alt-Right woman to boot! It is always nice to see that every woman who went to college did not drink the Cultural Marxist Kool Aid. A woman’s highest calling is a wife and mother. This was understood by our ancient European ancestors, and also by the Christian faith since its inception. Even the animal kingdom recognized traditional gender roles.
    On a side note, Multiculturalism is nothing but Neo-Babelism. Until the last fifty years, Christianity did not condone multiculturalism, and they is still a remnant of us who do not. Tell your Christian friends.

  • “The substantively identical Day Without a Woman and the International Women’s Strike took place in solidarity on March 8, endorsed by the usual suspects and calling for women’s abstinence from paid and unpaid labor in favor of a nebulous “day of action”.”

    And yet the electricity was still on and the water kept flowing. The trucks kept moving. The sky was still full of contrails. Roadwork continued. Ore, and oil, and manufactured goods, and food continued to issue forth from the mines, the wells, the factories, and the farms.

    So just how important is the work of women – the women who were disposed to strike – anyhow?

  • Exceptionally well put Kate. It is the eratz masculinity that has damage us the most. Women young and old now lack the ability to trust and in the long run this ruined our ability to find pleasure. Not the hedonistic pleasure as you so eloquently wrote of that most women experience today, but the real pleasure of being truly feminine. Once women experience the illusion of being self-reliant it becomes exceptionally difficult to trust, be vulnerable and in the end truly open to the natural inter dependence in a hetrosexual relationship. It is when we are vulnerable, open and accessible that we can be the “angel in the house.”

  • Great write up. @Ecola-Chan, they may not indentify (in the usa) as feminist but they surely are affected by feminism. In Sweden every woman is required by the MultiCult dictatorship to be a flag waving Maoist, opps I meant feminist.

    In Eastern Europe what we understand as feminism does not exist but there is the legacy of communist style feminism and that legacy is abortion on demand and that means many barren women.

    The limiting of access to abortion may be one of the most important things we could do. And once they are mothers, they turn away from their handlers on the left.

  • Remember that most women don’t identify as feminists (even in the West), if you need a white pill. Even the Alt-Lite is generally spot on with the feminist question, but we need to capitalize on the zeitgeist and promote white fertility as a moral high ground rather than a weakness as it is perceived now. We have biology on our side.

  • How about a generation without women? Women in a traditional sense haven’t existed in the majority for 2 generations.

  • I am just glad that we have a lot of good women on our side despite all of this nonsense. We should culturally appropriate Mother’s Day as a right wing holiday.

    • i have noticed that many people, most people, even WN people, use the term ‘far right’ to describe we who are. this, of course, is just as the jew parasite wants us think of ourselves, i.e., we are somehow way out there in some far orbit around a center of normal (jewish) thought and actions. bullshit. to the jew were are ‘far right’ from their narrative, and good fuckin’ deal, say i. but in our own normal, decent and healthy world, we are ‘deep center’; to our own kind we are in no stupid marxist orbit; WE are the middle of our universe; WE are the planet and center of gravity around which all that is clean and wholesome have a home. the jew and their filthy followers are far, far left and THEY are the aberrations, not us. they are the abnorms, not us. they are the envious, hate-filled lurkers orbiting our world and constantly seeking to draw us into their far left orbit of filth and degeneracy.

      i will never use the jew term ‘far right’ to describe myself or my people ever again. the jew may be ‘far’ something, but i am rock hard in the center of sanity and the beliefs of my fellow whites.

        • Should just call ourselves normal. Wouldn’t that be something.

          Yid Reporter asks Trump ( I say Trump because the entire Western World would hear it and it would become a meme). “So are you far right Mr President?Where do you stand on the political spectrum? Some say your health care plan is on the left? Yet your military plan is far right. Aren’t you alienating your voters and losing support?”

