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A GenX/Millennial Scottish guy pontificating about the world we live in, and are heading towards.


  • As an American who lived in Sweden off and on fpr 10 plus years who is fluent in the language, has read the history and so on and who still visits, I can tell you it is very, very hard to be opptimistic about Sweden. You have to understand that they lost their warrior spirit their final defeat at the battle of Poltova 300 odd years ago. The domestication project of the Lutheran church, the loss of old ties with the shiftet(enclosure acts) of the 19th century, the leftist take over of the 20th c, the domination of secret societies in the area of elite social life, I mean that country has been being cluster fucked for centuries.

    But since they are falling the farthest, the fastest, maybe they will be the first to hit the wall. And hey, a man with nothing left to lose, loses it!

    Just a comment on Swedish women. It is not true that they all want and date brown/black men. A few whorish ones suffering from low iq or abuse but that is it. I worked at a school where the students lived in close quarters. The few MENA men who came there had no chance with the Swedish women. That is why they get frustrated and rape them. Most Swedish women strongly dislike MENA men.

  • I’m very glad to see MW continue his work after what he’s been through. Great men are forged of the challenges they overcome.

  • Other races seem to find whites to be the most attractive/sexy race in the world. Asians and blacks bleach their skin to look as white as possible. Asians get plastic surgery to make their eyes look more like white people’s eyes. Many Asians avoid prolonged sun exposure so that they don’t turn darker. Many African-Americans believe that their children should not drink coffee, because it will make their skin darker. Every black man dreams of a white piece of ass, and when black men get rich, they often pursue a white trophy woman. Just look at O.J. Simpson, Tiger Woods, Clarence Thomas, and Bryant Gumble. Some black women believe that white men secretly covet them, because the Southern slave masters sometimes mated with the slaves. But the slavers’ interest in black women appears to have been a matter of convenience. The black women were available, and couldn’t say, “no.” Nowadays, one rarely sees an interracial couple consisting of a white man and black woman. Almost all black/white couples are white women with black men.

  • I was in Istanbul for two months with a group of expats, one guy had a pretty blonde girlfriend, whenever they went out she used to get harassed all the time, even with him walking with her. He was not a dweeb, he could take care of himself, but there you have no chance if you are on your own. Anyway, one time these two men started getting pushy, so he told her to stand against the wall and he put his hands against the wall to shield her, they just reached around him and were grabbing her a**e and t*ts and were laughing and then walked off.

  • Interesting that the Turk’s reasoning for extolling Sweden was for the women not for the freedoms or geography or industries.

  • Not all Swedes are cuck fucks. There’s some serious berzerkers up there still. We don’t give up on them.

    • I’m not giving up on them, I’m only giving up on the current borders of Sweden. That’s the ultimate white pill, don’t ever give up on your people, just remember that while borders change, the people will live on.

      • That’s an unreasonable concession. Sweden, and Europe in fact, are small enough as is. There cannot be Little Somalias within Europe, or reservations for Muslims to live on. They would only wreak havoc on the environment and start wars and conflicts with their neighbours.

    • Considering the role which Sweden plays on the world stage (not much at all) the Swedish right-wingers should be proud at how much of an outmoded effect they are having in catapulting their national issues into international prominence, which is a great tactic.

      Leftists are painfully parochial and holding their social order in Sweden up for global critique and scorn is going to hopefully have a chilling effect on strong identification with their cultural milieu. I honestly think a huge component of Leftism is just feeling smug and superior. Chip away at that sense of self-righteousness and only lunatics with a weird and perverse chip on their shoulder against mainstream society remain.

    • Study up on the Kurgan Hypothesis. You’ll discover that Sweden has a small percentage of Kurgan DNA, meaning less Berserkers. This also means you’ll need to find these Berserkers and create a defacto aristocracy to remove the POCs and Cucks.

