Re: Alt-Right White Nationalists Are Stupid

This is the second dumb video about the Alt-Right that this Canadian negro has published on The Rebel. I responded to the first video in my article about Alexis de Tocqueville.

Here is a point-by-point rebuttal:

1.) The Alt-Right has always defined itself against mainstream conservatism. We don’t identify as “conservatives.” We are reactionaries. We don’t believe in conserving liberalism.

2.) How is the Alt-Right ruining conservatism? The only thing conservatism ever conserved was things like tax cuts, multinational free-trade agreements and its own fundraising prowess.

3.) White Genocide is the idea that the West has a hostile elite which is systematically replacing people of European ancestry in their own homelands. The Merkel government in Germany is a prime example of this. The same phenomenon can be found in every Western country.

4.) As nationalists, we do support restricting immigration in order to slow our demographic displacement. We fully understand this is necessary, but not sufficient, to achieve our goals.

5.) Americans have a long history of restricting miscegenation for the sake of preserving our racial character as an outpost of European civilization. Here in the American South, we had such laws for three centuries. It used to be mainstream to want to remain a European society. Now, homosexuality, gay marriage and abortion are mainstream, and it is considered “fringe” to identify with our ancestors.

6.) Seriously, we reject the ideal of expressive individualism which has had a devastating impact on the traditional family. We are nationalists, not liberals.

7.) Yes, we can blame organized groups which lobby for mass immigration, multiculturalism, political correctness and other things which are detrimental to our ethnic interests.

8.) We never said that miscegenation and mass immigration are solely responsible for the declining White birthrate. Clearly, there are factors in play like the Sexual Revolution.

9.) 100 years of intelligence testing has shown nothing but enduring racial gaps in intelligence and academic achievement. The weight of the evidence is on our side. It is racial equality which is illusive. We have spent more trying to achieve racial equality in public education in the United States than any other civilization in the history of the world has invested in a monumental project.

10.) Culture shapes racial attitudes. We live in a society in which the mass media is owned by a hostile liberal elite. This elite demonizes “White racism” while glorifying White miscegenation and White homosexuality as wonderful things. As a result, we get more miscegenation and homosexuality. The same is true of the “transgender” phenomenon which has been heavily promoted by the media.

11.) 63 years after Brown v. Board of Education, racial equality doesn’t exist in the United States. For that matter, it doesn’t exist in Canada or anywhere else either.

12.) In a sense, I will grant that we are similar to Black Lives Matter in that we are motivated by what we perceive to be our interests. Humans are social beings. It is natural to have a tribal identity. We are born into families and socialized into traditions as infants and children. Language is the most obvious example. Liberalism is based on the false premise that we are first and foremost individuals.

13.) Pretty much all of human history is the story of conflict between rival groups with different identities. Our beliefs aren’t at odds with reality. Conservatives, however, prefer to engage in make believe. They give lip service to platitudes like “race doesn’t matter.” And yet, they don’t even really believe this. They know as well as we do that ethnic identity, culture, and racial demographics determine politics which is why they are so desperate to promote racial tokens.

14.) Blacks have been present here for four centuries. We are still incapable of integrating them. Perhaps we think it is unwise to compound our racial problems?

15.) We do believe in restricting immigration on the basis of ancestry and culture. The Democratic Republic of Congo and Liberia illustrate that race is a far more powerful determinant of social outcomes than culture and ideas. If the French or English language and constitutional democracy was more important than ancestry and culture, the Democratic of Congo and Liberia would be thriving today. Francophone and Anglophone Africa are far more alike than either are to Britain and France.

Hunter Wallace
the authorHunter Wallace
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  • You could give the dindu 1000 reasons to refute his nonsense and it wouldn’t matter one bit. Dindu don’t recognize logic and facts that disagree with their preconceived notions. They perceive the world through their emotions. What they feel they think is true.

  • “Seriously, we reject the ideal of expressive individualism which has had a devastating impact on the traditional family. We are nationalists, not liberals.”

    The traditional family has suffered mainly from a changing economic environment, i.e., the decline of the middle class. People are going to have fewer children if they can’t afford them. The West has always been more individualistic than other civilizations. The ancient Greek Olympics, for instance, did not have team sports. All of the competitions were for individuals.

  • I wonder: Did Ezra Levant write the script for this monkey or did he come up with this shit all by himself?