          President Trump replies curtly “No! We stand in the normal”

    • A majority of American white women voted Trump so that is a good sign. Most other white countries like Canada, Britain and Australia are too far gone. They wouldn’t vote for a Trump-like figure even if they had one.

      • I like to think that this is mostly due to Trump’s persona and manner of conduct, not necessarily his policies. Americans do have a different set of mannerisms that distinguishes them from the rest of the Western World, even their cousins in the Anglopshere, and Trump is the epitome of this distinguishment.

        Several recent polls conducted among European countries shows the vast majority of Europeans (East, South, West and North) either want a full stop, or a vast reduction, in muslim immigration. I imagine the situation is not so different in Canada and Australia & New Zealand.

  • Things like this really irritate me. I just wonder how many of these women could abandon their job posts for the day because their husbands or daddies didn’t. If only men could do a “Day Without Men” march but we all know what would happen… 1) no men show up for the march because they know they have real responsibilities; 2) many men show up for the march and the world stops turning for a day.

  • I also disagree with some of the other comments showing up here. Understanding, recognizing, and ultimately celebrating the true differences and roles of men and women in society does not give you free range to disparage (good) women and their contribution to our lives as well. Rather than knocking down the poor women that have taken up a mindset prone to the above mentioned behavior and thinking, place the good wives, mothers, and daughters upon a pedestal for their behavior. The other women will soon realize that they will no longer be given any attention for actions like this.

    • I agree with you, but do not ever put a woman on a pedestal even the good ones. It is a toxic combination. It becomes virtually impossible to criticize women due to the illusion of perceived weakness and innocence in their position in traditional societies. Extol the virtues. Women are exceptional vicious when we want to be.

      • This is why everything that comes out of a womans mouth should be susupect and presumed to be treachery. Our ancestors understood this and it is why women were not allowed to testify in court.

  • Bravo and great insight. It is true that most of society has been without real women for quite some time. Sadly, the same can also be said of true men.

  • Imagine a Day without Women Working.

    No Snarky overpaid Secretaries and HR ladies.

    No Womyn’s Studies Professors.

    No nurses from third world countries.

  • It should have been called “day without women at inconsequential desk donkey jobs” because it’s not like female 911 dispatchers or stay at home mothers and the like were out there. Any woman with an important job to do was at her job yesterday. The wheels of civilization did not grind to a halt, which only proves that most women in the workforce with typical desk jobs are not all that vital.

    I also wonder how many of these women granted their illegal Honduran nannies the day off…

  • hmmmm….i would give everyone of these fat, growling lard asses ten bucks each if they would suddenly turn on and simply devour that stupid-looking geezer to the right. slow day. (sigh)

  • ‘The clownish pathos of ersatz masculinity’

    That is my quote of the day. It beautifully encapsulates that for which women have been duped into trading their true, sublime role, as ordained by a million years of evolution. What a scam. What a travesty. What a tragedy.

    • Literally a “travesty” as they are wearing men’s clothing!
      I hate feminists for making me feel that as an intelligent woman i cannot be considered successful without a career. None of my peers would think I’ve done myself justice if i become merely a mother.
      Good parenting and housekeeping is the most fundamental role in life.
      I see women reaching their late thirties, childless, because they believe men are the oppressor and to give up a job to have a child would be weakness.
      I’m literally having to convince my friends that wanting a baby is not equivalent to “giving up on life”. It’s perpetuating our race and our people!
      /rant over.

      • What a refreshing change to hear such marvellously good and true sentiments from a modern woman. To breed such daughters as you would make any man a truly proud father!

        • Modern advances and “conveniences” are responsible for belittling the role of women in the home as providers for men. It is all too easy, people proclaim there’s not enough housework to occupy them, whilst eating ready-made soup from plastic tubs and white sliced bread, wearing creased clothes and unpolished shoes.
          The more we have, the lower the standard.

          It’s not all bad- now i can watch alt-right YouTube videos while ironing my fiance’s boxer shorts 🙂

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