De-Ciphered Space

The lie that the liberal state sells you is that you are free. The lie that it sells itself is that it is in control.

The much vaunted “deep state”, a constellation of intelligence, media, and administrative apparatuses has waged a virtual(literally) war on the administration of Donald Trump since before he even took office. His election, as has been repeated, was not supposed to happen. Hillary Clinton was supposed to represent the end of history when women where to take their rightful place as the first among last men. But, history has a way of going on, despite shrill shrieks to the contrary.

Just as Donald Trump was not supposed to take the White House, so too was the CIA’s vast intelligence apparatus never to be exposed. In one swift moment, Wikileaks with the release of “Vault 7” has brought the deep state’s machinations out into the open. Naturally, they are none too pleased.

In post-modernity, information and image are power. The ability to gather information and shape narratives is what passes for power today. Everything, from who we are(or who we pretend to be) is shaped by the forces of technology. Much has been made of innovation in gadgetry or commerce. But what the past few years have taught us, are the dangers and potentials of our mechanized-technological society.

Our deep state cheered on color revolutions from Ukraine to Libya. They manipulated social media and worked back channels to open new spaces to control.

Today, the shriek about the sanctity of what they are doing. About traitors and about “truth”.

No doubt the revelations are coming as a shock to millions of Americans. To find out that your television, your phones, and your apps could make you an easy target for an all-pervasive administrative state is certainly jolting. The Orwellian fears of millions weren’t just the paranoia of a lunatic fringe but a very real concern.

So what now?

There has never been a better time for the truth. A better time to discover who you are outside of the television box or social media screens. Economist Thomas Naylor referred to the world the deep state is selling us as “cipherspace”, or a simulacrum of lies:

“We live in the world of make-believe, a world controlled by ciphers such as Wall Street, Corporate America, the White House, Congress, and the Pentagon. These ciphers enjoy the enthusiastic support of the media, the academy, and the shamans to whom we entrust the care of body, mind, and soul. They reside in cipherspace, a euphemism for what French writer Albert Camus called the absurd.”

The Alt Right has grown in reaction to this world of lies.

We are more than the mere atomized pixels on a screen, and we have a history that stretches back to times immemorial. “Vault 7” is a water shed because it exposes the creeping rot at the heart of the liberal state. In its quest for an end of history, to spread “freedom” to all it has become just as corrupt and as controlling as any state in history.

Who they are is clear. Who we need to be is now the question.

Martin Heidegger in his “Question Concerning Technology” saw that the destructive tendencies of modern technology just over the horizon. However, he also said that were the danger is, so too is the saving power close.

The technological-administrative state has long perfected tools against the struggle of our people. But now, we are starting to fight back. “Meme wars” and online trolling are just low-level skirmishes in the attempt to wrest narrative control from Liberal hegemony.

Wikileaks has given the narrative a deep blow this week. Now is the time to keep the pressure up. It’s time to tune out of cipherspace and tune into the truth. We can do no other!


  • this world is now ready for a massive revolution; a massive make-over. just as we need global nuclear disarmament talks, so to do we need urgent, serious talks about gelding and/or destroying this terrifying monster known as the ‘deep state.’ and we need it now, not later, not some time, now!. this rogue entity is by far the most serious, frightening enemy we face in our attempts to avoid world war three and total, irrevocable slavery. let us tear it all down, block by block, from the lowest to the highest, until this evil is no more.

    where to begin? this is a no-brainer: CIA HQ, Langley, Va. let us go right to the source.

    • we have to watch now they have black water or whatever name they do by now. they are more of a threat than the military. im sure they have the keys and can just go hijack any military equipment they want. patriots could somewhat do the same though anyhow

  • There is definitely an awakening, and once you step outside of the cocoon of servitude they expected you to inhabit, you start to see the all the machinations off the liberal brain control machine, the filthy slimy liberals look like giant bugs feeding off energy, with their proboscii inserted inside the brains of the sheeple still trapped in the cocoons, making slurping noises. A bit like Beyonce and Madonna, giant bugs.

  • We live in the Obamaccarthy Era.

    Worse than McCarthyism. McCarthy was mostly right about Soviet menace.

    But Obamaccarthyism is making up pure fantasy about Russian threat.

    But then, we live in a world where a man is a ‘woman’ if he puts on a wig and say he’s a woman. Surreal.

  • mfw I would be upset about this if the government wasn’t trying to destroy me, everything that I love, and decency itself

  • Nothing much surprises me these days.

    Time to step away from the computer and engage irl.

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