    A part of me doesn’t want to me mean (I really don’t like being mean) but then I read the title “Alt-right Nationalists are stupid” and I think FUCK THIS NIGGER. Can’t even be polite and humble about it, goes straight to calling us all idiots.

    And the Rebel Media wants us to support Israel? WTF, seriously? Shit like this just makes everyone hate the jews even more and just proves the “neo nazis” right. I mean what the hell are they thinking? What did they hope to gain from this garbage? If this wasn’t Levant’s idea then he needs to take some control over the content that his shitty reporters put out. His stupid token nigger is making Rebel Media shittier than it already was.

    • Exactly. He could have criticised the alt-right without resorting to repeated and gratuitous insults. If they’re trying to convince people on the fence between Jewish pseudoconservatism and the alt-right, this was a terrible way to do it. Thank God Lauren got out of there before she went down with the ship.

  • The Alt-Lite are a joke but the intellectual lite-weights over at Rebel Media are definitely the worst of the bunch.

  • Why are so many people scared of the Alt-Right?

    We’re not hurting anyone……

    We’re not Neo-Nazis……

    We’re not attacking Jewish Cemeteries……

    We’re not attacking Non-Whites…..

    We’re not phoning in Bomb Threats to JCC’s…….

    We’re not attacking anyone Violently…..

    We’re merely expressing Opinions, Ideas, and Thoughts that offend PC Liberal Progressivism…..

    ….and Cultural Marxism…….

    If you’re a Black, Latino, Arab, Jewish, Asian, or White Trump Supporter……..GREAT!!

    I hope your Life improves from Trump’s Policies……

    But, the Alt-Right is beyond Trump…….

    Read the 15 Alt-Right Cliff Notes, above……

    Reality not Racism……

    • Freedom scares them. The more people that use the unapproved words and even worse ask questions that can’t be answered the scarier. Like why are Mexicans and negroes horrified by brown and black neighbors? It’s only skin color if you’re whites but it a crime against humanity for everybody else.

  • One of the best point by point Alt-Right explanations, definitions, justifications, and rationalizations……

    ….I’ve ever read……

    These are the Alt-Right Cliff Notes……..

    Definitely saving this one……

    Nice Job, Hunter!

    • Good video, but I do think you should apologize to Jay Fayza. He looks slightly retarded now when you juxtapose his clichéd attack on Alt-Right with your more grounded response.

      • I would be happy to apologise to him if he apologises for this stupid video. I’m not holding my breath for that though.

  • His argument is that white genocide isn’t happening because whites are freely choosing to miscegenate. This is false and a non-sequitur. It’s false because you are not free to choose if information crucial to making an informed decision is withheld, as racial data is withheld from public discourse in white countries today, with falsehoods aggressively put in its place. It’s a non-sequitur because whether a people consents to be wiped out is not the point. What is the point is whether they are being wiped out. The egalitarian premise confusing the “based” sub-human is that every person is the best judge of his own best interests.

    • It’s funny because Richard Spencer actually agrees with the Negro, or “African American” as Spencer likes to say. Spencer scoffs at white genocide, “Come on, guys. It’s not like whites are being butchered in the streets, har har har.” Might want to check those crime stats, Richie.

  • The comments under the video are a beautiful thing to behold.

    Practically every comment is attacking the video and naming the Jew behind the curtain.

    And the video is waking up White normies by the bushel.

    Lot’s of comments saying things like: “Well, that does it. Where do I go to join the Alt-Right?” and “I always thought the Alt-Right was crazy when they called Rebel Media ‘controlled-opposition’ — now I can see that they were right.”

    And (((Rebel Media))) is now frantically deleting many top comments with hundreds of likes.

    And this entire anti-White Nationalist attack was launched while (((Ezra Levant))) and Gavin McCuck are in the Jewish ethno-state of Israel. — A trip which was funded by tricking their cuck viewers into contributing to a GoFundMe campaign to finance their Jew-propaganda vacation.

    It’s a great feeling to watch our enemies run recruitment campaigns for the Alt-Right.

    • Wow look at him being so rebellious there. It will surely convince people to drop by Tel Aviv on their lunch breaks to check out his talk.

    • gavin mccuck is really going all out for the settlers .. wonder how it feels to have yourself inserted like a tampon and soak up all that monoculture gavin? he’s Knights of Columbus… and one shameless self promoter.

  • Expect to see much more of this; Non-Whites trying to “intellectually” disarm the AltRight. It’s in their interest for obvious reasons.

