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Mark Brahmin, of Radix Journal, put together a video tribute to the speech that lead to the infamous NPI 2016 Hailgate

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  • Mark, you did this?

    I take back every bad thing I said about you and now it means the opposite!

  • Thank you Mark and Richard very inspirational. Can not wait for our St. Crispin’s Day speech.

  • tho self evident, these words are nonetheless still very stirring. words like these are bullets. i feel like going out now and begin the necessary work of killing my enemies

  • The Trump/Kushner/altright ascendancy doesn’t represent white identity, it represents yiddish identity. Are the yiddish also white? Maybe, but they’re not really American and their interests and character are very different from our own. When Trump supporters get attacked, they’re taking the heat for a foreign power, a foreign people.

    There was a sad video of based stick man after his release from jail where he said, quite sincerely, that he did it for, “liberty and freedom”. This guy is obviously a regular American, last name Chapman, with the typical Anglo-Saxon thirst for Liberty. Unfortunately, he’s also as dumb as a rock for thinking that Kushner et al have anything to do with “freedom and liberty”. They’re the enemies of Freedom, the enemies of Liberty. Poor based stick man was cracking the wrong heads.

    We can hail Trump or we can can hail our people, but hailing both doesn’t make any sense. Our people, the American people, are for Freedom and Liberty. Trump and Kushner and Cohn and Mnuchin and Glass and Suter etc. etc. are for tyranny and also they are for war with Iran.

    • jews are no more white than chameleons are green…..or blue…or gray…or brown…or black. jews are jews. color does not enter into it. many of our best people are brown. white is a state of mind.

      • “many of our best people are brown. white is a state of mind.”


        What, you mean Sicilians?

        Oh, you’re joking!!! HA HA HA HA!!! GTFO, you big kidder, you.

        Ultimately, I would say “whiteness” is a two-part equation. First, the right genetics and phenotype, and second, the right spiritual disposition. Is Bill Clinton white? Clearly, his soul is as black as any jew’s. Now, could your average white libtard be reeducated and reclaim his status? Absolutely.

      • Disagree.It isn’t the skin colour but what lies beneath.Skin colour,genetics?The skin colour is not just a paint job,we are not primitives

  • Beautiful video. I’ll admit I got choked up toward the end. It’s like a self esteem video except for us as a people which after being beaten and demoralized for decades is greatly needed and beneficial to our people’s psyche. Loved the video and I will definately be sharing it.

        • if they are white, with a brain, yes, they are thinking the same thing. but who cares? let them spend their cowardly lives ‘thinking the same thing.’ we do not need everyone. we need only a hard, iron core who vow to do or die.

          • You’re right. Forgive me for encouraging our brother to reach out to his friends and not live in isolation.

          • Occaisionally posting in an anonymous online forum and having no real physical connection to anyone who shares our ideas is pretty isolated, imo. It’s part of the reason we need to break the online to IRL barrier.
            (And what’s wrong with liver anyway?)

      • You would be surprised how easy it is to draw people out with simple phrases like “It depends on what happens in the next few years.” There are a few others I use, and most average people are followers, but they will follow if they know who to follow and that they are not alone. That’s where you come in.

  • So powerful, so inspiring, & so BEAUTIFUL.
    You are a treasure, Mark Brahmin: such a gorgeous embodiment of this legendary speech and of the spirit & message it holds.
    Defo going to be showing this beautiful film to everyone who matters to me: this encapsulates exactly what our Cause is all about.

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