  • I have long since stopped feeling any sympathy for the Swedes. I now have nothing but contemptfor them, what a bunch of CUCK-PUSSIES. It’s bad enough that they are passively watching their women being treated like cheap whores by all the Mud-People of the world, but then they get all smug and self righteous when anyone else in the White world tries to resist their own extinction.
    I actually can’t wait for Sweden to either go up in flames or for all the Swedes to just roll over and buy prayer mats and dirty white nightshirts. The disappearance of Sweden might just wake the rest of the West up from our stupor. It would be the one last good thing the Swedes could do.

      • I know things are bad in the US, but NOT as bad as Sweden. And, more importantly, Whites in the US are not whistling while we dig our own graves, like the Swedes seem to be. The election of Trump is proof of that.

        • No he’s right. Things are much worse in the US. The demographics are worse. The economics are worse. We had a Halfrican president that doubled the debt, spending more money in 8 years than all years combined since America was founded.

          Sweden is small and alone. It fails fast because it’s small and alone. If California were alone and didn’t have the Federal Government to prop it up during castastrophes then the Mexican status of Cali would be complete. I live in Cali. In many ways it’s indistinguishable from Mexico.

          America has guns but many of those guns are in the hands of Cuckservatives. Do you trust Cuckservatives will fight to turn America into a White run country? Do you trust Cuckservatives will fight against Jewish interests? I don’t.

          • Correct, though Jews like Barbara Spectre and other Jewish groups aid the transport of Israel’s criminal aliens to Sweden and Australia.

      • Of course I’m pro-White. So pro-White I sometimes scare myself.
        That is the very reason the Swedes anger me so much. My greatest hatred is reserved for race-traitors, and I see the Swedes as among the worst of the race-traitors, and their smugness about being such ‘Good Whites’ makes it worse still.

        • Where do you draw the line between traitors and non-traitors? Which whites do you not hate? Which Swedes do you hate? It seems to me that your position is laughably incoherent.

          • Yes I do draw a line. For example; White Hillary voters: race traitor scum.
            My fantasy; America divides into Red and Blue, All of the non-Whites and Good Whites move to the Red America to get away from the Bad Whites and move to their progressive utopia, after a few years Blue America loaded up with all those extra 3rd-Worlders becomes a complete shit-hole, many of those Good Whites now want to move to Red America to escape the diversity they so wanted. I say we leave them to stew in their own shit. Let them watch their wives and daughters be raped by the Mud-People before they themselves have their throats cut.

    • Half this site’s staff are Swedes.
      Yes their government is fubar’d, as is the economy as a direct result of “the world’s first feminist Government” parading around with towels wrapped around their heads to help sop up all the shit that is pouring out of their mouths.

      A lot of the ethnic Swedes are disgruntled, but suppressed and outnumbered while also being literally killed and raped in the streets.
      Governments we can rebuild. Economies, we can rebuild. Bombed buildings, we can rebuild. Torched cars, we can rebuild.
      Blood and women, we cannot rebuild. That is why we fight, so that they do not destroy that which cannot be replaced.

  • A lot of the women in the Third World look hideous, have bad teeth and just smell bad even after they bathe. No wonder their men prefer to abandon them and seek healthier and more attractive white girls.

    • The third world is highly inbred, I’d say the men and women are equally hideous. Not sure about the smell though. Even a stray dog cleans up nicely with a good lathering and scrubbing with Irish Spring.

        • It’s sick, isn’t it? I’ve always thought inbreeding more than Islamic teachings was the reason the Middle East is such a mess. IQ depression due to inbreeding is real.

          • Even Islamic areas with less inbreeding are dysfunctional and corrupt (though not as bad) like Central Asia and Bosnia.

    • Nice job White knighting. We need to take white women off the pedestal, not properly them up higher.

    • Time to cut our losses with Sweden. We need to go there and take their women, dragging them to safety by their hair. Let the male cucks die off and let the country turn into the Congo as a example to the world. We will breed with the women

      • All western countries are in a low-level state of demoralisation. Some
        worse than others. I don’t know how ordinary Swedes experience life. As
        tempting as it is to write-off whole countries, European identitarians don’t have that moral option (or the power, at this point, to realise LARPy plans).

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