  • It appears that the Alt-Lite is going for the Full Cuck. Good riddance. That’s one garden path to nowhere that we can do without. They’ve outlived their usefulness.

  • I had to stop at 0:55. He is trying to reduce the question of white genocide to individual choices, as far as miscegenation. He is saying that if individual choices are involved then it is not genocide. One problem with this, in addition to the ones pointed out by Mr. Wallace, is that we currently are not allowed to speak out against miscegenation without repercussions. We want to encourage whites not to race-mix. This doesn’t have to mean legal segregation, especially in the near term. Our adversaries always take our views to extremes that could not possibly occur in the near future. We should not be fighting over what we want in the future. We should be fighting over what we want today, which is the ability for whites to speak up for their group interests, which includes speaking up against miscegenation. There is pro-miscegenation propaganda in our culture, without any effective counter-propaganda. Those who perceive that this results from top-down control by a hostile elite realize that this is clearly white genocide. People like Fayza (who is stuck with a stupid look on his face) are incapable of understanding these issues. They frame the issues in terms they can relate to (and that serve their own group interests) and then plug their ears when we try to explain our side.

  • Great rebuttal, helps people understand and define AR better. Here is a portion of a video on White Genocide I isolated that brilliantly points out the problem, and is I believe core to the purpose of AR. The author of the video, an Englishman, does not identify himself as AR, yet his video is spot on! What former VP Joe Biden is both absolutely TERRIFYING and makes me sick to my stomach.

  • Conservatives, while condemning identity politics and affirmative action, practice it themselves. Would this mediocre Ethopian even have been hired if it wasn’t for identity politics? I doubt it. This is affirmative action. Ezra should ask himself whether his Ethiopian friend is criticizing the alt-right out of deeply held ideological beliefs, or if he is doing it because it is in his ethnic interests to do so.

    • Also noticeable is how they only push their ‘civic nationalism’ on whites. Whites are objectively the least racially conscious demographic. Logically the message of civic nationalism should be taken almost exclusively to non-whites almost totally ignoring the white demographic if your goal was to push civic nationalism.

  • After years and years of listening to the arguments against White Identity and the visceral anti-White hatred slung at Whites from all angles, it becomes almost like a lullaby that you need to hear in order to go to sleep at night. It can literally put you to sleep. Seriously, if I had to sit through a lecture about White Privilege or the ramblings of anti-Whites talking about racism, I’d have to bring a pillow and a blanket.

    You reach a point in your life when you feel like this is all a choreographed play to keep you diverted so that you never stray too far away from the script and venture out on your own. They certainly don’t want you to win or be seen as “the good guy,” but they definitely need you to keep playing along.

    * They attack you and call you a racist, sexist, xenophobe, anti-semite or whatever…
    * You explain why your views aren’t really hatred….
    * They respond by claiming that you are hiding your true motivations and that your denial is proof of their accusations…
    * You pull out some statistics and factual evidence backing up your claims…
    * They ignore the statistics/evidence because, again, they claim it’s all based on denying your “racism”….
    * You double down on the explaining and statistics…
    * They double down on the accusations, ignoring and ad hominem attacks…
    * You scream a little louder…
    * They scream a little louder…
    * You eventually get banned from whatever media platform where you were having this argument because of YOUR “hate speech”…
    * You find another platform and start the dance all over again…
    * Maybe you find a new partner, but the dance remains the same

    Can this shitty dance get any more predictable and boring? This has less moves than the Hokey Pokey or the Macarena.

    • You wonder why they care so much. It’s because they’re afraid we really will leave. They know they need us.

    • She’s gotta wake up as soon as possible, I heard she’s either 19 or somewhere in her early 20s so she can make some white babies.

      • No she didn’t. That is rumor. She said they escaped Nazis in Denmark, but never said they were jewish. She even took a genetic test and it said nothing about being jewish.

    • I winced when she said that Richard Spencer wants a white ethnostate. I think it was a tactical mistake for Mr. Spencer to put that goal front and center. There are so many other objectives that are less threatening and that still help raise white consciousness.

      • Really?

        What alternative to the current system is there that is less extreme than explicit separation?

        We are not going back to Jim Crow. We are not going to restore freedom of association.

        The least extreme remotely plausible alternative is peaceful ethnic cleansing, although we all know that they won’t go – or let us go – peacefully.

