Based Stickman NOT CHARGED

He could be charged at a later date though:

  • Sean Fielding

    Fantastic. Even when he busted the stick over that head, it was clearly defending #KiltWarrior who was being dragged off by a literal swarm of #BlackBlockhead scum (and who wound up unbowed, but with a head injury of his own).

    Let alone the part where that laughable google tried to ‘float like a butterfly’ against him.

    • Johnny Fash

      Tyrone the Kung Fu Dindu

  • Charlie Primero

    The District Attorney did this to avoid exposing millions of Normies to nightly news video of Communists flying the Hammer & Sickle attacking elderly Trump Supporters.

    • Sean Fielding

      The Left is on the brink all right – they can’t even see the irony of supporting Red Flag Felarca while claiming the Russian ambassador attending a Sessions speech last year means Putin controls Trump.

    • Alfa158

      Exactly! I don’t think however that this is the last such incident. I would guess the Sorosbots next move will be to get him fired and financially ruined, and come after him and his family at home, so in many respects the fight has only begun.

      • Dber

        Spot on OP. Let’s hope based Stickman inspires MILLIONS to take up shields and stout flag poles! MAGA

    • Saxon

      That sickened me. Yeah, let’s mace an old man in the face. I can’t believe that was even real. Who would stoop so low?

  • From Ohio

    Ov Vey!!!!!

  • Evola-Chan

    Glad to see Kyle out of prison. I sincerely hope we all continue to see Kyle on a daily basis.

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((


    We finally get a YUGE win against AntiFa the Terrorists…….

    Thank you, Berkeley Police and District Attorney……

    You did the RIGHT THING…….

    I hope Kyle the #BasedStickMan is aware that AntiFa is probably after him now……

    Maybe he can sideline a few more AntiFa Punks if they try something against his family……

    Sideline them permanently……


  • Vaughn

    I propose his weapon be christened the “Chapman Stick”.

  • BoomerBabe

    Based StickMan rocks. Knock a few more skulls next time, we’ve had it being assaulted by these thugs.

  • Cam

    Great news.


    Need Conor McGregor to show up at one of these AntiFa events, wearing just briefs, completely covered in vaseline so they cannot get hold of him, with plastic goggles on, and just decimating dozens of them like in Sparta.

  • Mike Fetter

    soon to be endorsing / sign advertising contracts with weaponized selfie stick manufacturers

  • Jack Burton

    I’m glad he is free. It’s bad for everyone if we can no longer defend ourselves. Unfortunately Kyle’s wife is non-white and he’s associated with Gavin McCuck.