        • Ask yourself this. If a significant percentage of whites woke up and became consciously pro-white, how long would it take before they started demanding an ethnostate? Not long, I would think. Our task is to get whites to wake up. Of course an ethnostate would be preferable, but there are many steps between here and there. Just think. If ~40% of whites became consciously pro-white, that would be 40% of the white population that was guaranteed not to race-mix.

          Moreover, I don’t think our anti-white establishment can tolerate any significant percentage of whites with racial consciousness. That is why they suppress it so relentlessly. Our challenge now is to break through this suppression, not to talk about what exactly our successors will demand once they have real power.

          • I’ve very seldom heard Richard talk about an ethnostate. It’s only when people explicitly ask him what his endgame is and, even then, he says he doesn’t think it’s likely to happen in his lifetime.

            What I’m saying is that once we reach that critical mass, ethnic cleansing (of unknown violence-level) WILL take place. We are not going back to George Wallace’s dream or Barry Goldwater’s dream. The parasites (disproportionately but not entirely nonwhite) will not let us do separation-lite.

          • Agreed. I believe there is a substantial base of whites (in conservative and liberal camps) with ethno-nationalist leanings. We just need to keep deconstructing diversity ideology, attacking Multiculturalism, promoting the benefits of ethnic homogeneity and breaking the taboos on the public expression of white identity. The rest will follow naturally and quickly.

    • She did it! She quit Rebel Media! 😀

      Hopefully this destroys Rebel Media. I’m pretty sure most people watched Rebel because of Lauren Southern. Certainly not for the dumb nigger Fayza or cuckboy Gavin Mcfaggot.

      Just glad she’s getting away from that jew-run operation and doing her own thing. I always thought she was too good for Rebel Media.

  • Woah! Check out this BASED BLACK Trump supporter, goys, he’s one of us, he’s an individual, goy! Our civic nationalism works, we don’t need silly white nationalism, (((fellow white people))).

    • Didn’t Milo himself allude to our success if white people followed identity politics in his “How to defeat the Alt-Right” speech a few months ago? He clearly said we’d win if we did, but that you shouldn’t do that because identity politics is not the way. Clearly they’re trying to hold on realizing this entire illusion we’ve allowed ourselves to be subjected to post-WW2 is largely held together so long as white people maintain it. Once we drop out we realize everyone else had already done so from the very beginning.

      • Yes he fucking said that. He’s a kike though so that’s most likely the reason why he disavows white nationalism.

    • A lot of these so called “based” black guys date and marry white women. Most likely this Fayza nigger dates white women which is why he attacks white nationalism with such hatred and anger. Any black man who doesn’t date and marry black women, I don’t want around. If they don’t date their own women, they cannot be trusted.

    • Wow, totally BASED! Heh, bet the liberals are confused by this one!

      (Please stop calling me a racist, liberals.)

      • Don’t cuck/worry about being called a racist, because the one thing I agree with leftists is that “everything is racist, everything is sexist, everything is homophobic and you have to point it all out”.

  • ” Now, homosexuality, gay marriage and abortion are mainstream, and it is considered “fringe” to identify with our ancestors.”

    Well, except for all those fags in Greece, Rome, Florence, the Catholic Church, etc. Thanks to YHVH that the Joo Book set us straight!

  • It’s probably easier not to see white genocide in sparsely populated Canada than in close-packed European nations overrun by non-white immigrants. Of course this guy has a vested racial interest in not seeing it, too. He also has a vested interest in distinguishing “culture” from “ethnicity”.

    • Actually Simon I’m in a very white part of Canada called the Maritimes .. its the east coast with three smaller provinces all under 1 million people total .. very white … very old .. and in the region there are a lot of universities .. what they are promoting in 2017 is decolonization indiginization on campuses .. if you have a chance check that out .. its very anti-white … I have blogged about it a bit and done some youtubes but I don’t think white Canada has a clue .. in our particular case in my university town it came to my attention because I was watching the “Divest MTA” activists who are anti-oil and gas and climate change hysterics… I am very disturbed when I hear the white kids talking shit about their own race… the programming is very deep… after so much censorship with their establishment sites on campus and a campus banning by the rev. leading the refugee settlement coalition here I did start a blog/facebook to counter their narrative .. … its small and probably futile work… one trendy in town already described my page as ‘regrettable’…

  • Stupid fucking nigger and those cucks at Rebel can’t even screen the dude without bleeding into the glare on his nerdy fucking glasses. Gas this shitskin.

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